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Bruce Bratton hosts Universal Grapevine , linking local and campus issues, every Tuesday p. October 2 — 8, Highlights this week: The two strongest recorded earthquakes in U.

I have no dates for this photo. Judging by the hats, coats and jackets it could well be Labor Day. There are no holiday decorations.

It was when Pacific was so much wider. If anyone has a date for this…do let me know. We had so many more parades back then. The first financial statements have been filed. Looking at the backers for Donna Meyers next week Greg Larson we can predict where and how the candidates will pay back their investors. Developers Doug Ley and Craig Rowell. Please check them out ASAP. Remember that we are deciding on the future of Santa Cruz — do we want more growth???

Under the historical photo last week I stated that Alan Cranston was our U. State senator from That was because the data on the photo was written in These push polls should be illegal. The total county vote was , The lawsuit came a year ago from smaller exhibition outfits operating in D. On a related note, I hear every week from many Santa Cruz film fans about Landmark not showing any foreign subtitled films here anymore.

If you care about your neighborhood you might want to check out the link and get your comments in by Thursday October 4th I said it was on the fast track. I want to write about sexual assault and whether any progress has been made over the past 27 years since the Anita Hill hearings. Since leaving the campus in I continue to do rape prevention work in sub-Saharan African countries with colleagues based in South Africa. At UCSC, I listened to stories of rape from thousands of students, often being the first person they ever told.

I defended male students if I judged that what happened did not rise to the charge of rape. In , like many others, I was glued to the television watching Dr. Hill be verbally attacked by the all male clueless Senators. This time around, Dr. Ford was spared that humiliation from the still all-male Republican Senators due to a female stand-in and the Democrats to a person were knowledgeable and kind.

Other things were eerily similar, as if in a time warp. Much has been made of the fact that we are in the MeToo era which many see as a game-changer. Rape crisis hotlines received a huge increase in calls following and during Dr. There was however a similar reaction after the Anita Hill hearings and survivors of rape have been breaking their silence on college campuses ever since.

Perhaps now in far greater numbers and once powerful public men have been toppled by women speaking out about their experiences of male sexual abuse in male dominated halls of power and the ability of social media to amplify the debate is undeniable. However the terms of the debate are troublingly unchanged.

And that is being generous since I think he is lying just like his counterpart in the White House. In some respects we have lost ground. Not good enough apparently. UCSC has recently been heavily fined for its inadequate response to charges of sexual assault and harassment by a faculty member and the administration promises in future to publish an annual accounting of cases that are reported.

When I was on campus that was standing operating procedure. Education for all students, staff and faculty was mandatory and dorms were plastered with posters clearly letting students know their rights and resources plus an annual listing of reported sexual assaults and sexual harassments without identifying details was readily available. I recently picked up a pamphlet at the campus bookstore. A professional job, it was all but impossible to know that it was a resource for rape. We now have the acronym, C.

E, which includes the words advocacy, resources and education. And despite the fact that over 30 sexual assaults are reported in the city of Santa Cruz each year, when did you last read of a reported rape in the local press? Few rapes involve a witness. To Slate or Not to Slate? Is that the right question? The Santa Cruz City Council race is now officially on a slow boil , going right past the very hot setting on the political stove top. I would say there are slates, duos, and loners. I will offer a perspective on at least four slates that now exist in this race.

If elected they will join Cynthia Mathews and Martine Watkins in continuing the current trajectory of the city being on autopilot with real estate and developer folks working sweet deals with the planning and economic development directors, but be fore-warned, they will also make sure to recycle, fix leaky spigots, and even pick up the occasional litter around city hall. That Old Guard Santa Cruz has certainly learned how to count to four. The Conservatives in this race are a threesome: If these three won, they would want the police budget to double, offer all the homeless multiple bus tickets out of town, and that god-awful fence around the US Post Office would likely be designated for historic preservation.

It is worth the price of the ticket to hear her version of the chaos and terror reigning on the streets of Santa Cruz! And you know what just defies gravity? Okay, you took the words right out of my mouth: Drew Glover and Justin Cummings. They both are very familiar with the large Santa Cruz issues of affordable housing, homelessness, and traffic. And both candidates will go well beyond and will bring their experience as a scientist Cummings and non-profit bee project director Glover to tackle the issues of global warming, transportation, and housing, right here in Surf City.

Further, they are voices of a new generation of Americans, right in line with those dynamic and visionary voices on the national scene: Two thousand and eighteen is shaping up to be a very exciting year in terms of the opportunities voters have to effect progressive change.

Her more pro-police and contrary county Supervisor tendencies fall in line with David Terrazas , who is perhaps now the most conservative SC councilmember. Perhaps their team door hanger, due out later this month, will attest to this slate threesome. This is another slate of four. Phil Crawford comes across as a helluva nice guy, but most of his references in conversation are from his work over the hill Greg Larson has also tried to correct this image as well.

If there is, she will get their votes. Lane, touting his beer-making abilities whenever he gets a chance, is always good for an audience laugh. Hand-in-hand with the candidate sign wars, Larson has the money advantage too. See financial disclosure statements here. Email Chris at ckrohn cruzio.

They took this action without any public discussion or staff report regarding the implications of the action. Because it was on the Consent Agenda, and no member of the public was allowed to pull the item for Regular Agenda public discussion. Two citizens took time off work to attend the meeting and speak to the issue.

Both asked the Board to place the item on Regular Agenda or to postpone action to allow further consideration, due to concerns of building substandard affordable housing.

Did the Board oblige? Supervisor John Leopold did comment that he felt compelled to take action to help the thousands of homeless in the County.

The staff documents stated there are about homeless in the unincorporated area. The number is higher in Santa Cruz City. There was virtually no discussion on the matter as the Board unanimously approved the Consent Agenda. What that will mean for the Communities will depend on how the money is used and how many actually benefit. How much will the County take in administrative fees?

What health and safety codes will the County find are necessary to waive in order to move forward with these projects? Will there be government transparency? Contact your Supervisor and ask what projects are planned for your area. I wonder if there will be public notice and community meetings? Wade through the double-speak here and see what you think.

The CAO has met with all Department Directors to develop the following CPI Plan in order to make improvements centered on customers, driven by employees and focused on measurable outcomes:. Read more about what that actually means here. Read this and try to understand that. He will report back to the Board in February, on progress and effectiveness, with a comprehensive report at the June budget hearings.

While I would like to be optimistic, I am concerned about what all this will actually mean for the public. Will that be large developers exclusively? What will be the criteria for measuring the success of these process improvements that include eliminating wasteful elements?

