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The Cheetah is a fictional character, created by William Moulton Marston , and appearing in DC Comics publications and related media, commonly as the archenemy of the superhero Wonder Woman. There have been four different incarnations of the Cheetah since the character's debut: The character will make her cinematic debut in the upcoming film Wonder Woman , portrayed by Kristen Wiig.

Prior to the issue DC Comics series Crisis on Infinite Earths in which is regarded as the starting point for DC's continuity prior to the New 52 reboot , there were two women who donned spotted cat costumes to fight Wonder Woman as the Cheetah: While modern incarnations of the Cheetah possess superhuman powers, Rich and Domaine do not. There are two Post- Crisis Cheetahs: While the Pre- Crisis Cheetahs are simply women in costumes, the Post- Crisis Cheetahs have taken on a more mystical note, being champions of a god much as Wonder Woman is to her patrons; actually morphing into powerfully ferocious human-cheetah hybrids with great strength, agility, and deadly claws and fangs which make them challenging opponents to Wonder Woman and other powerful superheroes in battle.

After being eclipsed by Wonder Woman at a charity event and failing to kill her during an escapology act, Priscilla retreats to her room and collapses before her makeup mirror. There she sees an image of a woman dressed like a cheetah.

She is presumed dead, but survives thanks to her fireproof costume. Wonder Woman manages to thwart the plot and rescue Gail, with Cheetah warning Wonder Woman to stay out of her affairs. She soon returns when an American military official organizes an athletic competition between female athletes from America and a group of women trained on Paradise Island.

Priscilla ties up and gags an Olympic high hurdler named Kay Carlton, and impersonates her by donning her clothes. Disguised as Kay, Priscilla infiltrates the contest and manages to kidnap Queen Hippolyta and steal her magical girdle. With Hippolyta as her hostage and her own abilities boosted by the girdle, Cheetah battles Wonder Woman for control of Paradise Island.

She is defeated when the Amazon manages to pull the girdle off her. Temporarily freed from the Cheetah's influence, Priscilla asks to remain on Paradise Island until she can learn to control her split personality.

Priscilla's attempt at reformation apparently failed, as she is later seen as a member of Villainy Inc. In Wonder Woman Dec. His operative finds the reclusive Priscilla an invalid. Priscilla's niece Deborah Domaine had come at her bidding, and the operative stays to observe.

Before Priscilla can unburden her revelation of her alter ego as the Cheetah, she dies. It is also established that she never became an invalid Post- Crisis , as Minerva mentions how Priscilla had written books condemning her when she became the Cheetah. Rich is murdered in her home by Minerva, under the urging of Zoom. Following DC's relaunch , Rich is retconned from continuity.

Deborah "Debbie" Domaine was introduced as the niece of Priscilla Rich. A beautiful young debutante, Debbie feels remorse for her wealthy upbringing and decides to become an ecology activist, meeting Wonder Woman and striking up a friendship with her. Later that same day, Debbie is summoned to her Aunt Priscilla's mansion and finds her there, succumbing to illness.

After Priscilla Rich dies, Kobra's operatives capture Deborah and bring her and the Cheetah costume to Kobra's headquarters, where he questions her: Well, you'll learn—Since we couldn't have the original, we decided to make do with a recreation.

You shall be that recreation, Ms. Kobra tortures and brainwashes Debbie and provides her with an updated version of the Cheetah costume. The original suit included a cat-eared cowl and clawed, flat-soled boots. Debbie's version has a V-neck, slit to the sternum, a headband with cat-ears concealed for the most part beneath her long, auburn hair , and heeled boots. Both costumes include razor-sharp chrome steel nails, painted bright red. You are the Cheetah! Debbie has several conflicts with Wonder Woman and also serves as a member of the Secret Society of Super Villains in a conflict with both the Justice League of America and the Justice Society of America , before her role as the Cheetah is retconned out of existence due to the history-altering aftereffects of the Crisis on Infinite Earths — Following DC's relaunch , Deborah Domaine is retconned from continuity, and her name is merely one of the many aliases that Barbara Ann Minerva uses to commit crimes as Cheetah.

The third Cheetah is British archaeologist Dr. Barbara Ann Minerva, born as the heiress of a vast fortune in the ancient family site in Nottinghamshire. Ambitious, selfish, and severely neurotic, Barbara develops a passion for archaeology that eventually led her to search out a tribe in Africa which utilizes a female guardian with the powers of a cheetah.

