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Download the MBG App. The information contained in this guide has been obtained from multiple sources, including www. Information is subject to change 38Family Resources Military Buyer's Guide Please visit us at www. Meade is Population cyber operations. It also is home to a east of Interstate 95 and one-half mile east of lation workforce in the U.

Of that work- diverse group of partner agencies including the Baltimore-Washington Parkway, between force, 14, are military personnel, 28, U. Fort Meade are civilian and 8, are contract employees. Agency, Defense Information Systems Agency, is located near the communities of Odenton, Nearly 6, family members live on post. There are 14, retirees and 40, retiree Defense Information School, Environmental Howard County borders Anne Arundel dependents living within 40 miles.

Protection Agency Science Center, the U. County on the northwest. More than 12, Army Field Band and many others. For more information, cal the operator at Airman and Family Readiness Family Life Ministry Center The post also sent two of its own active duty units -- the 85th Medical Battalion and the th Military Police Battalion -- to Saudi Arabia.

The battalion recruits for the U. Referred to as the "Patriots" and headquartered at Fort Meade, Continued from Page 4 this battalion consists of four medical recruiting Fort Meade supports , jobs and pro- order of the commanding officer. By Campus and enlarges its cyber expertise center.

The regiment's port and Washington, D. Actors, writers and musicians, dination for premobilization training assistance The post was originally named Camp Meade for including swing-band leader Glenn Miller, and lanes training for priority and traditional Maj. George Gordon Meade, whose victory passed through. In September , the Upon declaration of mobilization, the regi- During World War I, more than , sol- first shipment of 1, Italian and 58 German ment forms a Mobilization Assistance Team diers passed through the camp, a training site prisoners arrived.

Some of them, including MAT. All MAT members attached to selected for three infantry divisions, three training bat- highly decorated German submarine com- mobilization stations assist in training and vali- talions and one depot brigade. Meade, at Fort Meade. A peacetime mission of stocked more than 22, horses and mules for Throughout the war, more than , the battalion is to serve as deployable Depart- the remount station.

Almost Destruction consists of a full-time, member befriended the soldiers who manned the 66th 19 years later, the Second U.

Old Joe became their offi- with the First U. Army at the fort to administer deployment team tasked with responding to cial pet and the Army's only tank-riding dog by activities of Army installations in a state area.

This specialized unit is broken down into six sections: A The 48th Combat Support Hospital's core mis- sion is to provide hospitalization and outpatient resurfaced as a CSH in , the Army's first military offensive since World War II, earning services for patients within the corps. The 48th Company has provided support in every major distinctive flash as the unit gained the coveted "Airborne" status.

As the Army's only active duty Combat Camera unit, the 55th Signal Company COMCAM rapidly deploys worldwide into the full spectrum of military operations to capture, edit and transmit high-definition still and video imagery in support of commanders' tactical, operational and strategic objectives.

SS ists, DOD civilians and contractors. A is subordinate to the Air Force Intelligence, http: Central Force Base, Colorado. Civil Group in Their unit crest motto is "Non Ense Solum," The 70th ISRW was part of Eighth Air tigations, operations and collection to detect, continue to support civil-military efforts in Force from February until July , when exploit or neutralize the foreign intelligence Operation Enduring Freedom, Operation Iraqi it realigned under the Air Intelligence Agency.

Army forces, technologies, information theaters of operations. In , the battalion was redesignated as the th Mili- The th Military Intelligence Brigade tary Intelligence Battalion until its inactivation conducts signals intelligence, geospatial intel- in Panama in That same year the U.

S has subordinate battalions at Fort Meade and at. Additionally, the H affairs brigades and seven civil affairs bat- AEL th Military Intelligence Brigade deploys O talions that are spread over eight states. The If you have not been in touch with a sponsor nd MI Group has company headquarters and your departure is nearing, contact your detachments and field offices in more than 50 gaining unit, call the Relocation Readiness locations worldwide.

The nd relocated mailto: National Security Agency and Central Security and public transportation. Anne Arundel County about 10 miles from the Washington, D. Other airports in the area include Dulles East. Follow E until it turns into Annap- conducts contributory analysis and reporting International Airport in northern Virginia, and olis Road. Be prepared to present identifica- Analysis Element.

It carries out information Washington, D. Transportation is not provided tion, vehicle registration and proof of insur- operations, supports the Trojan satellite com- to the post. Foundry sites at installations that include the Contact your sponsor and advise them of your Take Interstate 95 or I North toward Joint Readiness Training Center and National estimated arrival time and flight information if Baltimore to Maryland Route East.

Follow E until it turns into Annapolis Road. The rd Military Intelligence Battalion, Sponsorship is vital to the relocation process.

Take Maryland Route 32 geospatial intelligence to the warfighter. Follow vated in July supports the U. Army and Your sponsor will be there to help you and the signs to the Reece Road main gate. It AW also provides general support to other military PC. Information about tion papers, naturalization papers, marriage duty. The orienta- vices, their families and survivors. Pets are welcome with a fee. If you move to a http: Be sure to include all family members classes including tobacco cessation, childbirth Office.

During in-processing, you will need an who wish to use Prime on the form. Clinics During this session, you will receive a wel- to family members only. Download the report to your unit on Tuesday, you will report to Anesthesia, laboratory services, musculoskel- free MyBaseGuide app to your mobile device Personnel and be prepared to attend Newcomer's etal clinic, operating room, pharmacy, radiology, and find more health care information on the Orientation on Wednesday.

Attendance of all same day surgery and specialty care clinic make Around Town tab for Fort Meade. Service members assigned to a Service Crypto- logic Element unit are housed in the recently bit Freedom Center Barracks.

Noncommissioned officers in the grade of E-5 are assigned private suites with private baths. Service members in the grades of E-1 to E-4 are assigned private rooms with a shared bath and kitchenette. A family housing and is responsible for main- taining, repairing, constructing and managing members are required to enroll in one of the The Housing Services Office is ready to sup- the community. Use the resources provided and amenities available in the Fort Meade priva- enrollment is not required.

Any active-duty to become familiar with the housing options tized housing community, visit the Fort Meade family member who is registered in DEERS and support services available to you. When Family Housing website. When you arrive housing. Then Simonds St. Unaccompanied housing is provided for more for Fort Meade. Remember, if you see network providers, you'll be using the Extra option and pay lower copayments. EADE For a complete description of the different types of coverage programs and regions, please visit www.

Monday through Friday, 8: The full-service Post Office on post provides window service weekdays and Saturday morn- ings.

The lobby, with stamp vending machines, is always open. Mail is delivered to Corvias housing residents only. Service members living in bachelor offi- cer's quarters should have mail addressed to their military organization. Post Office boxes are available. Sunday available to any active-duty member, reservist, Llewellyn Ave. Must show military ID card. Call for an appointment. All vehicles Protestant entering or leaving post are subject to search.

Catholic Mass Sunday Dunkin' Donuts Gospel Service Charleys Grilled Subs Monday through Friday, through Friday 10 a. S 6th Armored Cavalry Saturday Mapes Road Monday through Friday For off-base education options, please see Simonds Road Monday through Thursday, Child Development Centers 8 a.


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I foresee that there will be an almost unstoppable chain of events:. The number one threat that I concentrate on. Because every crisis that threatens, even a local crisis, can turn exponential because of close proximity to people who cannot help themselves. Even good people panic in a crisis…. Click here for larger image.

For a complete list of the counties highlighted on this map click here. So, no matter where you are located, consider your proximity to high traffic thoroughfares going in and out of the city. During Hurricane Rita, which hit Houston several years ago, every major pipeline out of the city was jammed for hundreds of miles. Interstate 45 from Houston to Dallas was bumper to bumper traffic. This is why Joel Skousen suggests that those looking for strategic retreat locations or homes outside of major cities consider highway proximity.