Keep your eyes and ears open, folks. Based on recent past events, I am worried.


Hur Herald - Local News Calhoun County West Virginia

When I first served in elected office, local governments at the city and county level did have that power. The State Legislature took away that local control option, providing only a very narrow area within which rent control could be enacted at the local level.

If Proposition 10 is approved by the voters, statewide, our local governments can enact local ordinances that go through the regular legislative process. Check out SubconsciousComics a ways below. As always, at TimEagan. This imaginative and groundbreaking new interpretation of the gothic classic by Henry James is presented by the internationally celebrated, Obie Award-winning theater company, The Builders Association from New York.

The Turn of the Screw provides audiences an exceptional opportunity to see this world-class production locally before it goes on to one of the most important performing arts venues in the world at its New York engagement and East Coast premiere at BAM, The Brooklyn Academy of Music, as part of its prestigious Next Wave Festival.

Tickets are on sale at ucsctickets. Limited seating for each performance. Purchase tickets in advance to guarantee admission. Tickets are not guaranteed at the door. Performance runs approx 70 minutes.

There is NO intermission. Lisa is rounding up ideas, plans and projects…check out just which ones at her website at Lisa Jensen Online Express http: I gave it about a 9! No matter where you think you are on the progressive scale, Moore shows us data and details on Hillary, Flint water, Democratic Party politics, Super delegates, Jeb Bush, and beyond.

If you like, love and use bookshops this film will make you appreciate your favorite bookshop all the more. The acting by Bill Nighy and Patricia Clarkson is absolutely wonderful and this has to be one of my favorite films. Pryce wins the Nobel Prize; his wife Glen Close has a deeply involved and serious role as his lodestar. An excellent film, go see it.

Not subtle, even funny, bitter, and painfully true. We all know the story behind the Lizzie Borden took an axe but seeing it acted out by Chloe Sevigny and Kristen Stewart gives us thoughtful, new sensitive ideas. It got a miserable 12 on RT. I was mystified and bored at first but soon got into what the director was trying to say…and was engrossed. The ending is a letdown in more than one way.

Wait and rent it. Matthew McConaughey plays a low down lower-class father to Richie Merritt the teenager who gets into drugs.

The true story and the movie fall apart when this scheme fails and Richie is sentenced to a long stretch. A little 10 year old boy has to live with his creepy, trying to be funny uncle Jack Black. A Hollywood movie with an all Asian cast. The plot, laughs, and acting are all typical Hollywood re-hash. A live action Ice Age cave man meets a dog for the first time.

It does lack Raquel Welch or any cave babes in leather skimpys but it is fascinating…. Ewan McGregor does the best possible job he can with a boring, depressing, and very commercial attempt to make more money from A. And old Christopher Robin is forced by animated versions of Eeyore, Piglet, Tigger and other stuffed toys to remember how much fun he had as a boy.

Each and every Tuesday from 7: October 22 has Ken Koenig and friend talking about communicating with your friends and relatives who like Trump. After that Candace Brown and Shelley Hatch talk about zoning, rent control and many hot voting issues. OR …if you just happen to miss either of the last two weeks of Universal Grapevine broadcasts go here … http: Do remember, any and all suggestions for future programs are more than welcome so tune in, and keep listening.

Email me always and only at bratton cruzio. Carolyn Burke on Edith Piaf. Peggy Dolgenos on Cruzio. Julie James on Jewel Theatre Company. Click and enter the box in the upper right hand corner of each Column.

Anywhere from Monday afternoon through Thursday or sometimes as late as Friday! Always free and confidential. Gunilla Leavitt godmoma gmail. KROHN… defines city council job, about endorsements, about campaign managers. Cooper House October 20, Julian Camacho was running for California State Senate. This is what Santa Cruz needs.

Think about maybe of them at our downtown Farmers Market!! I love them, and saw them perform many times and even got their autographs.

Issues with this video last week means a re-run this week! All eight of the other candidates were there and gave it their best shots. He had few clues about any issue or question, except for pushing his beer making business!

Myers also wants to attract more high paying jobs here. They were better informed and had done a lot of homework in getting ready for the November 6th elections. Talk about not being prepared!!

No matter where you think you are on the progressive scale Moore shows us data and details on Hillary, Flint water, Democratic party politics, and more. Santa Cruz County residents should never forget that 22, neighbors voted for Trump last time and will probably support all his supporters in these midterm elections. We encourage sharing and expression of all viewpoints as long as they are presented with respect and courtesy.

There will be Two topics affecting our Soquel Community. Bring your questions, concerns and comments Mingling after presentations will be possible. Parking available behind library. Enter through Bagelry parking lot. Back door to library will be open. Satya Orion sent this note. The need is real and it is urgent, so I am reaching out to the faculty, staff, and community for help. Is this the same UCSC that wants to add 10, more students? There seems to be a major disconnect from reality here in the UCSC system.

We have Santa Cruz community members who cannot find housing as well. We are in a housing crisis!! This letter from Dave Keller should serve as a wakeup call to everyone still not aware of this issue. With so many of our local elected representatives being pro big business and so lovey-dovey with developers I created a very disturbing question.

Wanna bet whether our electeds would go for it? That would be nearly 30, more residents. It said to open the tracking number that was displayed. It stands out like a sore thumb in a fistful of No on M signs prominently displayed by those secure in their own homes. The opposition to Measure M is visceral. No one is taking away their right to rent or sell: To someone who will never afford a house, those who do and who have an extra one or two or twenty others in order to make money off tenants are in a different class.

And that is exactly what this rent control issue is about: Students who rent, and that is almost all of them except a few whose wealthy parents buy a house in Santa Cruz as an investment and a place for their offspring to live while attending UCSC, are a divided class on this issue.

Many come from families whose parents can afford to pay their rent even in expensive Santa Cruz: And ironically, it is the ever-increasing UCSC student numbers that have created a rental housing shortage in the first place, with the high on-campus rents stoking the fires of rent increases in town. Half of 5 thousand the student population when I started work at UCSC is different from half of 19 thousand the current student population.

Yet the finger of blame is always pointed at slow growth activists who are charged with standing in the way of housing development, as if without rent control that would have solved the problem.

It is low-income, largely Latino workforce and families who rent who bear the brunt of the artificially created escalating property values that allow for ever-increasing rents. They do the work that allows the privileged among us myself included to enjoy a reasonably priced meal, enjoy fresh fruits and vegetables, stay in a clean hotel or keep our houses clean.

