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4 Ristoranti |

Apartments are newer than detached houses. Most houses have walls or fences around the property, and lower windows often have protective metal grillwork. Apartment buildings usually have porters or guards. The Embassy General Services Office surveys new quarters and will suggest modifications to improve maintenance and security. Many people who live in houses share the cost of a security guard with their neighbors.

Furnished houses and apartments are difficult to find, and the furniture is not always suited to American taste. Quito is an unfurnished post for State and most other agencies. A stove, refrigerator, freezer, water distiller or purifier, up to three space heaters, and washer and dryer are provided to all State personnel as well as employees of most other agencies. Do not bring any major appliances. Bring small appliances, kitchenware, and household gadgets, as they are more expensive than in the U.

Anyone who enjoys fresh fruit juice will find an electric juice extractor or blender helpful. They normally receive a full household set of government-owned furniture and furnishings in keeping with the size limitations specified in the housing standards. The following appliances are included in the household furniture sets: USAID personnel are also provided with an adequate drapery and curtain allowance.

Consult the executive officer for more information. Personnel of other agencies should write their respective offices for information. GSO has a limited supply of furniture and appliances such as beds, chairs, dining tables, chests of drawers, night tables, lamps available for temporary loan to furnish quarters until personal household goods arrive.

Several hospitality kits are available and contain dishes, glassware, cutlery, pots and pans, bed and bath linens, and an iron. GSO will lend out card tables and chairs. The post will not otherwise provide supplemental furnishings to those who have received authorization for a full shipment of household effects HHE.

You will generally be able to use whatever furniture you might have in the U. The cool nights in Quito make one or two space heaters desirable. Curtains and rugs do not usually come with houses or apartments. Good wool and cotton rugs are available locally, most of them handmade, and they can be made to order relatively inexpensively. Bring family room and den furniture not applicable for AID employees. Large windows of irregular size are common.

Sheer curtains are widely used here. This fabric is available locally, but it is less expensive in the U. Furniture can be made to order in Ecuador, but it takes a long time and may be subject to cracks and drying out. Rattan and wicker are available at reasonable prices. Inexpensive recovering and reupholstering is done here, and expert furniture repair is available. Good quality fabrics are expensive, and the selection is limited.

Most homes have reservoir tanks, pumps, and small electric water heaters. Houses and apartments have modern plumbing for the most part. Due to long waits for new phones, rent a house or apartment with a telephone already installed.

Residences are not normally equipped with kitchen appliances. Personnel who are not authorized to receive stoves, refrigerators, washers, and dryers from their agencies should bring them. Many homes have parquet floors, and a floor-polisher is nice, although you can contract someone at a reasonable price to polish your floor. Electric current is the same as in the U. Do not rent a home without v triple-phase current available for appliances. Some new homes have either no light fixtures or inadequate fixtures, and the tenant may have to purchase and install lighting.

Although available, all types of electrical fixtures are expensive locally; you may want to consider purchasing lamps or other electrical lighting and have them shipped. Homes in Quito have no central heating, and evenings can be quite chilly. Some houses are colder than others; those with eastern and western exposure benefit from the strong equatorial sunshine and are warmer than those with north-south exposure.

Most houses have fireplaces, and some have electric baseboard head. Apartments usually do not have fireplaces or other electric heat. Many people have found space heaters and electric blankets useful. Most residences have fireplaces, and some have electric baseboard heat.

The cost of electricity is higher than in the U. Lawn furniture is useful during the day for houses, but in the evenings it is usually too cold to sit outdoors. If you like to garden, bring your own equipment. At times in the past, Ecuador has experienced electricity shortages due to lack of rainfall in the southern part of the country. Extended power rationing has often occurred during winter months. The rationing has not occurred recently.

However, post does have many portable generators and LPG cooking units that may be installed in approved quarters. Incoming employees are strongly encouraged, however, to choose housing that already includes an emergency generator. Ecuador has a plentiful supply of tropical fruits and vegetables all year, with varieties not seen in North America.