Read by , people Date: September 5th, Website: This content may be freely reproduced in full or in part in digital form with full attribution to the author and a link to www. Please contact us for permission to reproduce this content in other media formats. No problem here, the only thing I have to worry about is the cougars, wolves, and bears. I have everything in the Ozarks of Mo. A Well that is deep enough to run a few households.

The crystal clear Big Piney down the road. Food walking around everywhere. Firewood and so on and so on. I will still have to leave once in a while when the shtf I reckon , to go commit acts of guerrilla warfare against the enforcers of the tyrannical rule which is just what they will need. But that is what we all will have to do. It aint gonna get no cheaper. I just traded a truck grill for a 35 gallon garbage bag full of commercial toilet paper, the kind with the big center.

I dont care about that as long as it does its job. Gonna keep on keeping on. I live in the ozarks too, how many people do you think will come streaming out of springfield down 60 east looking to get to the mark twain to start homesteading once they figure out that nobody is coming to save them except death at the ft. Dont think we will have to much of a problem with that Dishesdealer. Not to many roads and plenty of like minded in my area. I think strays could be beneficial one way or other.

Wish I were you are! Short, quick read, about 5 hours straight through. If you are looking for assets, I would like to volunteer. What I and my son can bring to the table is 2 more shooters. I am an OIF combat veteran with 2 tours under my belt. I worked on a COLT combat observation lasing team. I am proficient in close quarters combat and also a designated marksman. My family is proficient in gardening and hunting. If this tickles your fancy, let me know.

Need a bug-out-location bad. Ghost4actual Sounds alright so far. Just trying to think of a way to contact you if you are seriously interested. If you post a email or a p. Just stay with this article and I will keep checking. Folks in Missouri, of which I am one, have to be concerned with the New Madrid quake.

Which will probably happen soon after the Louisiana sink hole erupts. I see a chain reaction event. That Is why I chose the area were I am at. I do not know where you are at but I have to worry mostly about snakes, chiggers and ticks.

Well we do got some cougars and black bear showing up on game cameras but that is it and we sit almost feet above see level. I have never worried about who shows up, never known what intimidation feels like. And when you say its not best to let people know what I have, All I said was I got a good deal on shit paper …. I do not think folks care how much ass wipe a man stocks up on. We are counting on having prisoners and have set up accommodations for them. I can not control who comes around and I am far from naive!

So that is why I will not let a crisis go to waste. When there is a wrol situation there comes a two2wisper law.

You realize that it will affect at least 5 surrounding states? Which means there will be massive flooding, nuke plant emergencies, which will lead to fall-out , electrical fires, etc. Well KM you should try to understand that not everyone shares your fears about the world. The points you make could be used for every single state in US. When the Goverment gets to the point of tracking down every single Man in the woods , well then it is time for me to lock and load.

I am not being smug I just am not a pussy is all. If some one wants to try and get me then that is that. You talk as if you are scared of life and everyone is gonna hunt you done if you say to much. Sorry if my manly ways intimidate you. Wow km , throwing insults now uh.

Did not know giving you a thumbs up would hurt your feelings. You just showed your weakness. Hope not to many are counting on you when the shtf or anything else. Gotta love the ozarks! Can get a little turned around with those ridge lines zig zagging; and I happen to know a little of the zigs and zags like the back of muh hand. I have been prepping with my family for some time. I also live in Missouri. I love fishing the big piney. Although I think since they put the prison in, it has gone downhill a bit.

I am in upstate NY and I have got to get out of here!!!! But I would really like to tell you preppers take time to live your life. Take of your shoes and walk through the wet garden, get a little closer to Mother Earth.. Yes I still prep, but never forget to enjoy the life you have.

And if you think life sucks that bad well go to the homeless shelter and see whats really going on.. Remember in the end we shall all be held accountable and we shall all die alone, Nobody is coming to save us.

I hope your health problems are short term DPS. Having worked construction lifting blocks, bricks and stones for 35 years it will eventually take a toll on your body. Yes sir they are short term at least in my mind. Getting stronger everyday so its all good.

And I always hated working with bricks and blocks. The logs can get heavy and do wear out your body fast but I still love it. I just may have to get some younger men to help out. Its good to see you back here.

I was just thinking to myself last week of all the people who were once frequent contributors and now have gone silient. I considered Utah, but settled in the center of West Virginia near a large National Forest because water, game, and other natural resources are plentiful. Some places are remote for a reason and any place that requires irrigation, for example, will go back to being inhospitable. Our population density has not changed since before electricity and rivals that of the Redoubt, but our isolation is geographic rather than distance so during good times we can still get to high paying jobs while the roads are still open.

Someone in an area too remote may have trouble defending their position so be sure to pick somewhere you can still generate a surplus until the event and have enough community to survive. Our mountain holler is far from the highway and vehicle entry can be controlled at one bridge near the entrance. Everyone already heats with wood, gardens, and hunts so culture shock will be minimized and they have useful professions like mechanic, welder, sawmill operator, etc.

Food will literally walk past your porch every evening. The majority of both the Old and New Testaments tells of the defection of the Israelites and Pharisees. The Covenant was with him, not with the Jews who were not even a tribe at that time. And how would that mean that they were not Jews? Abraham was NOT their father, he was the father of only a few people.

His uncle was a rabbi. His family practiced the Jewish holidays, like Sopot. They took him to a synagogue at an early age. Jewish media owners form a network that is detrimental to the West.

You never work for the cause. You are just a handful of morons showing up in internet forums. And when you are seen in real life, people understand why. John Q you hit the nail on the head only problem is most modern day preachers have been blinded with lies and will not except the truth they have the word in their hands and still deny it good call thumbs up. Not just the New Testament, but an overwhelming portion of the Old Testament, testifies to the defections of the Israelites too.

I will post references below, so as to avoid moderation limbo. Hopefully Mac will allow the references. No big deal either way because there is no racial back door to Heaven and no racial chute to Hell.

Sounds like Tenet is whos the Fools one here. First you deride the bible, then you Use what the bible states as some type proof you are correct? Jesus as fully Man And fully God in the flesh, Knew all things. He knew those Pharisee and their jew followers were Edomites. Esau is Turks, Khazers, Askanazis, as what I posted yesterday straight from the old testement verses that describe which Lines of folks decended From Noahs three sons.

Askanazi and Khazer were decendants from Noahs Third son, Japhet…. Go read the several posts I posted in the last articles on these Exact issues and see for yourself what the Real truths are based on Both old and new testements. Unless you prefer to abide by the talmud phony doctrines and traditions of Men of such ill repute as Pharisee Rabbis who Invented their Own man made religion. Which Christ Condemned as such.

If You truly do seek truth based on actual biblical text and hirtoic documented Facts, then toss that talmud and Buy a KJV bible for starters. After awhile then you too Tenet will catch up to folks like John Q Public, and a few more here who already have educated themselves on these issues.

Plus much info on vast differences between khazars, and actual ancient israelites etc. Read those fact filled info posts I posted in last few articles here, and it will equal a masters degree when compard to so far what you posted shows. Try horse, had it in Paris damm it was better, leaner, more taste, and in a red wine sauce, it rocks. Not much I give french credit for, but they know how to cook.

By the way racoon, with all the stink fat scrapped off is a close second. I have family spread out over that entire region.

That will be rectified when I get there. No shortage of water, timber, or game in that region. Who we speak to and what we say. They know, or can find out through road cameras, everywhere you go. So it doesnt make any difference. Its not like a gangsta is reading this site and will find out where he lives then follow him. Our importance to the PTB is nil. I would definitely like to get in on that deal. But you are still surrounded by them. I think any thing east of the Mississippi river is asking for trouble.