Without rent control they are at the mercy of the market and will be forced to move further and further away from their jobs in Santa Cruz, ultimately moving away for good.

Who will cook dinner for you at your favorite restaurant if that happens? Ultimately it is in all of our interests to pass Measure M even if it falls way short of keeping all rents in the affordable range. Opponents raise the fear that Measure M will lead to less rental -housing availability.

Perhaps yes but consider why: The Sentinel deserves congratulations for its in-depth coverage of the details of Measure M and research into the impacts of rent control in other communities. While the answer is a nuanced yes, meaning landlords made that decision, one conclusion stood out for me: Candidates for city council not only have to attend these forums, and usually turn in responses to a lengthy questionnaire, but also have to find time to walk neighborhoods and meet voters.

Throw in fundraising, keeping up with the FPPC form filings, while a walking piece, and one or two targeted mailings, it becomes quite a rigorous vetting process that tends to draw out all the fortitude the candidate might possess. In fact, he or she usually comes to more than one soul-searching moments about both politics and people, while usually realizing they have stores of energy to call upon that they never knew they had previously.

It is a marathon and not a sprint, a steady pace not a dash, but when vote by mail ballots go out, October 8th this year, the carefree and careful planning that took place back in early July or August is a distant rear view mirror memory. If you have a serious chance of being elected, and you usually have an inkling of where you fit in as November arrives, this process is nothing short of grueling.

Well, yes, they do because the members of the community and community organizations who are able to endorse candidates because of their by-laws can lend a veneer of integrity and approval of each endorsed candidate. Can any one individual endorsement make or break a candidate? What about other endorsements? The statewide Democrats endorse both rent control and the repeal of the anti-rent control bill known as Costa-Hawkins, or Proposition 10, on the November ballot.

Our notoriously middle-of-the-road see Jim Hightower quote local Dem establishment failed to endorse either Measure M or Proposition 10 at a recent forum. They did support the institutional establishment? The latter two not only endorsed each other, but rent control too!

Cummings and Glover also do not support one of the more controversial city council decisions in recent years: And all the organizations that endorse through a public process have only supported these five candidates. One wonders if there is an iota of democratic participation among rank and file officers.

What is of great interest in the progressive camp right now is the lack of support for incumbent Noroyan from her fellow council colleagues. Her web site only lists Mayor David Terrazas as the sole supporter. Do Campaign Managers Matter? What the candidate has to do, must do above all campaign tasks, is meet voters. There are more than 32, registered voters in the city of Santa Cruz and maybe half will cast ballots in this a midterm election year.

Phoning and walking, walking and phoning. You spend hours of walking followed by a couple of hours on the phone fundraising. On the weekend of Sept. Now, why does any successful run at a city council seat usually come complete with a campaign manager? I have witnessed a campaign manager and a few supporters pass around five or six drafts of just one flyer before it comes to the candidate for approval.

In the past couple of campaigns social media has played a part in informing voters and getting them to the polls. The campaign manager must either be responsible for the website, Twitter feed, Snap Chat story lines, and Facebook page, or find a volunteer who has that kind of expertise.

Then there are the mailing pieces. The US Postal Service has strict requirements on size and shapes of mail pieces. The candidate cannot be wandering around the post office, or Complete Mailing Services or Community Printers or worse, having to go to San Jose to pick up orders and having to make sure it is a union shop with a union bug on each piece, asking about post card size prices.

Anybody notice the current yard sign war going on? Of course, the candidate must approve anything that goes out with her or his name on it, but it really works when they do the editing at the end of an otherwise long campaign manager and volunteer vetting process.

The candidate must walk and talk to voters, phone supporters for donations and walk some more. More, More, Raise That Score! There will be more endorsements coming and forums as well.

So, if you missed the first six, the Chamber of Commerce will hold theirs on Oct. Also, the Sierra Club , well-known for late endorsements because it has to be approved locally and nationally this past week only endorsed Cummings and Glover, and the UCSC College Democrats , school begins Sept.

Supervisor John Leopold held meetings locally and travelled to the Bay Area, along with constituents, to discuss the problem with federal officials who had changed the flight path of incoming jets.

Why on earth did Supervisor Ryan Coonerty fight so hard to not allow Supervisor John Leopold to represent the people at a newly-forming Federal Aviation Administration FAA Roundtable Working Committee when it is so obvious that Supervisor Leopold is the best-qualified and has shown diligent leadership on the issue?

There were over 50 people who took time off work to attend the meeting to ask that Supervisor John Leopold represent the area, but Supervisor Coonerty refused to pay heed. That began an appalling series of actions that eventually led to the Supervisors voting in agreement with a ridiculous decision to send CAO Carlos Palacios to represent County residents, even though he will not be able to vote on anything. Supervisor John Leopold pointed out that the bylaws of the Working Committee stipulate that only elected officials from the various jurisdictions would be able to vote on any agreements, and that the CAO is not an elected official.

What needs to change is the leadership on the Board of Supervisors. Further, it recently was made known to them that Carlos Palacios , the County Administrative Officer who has written Measure G sales tax increase language, chose to postpone placing a measure on the ballot this fall that would have increased funding for County Fire via a property tax increase.

This is the sole funding mechanism for County Fire. What is really going on here???? That is exactly what he mentioned in his mid-year Budget Report last spring.

How would voters next spring view a tax increase for County Fire when they were told six months earlier that a sales tax increase would pay for fire and emergency response? There is good reason why the County Grand Jury investigated Carlos Palacios in and when he was the Watsonville City Manager, and why the County Budgeting process was investigated last year.

Here is the latest Grand Jury report. File a Complaint with the Grand Jury. It will be interesting to see how the money is used to actually help the homeless. Also, the Board will adjust the Budget and remove certain services that cannot be funded….

Here is the link to the Agenda. Mind you, this is all on the Consent Agenda. No member of the public is allowed to pull an item to be placed on the Regular Agenda for better public discussion anymore. Now, citizens have to ask a Supervisor to do so for them. I have twice asked for such action, and both times, had my request denied. The matter was first heard August This is alarming, folks. Attend the meeting if you are able. Thank you Supervisor John Leopold for pulling that item off the Consent Agenda and requiring some scrutiny and accountability.

Here is the agenda, and associated reports and proposals. Developers are driving the bus…. Attend the meeting and learn what you can do to support your neighbors. Parking is behind the building, so enter from Soquel Drive near the Fire Station and Bagelry, making your way toward the back of the lot.