Avocados, artichokes, raspberries, strawberries, bananas, pineapples, and papaya can be purchased all year, and peaches, apples, pears and other fruit can be found in season. Several markets in Quito have fresh produce, seafood, chicken and meat, cut flowers, and potted plants.

Beef, pork, lamb, and veal can be bought in supermarkets and butcher shops. Filet mignon costs about half the U. Chicken is more expensive, and turkey costs about twice as much as in the U. Both American and European cuts of meat are available, though the beef here is usually un-aged, and may be tough. Some families use meat tenderizers or marinade. A pressure cooker is very useful for cooking at altitude.

Although a wide variety of food items are available in Ecuador, including items imported from the U. AERA stocks wine, liquor, cigarettes, a limited supply of frozen and canned food items, and paper goods. Turkeys are brought in for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Personnel should bring any nonperishable special food requirements in their household effects. Supplies can also be mailed via APO. Milk is pasteurized, though quality control is irregular, and comes in disposable paper cartons or plastic bags.

Heavy cream is available in the supermarkets, and sour cream can be found in some stores. A variety of cheeses are available, though not of the same quality or variation as can be found in the U. Several brands of ice cream are considered safe, and several brands of good yogurt are available.

Excellent pastry and a variety of breads can be purchased in Quito and the surrounding small towns. Quito has two large supermarket chains Supermaxi and Mi Comisariato which are well stocked with groceries, dry goods, and fresh products at very reasonable prices. Comparable Ecuadorian and Latin American products are less expensive. Many small shops and delicatessens offer excellent quality foodstuffs, such as ham, sausages, cold cuts, pickles, olives, and pastas.

In general, the cook who can use the local foods with imagination will find it economical to do without processed, packaged, and imported goods. Ecuadorian cuisine depends heavily on corn, potatoes, and pork. Wonderful soups are made with the great assortment of vegetables. One local specialty is locro, a potato soup with cheese and avocado; another is llapingachos, a potato and cheese pancake.

Delicious cebiche marinated seafood , humitas baked corn cakes , and empanadas pastries filled with meat or cheese are standard fare.

Light-to-medium-weight clothing is used throughout the year in Quito. Due to varying temperatures during the course of the day, you may need sweaters, jackets, or raincoats, and an umbrella. In general, you can use almost anything in your wardrobe, except heavy winter clothing. Bring summer clothing for trips to the beach and the jungle, and swimsuits for the heated pools in Quito.

Warmup suits are a must for joggers and tennis players in Quito. Bathrobes and warm pajamas will be a comfort. Hats are useful for protection from the sun.

A wide assortment of brimmed hats in beautiful colors and styles can be bought in Ecuador for much less than in the U. Bring a winter coat in case a trip to Washington in January comes up. A down parka, hat, and gloves also come in handy when visiting the volcanoes.

Many boutiques offer stylish clothing, dresses, and suits imported from the U. Locally made sweaters are inexpensive. Leather and suede coats for men and women can be made to order. Fashionable knitwear may be bought readymade or made to order at reasonable prices. Drycleaning is inexpensive, and the quality is good. Boots and shoes of good quality leather can be made to order.

Light-to-medium-weight suits are worn all year. Sport coats, sweaters, slacks, and long-sleeved sports shirts are useful for informal and casual gatherings. A raincoat with a zip-in lining is welcome on chilly evenings. Business and professional men do not wear hats, except when watching sports events or other outdoor activities.

Equestrians should bring riding hats. Good tailoring is available at reasonable prices. Tuxedoes are occasionally needed; white dinner jackets are not worn.

Blouses, skirts, sweaters, slacks, and jackets are standard daily wear in Quito. Because mornings and evenings are cool and temperatures at noon quite warm, a cardigan or blazer is usually worn or carried.