A band of marauders kill the guardian and most of what remained of her original expedition party. Barbara, with the aid of the priest, Chuma, the caretaker of the ancient plant god Urzkartaga, takes her place after being told that she would gain immortality.

Her powers are conferred to her by ingesting a combination of human blood and the berries or leaves of Urzkartaga.

Unfortunately for Minerva, the host of the Cheetah persona is intended to be a virgin. Minerva is not, however, so her transformations were part curse and part blessing, as she experiences severe pain and physical disability while in her human form and bloodthirsty euphoria while in her cat form.

Dark Victory and Catwoman: As an archaeologist, Barbara covets the lasso, hoping to add it to her collection of historical items. She first attempts to do so through trickery, claiming that there is a matching ancient Golden Girdle of Gaea of the same kind from which the lasso was fashioned. Unfortunately, although the scheme proceeds far enough for Minerva to hold the lasso, its magical power to make people tell the truth forces her to confess her true intentions.

Diana, profoundly distraught that she would be so treacherous, takes back the lasso and returns home in tears. With the subtle approach having failed, Minerva resorts to attacking the Amazon as the Cheetah in order to rob her of the lasso. Their initial battle ends with inconclusive results, as Diana's friend, Julia Kapatelis , shoots the Cheetah and forces her to retreat. Over the years, Barbara's interest in the lasso wanes and she becomes more interested in besting Diana in battle due to her bruised ego.

The rivalry between the Cheetah and Wonder Woman fluctuates, though. The captive woman's body would be used to house Drax's alternate dimension bride Barremargux. When the Baron captures the Cheetah for this purpose, Wonder Woman travels to the country to save her. At the last moment, when Barremargux is about to enter Earth-One , Barbara closes the gateway before the crossing could be completed by jumping into the gateway instead.

Barbara is trapped in this demonic dimension until the Boston mob boss Julianna Sazia has scientists open the dimensional gateway to retrieve Barbara to serve her own ends.

Seeing her debt to Wonder Woman as paid for attempting to rescue her in Pan Balgravia, the Cheetah continues her quest to defeat Wonder Woman when it is convenient to her. For a brief period of time, Minerva loses her powers to the businessman Sebastian Ballesteros see below , who convinces Urzkartaga that he could be a more effective Cheetah than she was. Minerva later kills Ballesteros and regains her powers.

The relationship Minerva has with Urzkartaga is strained at times despite Minerva's intense devotion and loyalty. At one point, the god punishes her by leaving one of Minerva's hands human looking and untransformed even while she is in her Cheetah form, though it appears to still be fully empowered as the rest of her body and equally as deadly. With help from Zoom , Minerva attains a level of super-speed even greater than she previously possessed.

She accomplishes this by murdering Priscilla Rich, who previously went by the alias Cheetah, thus seemingly establishing herself as the true Cheetah based on Zoom's own psychological insight. They later join the latest Secret Society of Super Villains and seem to be engaged in a sexual relationship, though Zoom considers himself to still be married to his former wife.

In the " One Year Later " storyline, the witch Circe places a spell on Minerva that allows her to change her appearance from human to Cheetah at will, even though she still remains in her Cheetah form in either guise. She controls three actual cheetahs and still possesses her super-speed, which is demonstrated by her ability to steal the golden lasso away from Donna Troy several times in battle.

She also appears in Salvation Run. Later still, in Final Crisis: Resist , she joins forces with Checkmate to rebel against Darkseid , and enjoys a brief relationship with Snapper Carr. In the pages of Wonder Woman , she is revealed as the power behind the Secret Society , responsible for the creation of Genocide.

She arranges to have her ally Doctor Psycho take the place of Sarge Steel as director of the Department of Metahuman Affairs which, in the middle of Genocide's onslaught, she targets for destruction. In , DC relaunched its comic books and rebooted its continuity in an initiative called The New The character was re-made to be a corrupt image and antecedent to Wonder Woman.

Barbara Ann Minerva having used several aliases that happen to be the names of the various incarnations of the character is reintroduced as Cheetah.

As part of her new backstory, Minerva is referred to as an accomplice to Wonder Woman and an expert in dangerous relics, and having previously grown up in an all-woman commune called "Amazonia".