It is only thanks to the good report in the Santa Cruz Sentinel by Ms. How can the Soquel Creek Water District possibly have just received another award for transparency??? The groundwater problems in the MidCounty area can be solved with a regional approach like this, and the pipeline connections already exist. Never again will we order from Pizza Hut!!!!!!!!! I we are getting ready to turn in for the night and try to get sleep.

I only wrote and applied for a job in Pizza Hut. The reason being is because my daughter and I had a rough year. I do need to work so I can catch up on my mortage and avoid foreclosure. I never owned a house before because I moved so much as a kid and joined the military when I qas a young adult. I am a disabled veteran and I take care of my autistic child autistic by myself…we have no one, but each other. Please, I really would like to deliver pizza.

My daughter would love to ride in the car. I am writting because I want to work for you. I am a female US Army Veteran. I am service connected and hold a veterans ID card and have and DD, but I am also a single mother to a nonverbal autistic child. I have my own vehicle a and I am a great driver. I need work and have and applied to store at Spokane,WA. This is a special cirXXXXstances. She loves to drive and has insomnia. So I call shift manager Ross and expressed that is not good for the store making pizzas that makes you sick and not delivering whats requested.

He promised to make the pizza himself so we give them a chance to correct it. He gave us 2 free pizza. I ordered on phone this time They made then delivered the 2 pizza for the delivery fee. These pizzas was worse ,unbaked , items missing and she got sick again. The meat or cheese whatever is expired on them! It is very bad when someone with a hungarian stomach gets sick!

They have deliberately screwed this up again the 2nd delivery person was literally rude. She will not eat another pizza hut from there or nowhere and is considering contacting the city attorney for salmonella or other food poisoning.

Shame on those who intentionally ignorant ruining the great work that others have sweat for. So I just tried to brush it off and just simply asked that that driver not deliver whenever I place another order. When the food got here, the driver was the same rude guy and he asked if I remembered him and brought up what he said last time. Love pizza hut but I hate the rude customer service. I ordered my staff lunch yesterday..

I called the store.. I ordered a pizza with two orders of wings online this evening. The pizza looked messy and sloppy. The wings were cold as well. We drove over to the restaurant to return the food and requested a refund. The woman at the counter had to call the manager. She told the manager that the pizza was correct and asked what she should do. She told us that the manager offered us a ten dollar credit, but that was all they could do. We did not want credit because we did not plan to order from this location again.

This employee lied to the manager about the situation, and was also quite insulting towards us. Then, I attempt to submit my complaint on the website, and the complaint would not go through. Lawrence Kansas pizza hut on 23rd street are rude and bring you cold pizza.

Complained twice nothing done. I hope you read this pizza hut. The location on E and S in Sugarhouse Utah: I was afraid he was going to hurt my boyfriend so I recorded everything so we will be sending that video to corporate first thing in the morning. Ordered pizza for my 16 hour nursing shift.

The app would not allow me to order on line. I called told the lady my problem she took my order and quoted me a higher price. I requested the online price because the app would not take my delivery. She said it looks like something has been added on to the An estimated time would have been nice. When the delivery arrived it was even more! The nurse that went through 4 wings to meet the driver had to return for more cash.

Our pizza was dry and over cooked the bread sticks too. When I asked her for the receipt she said he took it with him. Hummm so this morning after work I call to speak with the manager about the lack of satisfaction with the price, food quality, and lack of employee knowledge of the job.

I wish I could send you the pics I took of the food only to enhance your understanding of part of my issue. The conversation ended in well we do have some great internet specials the next time you order with us. I told her well I think I had enough last night to do me. We are lucky to take a bite here and there when we walk by the food. After speaking with the manager Josie , she told me they only have one driver on a Saturday night and she was going to have to cancel my order.

Horrible customer service in Compton California. Hello I worked for the Devils Lake North Dakota Pizza Hut store for over 4yrs and I loved working there and now that I had took a break from working I have been trying to get back on as a crew member or even a asstinance manager and I cant even do that do to the fact the GM that is now working there tells me that they are jus looking for drivers and I think that as someone that is very well off and trained in that store and knows the store very well are very timiadated by me.

I had to repeat my order twice to the woman behind the counter and half way through she interrupted me letting me know it would be over an hour wait.

No one was dining in except us and two other couples so this was unacceptable and we walked out. Went across town to the other location on Wanamaker and had a very pleasant experience. This was a problem. It took us 10 min. I noticed and yes I counted at this time there was 2 tables in front and a table in back.

Really thought at this time things would be okay. Waitress was right back with our drinks. About this time one of the tables cashed out and left. My daughter had to hunt someone down to get refills on our drinks. My family was hungry they where hungry and we both had kids with us mine older then theirs. I told her I would like to pay for my order and give my pizza to the other table.

I am truly upset that not only did they not have the decency to tell us that there was going to be a long wait time when we where standing at the door. And for the manger to not even speak or acknowledge that I was standing there.

But will to take my money. I would like headquarters to reach out to me and make this right. After closing I usually buy pizza for the staff while watching the football game at your location across the street from me.

My order was 5 large pans which were 4 meat lover and 1 only cheese and mind you again…. I will be talking to the store manager soon about this insulting matter but I will consider other nearby franchise to do business with. Thank you for your time. Dear sir I have Dubai and Qatar international driving licence. I need a Driving job.

Two weeks before xmas I ordered 2 specialty pizzas, wings, bread and cheese sticks. Got home 20 minutes away and saw this. Called manager who said he would replace items next order. I asked if he needed mt name he said he has all that info. Ordered a pizza with stuffed crust and garlic on the crust. Get my pizza an hour and 15 minutes later and the crust was raw no stuffed crust nor did I have garlic. So I called them and they said we will make you one and have it delivered.

So an hour and a half goes by and I call them back and they said I needed to come pick it up. What am I paying for when I pay for delivery. The owners of this franchise needs to do something. They need to do random drug test and background checks. If all this company needs is for someone to show up and be seen for a paycheck then where do I sign up for free money. The pizza hut on 10th street in Jeffersonville Indiana has the worst managers of any pizza hut I have ever been to they are very rude I have never heard managers speak to employees the way they do yelling at employees and making unwelcome sexual advances towards them.

Cancelling orders to pocket money, allowing family, boyfriends and or friends that are not employees wash dishes, help cook, help on the cut table and on wing street. Allowing employees to work while they are visibly high. I would recommend that you have someone look into this establishment and what goes on you should question former employees and former managers as they also know that this place not the place but the RGM and his crew of horrific mangers that are running good honest employees away and then the the area coach wonders why the turn over rate is so high no one who has morals and ethics would ever work for or under such horrible management.