Lightweight wool is the most practical material. Informal and casual clothes are worn at social gatherings outside the city on the weekends, but simple cocktail dresses are needed for dinner parties and Embassy receptions during the week in town.

Long-sleeved dresses with jackets and dinner suits are good choices for chilly evenings. Rainwear and a light or medium weight coat, stole, or cape for evenings are necessary.

Hats are worn for protection against the equatorial sun. Embroidered capes and stoles, different kinds of sweaters, and ponchos are available locally. Dressmakers are available and fabric can be purchased locally or sent via APO. A formal gown is recommended for the Marine Ball held each November. Light- to medium-weight clothes are the rule.

Warm, inexpensive sweaters can be bought locally. Bring raincoats, boots, and shoes. You should bring with you any special sporting attire or equipment. Warm pajamas or nightgowns, bathrobes, and slippers are recommended. Young men will probably want at least one sports coat and girls a nice dress, skirt, or pantsuit. The Embassy Health Unit has a limited supply of drugs.

Local pharmacies carry most medicines and drugs but availability of items varies from month to month. Special medicines and normal medicine cabinet medications should be brought in quantity. These items may include: The commissary does carry aspirin, Tylenol, and some cold medications. Cosmetic brands are limited, so you may prefer to bring an adequate supply of makeup and nail polish. A wide range of fabrics is available at varying prices, but imported fabrics are expensive.

Good quality woolens and synthetics are manufactured locally. Bring basic tools, as well as any hobby and do-it-yourself equipment. Batteries of all sizes are available. School supplies, stationery, quality envelopes, greeting cards, wrapping paper, and ribbon can be scarce and expensive. Bring a supply of English-language greeting cards. Aluminum foil, plastic wrap, waxed paper, toilet paper, and disposable diapers are available locally.

Plain paper napkins can be bought, but the quality is only fair. Candles are sold in different sizes and colors at U. Artists should bring all supplies. Bring toys for your children and for gifts. Bring lunch boxes for kindergarten and elementary school-age children.

Items may also be mail-ordered and shipped via APO. Parts for common electrical appliances, electronic products, and cars are often available, but expensive.

Parts ordered from the U. Local mechanics are good. The cost of service on cars and appliances is lower than in the U. Radio, phonograph, and TV repairs can be done by Embassy technicians on their own time or by local shops. Quito has many excellent hairdressers and barbershops, and prices are lower than in the U.

Hairdressers, masseuses, and manicurists will come to your home at a reasonable cost. Several cosmetologists offer good service at low prices. Many reputable local artisans make and repair jewelry for much less than in the U.

Good catering services are available in the city, and prices are reasonable. Several good tailors and dressmakers are available at a range of prices. Domestic maids and gardeners are available for reasonable wages. Personnel sometimes prefer live-in maids for babysitting duties and for security reasons; however, live-in maids are becoming harder to find.

There are few trained nannies, although some maids handle childcare responsibilities well. Many maids can cook, but it is hard to find cooks who will handle other household duties or who are trained for representational duties. Good caterers are available. Many people in houses share the cost of a security guard with their neighbors.

A combination maid-cook is generally desirable for a single person or a couple without children. Large families often hire more than one domestic employee. Under Ecuadorian law and Embassy regulations, domestic employees must be covered by Ecuadorian Social Security. Stringent laws cover employment and termination. These regulations are included in orientation material for new arrivals and should be read and followed carefully.

In addition to an annual salary, the domestic employee receives per Ecuadorian law a 13th- and 14th-month salary plus a supplementary compensation.

Live-out maids are also entitled to a transportation allowance. By law, domestic employees are entitled to 1 day off every 2 weeks, but in practice they receive 1 day off each week. Domestics are entitled to 15 days paid vacation annually, but are not entitled to any holidays.