In the possession of a dagger once belonging to a lost tribe of Amazons, she cut herself on it. She was possessed by the Goddess of the Hunt, transforming her into a human-cheetah hybrid.

Her claws can also turn Superman into a cheetah-like being. The origin of the Cheetah is dated back to the San Tribe, who for centuries had hunted alongside the cheetahs. Every generation, one of their members is chosen to become the host of the Goddess of the Hunt, until one day a hunter killed the current host; the knife used to kill her was cursed until it fell in the hands of Minerva.

Cheetah is subdued by the Justice League and placed in Belle Reve. However, once there, she makes contact with someone telling him she is where he requested, implying her capture was staged as a part of a bigger plan.

Steve Trevor manages to overcome the lasso and explains that only Diana could use it, as she was herself truthful and pure. As Cheetah is not that, Trevor manages to get the lasso off and onto Cheetah. After the events of DC Rebirth , Cheetah's origin is altered. As a young girl, Barbara Ann Cavendish enjoyed mythology and showed an affinity for language. Her father disparaged her interest in myth, deriding it as childish. In defiance of her father, her passion for myth and legend remained and as an adult, she took her late mother's maiden name of Minerva.

By age 26, she had mastered seven languages and earned two Ph. On a dig in Ukraine, she discovered proof of the existence of the Amazons, but the dig site collapsed. Minerva was able to take photos before the collapse and followed her findings to the Black Sea, only to find what she believed was an empty island.

Minerva to translate Diana's language. Minerva became close friends with Diana and Lt. Etta Candy and taught Diana English as well as other languages. Seeking out proof of other deities, Minerva learns of Urzkartaga and obtains funding for an expedition to the fictional African nation of Bwunda from Veronica Cale. Unbeknownst to Minerva, Cale was acting on behalf of the sons of Ares, Deimos and Phobos , who believed that by turning Minerva into a demigod, she would be able to locate Themyscira for them.


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Seeking out proof of other deities, Minerva learns of Urzkartaga and obtains funding for an expedition to the fictional African nation of Bwunda from Veronica Cale. Unbeknownst to Minerva, Cale was acting on behalf of the sons of Ares, Deimos and Phobos , who believed that by turning Minerva into a demigod, she would be able to locate Themyscira for them. As a result, Wonder Woman was unable to prevent Minerva from being wed to Urzkartaga and becoming the Cheetah.

Years later, Wonder Woman travels to Bwunda in search of Cheetah. She is met with aggression from the Cult of Urzkartaga, a pack of were-hyenas, and ultimately Cheetah herself. The battle continues until Wonder Woman reveals to Cheetah that she is unable to locate Themyscira and needs her enemy's help.

The pair battle their way through Urzkartaga's Bouda were-hyena minions and defeat Andres Cadulo, a worshiper of Urzkartaga that planned to sacrifice Steve Trevor to the plant god. Cheetah used the Lasso of Truth to bind the plant god back into a harmless plant form. Once reverted to her human form, Minerva agreed to help Wonder Woman find her way back to Paradise Island. Shortly thereafter, Minerva and Etta Candy were attacked by Godwatch. After reuniting with Steve Trevor, Godwatch attacked again and Minerva surrendered to them, hoping to reason with Cale.

Cale, having taken possession of the Urzkartaga plant, threatened to have Etta and Steve killed unless Minerva agreed to become the Cheetah again. Diana, Cale, and Isadore went through the gateway, leaving Cheetah and Trevor behind.

Approaching the gate to Ares' prison, she begged to be let in but was rebuffed. Enraged by the gods' rejection, Cheetah swore revenge against them and the Amazons. She then went to Cale's home and, stating she now embraces being the Cheetah, attacks Cale. Diana intervenes and subdues her, but Cheetah escapes custody shortly thereafter.

Argentine business tycoon Sebastian Ballesteros becomes the fourth Cheetah, as well as the only male Cheetah. He is an agent of the Amazon's enemy, Circe , as well as her lover. He seeks the plant god Urzkartaga to become a new version of the Cheetah, a supernatural cat-creature like Barbara Ann Minerva. Appealing to the plant god's ego, Sebastian makes the case that the previous Cheetahs have failed in their actions and that a male Cheetah could be superior.

Once Urzkartaga is convinced, Barbara Ann Minerva's access to the Cheetah is cut off and Sebastian is given the power in her place. Angered at the loss of her powers, Barbara Ann Minerva eventually battles Bellesteros for control of the power of the Cheetah by becoming the temporary host of Tisiphone , one of the Eumenides or Furies.