On Sunday 27 around 6: I were at the Pizza Hut located in Mullins. It just one of the employees was just very rude and disrespectful to everyone even down to the manager. There were customers in the dinner room and at the counter. I was so upset I took my business else where. With having an employee showing out in front of customers she still kept everything together and just asked that the customers to over look the situation. Sorry me again sir god knows who else HE doing this to this matter needs to be handled sir i would love to speak with you all over the matter sir i dont know where else to go to regarding this how can cemyie n woods soppose he rgm for pizza hut in my indiana how can he still sleep at night earning a good salary and doing this and doing weed i dare you to test him sir i hope u read this and if anymore info needed feel free to get in contact with me didnt put my name since that same bastard even threatened me but im sure u can see my email acc thank you sir and hopefully this monstrosity will end sir have a wonder day.

Dont understand how your rgms can msg call harrass workers spouse and say they having intercourse with thier spouse and no reprocussions actions being taken against that one person but when the spouse goes to confront ends up arrrsted sad and whats worst idnt think the area coach has any idea well i have his number and will speak t see if he has any idea that bastard should get fired smoking weed and harassin spouses on having sex with thier partner lol sad well his name is cemyien woods and.

Brands and I have some concerns about a Manager that I feel need your attention. The online email said wait time for delivery would be around 1 hour, which I found fair. I had just returned from home from working on my ranch out of the city and I figured I could unload my truck, pick up, walk the dogs, and handle some other items while waiting. I was starving, the 1 hour mark rolled around, and I said to myself, perhaps the store may be busy, the driver may be a little busy or maybe there is some kind of other issue holding up my order.

I told myself I would wait until I called and connected with a lady, I explain the situation and she kept snapping back with probably one of the worst attitudes ever to answer the phone at a place of business. Is this what you have representing your Pizza Huts, Mr. She got loud, and rough. This manager needs to go back to training to learn the fundamentals and principals of customer service.

She blamed me for everything. I sincerely hope you take the time to review her actions, and if you have any questions, I would be more then happy to talk with you or your Executive Team. I hope you will take the time to review her actions with her.

I tried to return my order and Declined. I used to be a good customer. First i had to stand for 5 mins before u was greeted and i was there at about I go up to the buffet and there is only 3 pieces of pizza i stand and stand and they bring one pizza at a time and being a buffet common sense says always have pepperoni but they brought at least 4 pizzas up and finally the 5th was a pepperoni and was gone in 1 min.

They took about another 15 mins to get another pepperoni up basically if you were in a hurry to eat you would have to just go somewhere else. The management obviously doesnt know hiw to run the store how call buffet be empty when it is only After reading these messages, I can see that my local Pizza Hut is not the only one that has gone to the dogs!

Now I doubt I will ever darken the doorway of another Pizza Hut establishment. The one 8 Carol Rd. We were supposed to have two credits applied to our online account due to one occasion where both orders of fries were burnt to a crisp, and the second time we were sent a completely different pizza than we ordered.

My husband just called and talked to a supposed manager named Kayla and she hung up on my husband. Of course, she said she could not find either credit and that we had to have the names of the people we spoke to in order to confirm the credits!

How will that ever happen when every time we call or visit there are different managers and employees? I am sure they would remember talking to us just like we remember talking to them a couple months back…NOT! We have always placed big orders on almost every Friday night as a family. My husband and I had our first date at a Pizza Hut, so it had many fond memories for me. However, the experiences we have had with this place has left a very bad taste in our mouths and I have to say that this company will not get another dime from us!

I have spoken with many and read many other online complaints that seem to match ours greatly. I honestly do not see how this place is still in business. I was going to get a few pizza I pull in lot an saw this woman buying drugs from another car. So i call from phone to ask manager the woman name she told me it was lynn.

Sad I had kids with me an she walk by us like no big deal. I will not return there no more pizzahut on Preston in front of drug infested apartment. I went to my local pizza hut and was treated very rudely by no other than the store manager her name is Tammy. I heard her complaining about her job. So I felt uncomfortable. Me and my family left. I would think that pizza hut wants employees that are apporachable.

No more pizza hut for us. Im also telling others. My husband and I ordered for delivery. The delivery was 30 minutes later than the estimate and was missing an order of breadsticks. The driver left very quickly. I called the store and they said they would tell the cook…again, no apology. It is now and hour and a half later and still no breadsticks. This may seem minor but really left me with a bad taste in my mouth about our expierence.

No one takes responsibility for anything. I would rather go to my local pizzeria. The very young manager now has his girlfriend working under him with 36 hours while workers there for almost 2 years, my grand daughter are given 2 hours for the week? Being dropped from 31 hours to 2 hours due to this manger having his girlfriend get 36 hours. I never get involved with this sort of thing but this is so not professional I am incouragring her to file a formal complaint with whomever is necessary this is my phone number if corporate cares enough XXXXX.

After my first complaint i thought you guys would address the issue, nope! She totally disreguarded the fact the reasons why i have coupons for 2 large pizzas to begin with. She is too busy being a bully to the customers to give good customer service and this store will definately loose business and suffer. Its sad that getting a pizza with a smile is so hard…smh. In middle class neighbor hoods, Pizza Hut offers the complimentary packs of Cheese for free. Gary Indiana is a struggle city, and many people rely on reasonably price meals.

But to add cost where as offer complimentary, I am confused. I just found out how much that your company is ripping people off….. I order a large pizza and got a medium in a large box… I thought your large was 12 slices and the pizza came with 8 slice… I will no longer be ordering from pizza hut ever again.. And I will be tweeting and facebook about pizza hut.

I ordered from the location at Seminole Blvd. Seminole, Fl and received half an order of burnt breadsticks, a pizza that had spots all over it with just bare crust and no sauce or cheese and full of bubbles. It was also the size of a personal pan pizza and was supposed to be a medium. She had no intention to correct the issue or find a solution.

How do I go about getting a refund for my purchase? The delivery driver with the long ponytail at the W. Arlington, TX location decided to give himself a tip using my credit card. This happened a few months ago. I notified the store manager and the GM and I was refunded my money after the original receipt was pulled and it was evident the driver had added a tip. After seeing this, I have decided to move forward and the story detailing this incident will be airing on the local news.

It seems that Pizza Hut promotes stealing from customers. I was in Thursday afternoon in Miramar beach and manager lady walked out on employees then tried to run over one of the employees when he seemed to be trying to find out why she was leaving. This is totally unacceptable. She was back working yesterday, how is this acceptable. She should not be allowed to work!!! Rude call center lady. I told this women I was in Downtown Des Moines, and she asked me my phone number.