Employers are required by law to provide uniforms for their domestic help. Ecuador is primarily a Catholic country, and Quito is the seat of an Archbishop. About 70 Catholic churches in the city serve Spanish-speaking congregations. An English-language service is held in the Dominican Chapel each Sunday morning, and confessions may be heard. The community has many Protestant activities and services in English. Nicholas Church Lutheran and Anglican offers a worship service and adult discussion group every Sunday morning at Isabel La Catolica The First Baptist Church has Sunday school classes and worship services.

The Seventh-day Adventists offer services on Saturday mornings and Sunday evenings and operates the Clinica Americana.

Quito has many public and private primary and secondary schools. Cotopaxi Academy receives limited grant support from the U. The educational allowance covers the costs at any of these schools. Cotopaxi Academy was founded in as a private, cooperative, American nonsectarian school offering classes from pre-kindergarten through grade 12 and has a playgroup for children aged 3 to 4.

The school year runs from mid-August to mid-June. Some students attend the school. Instruction is in English, and both Spanish and English are taught as second languages.

The teachers are certified in the U. An International Baccalaureate Diploma is offered for qualified students going on to universities around the world.

It is located in the northern part of the city. Cotopaxi is affiliated with the Universities of Alabama, Kentucky, Massachusetts, and Pennsylvania for student teaching internship programs. In addition to the traditional academic subjects, classes are offered in art, band, physical education, computers, and drama.

There is an extensive after-school program, especially at the elementary level. Extracurricular activities include a yearbook, newspaper, National Honor Society, Student Council, and several sports. Three guidance counselors are on the staff. Programs for children with learning disabilities are limited, but available from prekindergarten through grade 8, although previous screening is necessary.

For children in higher grades who have special disabilities, consult the school and post prior to arrival. Alliance Academy, founded in for the children of missionaries, is a privately supported college preparatory school.

The school provides educational facilities to the children of Protestant missionaries from Quito, as well as those from other parts of Latin America. It has pre-kindergarten through grade The school year runs from early August to late May.

Fifty percent are U. Children from other international families are accepted on a space-available basis. The Christian Philosophy of Education is the focus of the school.

Daily Bible classes and weekly chapels are a required part of the curriculum. Students of all faiths are accepted. Classes are taught in English, and Spanish classes are required for all students. The basic subjects resemble those in most U. Electives include woodworking, art, typing, home economics, photography, shorthand, and yearbook publication. Advanced placement courses are offered in math, English, and Spanish.

Computer math and programming are also offered. The school is well supplied with learning materials, including three fully equipped science laboratories, elementary and secondary school libraries, and an audiovisual center. The library holds about 35, volumes, films, 2, filmstrips, and videotaping facilities.

Spanish and English are taught as second languages. Programs are available for the gifted as well as for the mentally handicapped. The school conducts a full and varied sports and extracurricular program, including chorus, band, and orchestra.

Embassy families have used several good preschools. There is at least one English-speaking preschool. Some accept children from age 18 months. A list can be provided by the CLO upon arrival. The Polytechnic School offers courses in electrical and chemical engineering and nuclear science. All classes are taught in Spanish.

The admissions process is lengthy and difficult. The course consists of 3 hours of class 5 days a week. Many Americans take this course. Tutors will also come to your house if requested. Various well-known local artists accept students of all ages for private classes, and several resident Americans also give art lessons.

The National Conservatory of Music accepts students for voice training and instruction in musical instruments, especially piano and violin. Students attending the schools normally used by the American community may receive instruction in a variety of instruments. Students must have their own musical instruments, although the schools do rent smaller instruments. Visiting professors offer courses in secondary education, elementary and early childhood education, and administration and planning.

Several museums in Quito have impressive collections of paintings, archeological objects, and historical manuscripts. The National Museum of History has a noteworthy manuscript collection. The Casa de la Cultura often sponsors exhibits and performances of local artists. The National Museum of Colonial Art has an outstanding collection of sculpture and paintings. The premier museum in Quito is in the Central Bank Museum, which is located at the Casa de la Cultura, across the street from the Embassy.