But wherever you go — there you are. Remeber to enjoy every sandwhich, these are the good ole days. Hey Pastor, our you near the Appalachian trail!

I am looking to relocate near there? Kay, I currently have 6 acres with a spring for sale. It is about 9 miles south of the southernmost point of the Blue Ridge Parkway on a paved side road off of Hwy N.

The Trail is not very far from here. If interested, let us know. Beautiful views as well, with a southern exposure. Just do not over feed, other wise too fat. Note when all food gone, who walks on two legs. No guns, No ammo , komikalifornia Pastor; Do watch your upwind though.

If things all go down unattended reactors will become issues when the containment vessel blows. Pastor, I do not have much but want to prep and cannot due to my situation. I am scared to death. I am totally aware of what is coming. Where might I go buy the land etc you mention for 10 g? Please private message me at tinavasudeva1 gmail. I AM the blue! I saw this map earlier today and thought to myself, if any wacko with a bio weapon, virus or otherwise is bored and sees this they will have a pretty good idea of where to do maximum damage.

Fox, I always say the same thing!!! We give away too much info to help them! Even Osama had television! They watch our news they know what we know!

I say we need to be extremely careful about what is posted and stated in blogs on TV etc. It will only help them as you stated perfectly!!!! Just make sure your plans for crisis situations take you far AWAY from the blue. This is a cool map, makes me feel even better about my BOL and evacuation route to get there. Got about ten thousand acres behind my house to hide and hunt in. So once again its the same…blue bad…. The germ is the number one killer of almost all life forms, the higher the population density the faster the spread of pathogens.

WHEN there is some super virus, the areas that will die the quickest is where the virus can burn itself off the quickest. Like a chimney, people die rapidly when the nearly invisible germ strikes. Another very deep and horrible problem of higher population centers is that there is just nothing to go around after the shipments of supplies is stopped. High population centers are little enclaves that ONLY survive because of outside aid that comes in. Even the most suitable areas for growing food with enough water, heat, and good soil are turned into their concrete jungles that will die when they are no longer held together by the outside influences.

Cities were NEVER meant to be self sufficient, and really cannot be because of the lack of what is necessary to grow food, that being arable and usable land. There are too many liabilities to mention about the downfalls of any populated area. Those that are stuck in one should at least consider bugging out before even of this begins. On top of large popualtions being the first areas to be targeted in war and terrorism, the very set up of the large city favors the place being more of a graveyard than anything else WHEN SHTF for whatever reason.

Thats not the whole constitution, just the 4th. And they do that all across the USA right now anyway. Not a good map at all. Most of the blue marked in Arizona is desert. Dangerous at anytime of the year, it is lethal in summer in a matter of hours.

Few have the courage or skills to venture out of town. That can be said for some of California too as the Mohave Desert is marked in blue. A few miles out of town in these areas and you are in wilderness. The East Coast and Midwest are much more dangerous based upon the proximity between cities and towns and the type of inhabitant therein.

Then there is the Phoenix area…a friend told me it is nearly miles long and 5 million people live there. I have NO doubt that marshal law will be declared and all traffic originating from California would be rerouted to the parking lots around Cardinal Stadium, or the old race track off I and Cotton Lane, which coincidentally is close to another prison complex. Sheriff Joe and his Posse will have their hands full. Those that do will be waiting in line for their last tank of gas that could take them ….

Maybe to the Grand Canyon or Vegas if they have a full tank …. Otherwise they are stuck where they are at. Most city dwellers would be lost in the wilderness or woods and die quicker there than in the city. Be safe and maybe see you on the road… dj. Campers and motor homes. Its a hell of a party or a clusterfuck, depending upon your perspective. The first , vehicles out of LA will drain the gas stations in Quartzite and if you are not gassed up, you can spend the Winter in Wintersburg.

Yes its a well kept secret. There is lots of gold in that area. Also elk, deer, bear, cougars, turkeys, and havalina. A number of small lakes dot the Rim; both above and below. The Valley will be a total nightmare in a collapse. Good luck in North Scottsdale DK. Yourmama-you are such a frigging jerk! Just remember, what you wish for others, will be your fate, no hiding hole for you and your ilk! For me, just the cougars and bears!

I live 28 miles from the nearest store and town. WE communicate with them consistently. We are waiting on them. I looked at him and smiled, gave a thumbs up and for a second the recognition of a fellow warrior brought a smile to his face and then just as quickly his eyes and expression changed and was looking at me as a potential hostile.

I can say this because I know what that look looks like… Why? I doubt he meant you any harm, I catch myself doing it all the time, just in case. David, what Jeff said. With two sons and a wife that were in the service with me and in different branches I think I have a pretty good feel for that having talked to many of them at length on those topics. I let all the older vets know I appreciate their service as well as the ones I meet still in the uniform.

In all likelihood it is only a defense mechanism. Just be careful HOW you communicate those thoughts. It may not be any skin off of us, but it could paint a big target on the backs of our family and friends still in. Article is new Today. Discusses whys and Hows patriots and military need to do a New Neurenburg Trials, to Convict usa feds-Hobammy edwins says a few choice words on the fake birth cert and How it relates to syria fiasco etc too and he inlcudes Traitorous MSM persons too that should be arrested and hauled in front of a New Neurenburg trail based upon the orig trials after WWII ended.

That Edwin is One intelligent Man! Too bad he cannot be Both! Read that new article you will be Glad you did. Not much for wandering strangers. Also some cheap radio comms. Be sure and look for it!

Now draw a mile radius average distance for a tank of gas around each of the populated counties and only the areas left are outside the initial zombie surge.

In a panic and everyone in a hurry to go where… can you imagine the traffic jams and when some run out of gas or breakdown what it is going to be like….??? I agree that they will be lucky to get to miles away. Montana already has enough out-of-state assholes living here , bringing their crimes , poverty and drugs with them.

I see the same old backward assed attitudes still persist in western Montana. In the late 60s western Montana was steeped in this protectionist ignorance. By whom you ask? Large land ranchers to keep per acre taxes low on up to 7 sections of land and illiterate got nothing, will never have nothing yehhahs.

Look at who this group sold off all of the shoreline on Flathead lake too. Since the late 60s, Montana has been selling out thinking they have cut a fat hog. Those that squeak and yell the loudest are those that the contribute the least, burden the most. What happened to the casinos that was built on the south end of kalispell? What happened to legalized casino gambling that was sold to Montanans, and you ended up with bingo and scratchers, suckers!

I would actually like to connect with some folks from Montana who need a good farm hand for machinery work, fencing, cattle work, and anything else involving farm or ranch, the new food safety laws or local government regulation will kill my business if obammacare doesnt kill me! Im hopeful, always looking, and can punch holes in stuff from far far away!

I have been looking at moving to Montana for some time now. And if I can save enough money before all hell breaks loose, I probably will.

I could care less about your warning. Often, us nursestend to have more hands on and clinical experience, than most Doctors, just saying…. Invaders of Montana…Get real, people can freeze their asses off in a lot better places than Montana.

No offense to the nice people there. More importantly, since when do any of you think you have the right to stop anyone from going to national land in an emerency and surviving free from the government and established homesteads?

Wake up people, not everybody is your enemy just because you see them traveling through your area. Nobody has a monopoly on violence , and if you think you can kill children and families simply because they encroached on you land need to review history. It was common practice prior to roads laid out by the government for traveling people to simply take a straight line from point A to B. Fences and property boundaries were the work of cattle barrons and farmers And corporations fighting over access to arable grazing land and water, prior to that, most people simply made their homestead as big as they could farm or ranch on.