I told the call center lady that I was in Des Moines, all she cared about was my phone number, I have been in customer service for over 20 years and never have had such a rude person on the other line. Today I ordered a pizza I ordered 36 piece wings and cinna stix. I spoke with her she said OK. He said it was a mix up and that he would take care of it when he got back to the store. But who ever the manager is that is working tonight at the Pizza Hut on Preston Highway in Louisville Ky was very rude and very unprofessional with us.

Customers are always right but if she had a problem giving us the credit then she should have said something then before the driver got to us. I would like someone to contact me about this matter because her behavior as a so called Pizza Hut manager was not very representing for your company. Thank You for your time. I was a loyal customer for 29 years. Over the years the service has changed in the following ways, lack of effort, care, concern, not wanting you business.

In recent months ; I had an order that was delivered and incorrectly made. I had to drive to the store in person to wait at counter for a lengthy time and witness yelling and cursing between employees in the kitchen. The carpet in the North Kansas City, Mo. Franchise that is going down and know why as the customers are not being heard. When you tweet a complaint Pizza Hut Canada blocks you.

My story to share. Tried to reach out to Yum and Pizza Hut but no response. Is this the way complaints are handled? The lady Sarah assured me to do the need full as she is the cutter.

She cut the pizza and then shoves it in the garbage with the box in anger. Then says get me another roasted pepper to which I was amazed as there was no empathy or remorse as that was my dinner, further adding we will refund. They were not even busy!

Have been your customer for over 20 years and have seen the degradation! It is such a bad feeling thinking what if I would have not seen it. I am a Hindu and do not even touch meat let alone sharing a cutter. As far as I am aware from public health inspections at my restaurants cutters have to be separate for meat and veggies which is definitely not the case here at all as one is used for all.

Food was taking forever, I wanted to talk to the manager but he sent a server to talk to us. So when I was paying, I looked in the back and seen him just setting there. Store Manager — Rude!!!!!!! When your at the counter and she is making a pizza, she pretends not to hear or see you!

I ordered 2 pizzas and cheese bread, I called and got an answering machine an hour and 10 minutes went by and driver shows up with burnt cheese bread and over done pizza and everything was cold. I am very upset about not being able to get anyone on the phone right away and yet no one hesitated to take my money. The Pizza Hut on North North Valley Parkway Phoenix, Arizona has the best employees, managers, the place is really clean, everyone is so nice and friendly when you pick up pizza and when you order.

I love ordering and picking up pizza from that place!! That place overall deserves five stars actually 10 Stars!! I love Pizza Hut!! Can you make sure that t Pizza Hut knows that they are the best!! Placed an online order at 6: Due to restrictions the pizza had to be delivered by 9: They specifically told me yes we will be there way before 9. I am an older man who just needed some part time work on weekends to help make ends meet.

I got a job at your store on 3rd street in Bend Oregon. I had words with her about her attitude towards me. When I got back from a delivery she had the area manager there and another driver. She was sending me home. The area manager made sure that I quit instead of getting fired. I told Jamie yesterday, after not getting a break or lunch because we were busy and she had nobody else scheduled.

She never trained me to do anything. She never designated anyone to be my trainer. She printed out a stack of receipts and opened a menu screen and had me recreate the orders. It seems to me that her whole attitude towards me is retaliation for my asking about breaks and lunches.

I am considering legal action for retaliation and unfair labor law practices. I will contact you after I consult an attorney. Marketing tip…pick a season, a cause…give an opportunity to win money, tvs, car of the company that links up with this cause , pizza, wings,breads ticks and etc…. Tim Hortons raised millions doing this and also increased their sales… pizza Hut is household name that has been in the running for a long time.

I placed the order around pm and was told it would get to me at pm. Needless to say I didnt get it at pm. I ordered The Alfredo chicken pasta bourbon wings and garlic parmesean wings along with 2 pepsi and an order of cheesy bread sticks.

When i didnt receive my order at the slated time i was told i called the store. The rude ass store manager told me he was short staffed and that my order was still there if i wanted to pick it up and this was at pm. When i got to the store i waited an additional 10 minutes and asked a driver if the order he was taking out was mine and he told me no.

I am livid at this point. Once I returned home there stood the same driver delivering my order. Now Im beyond pissed because I asked him and gave him my name. Not only was my food luke warm, i didnt receive my complete order. I didnt have sauce for my wings no breadsticks and only one soda. On top of all things the food was nasty and I became extremely ill only to find out I had salmonella and food poisoning. I called that following friday when i finally stopped barfing to complain to Yummy Brand about one of their branch stores.

That was 2 weeks ago and no one has called….. Is my second time I place a order from Pizza Hut in castor ave. Philadelphia pa and the pizza never came in after a hour waiting I place a call and excuses excuses and excuses to the point that they said they only have one driver on Sunday night and he got to a accident!!!!!! Really and the funny part if you want you order you have to pick up. Before was the same but the pizza never came in and I call they said is out already and I still waiting. I call again and the store was close.

This location need help. There is a wingstreet in my city, Louisville, ky of all places , located on Preston hwy and Eastern pkwy. That has the most disrespectful. Employees which is condone if not encouraged by the management. If this is the kind of business that your company endorses or tolerates, i along with countless other people will no longer patronize your establishments.

The behavior exhibited is appalling and uncalled for. The two employees in question need to be terminated immediately.

If not, we the people will know that yum brand foods are not to be supported. I hope to see this incident rectified with the proper attention it deserves. Your the worst ran and nastiest people Iv ever dealt with. Iv spent thousands of dollers but will never eat your fake pizza again. Please go out of business may we can get a dominos built there.

I can only hope they go out of business. I got my credit card info stolen out of my car in my brief case, some one got away with ordering They also stole all the tools out of my car. Now what really pisses me off is that I had to call you people more than 10 time just to have some one look at my fill…ya, what ever.

The least you could do it is reimburse me the This could have been prevented if people there really cared. No truly you corporate really do SUCK for use people out hear trying to make a living an my job is 10 times worse than your with maybe complaints in 25 years. Sometimes when I work evening shifts I close really late. These are people not just your lowest level money making monkeys. I called customer service back and they turned off their phone lines probably because of all the complaints never in my life will I ever order pizza Hut again and KFC is there also their company which also sucks big time nasty chicken.