This does not assist her in regaining the right to become the Cheetah. Ultimately off-panel Minerva finally kills Sebastian in his human form, regaining her Cheetah form as a result.

She is later seen giving his blood to the Urzkartaga plant as a sacrifice. Like Rich and Domaine, DC appeared to remove Ballesteros from continuity in the wake of its reboot.

In the Justice League comics, the name Sabrina Ballesteros is shown to be one of many aliases that Barbara Ann Minerva uses to commit crimes as Cheetah. All four incarnations of the Cheetah have exhibited roughly the same abilities. Their basic attributes consists of enhanced strength and speed well beyond that of the most powerful felines, as well as heightened senses of smell and hearing for hunts and night vision for stealth.

Their reflexes and agility are similarly augmented, allowing them superior gymnastic and parkour feats for inhuman mobility. These superhuman traits allow them to challenge Wonder Woman in physical battles.

Additionally, their fangs and claws are preternaturally sharp and strong. Originally only able to change during a full moon and remaining weak and frail in her human body, Barbara Ann Minerva was chemically enhanced by the sorceress Circe to remain in her Cheetah body indefinitely and change at will.

This also gave her dominion over all species of felines. In The New 52 continuity, Barbara Ann Minerva is shown to pierce Superman's invulnerable skin with her fangs just as easily as if he were human.

Additionally, her bite transfers some of her powers into her victims, turning them into bestial human-feline hybrids under her control. Another alternate version of Cheetah appears in Wonder Woman: Cheetah appears briefly as a supervillain under the control of Krona fighting Tigra. A modernized version of Priscilla Rich appears as one of the primary antagonists of the Wonder Woman feature in Wednesday Comics.

Here, she is portrayed as a young archeologist from a wealthy Baltimore family who relies on enchanted artifacts to grant her superhuman abilities. She initially befriends a young Diana before she has become Wonder Woman after meeting her, but soon reveals her treacherous nature when she kidnaps Diana's friend Etta and uses her as bait for a trap set by Doctor Poison. In the end, both Priscilla and Poison are defeated by Wonder Woman. Here, she is shown to have fashioned her costume from the fur of her pet cheetahs, which she violently killed and skinned in an ancient ritual likely reminiscent of the Barbara Ann Minerva version.

This version also appears to have retired at some point before the events of the series, as Wonder Woman mentions that Priscilla returned to the side of the "Dark Gods" and having been friends with her at some point. She is first seen at the opening of the series as one of the many supervillains suffering from nightmares about the end of the world, and the Justice League's inability to stop it.

Priscilla reappears in the fourth issue, attending a peace conference held by Wonder Woman with her cheetahs, but kills them once in her hotel room before performing an ancient ritual and donning a costume made from their pelts. When Wonder Woman leaves the conference, Cheetah attacks her in the hall, slashing her several times before she escapes. It is later revealed over the course of the series that Cheetah's claws were infected with centaur's blood, which was turning Diana back into clay.

Priscilla's attack is apparently the most successful, as Wonder Woman was slowly crumbling up to the point that her face had become black and cracked by the time the Justice League attacked the Hall of Doom, relying on the powers of her lasso to keep her from crumbling apart. It is mentioned by a citizen that Cheetah ruled over a city filled with those deemed "ugly" by society. After the League attacks the Legion of Doom, Priscilla is one of the few supervillains to escape the initial attack, retreating to her city in wait for Wonder Woman.

When Diana follows Cheetah with several other JLA members, they quickly realize Cheetah is stalking them and Wonder Woman tells them to leave so she can face Priscilla herself. Almost immediately after they leave Cheetah ambushes Wonder Woman, who removes her protective mask to expose that Cheetah's centaur's blood had almost killed her. Diana tells Cheetah that she has lost all patience for her before violently slamming her head into Priscilla's, breaking her Cheetah mask in half and knocking Priscilla out.

A version of the Cheetah appears in the "Odyssey" storyline, which involves the Gods altering Diana's history so that Themyscira was destroyed when she was a child. The new Cheetah is created from the corpse of a murdered Amazon after it is lowered into a mystical restoration pit and infused with the spirit of Magaera by the Morrigan the villains who are hunting Wonder Woman.