Divided into separate archeological and colonial exhibits, the museum shows carefully selected pieces in a well-designed arrangement. Another interesting ethnographic museum is located several miles north of Quito at the Mitad del Mundo monument on the Equator.

Nearby are the partially excavated ruins of an Inca fortress with guides on weekends. Bullfights are also popular. Those interested in outdoor and indoor sports will not lack for opportunity in Ecuador. Local parks are widely used on weekends. There are tennis, racquetball, basketball, and squash courts but memberships are high, as well as bowling alleys. Volleyball is very popular.

Bicycling is possible in the parks, but dangerous on the road. Flying lessons are available, and there is a small hang-gliding group. Health facilities and clubs are available in Quito, but range quite a bit in price and services offered. Most offer aerobics classes, weight lifting machines, and swimming pools. Both Academia Cotopaxi and Alliance Academy offer evening intramural sports programs for adults, including basketball and volleyball.

Academia Cotopaxi has an Olympic-sized swimming pool that can be used by the family members of their alumni. There are opportunities for horseback riding in the Los Chillos valley.

Buying and maintaining a horse is much less expensive than in the U. Lessons are available at different clubs, and riding competitions are held monthly. Polo players will find a small but enthusiastic group of colleagues in Quito. The Los Chillos valley, located about 45 minutes south of Quito, has several beautiful country clubs that offer dining facilities, tennis courts, golf courses, and stables.

Fishing enthusiasts can enjoy excellent freshwater and deep-sea fishing in Ecuador. Off the coast, deep-sea tackle is needed for the abundant marlin, tuna, dorado, and other species.

Areas close to Quito have good stream and lake fishing for bass and trout. The best trout waters are located high in the mountains, in cold and rainy areas where parkas and waterproof pants are essential. A license to fish anywhere in Ecuador is required. Good dove hunting can be found near Quito, partridge may be hunted in areas several hours away by car, and duck hunting is good on the coast.

An overnight trip by car and horseback takes the hunter into good deer hunting country. Guns must be registered. Advice and assistance in registration may be obtained from the Embassy.

See also Firearms and Ammunition. Mountain climbing, hiking, camping, and kayaking are popular. Most of the mountains are not technically difficult, but the altitude, ranging from 14, to 20, feet, can cause problems.

There are several climbing clubs. Mules and guides can be hired in villages near Chimborazo, Cotopaxi, Cayambe, and Tungurahua. No one skis in Ecuador.

The snow-covered peaks are steep and laced with crevasses. The Hash House Harriers has an active branch in Quito. This group sponsors runs twice a month and regularly organizes outings. Ecuador is a paradise for the amateur photographer.

Black-and-white, Kodachrome, and Ektachrome color film can be processed locally. Making pictures from slides is expensive. Film can be purchased locally but it may be a good idea to bring extra film with you or order through APO for better prices. Almost every corner of the country offers opportunities for interesting exploration.

Anyone planning to take advantage of all possibilities will want to use a four-wheel-drive vehicle. Most sightseeing can be done on long weekends. Two hours from Quito is Otavalo, home of indigenous people known throughout the continent for their weaving. Their colorful Saturday morning market is a must for tourists, although you can now find a smaller version of the market on any day of the week. The towns of Cotacachi and San Antonio de Ibarra, near Otavalo, are known for leatherwork and woodcarving, respectively.

The region is known for its rug factories. Metropolitan Touring offers an interesting trip by bus from Quito to the colonial city of Riobamba, continuing through this area by monorail to the Nariz del Diablo, and from there by bus on to Cuenca, with stops at the local indigenous markets.