My son is ready to boycott Pizza Hut! He loves chocolate Dunkers. We called to order pizza and ordered Chocolate Dunkers we were told they were out of stock.

The next time — and we order often- I called a different location I again ordered pizza and added Chocolate Dunkers to my order the person told me they had been discontinued!! Why in the world would these be discontinued???

Wife as for Cheese bread sticks. They were not made correctly. The Employee who answered the phone was willing to make new. The manger called back told her they would look the same.. I would of been willing if they were willing to make them right. Returned the breadsticks now I want all our money back for the night!!!!!

I am very disappointed in Pizza Hut in Ellenwood Ga I ordered pizza 2 speciality pizzas one meat lovers and the other cheese lovers with an order of bread sticks only to get there and wait about 45 mins after i was told it would be ready to get something I never ordered…so i waited around 25 more mins to be able to feed my family that night after along day…Terrible costumer service no one apologized and was rude when when they gave me 2nd set of pizzas…..

On I placed an order online for the S. East street location on Indianapolis. When my order finally arrived an hour late, I opened the box to discover my pizzas were destroyed. One was folded in half. I took a picture and called the store immediately. The manager assured me that she made a note of the incident and I would receive the full amount off my next order.

So with that in mind I ordered another dinner for my family tonight. I called the manager after I ordered and made sure I was getting my money off of this order. After several tries and no success on getting ahold of the manager again, I paid the delivery guy only to find half of my order was missing. And what I did have was extremely cold. I have never had a bad thing to say about Pizza Hut until these last two days. I will be going to whatever outside company I have to, to get this taken care of.

Tonight about 20 minuets ago I called and spoke to a manager so she say she was, and told them they messed up on my order. I ordered 2 large pizzas with ranch flavor bread….

The second pizza was suppose to be italian sausage, bacon, green peppers and dices tomatoes…no dice tomatoes nor bacon. I called to let her know she argued with me she the one who did the order and I was the liar. Very Rude and I am no longer a Pizza Hut fan. Sorry but I will report them. I have to because they did the same last week.

And when they do they apologize and make it right. If not you get public complaints about your poor service…get over yourself, and join polite society. What seems to be the problem? I will report this to the BBB if this is not resolved. Went for pizza with my son and told by a rude employee that they had no slices at 9pm on a Saturday night when they were open until Not sure how a manager could allow a customer to leave without offering to make them a pizza a pizza restaurant!!

After 15 minutes of searching for a Pizza Hut close by my husband tried on his phone. His phone also searched for a Pizza Hut nearby through your web sites with no success. I tried another web site on my phone and it loaded right away confirming it was the site and not my phone. We went in side and was greeted by a very friendly female. She advised it was a 50 fifty minute wait for a pizza.

That was insult to injury. If we had been able to order on line it would have been a 10 minute wait a time that was acceptable. I wanted to try the new garlic knot pizza but I was not willing to wait an hour! That is too long to wait for any food. Please get that location some help! I would like to know how you got it. I just thought you should know that one of your drivers in Creve Coeur, MO drinks and drives.

She always reeks of alcohol when she delivers and drives horrendously. You will not receive any more business from my household. So upset coming home from work wanting pizza my kids and I craving for so much!! Manager has no words for me! I got here at the Clinton Tennessee location right at 1 2 they was a few pizzas on the bar with a few pieces per pan since then it began to get busy leaving little pizza on the bar and they are very slow about replacing them with non popular kinds an example would be a banana pepper jalapeno pizza the worst ever slow service but of course you pay full price for a crappy bar and crappy service.

I placed an order today aroubd As soon at a team member answers she says we are not doing any delivery today. I asked for corporate number she put the manger on the phone.

I say can i have the number to corporate he askes me why i stated that i places an order ahead of tine and no one called to let me kbow that no delivery would be made. The 4th and last tome i call he says you can call another store for the nunber and hangs up again. I am very disappointed in the way pizza hut is being ran. There is no respect to customers and you can never get delivery when needed and the employees are rude.

This was such an inconvenience to me when i have three small toddlers waiting to eat. The pizza was cold last week I went to order delivery they told me it would be two hours before they could deliver.

The pizza hut is on Stanford rd. I love your pizza and at this point I may have to go to your competitors to get my pizza. Which I dont prefer but seems to care more about there customers.

It would take a lot if credit before I would recommend your business to anyone. Talking with them they would prefer not to do business with a customer and take the pay your company gives them for doing nothing. You should feel ashamed for the way we are being treated. The call center needs to be Restructured.

I just ordered from the pizza hut in Fredericksburg and I am thoroughly disappointed! I normally order dominoes they are way better! I ordered online via my smartphone and it was difficult to navigate through the options.

I ordered a pepperoni pizza with a pretzel crust, a chicken Alfredo pasta and BBQ boneless wings. I received a dry flavorless pasta, a cheese pizza and undercooked wings.

I am so sick and tired or Pizza Hut. I have had numourous problems with them over the last few years. Never get the orders right or on time. I keep going back hoping it will change. My husband only likes Pizza Hut pizzas or it would never happen again for me. Tonight after a ban of 3 months I gave it a go. I ordered on line 6: I understood the delay tonight with the Alabama Bowl game so no problem. My husband did not want to wait in town that long because the ball game started in half an hour.

So I called to change my order. I explained that I wanted to change my order to delivery and why. It was processed and then I was put on hold after 8 mins. I called back 6: He said my order had been changed and would take about 35 mins. I questioned that because pick up was 90 mins. He said it was because they were to busy in the front. I told him that made no since but ok.

After 2 hours I called again 8: After asking where my pizza was I was put on hold. The manager Cindy got on the phone. I was told my order never got transferred that it was still in carry out. I am so upset that I could just cry. She handled it professionally so at 9: No charge but I would rather pay than have this hassle. I am also posting this on social media. Hope the CEOs get better service. I see you have deleted two of my complaints since this morning this is not the end of this trust me.

I see a message that says my complaint I waiting moderation does that mean you are going to delete it at will that would not surprise me. I also took a picture on my cell phone if ordering and police calling just for corporate information that manager needs to be polygraphed his employed will be too scared of him to tell the truth.

Correction to my complaint I wAs not days late I spelled it wrong I have poor vision and miss spell words I was twenty minutes late and called it in to not have to wait in store cause I was not feeling well I have poor health and this upset me greatly. Our TV station has a program called in your corner hot line investigation. I am turning your store mAnager Ed into this program. I just talked to a very kind customer service person that wanted to know what time this happened I was so upset I gave him the wrong time the order was called in at Every Christmas Eve we order pizza.