Well obviously now, the national population And corporate intrests is far to great for such ideological freedom as the number of land disputes would be staggering. So what makes any of you the authority of allowing people free and accessible travel in these United States? The fact is too many people inhabit the earth, eugenics is a failure, and there are not enough murders, suicides, and adults who refuse to reproduce to keep the population in control.

Prase the lord for creating sin and tempting us sinners! Jesus died so we can do what we want as long as we repent before we die. Lest we forget the bible is a work of MEN and not God. BTW, the only time my knee will bend is when getting into a prone shooting position, or up from one when the threat is neutralized. Good luck with that.

As far as your attack on Christianity goes. Gotta leave that judgement up to the good Lord; but again, I would like to be a mouse in the corner for that. As far as you tripping off to federal land. You may find Homeland Security there telling you that they own that land and you are not welcome to stay.

That has already happened with all the wilderness area that has been tied up by the feds. Birds of a feather, flock together. Do some research and you will find the bible you fornicate with so much is nothing more than a collection of myths, fables and legends.

And those that live on the west coast know what The C ommunist R epublik of C alifornia is. Yes I know Ca. No one is going to come steal your single wide , toothless bar slut or that pack of mangy chihuahuas kept as an emergency food supply. Montana also has Ted Turner and his ilk. Certainly we prepare, spiritually and temporally, but keep in mind that nobody gets off this earth alive and we will all face our personal judgment at the feet of Jesus Christ the King.

Central Montana has the missile sites all around Great Falls. Jet Stream flows easterly. Should be reversed, great Falls Montana and parts of N.

Dakota, Colorado and south eastern Wyoming should be avoided as they are targeted for a couple hundred Nukes each. Yes no one gets off this earth alive in the flesh. But all get off alive in the spiritial body. As Paul states in 1st corintheans chapter 15, behold i tell you a mystery, We shall not all die but we shall all be changed.

Did Paul say only the good change or the saved? All put on the spiritial body at the moment this flesh body dies. Does this mean that all have eternal life? God will make that decision at the Great White Thrown Judgement. The Spirit has to have a home to live in ,if not in the flesh body, in the spiritial body.

Figures, I live smack dab right in the middle of three of these overpopulated counties. Before any of you comment, no. I do not have a choice in where I live at the moment. It was beautiful in the pictures, but not quite the same when I saw it in person. Too many decades had passed since that book was written. But, I did go on a hot air balloon ride at sunset something everyone should do if they get the chance. I just wish we were allowed to have chickens and goats here.

I feel for ya, Jen…. The hills and mountains of east TN never looked so good after being up in NE for the week!! I was a nervous wreck.. Just the thought of being stuck with my liberal in laws, let alone all the other libs that live there, was enough for me to want to pack up and come home early!! I wanted my home AND my preps!! I hate living here, with all these people jammed so close together. I nearly did fall under his spell, the first time he ran.

It was only about halfway through his campaign when he said something about bombing Pakistan who, at that time was more friend than enemy. It was not the response I expected to whatever question had been asked, and it made me realize he would take us to war every chance he got. From then on, everything he said just made him look worse and worse as a future President.

Last year after we drove out there I was an absolute wreck. The traffic, the folks on the freeways, the millions of sheep, the horror of being stuck out there in the midst of that mess even now gives me shivers up and down my spine. It could make for a wonderful new Christmas tradition. I love baking cookies, decorating the tree and drinking cocoa while watching Christmas specials on DVD.

Last year as I started to say grace before meal the interruption was horrific and they continued on as if I were speaking a foreign language, which for them I guess it was. Told the wife the same thing 2 yrs ago. I will never cross into CA again. I can honestly say we were terrified the whole time. Unarmed and around so many degenerates. ME is getting pretty full of morons too. VT is a Looney bin. Feel free to go to either of those states. But since I keep myself to myself, you probably will never have a problem with me or know I exist, anyway.

And stupidity is a jerk online who shoots his or her mouth off without knowing someone AT ALL, just to insult them for no reason. I can do the bitch-slap thing, too. What the hell does that even mean? I was born somewhere else. My parents were born somewhere else. My wife was born in Tijuana. I guess I hate her too? It was more like a useless flailing that made me laugh because you ran away instead of refuting me.

Just to the north of you isnt bad either. Got laidoff 2weeks back and already have a better job and still working part time at cabelas. Are you in Nebraska? I h andave a 3 year old and myself, and I want to try to coordinate a small group around these few states Kansas included.

But nobody will come to my town for help. We have rednecks here?? For a while, I really thought I would want to live in the Berkshires. Then I discovered you kinda have to be rich to afford property there. You could do like the sheeple in Boston and cower in place. I lived in CO for a year. That was nice in some ways. And too far away from all of my family. Why the fuck you think I went so far. You would go to jail there just for looking at the guns I own, let alone going out back and blowing things up with explosives.

It sure is nice living free. No cowering in place here. Good luck with the zombies. I lived in so cal for about 15 years.

I bought an M1A once upon a time from out of state because the shops in Cali wanted over 2K for em. Some asshole told her about the brothels, so she thought she needed to keep an eye on me. Go look ahead of time. Being buried in east bumfuck is not always the best choice. Your ok where you are… just go deeper north some, or head in BS County. You have a lot of options.

Dont even think about getting there by 91 or 90 though. Get your alternate routes planned now. One guy from Montana mouths off and you have the whole state pegged as assholes.

I cross into Montana weekly and the people are alot more friendly than you. James in Dallas…you will do fine in Montana. More of a libertarian, maybe. Just what I get from reading your posts. Good luck to you. Great wake up call! None of us on SHTF wants the riff-raff moving in on us; dont matter what state you live in now. Hard to seperate the sheep from the goats at this point in time.

A real true down to earth honest freedom loving, America loving prepper would be a welcome addition to my neighborhood. Most libs are socialist and dont know it. They will be generous with tax dollars other peoples money but not thier own. Merry Xmas or happly holidays on thier yard displays instead of Christ.

They cant hide thier lib unvalues any more than I can hide my constitutionalist values. It is very difficult to convert one because they are thinking of thier next statement instead of listening to what you say. The only way is through Fear. Liberals are toilet bugs, just like their president and ALL his boyfriends.

In , there was a chance for America to reverse course, fix the economy the right way, start paying down the national debt, and avoid what is coming. Everything that has transpired politically has occured because they gave these progressives the political cover to destroy America.

They are a disease, and diseases need eradication. I just want to get settled and start having the kind of life I want to lead the kind where I have a large garden, animals, and maple trees to tap, and I get to spend more time each day on my paintings, instead of just being a secretary. I really need to stop replying to things before coffee.

Parentheses, and even while words, go missing in pre-coffee replies. Jenn, If by garden you mean that you may be 6 feet under with family and your decomposing body creating great fertilizer then your headed to the right location. We had a retreat location in central maine but my inlaws sold their cabin this past spring.

I offered market value but they wanted more which I couldnt afford. Unfortunately the real estate market spiked the last 4 months and they ended up getting 20k more than my offer.

It was a generational cabin in the family with acreage. A couple low life, greedy aunt inlaws who leech anything and everything off the system blocked me out. Now Living the dream on Maui!

The levels around Fuku are barely above background. Only high readings come in small spots the size of your kiddi pool. Was just talking about the glow in the dark lobsters with a friend, Were already getting Fukushimad i think, maybe why the FDA tripled the allowable background radiation in seafood, so as not to panic peeps, Would rather just not eat seafood!