Alongside new versions of Artemis and Giganta both of whom are also created from dead Amazons , the new Cheetah is tasked with hunting down and killing Wonder Woman. Cheetah is then shown carrying the woman's body away from the scene, muttering about how she too will be reborn soon.

Gods Among Us comic; she was in the supervillains' bar World's End in Keystone City, watching another villain play darts when the Flash and Wonder Woman suddenly burst in.

Cheetah is in disbelief, her claws ready, though Wonder Woman says they are only here for Mirror Master and they do not want trouble. When Cheetah approaches menacingly, asking, "And what if we want trouble? Wonder Woman advises her against it, revealing the rest of the Justice League is outside and Cheetah backs off.

She is also a playable character in Injustice 2. In the digital-first crossover with the cast of Scooby-Doo , Cheetah disguised herself as a ghost to attack the Hall of Justice alongside the rest of the Legion of Doom. Scooby and his gang were able to hold off the Legion of Doom until the miniature Super Friends broke free from their captivity.

After a lengthy battle with Wonder Woman, Cheetah retreats. An illusion of Priscilla Rich appears in the second story arc of the comic book based on the Wonder Woman TV series , though she never had any appearances in that television series. She, along with several other enemies, was created by Doctor Psycho in order to battle Wonder Woman. Cheetah exclaims, "I've waited decades for this moment", implying that she had battled Wonder Woman in the s.

Her source of power is revealed to come from the Egyptian goddess Mafdet. She convinces Clayface to attack Wonder Woman in order to restore his health. Freeze as part of Ra's al Ghul 's League of Shadows. Priscilla Rich appears in this alternate re-telling of Wonder Woman's origin as an ally of the Nazi Party. She is mentioned as being a supplier for Germany's "extravagant needs". Barbara Ann Minerva appears in Superman: American Alien as a young socialite aboard a birthday yacht intended for Bruce Wayne.

There, she meets Clark Kent , and the two begin a brief romantic fling. She expresses interest in becoming an archaeologist, a nod to her main DC counterpart. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other uses, see Cheetah disambiguation. Art by Aaron Lopresti and Brian Miller. Dorling Kindersley , p.

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Views Read Edit View history. This page was last edited on 4 October , at By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Wonder Woman 6 October Domaine: Wonder Woman December Minerva: There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. The reviews that I read fully disclosing the graininess of this made for tv 's production were accurate.

Also accurate was the supposition that it is worth it to see Margot Fonteyn float across the floor. My 5 year old granddaughter who has completed her introductory year of ballet classes was as captivated as I was. I will endeavor to find other productions in which Ms.

This DVD preserves a remarkable slice of ballet history. TV black and white, could have been processed better. Worth the time and money and then some. I must be honest, though. For me there were pluses as well as minuses associated with this DVD. First, it's wonderful to see any footage of Margot Fonteyn who was the ballerina that really hooked me into ballet.

Yes, there were dancers with a showier technique than hers, but this shows off her beautiful line, extreme musicality and immense charm. It's also nice to see her with one of her long time partners, Michael Somes. I also enjoyed the very brief glimpses of Svetlana Beriosova, a beautiful dancer from the 50s and 60s. Another plus for me, although others may look at this in a very different way are the cuts.

The version of the ballet, as presented in this TV edition, is very heavily cut. Real fans of the piece may find this a drawback, however I find the complete version over long, and padded out with way too much of the step-sisters. Also, and again, this is a very personal view, I find Prokofiev's score a bit unimaginative, and like the choreography, somewhat padded. So I'm fine with the cuts but realize others may not be. What's left of the stepsisters' scenes is a lot of fun and Ashton and MacMillan have wonderful comic timing.

The most serious problem is the poor quality of the picture. The original must have been in very bad shape. Although at best it is very grainy, at worst, in the Four Seasons section, the contrast is very poor. I would never have been able to recognize the young Merle Park as Spring without the credits.

There is also a slightly under-reheared air about this production. Still, even with the drawbacks, this is highly enjoyable. I would highly recommend it even with the limitations I noted. See all 5 reviews. Amazon Giveaway allows you to run promotional giveaways in order to create buzz, reward your audience, and attract new followers and customers. Learn more about Amazon Giveaway. Set up a giveaway. What other items do customers buy after viewing this item?

Pages with related products. See and discover other items: There's a problem loading this menu right now. Learn more about Amazon Prime. Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime.

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