Many factories that do the finish work on the Panama hats, which are made in small towns close to the coast. The ruins of an ancient Inca fortress are nearby. The province of Loja, in the southernmost part of Ecuador, is famous for the town of Vilcabamba, whose residents are known for their longevity. Trips can be made by road or air into the Oriente and the jungle. Metropolitan Touring offers excursions into the jungle, and dugout canoe rides. West of Quito, 3 hours by car down the Andean slope, is Santo Domingo de Los Colorados, home of indigenous people who traditionally color their hair and skin with natural pigments.

The area offers a wide variety of tropical fruits and other products. The Galapagos Islands, miles off the coast, are famous for their wildlife. In recent years, Ecuador has taken great care to preserve the flora and fauna of the islands, strictly licensing and controlling the tourist industry that flourishes there. A proper tour of the islands takes at least a week. Ships operating in the tourist trade range from converted fishing sloops with room for no more than six passengers to luxurious cruise vessels offering all the comforts of a large hotel.

Quito has some comfortable cinemas that show films in English with Spanish subtitles. Well over half the films are American, and major releases usually arrive in Quito within four months of their premiere in the U.

The Casa de la Cultura offers foreign film series in conjunction with various embassies. Various art galleries with frequent exhibits are well advertised. The Mexican Cultural Center and the Alianza Francaise are among the many international centers offering monthly programs.

The National Symphony Orchestra offers an annual series of concerts, often with guest artists and conductors. Many talented groups of Ecuadorian musicians offer concerts and perform in the folk and jazz music houses. For those who prefer a different kind of popular music, several good discotheques are located in town.

Quito has a growing number of nightclubs, most of which are small. Casinos in the major hotels have slot machines, roulette, blackjack, and dice tables. The city has a variety of restaurants featuring Ecuadorian and international cuisine.

Prices are reasonable except for wine, which is imported. No formal organizations exist exclusively for Americans. There are many opportunities for U. Quito has 36 resident and 37 nonresident embassies, plus several international organizations. A Consular Corps group and Diplomatic Association meet monthly.

Any American employee or family member can join the activities this group sponsors. Membership in private clubs facilitates contact with influential Quito residents. The Damas Norteamericanas y Britanicas runs a small library and supplies funds for many local charities through profits made at its Thrift Shop and annual Christmas bazaar. Women officers or wives of officers on the diplomatic list may join the Damas Diplomaticas as active members. The Ecuadorian-American Chamber of Commerce has a large and growing membership, including many prominent Ecuadorian and U.

Each month the organization sponsors a luncheon with a wellknown speaker. The Rotary and Lions Clubs are active. The Ecuadorian Canine Association sponsors dog shows, registers purebreds, and is involved in other activities. Quito has Cub Scouts, and several Embassy family members have volunteered their time as Troop Leaders. All personnel and family members can participate in cultural activities such as art exhibits, folk dancing, archeological tours, lectures, concerts, and many other events.

Senior personnel on the diplomatic list are involved in the usual number and types of diplomatic functions. Other personnel are involved less often. The custom in Ecuador for National Day celebrations is a midday reception for the diplomatic corps and government officials. Newcomers and spouses are introduced to the Ambassador and DCM within a few days of arrival, usually by their immediate supervisors.

Appointments may be made through their secretaries. Mission personnel should consult with their supervisors concerning current policy on other formal calls. Diplomatic and consular officers are announced to the Foreign Ministry by note. Cards of acceptable quality are printed or engraved in Ecuador at a reasonable cost. Military personnel will need summer uniforms. For specific uniform requirements, consult the office to which you are assigned.

DAO has some appliances and furniture available to assigned personnel. Correspond with DAO for details. They are not eligible for Health Unit privileges. Third-country national contract personnel are given a courtesy identity card and have the same privileges as U.

The high incidence of theft in households and on shipping docks has made personal property insurance an important consideration for newly assigned personnel. Arrange for insurance before leaving the U. CW che fa bene i compiti Arrow gif Arrow: Il calendario delle serie tv Autunno I fan di Breaking Bad e Veep adoreranno questo video Barkos: Benedict Cumberbatch sa fare anche le magie vere.

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