I used to buy imitation crab for salads, the cheapest fish you can get. BI is good, you could walk into the Laupahoyhoy forest above Ookala and never be seen again! Or MtView, miles and miles of fern forest up there!

Prayerfully there will be no earthquakes and tsunamis. Otherwise you may well be living the dream. I love the mountains, Lived in Co for a while, but well you know whats going on there now, I like large scale farming or ranching, grew up in that, so naturally has a draw, would love to spend time in the Northern Rockys, beautiful country, dont get me wrong, Maui is beautiful, but if you like shooting sports or four wheeling, this aint the place, SHTF, not the front of the line, so lots of experiences i want to have in whatever is left in my life, so finding a farm or ranch in south west Mt or Nw Wy or somewhere like that would be a good starting place, still gotta work, so if i can at least be closer to the kind of recreating i want to do would be excellent, varmint management could be good?

Get to keep up on my LR shots. What school did you go to. I worked for the city of Stockton untill California Resident… Lodi high I graduated in Japan.

Was born in Stockton and went to HH and Webster. Sounds like you might have lived in the same area. Country Club graduate sports bar near I I went to ST Bernadettes from 1st through 6th grade until they closed the school down.

Maybe we should keep in touch just incase I get caught down there I still visit my mom or you excape and head North… stop about 30 miles before Canada. What is never taken into consideration or even info that preppers are aware ….. I provided ministry there just to get a tour of the camp which is a lot like a college campus with a giant fence around it.

That was propaganda to soften the rest of us about the ridiculously callous treatment Katrina survivors received from the fed govt.

And I can just hear a. Saw this earlier — -same thought went through my head, i. Thing is, all those blue areas are where the jobs are. And the welfare offices. Agree that being well off Interstate routes is a major factor.

Lots of cities not on that map are traps, though. Or replace them with incorrect ones that point into deserts or swamps. There is not one blue dot in my entire state WV , yet the county I live in has a 4. The movie series Wrong Turn is not as far from reality here as we like to think because we still have about the same population as we did 80 years ago.

When i think WV i think Deliverence! No offence PP Just had a friend from there years back, good guy but really reminded me of those fellers who were screwing with Burt and his possee.

Ah, cool beans guys, been so long since i saw that i really couldnt remember where it was set, some movies leave a lasting impression. My plan is to ask nothing of anyone, and to look as though I have nothing and want nothing.

That is, if I have to be seen at all. When society breaks down, and gangs start coming on our property wanting to break into our house, will God forgive us for shooting them so that our small family can survive? Thanks much, and God bless you all. If you are in the panhandle and away from hwy 90 and at least a few miles from IH10 it could be survivable. However, all you can do is trust God, use good tactics, focus on the front sight, squeeze the trigger and do the best you can.

To look at it a different way, these areas will be full of food sources, assuming you are properly armed. Pick the vegetarian, because they would taste best. Plus, they probably practice other aspects of clean living. I WW2 the people who ate human flesh in Stalingrad said it made them crazy and most conmitted suicide. I will die before I eat other human or a pet. I think something similar happened on Easter Island.

I would have a hard time eating another person. Lol, yea, i gots the fat finger syndrome too! But hey i can listen to music and surf the web and text my friends all at once! The comment was made my tongue in cheek I assure you. Hunger does weird things to people though, if the cows and chickens vanish it is possible some people could go full Hannibal Lecter.

Just food for thought. Bake covered at til tender usually hours like any pot roast. Remember as soon as they become a threat they cease to become human. I live near enough to major city to be a slight problem. A great choke point near the house.

And neighbors of like mind… and a great team… lots of chow, ammo, well, mostly off grid, ….. Ok time for another prep tip thank me later this is only for the serious prepper! I got lbs of books from 50 years ago to present. If I was going to use technology, I would buy one. Good for you Dave!

Most of those books are hard if not impossible to find now. Having them on a usb drive all in one is great for portability. Maybe get one as a bugout backup? Three different name brands, too. If you can read a thumb drive you can read a CD. New Orleans is not marked. Anonymous, I was just looking at the map and noticed that myself. I got into a fight with someone in a bar on Bourbon Street and just barely made it out of there before the cops arrived.

Never been back since. Very few Cajuns live anywhere around New Orleans tard…Creoles maybe. Learn a little about culture before you make broad summarizations like that. So your comment that Cajuns are going to be dangerous due to lack of booze and drugs is based off your single visit and bar-fight in New Orleans?

I would agree that New Orleans is probably the most dangerous city in America, but that has little to do with the Cajun people. They avoid the city like the plague. You may condemn alcohol, but no man on Earth has a right to. What the hell do you expect us to do after we stop supplying your sugar, let it go to waste? They would help you out if you were in distress, even while knowing that you think so little of them.

Or they might get a wild hair up their ass and use you for bait if they discover that you originate from North of Interstate Have some like minded friends, neighbors and family to ride it out with. Too many entitled losers just 10 miles away.

A Great Bugout Vehicle: Would perhaps be folks combine some cash and have an old style Pirate ship or english man o war ship made. Then live aboard ship, use Sails to travel and go opposite directions of trouble spots. Many islands will likly remain safe compared to cities or even rural areas. One old style sailing vessel lke that outfitted with Modern day weaponery, a few large cannons just incase, and off we go to an island to stock food and fresh water. Plus modern water filters can change salt water to fresh drinking water.

We could live like Kings and just keep moving around wherever we want to go to. With a few xtra modern day convienences, it could be way eaiser than it was for pirates in their day.

Free wind into sails and asap its Land HO! Wonder how much cash that would take? Enough to buy a boat like that? I am real good at working the telescope to look for land. Just need aprox more folks and its a done deal almost. Up until May this year, I had totally lost hope of getting out when the balloon goes up or even before. I still have enough supplies to hold out awhile at home just in case. I truly dread the idea of trying to survive in the city with everything that will be happening.

All of the rules we live by for now will go down the toilet. Police will be nowhere to be found. The same will go for judges, prosecutors, and defense attorneys. Courts will definitely not be in session. I fully expect someone will try to break in my place and take whatever I have. I believe it will happen. Yeah, I think lesser criminals should be allowed to go the thieves, the jaywalkers the embezzlers, etc.

Why turn them loose just because the building gets flooded? They should just get a sentence upgrade, to keep the REST of us safer. They will all be shot inside their cells. I said what I said because if I were a deputy sheriff in a prison, I would do the dirty work myself.

I was trying to say I was glad there were other people out there who would do that same sensible thing in the event of such a catastrophic event.

I would save the ammo to defend myself and just leave the cells locked. If GOD wants them to survive he will provide a way out. Just my 2 cents. Better to die fighting standing up than go on my knees. No, what makes you sound like an elitist, is the idea that YOU have the right to decide who lives and dies, according to YOUR parameters.

She had a restraining order against her ex husband, who had previously attacked her on several occasions after the divorce. Once she ended up in the hospital in critical condition and almost died. She was 98 pounds soaking wet and he had literally beat her within an inch of her life. Sunday through Friday, 8 a. Trading Post Shoppette Movie Theater to 9 p.

Monday through Friday, earned dollars when shopping for groceries at 10 a. Saturday and Sunday Llewellyn and Roberts avenues.. In-store ameni- Movie schedules are published at www. Other Facilities ties and specialties include an ATM, bakery, www.

First and Chisholm avenues Monday through Saturday, 11 a. Wednesday through Sat- small appliances and household goods. Sunday urday, 1 to 4 p. It offers preserves, studies and exhibits military arti- a price-match program that guarantees the facts.