They arrived about 45 minutes later. My daughter answered the door and put the pizzas on the table. The thin crust supreme looked and tasted great.

Several pizza slices had hardly any sauce and had no cheese on them at all. One of the kids ate one piece. I called and told the young lady who answered what the pizza looked like. She said do you want another one and I said yes. She said the only way they could replace it is if I returned the pizza we had.

I told her that that was fine. She said someone would be back at our house in about minutes with the new pizza and to just give the one we had to the driver.

Call an hour or so later and got no answer. I have ordered pizza from this Pizza Hut many times. I ordered dominos a couple of nights ago. I believe you should refund the entire order I placed that night….. Sad way to treat regular customers. I just received the most insulting unprofessional interaction with a supervisor by the name of Robert he stated from the call center in Memphis, TN. First, they processed my processed my wing order wrong. They sent plain wings without the flavor I purchased.

I calles to informed the employees of the error and was guaranteed a reorder in 30 minutes. After 50 minutes passed by, I called to simply ask for a credit since it is late and I have now put kids to bed. I only asked for a confirmation number or code and was totally violated with in professionalism. They were busy and backed up. I asked for information so I could report to upper management and supervisor stated he could just take the credit out of system and he stated to me he was busy and disconnecting the call.

I called back to get a phone or email address and the technician gave the supervisor the phone call again. An hour and 15 minutes someone is ringing my doorbell waking up my household. This is strictly unacceptable behavior. I had to get online and research how to email a complaint. Corporate should investigate and reprimand this Robert individual.

I also would like my money refunded for extremely poor customer service. Is the store in Enumclaw Washington owned by you or is it franchise. I ask because it is managed poorly, I have been in there when only two people were busting the backside trying to please the people inside the restaurant and trying to get deliveries ready, the manager did nothing but sit in her office, go outside and smoke, or worse yet yell at them for messing up an order in front of other people.

From my understanding the manager is not even legal to service alcoholic beverages, but she does. I have given a tip to an employee, taken by the manager,yet the employee did not receive the tip.

People in town do not have good thing to say about this store due to your manager. They know nothing will happen if they say something, so they go somewhere else. I know I worked more than just that because the fisrt week I got 40 hours and the last week got like 35 hours so I am wondering were is my money for working I am very very upset and mad right now that I didnt git payed the amout I schould I need to git payed!!!!!

And how in the hell was there money on my card last Thruday. When I guys told me i am sapostogit payed today?! I want ancers please have one of u guys email asap!

I placed a order tonight online for the Henderson, Texas Pizza Hut. It was scheduled to be delivered at 5: He said yes he would this one time well at 5: Needless to say I told him to cancel the whole order and that I would just call Dominios pizza. If I wanted another type of crust then I would have ordered it!! At least Dominios was able to complete my order with out any problem and had it delivered on time!! I ordered from your Big Spring, TX. I ordered 2 medium pizzas and an order of bone out wings.

But I bit into one and the inside slightly brown I put it aside and bit into another one and it was totally red and bloody inside. And calling the location only gets me a discount on my next order which really does nothing for me even more if I end up getting sick from raw chicken!!! Hi, I have a serious complaint!

Apparently one of the male managers was in his feelings about something and directed his anger towards one of the kids working in the back. The guy manager then says well you need to not be on your phone.

The kid said how can you say that when you are always on your phone. The guy got mad and ran up on the kid in the back and says oh so you got a problem with me or something. The kid said no, you just always on your phone and you never do any work in here. There was also a female there. I think she was in higher management. She started talking to the kid while the guy manager stormed out the store. The female was saying that they needed to handle the problem amongst themselves.

The kid was very upset and to me it seems like the guy manager has been giving him a hard time for a while! So, the female takes a phone call and comes back and says for the kid to clock out because she just spoke with someone name Byron and he said he was fired! So I guess the guy who is the male manager name is Tito. It was all super crazy and very unprofessional! The kid kept asking why was he being fired over lies and why does she keep protecting her friend and letting him get away with stealing money, hours and food!

She then said that he was harrassing her because he kept asking for the number. This kid was hurt and I felt bad for him. He clearly says he had a child that was sick that he was checking on and this whole thing went wrong really fast because of the manager guy name Tito. That always upsets me.

I also think the two have a relationship because they are always playing and flirting with each other. It sickens me that this was allowed to happen. And this is coming from someone in management.

I would never allow individuals to manage my store like this! I really hope you get new managers ASAP! I asked, because my boss said I had to. I spoke out say hello, im the customer and im standing here. So she said I had to have the card on me before I could get the pizza, Maam! I ordered the triple treat box with the cookie and bread sticks. The bread sticks were flat and as hard as rocks and the pan pizza was also very flat, being a former Pizza Hut employee I know that they served us very old dough and it was gross.

Even leftover pizza from Pizza Hut is usually pretty good. I called the location were I ordered and I was treated very rudely by the manager! Needless to say I will not go back to that location and I will spread the word that the food quality is very poor!! I checked with the delivery hours to make sure there was plenty of time. Delivery ended at 11 pm. I received a phone call from local Pizza Hut at 9: I told them that I would wait and that it was no problem.

I guess I need to learn how to tell time. My experience has to do with a store not listed in Defiance, Ohio.

My son and I waited over 10 minutes to be seated, waited even longer for our food. The two orders of breadsticks were nearly burnt and my son choked on them I do have a picture if needed. We will not be returning and my son is very disappointed because he really enjoys pizza hut. When I walked into the Pizza Hut in Carson City Nevada all the employees including your manager on duty reeked of weed.

I also overheard a conversation between a customer and your manager talking about how the manager owed him a pizza for him giving him drugs.

I am surprised the Crescent City, Calif. I am quite sure they will put a huge dent in The crappy Pizza Hut store we now have. I will not buy another Pizza from Our Pizza Hut. They have lost me and all my fat friends. Looking forward to hearing your comment signed Earl R Cartwright thank you. First off, we cant get delivery where we live because we are out of the delivery area, so we always have to carry out. Please address this issue promptly if you want your customers to keep coming around to this store!

Even Costco has better pizza service than you guys. On the evening of November 19 my family and I chose to dine in at one of your stores. There was only one server who basically took our order and then told us we were on our own…if we needed refills, she pointed out the soda fountain…and once she brought our food out, she never returned to our table. We were told that the transactions could not be voided out or reversed, that we would have to dispute those charges with corporate.

I will be calling corporate management about this! PS- No filters or manipulation.

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