It is open to the public and admission lowest prices in town. Hours of operation for PHO is free. Monday through Friday, Military Clothing Store Exhibits pertain to the history and Denny's Mary's County in the Province of Maryland. Anne Arundel County is the county separated and became the third of tion sailed from Annapolis prior to its victorious bordered on the north by Baltimore County, 23 Maryland counties. Between and , engagement with the HMS Guerriere.

This was the first regular and eastern shores. County between Puritan forces supporting the railroad passenger service in the United States. The Commonwealth forces is located in what is now Howard County. The county has more coastline along Chesa- under William Fuller were victorious. Anne Arundel County originally included peake Bay than any other region in Maryland.

Between and , the capital of Mary- most of what was to become Howard County. In , , residents called the county land was moved from St. Mary's City in St. Prior to the move, Annapolis was History known as Providence. History Members of the Algonquin Tribe most likely greeted Capt.

John Smith of Jamestown when he sailed up the Patapsco River in But the first settler arrived 80 years later when Lord Baltimore granted a home on the same river to Adam Shippley. The industrious Puritan quickly established the area's tradition of farming. In the early s, Charles Carroll built an elaborate plantation-style home, Doughoregan Manor, on nearly 13, acres of farmland and forests several miles west of the future PH Ellicott City. OLIS Back home, farming became a way of life,.

ORG with tobacco dominating the economy. As a result the Drop in and learn the lay of the land from has increased 34 percent in the past decade. Landing prospered into the largest seaport north local experts. Use the chambers' online Howard County lies next to one of the largest of Annapolis. Howard County is known for its affluence, started a revolution of their own. It has the highest concentration of pro- Annapolis, MD Progress escalated when the Balti- Main St.

Annapolis and Anne Arundel County graduate to the lowlands of the Atlantic coast. The Ellicott brothers in donated land for Chamber of Commerce Founded in , historic Ellicott City is a the Patapsco Female Institute, an elegant finish Holiday Court, Suite picturesque home to historic sites, antique school for young women.

Fourteen years later, the area became what is http: Census Bureau as the "Best Educated" for much like the rest of the nation. At the time of the Underground humid. Winters are cool and rainy, with lower Railroad, some residents helped slaves who were temperatures away from the water. Snowfall Get a feel for your new community by tap- escaping to freedom, which was risky because ranges from 10 inches in the east to 30 inches in ping into its news and entertainment options many prominent plantation families were Con- the west, and annual rainfall averages 45 inches online.

From local news media or commercial radio, you can get a better feel for the vibe federate sympathizers. Cooksville, in western countywide. The area gets an average 17 inches of your new town from the comfort of your Howard County, played a part in the outcome of snow annually. Local Hazards In the s, James Rouse purchased 14, acres Every second counts in a disaster so planning Newspapers and began creating Columbia, one of the coun- Capital Gazette: The following try's premier planned communities.

In Anne Arundel County, the eastern half of sources. Flash floods tend to come after short http: Annual rainfall averages 43 inches affect larger streams and rivers. Finally, hurricanes and News: Doppler radar indi- cated slow-moving thunderstorms with an esti- mated 3 inches of rain which could cause flash flooding in rural areas.

Welcome to a typical summer in Anne Arundel or Howard County. Dangerous storms with extreme winds over large areas, including "microburst" punches of wind up to mph during the most intense part of the storm, are possible and may roil into sudden tornadoes. More than 90 twisters have ripped through the state in the last 10 years, up-rooting trees, stripping shingles from rooftops and some- times causing widespread devastation. And don't forget the hail, sometimes big as half dollars.

Most of all, remember the adage: ME 30 minutes after the final thunder clap. The list of items that should be in your supply kit. Follow the instructions Visit http: This state agency provides Maryland fami- given by emergency officials. If told to evac- http: The Maryland Maryland was fortunate to have avoided Sun Exposure Emergency Management Agency MEMA is most of Hurricane Sandy's destructive power Some exposure to sunlight is good, even responsible for emergency preparedness pol- in , but a fair share of hurricanes thunder healthy, but too much can be dangerous.

Broad- icies and coordinating response and disaster through Anne Arundel and Howard counties. A spectrum ultraviolet UV radiation, listed as recovery. It has established the Maryland hurricane is a severe tropical storm that can be a known carcinogen by the National Institute Emergency Preparedness Program as the accompanied by thunderstorms.

The Atlantic of Environmental Health Sciences, can cause overarching strategy for the state's home- hurricane seasons lasts from June to November, blistering sunburns and such long-term problems land security and emergency management with the season peaking between mid-August as skin cancer, cataracts and immune suppres- preparedness and operations. Hurricanes can cause damage sion. Overexposure also causes wrinkling and http: Hurricanes can produce winds in excess Cloud cover reduces UV levels but not com- children, pets and people with special needs of miles per hour, tornadoes, microbursts, pletely.

Depending on the thickness of the cloud before and during an emergency. MEMA reminds residents that now is the The Maryland Emergency Management So, be prepared with sunglasses, sunscreens, time to prepare for severe weather and other Agency suggests that you prepare a disaster long-sleeved garments, wide-brimmed hats and emergencies. Making preparations when supply kit for your family, including pets, and an umbrella.

It is important to know your evacua- In July , a severe thunderstorm knocked ards common to the region include flooding, tion zone and where to go in case an evacuation out power to nearly 1, homes. That same high wind, severe thunderstorms and winter is ordered. While many residents and businesses traffic. BWI Marshall has 36 airlines, including highways connect Anne Arundel and Howard in the region rely on the airport's passenger and commuter, charter and cargo, with 27 commer- counties to Washington, D.

BWI averages 61, passengers a and scenic parts of Maryland and the Eastern the airport are significant. BWI Marshall acts day, with While many people trav- not only as an air transportation center but also per year. The five busiest passenger airlines are eling in the area choose to drive, there are lots as a catalyst for growth and jobs in the region. The area is also served by a Grey- facilities construction and maintenance create Howard County. The total tax contribution was more than River from the nation's capital.

The passenger terminal Places. In , the Metropolitan Washington http: The airport connects to the region's highway system via an authority-operated, mile Airport Access Highway. The airport served nearly 22 mil- lion passengers in Visit the website for schedules, fares and more information.

Reagan National served , passengers the year it opened in and reached the 1 million annual passenger mark in In , the airport served a record The airport, 27 miles from Howard County, features an unequaled view of Washington, D.

The airport is 35 miles from Anne Arundel County. For commuter train ridor in Howard County. Most routes operate maps, schedules, fares and more information, Monday through Saturday, and selected routes http: Additional late evening http: Service is also available and surrounding Anne Arundel County.

Valley and BWI Airport. The agency also The Metro bus system offers peak-hour ser- http: Call or visit the Park light rail station to the Greenbelt Metrorail Corridor Road, Suite website for more information. Call the general information line or visit Savage, MD Be predictable and courteous and signal your own skil s and experience. Fol owing these 10 rules wil ensure a safe and intentions so other road users know what you plan to do next. Use your courteous journey. Posted maximum speeds are for ideal driving condi- 1.

Know where you're going before you start. Be wel -informed tions. Adjust your speed for traffic, road and visibility conditions or when about weather and road conditions or traffic activity on your route. For not operating at your best. Higher speeds magnify errors and decrease longer trips, include a rest stop every two hours, sooner if you are tired.

It helps to maintain a large "safety cushion" around your Pack an emergency ration kit of water and nonperishable food items such vehicle to change lanes safely and to take evasive action in emergencies.

Read your owner's manual and follow the 2. Always wear your seat belt: Seat belts keep you in control and ready recommended schedule for maintenance service. Routinely check tires, to react to a hazardous situation. Don't forget that children and other brakes, lights, wipers and fluid levels. Pack a flashlight, blanket and passengers in the front and rear also need to buckle up. In cold climates, pack extra warm clothing. Carry a mobile 3. Put the phone down: A mobile phone is great for roadside emergencies.

But using a phone while you drive drastical y reduces your reaction 9. Move your disabled vehicle: If your car breaks down, move it off the road time to al situations. Some states al ow hands-free operation; nearly al away from traffic if possible. Warn other drivers by raising the vehicle's states prohibit reading and writing text messages while driving. Minimize hood or using your hazard lights, then stay inside and ask a passersby to distractions by concentrating on the road, not objects, people or events cal police.

If unable to move the car out of traffic, get al passengers to inside your vehicle. If you must 4. Scan the roadway continual y for hazards. Keep your eyes moving, looking from one side to the other.

Don't drive while impaired: Never drive while under the influence of is happening wel in front of you; watch for brake lights. Use the mirrors alcohol, prescription or street drugs, or over-the-counter medications that to keep an eye on traffic beside and behind you. Not only wil you put yourself and your passengers in 5.

Pedestrians, bicyclists, motorcyclists, vehicles of varying danger, but a traffic violation of this nature has the potential to seriously sizes, as wel as drivers of various ages and skil levels, al have a right to derail a military career.

Don't be a driver if you think you are going to drink. Slow down and give others time and space to proceed safely. Road rage and normal fatigue can also impair your response time. Be calm, Treat them as if they were a dear friend -- they are to someone. Visit the website or call for maps, schedules fares and more information. Annapolis Greyhound Station Harry S. Truman Parkway Annapolis, MD This a new Greyhound bus stop. Call for hours of operation, F fares and schedules or visit the website.

Call or visit other transit options for commuters. Interstate 97 serves as Anne Arundel's major road artery that runs north to Balti- more and northwest to Columbia in Howard County. Interstate , commonly known as the Baltimore-Washington Beltway Route , lies in the northern part of the county. State law prohibits a driver under 18 from using any cel phone. Maryland has banned texting while driving.

Call for information, or visit www. Driver's Licenses As a new resident you must register your vehicle and obtain a new driver's license within 60 days of moving to Maryland.

If you delay beyond 60 days, you will not be eligible for a tax credit for any titling tax paid in another state, and you may be subject to a citation for an out- of-state registration.

Some states grant an extension of the driver's license validity period to active-duty military personnel and their dependents when they are stationed outside their home licensing state, but RG in general new Maryland residents who want to drive must apply for a driver's license once residency is established.

The county covers square Duke of Gloucester tenth of the population of the state, according miles and is centrally located in Maryland. Howard County had With more than miles of coastline along , There are more than 70 county Annapolis is also the state capital of Maryland. The counties' communities give newcomers parks with sporting facilities, a mile Balti- It had a population of 38, at the census plenty of choices when selecting a home. Enlist more and Annapolis Trail for walking, biking and is situated on the Chesapeake Bay at the the help of a reputable real estate agent to help and running and several nature preserves for mouth of the Severn River, 26 miles south of you sort through the area's home options.

A plethora of museums and Baltimore and about 29 miles east of Wash- Maryland Association of Realtors is a central historic sites, including the National Gallery of ington, D. Annapolis is part of the Baltimore- source of local real estate information and ser- Art and the Capitol can be found in Washington, Washington Metropolitan Area and is the home vices.

The county seat is Annapolis. Com- sailing, boating, fishing and water sports. Known as the "land of pleasant living," munities within about a minute commute The city is 7. The mean travel time to work was 26 minutes. If the items in the census.

It originated in when county area. Start by looking in the Advertiser can't be replaced, carry them with you. Elias Glenn established a county seat the current Directoy of this publication. Withdraw lished as an official state subdivision in In , postmaster Louis J. DeAlba officially Four weeks prior to move savings.

Get children's transcripts, lease or sale of your home. Set aside items you wil need ping center east of the Mississippi River in Ask teachers to write descrip- immediately upon arrival -- a few dishes, pots The community is slightly more than 17 square tions of each student's achievement level, inter- and pans, towels, soap, bedding, light bulbs, miles.

Don't forget your pets' Moving day Crofton veterinary records. Send change- as primary and secondary contact numbers or http: Department of Motor Vehicles and insurance nity in by the Crofton Corp. Several years You wil need to sign it upon completion of loading companies. Review any damage to in the new community and to protect what had for tax purposes. Set up connections munity of Fort Meade, is 6. The at your new home. The mean commute belongings arrived.

Some had 1, in the census. It hosts the Anne states prohibit certain plants, so research before Arundel County Fair each September, as well you move. The area offers waterfront scenery and easy access to urban One week prior to move metropolitan areas and culture. The such as the newspapers. The mean commute time was about 35 minutes. The community was named for plantation owner Augustine Gambrill.

Deriving its name from former tory located nearby. Laurel Park, a thoroughbred Maryland Gov. Oden Bowie, Odenton earned horse racetrack, lies just outside city limits.

The median home cannery. The median rent in , many displaced farmers were relocated. The mean travel time to work was to Odenton. Founded in , this com- just southeast of Fort Meade. The mean travel time to work was North Linthicum and Linthicum-Shipley. Points on the west by Fort Meade, and the Baltimore- 35 minutes. Its miles and had 44, people in the census, straddles Anne Arundel and Howard coun- Linthicum Heights Historic District was listed and has grown 26 percent in the past 10 years.

The median people in the census. It is also the center in The average commute time was point of the state's population. The site was The town is 5.

The median 30 minutes. The name is generally attrib- One of Maryland's fastest-growing regions, Millersville uted to Jonathan Jessup, a civil engineer who Howard County is centrally located, lying This unincorporated community of 17, in worked on the railroad.

The name was shortened 20 miles north of Washington, D. Its master, George Miller, in , when the first The community is 5. The county seat is Elliott City. The average commute work, Howard County benefits from rural land- small crossroads village, surrounded by existing is about 15 minutes. Meade, which provides a strong employment include retail trade, professional, scientific and County, in northern Prince George's County, and economic base.

Government contractors are technical services, educational health and social midway between Washington, D. Founded as a opportunities, and local vendors and service The area's superior quality of life on the mill town in the early 19th century, the arrival providers benefit from their activity.

Washington and Baltimore workers. Howard County was established district along on its Main Street, highlighting Odenton in This unincorporated community had 37, Howard County was mainly the farming and The Department of Defense is a prominent people in the census, with the greatest hunting grounds of Native Americans until presence in the Laurel area with Fort Meade population growth rate of any town in western , when Captain John Smith of Jamestown Army, the National Security Agency and Johns Anne Arundel County.

It is a short commute sailed up the Patapsco River. The mean travel time to work pley, came much later, in , when Lord Balti- guarded the Thomas Viaduct and the thor- was 30 minutes. Fulton had Howard County did not have any major battles years by residents.

The median 2, people in the census. In the mids the Quaker mill, was pressed into federal service. Trains carried tons of land in the Patuxent River valley, and in county seat of Howard County and had 65, of raw materials into manufacturing hubs and German immigrants settled in the area.

Once This area is the "up-and-comer" of the county, Three Ellicott brothers from Pennsylvania war broke out between the states, the railroads in with police and fire stations, shops, schools and founded this mill town in , and not much and around Baltimore became a key part of the churches. North Laurel, for example, features has changed since then despite rapid growth network used to supply the Union army.

With its antique shops, restau- Communities within about a minute and the Rocky Gorge Reservoir. Despite the rapid affluent communities and frequently ranks in the Savage lies near Laurel and Columbia. Savage expansion, Columbia retains a small-town feel "20 Best Places to Live in the United States" by had a population of 7, in The median many original buildings preserved within and ational sites and a large concert hall.

In , developer James Rouse designed "a growing place for people" based on racial diversity, religious sharing and environmentally conscious development on 21 square miles of farmland. The town is 32 square miles. The mean travel time to work was 30 minutes. Elkridge This unincorporated community had a popu- lation of nearly 18, in Founded early in the 18th century, Elkridge lies at the conflu- ence of three counties, the other two being Anne Arundel and Baltimore counties.

RG Row houses and small businesses abound along historic Main Street. O trails and an upscale Victorian setting that bor- FV ders Route 1, the country's first highway. Elkridge's location on the Patapsco River was a key factor in its growth. These days the mill serves as an port and then unload it at your new residence.

Next, compare the costs for each type of to identify what's inside and where it Carroll Baldwin Hall and annually celebrate move, factoring in the stress and physical exer- should go. Henry Ridgely surveyed the land about reliability and customer service. The decision to buy or rent is the most impor- around Savage Mill and nearby Annapolis Regardless of which method you choose, the tant step in your relocation process.

Purchasing a Junction in , naming the tract "Ridgely's first step should be to inventory your personal home entails a long-term emotional and financial Forrest. The list, with photographs of any attached.

Advantages include the possibility of Savage was an important manufacturing center, valuables, will be important for both insurance building equity and the freedom to design and its mills harnessing the water power on the falls purposes and to help keep you organized during decorate your property or landscape. And don't of the Little and Middle Patuxent rivers.

Disadvantages include The town was named for John Savage Wil- Plan for one full day to pack each room -- upkeep, property taxes and fluctuating prop- liams, a Philadelphia merchant with interest in though the kitchen and garage may take longer. In , Make a rough estimate of your packing schedule Renting, on the other hand, makes moving he and others chartered the Savage Manufac- and then add 50 percent more time.

It always easier and someone else maintains the prop- turing Co. Visit cise rooms, swimming pools and tennis courts Savage is nearly 3 square miles. Some complexes, for example, restrict Pack for success: And the landlord or property managers Relocating to a new home can be one of the box weight. Books should go in small boxes can also raise the rent with proper notice. Whether moving while bedding can easily fill a larger box.

First, tissue paper or air bubble wrapping. When the unit is delivered to with landlord contact information if you documents or any other court proceedings that rented. Tips on Avoid Disputes," which can be downloaded at www. Be prepared when you meet with the leasing agent, property manager or owner. Bring a list of what you are looking for in a rental; it is impor- tant to be clear about your needs and to get all of your questions answered.

You will also need to provide information and verification about your job, your income and your past rental history. COM ment with the landlord. Look for the following problems: Most conventional loans For more information, visit www. Lenders are diverse or duplex best fit your needs and budget? Though new homes generally cost Buying a home is a complex process and, as unions. For example, you may choose to work more, existing homes may come with mainte- the recent housing crisis demonstrated, requires with an Internet lender, a mortgage broker, a nance issues and renovation costs.

How many a thorough education on the part of the buyer. To bedrooms and bathrooms would you like? Do First, fully understand your financial position -- determine which lender is best for you, get rec- you want an attached garage? Will you live in credit score, available savings, monthly income ommendations from friends and family mem- the city, a suburb or in the country?

How close to and expenditures. Subtracting your expenditures bers and check credentials as well as Better work, school, shopping or public transportation from your income, for instance, will yield the Business Bureau ratings. Answers to these questions amount you can afford for housing. A preapproved loan before starting your will greatly assist your search and the next stage Be sure to account for all insurance costs search for a home can determine your spending -- hiring a real estate agent.

For any home loan applica- and guide you through the purchase process. Overall, tion, the mortgage company will order a credit First, interview potential candidates to ensure loan rules became more stringent in , but report, so it may be good to get a free report they understand your needs, know your home- according to www. Good luck and happy hunting!

Institute loan programs still vary on the per- To order your free annual report from one or centage of your income that can be used for all of the national consumer reporting compa- State Programs housing-related expenses.

Lenders use a two- nies, visit www. For more information, visit http: Annual Credit Report Request http: Box , Atlanta, GA Fort Meade has on its Homefront Business Listings page. But that is offset by an attractive jobless a workforce of 51, employees, making it Mary- Local Resources rate.

Regulation Howard County 4. More than 12, Howard http: Now workforce organizations, coordinates Howard County has a thriving economy The National Military Spouse Network, a net- job seeker services and training, business ser- and a rapidly growing population, which was working, mentoring and professional development vices, adult learning programs and labor market , in the U. Its residents organization, has a wealth of career information at information.

The department's goal is to ensure are among the wealthiest in the country, with a its website, www. The group aims to help military spouses build seekers have access to employment and training Howard County has the highest concentration a meaningful, sustained career path and offers a resources and services.

It will introduce you and listings. Visit the Civilian Personnel Advi- Development is the lead agency. They track your desire to work for the company. Have a sory Center at Llewellyn Ave. Know what the company For Exchange jobs, visit the AAFES career If you're looking for a job with the state, the does, and highlight skills, work experience and page at http: Be aware search for Fort Meade.

Another that many employers now accept only online Search for jobs at Fort Meade's Commissary prospect is the Maryland Workforce Exchange, applications so get comfortable with computers. Be prepared for an interview at any time. Compose -- and rehearse -- your one- Annapolis, MD It's Jobs are posted online for positions within the to obtain small business resource material, get not vanity to make a good first impression.

If a county, and applications are available for down- free business counseling and attend informa- supervisor wants to know why she should hire load with submission instructions. For complete details on this you, be ready.

Even today, a letter as well as the quick- BusinessUSA Howard County response email will separate you from a sur- http: Judicious calls display your for small businesses to get the services they need http: Writing out beforehand what to make good hires and to grow.

The service Howard County accepts applications online. If you have any questions or follow up only with candidates in whom they are into exporting, expand, find opportunities, learn comments, email jobs howardcountymd. Don't take it personally if you're not about health care changes, be aware of taxes and notified that you didn't get the job. Many employers use agencies as ment of Defense jobs at Fort Meade.

Or visit Alaska Natives. Agencies advertise, interview, test and manage payroll. A temp-to-perm arrangement allows the employer and prospective employee to evaluate each other before committing to permanent employment. Municipal and regional chambers of com- merce include local employment agencies in their member lists, along with contact informa- tion.

They also serve those who are promptly? Was the reception area clean civilians and veterans, though implementation uninsured and underinsured, and most are open and comfortable? Was the staff friendly and of the Affordable Care Act may change estab- to making sliding scale payment arrangements willing to answer your questions?

Was the exam health care coverage under the national Afford- Maryland, visit the Mid-Atlantic Association room orderly and clean, with a chair for a able Care Act. Maryland residents can view of Community Health Centers website at www. Did you get Did you feel com- See the Advertiser Directory in this guide to iners website, www. Did the doctor leave When you meet a doctor and the staff for the the room during your conversation? Did the doctor rush A community health center or clinic is cus- receptionist friendly, prompt and profes- through the meeting?

Auto Suggestions are available once you type at least 3 letters. Use up arrow (for mozilla firefox browser alt+up arrow) and down arrow (for mozilla firefox browser alt+down arrow) to review and enter to select. Introductory Proviso: The following essay on possible gun confiscation is a purely conjectural gedankenexperiment about the future that extrapolates from recent history and current www.revelation-movie.liveg herein is seditious (per 18 U.S. Code § ), nor a call to arms, nor a threat to our government or to any individual, agency, or group. It is an attractive place to live with many benefits, but there are some specific considerations that need to be made if you're looking to set up a homestead or survival retreat. It's a big state with varying terrain, climates, politics, crime rates and demographics, so before you move give the following analysis a read.