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Weekend s over so it s your last chance to fuck


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So now, I am seeking for the right person. North End, Purple Bikini, Toyata SUV m4w You were like two cars down from me and my buddy who were surfing. You were wearing a blue hoodie and your has blue turquoise cover.

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Weekend s over so it s your last chance to fuck

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M4w So here's the deal. Dd free. Looking for some company and fun HI I'm a lbs. M4w House to myself for the next week so i'm seeking for a bit of naughty fun ;).


Sign in with Facebook Other Sign in options. Good luck and don't fuck it up. Can I get an amen in here? Gentlemen, start your engines, and may the best woman win. Charisma, uniqueness, nerve, and talent. Merle Ginsberg - Judge: The time has come for you to lip sync for your life.

Let the music play. Bryan Watkins - Shannel: I'm years-old and I've had a show in a nightclub in Las Vegas for about 6 years now. My persona is has always tried to be a little more on the realistic side but wearing costuming that is super couture. People call me the Barbra Streisand of drag because, I've heard, she's a real bitch and she's anal retentive about everything.

That's kind of, I guess you can say, how I am. Jorge Flores - Nina Flowers: I am Jorge Flowers aka Nina Flowers. I don't consider myself as a female impersonator. I like to be more androgynous. Javier Rivera - Rebecca Glasscock: I'm just a small town girl from sunny Florida with a big dream of becoming the next drag superstar. My stage name is Victoria "Pork Chop" Parker. Victoria is very different from Victor. Victoria's very outgoing, she's very flirtatious, she likes to meet men, and she likes to entertain, and I can do things as Victoria that I could never get away with as Victor.

Oh, I've been doing this 21 years. It's a definite advantage. Eric Flint - Akashia: My name is Eric. My name's Akashia when I'm in drag. My drag persona would be crazy rambunctious. If I was a girl, I would be a stripper or a slut and pregnant with a whole bunch of children. When I saw Shannel, I was like oh, another skank with her butt hanging out, I thought I was gonna be the only one that had my butt hanging out.

Hers is a little flabby, it jiggles. Mine is solid muscle so it doesn't, like, move at all. So I mean, it just depends on what you're into. Keith Glen Schubert - Tammie Brown: Hi, my name is Tammie Brown with an I-E. My real name is Keith. If I'm in drag or out of drag, I'm an entertainer. I am the character. David Sotomayor - Jade: Jade is definitely my alter ego. Basically she has more balls than I do.

Not only am I gonna be able to show myself as Jade but I'm also gonna be able to showcase my talents as a dancer, as a performer, as everything all in one. My name is Nea Marshall Kudi. I'm from West Africa precisely Cameroon. I'm also know as Bebe Zahara Benet. I walked into the room, my first impression was I thought all the girls were really stunning but I bring a lot of international influence and I feel like, right now, I'm really ahead of the game.

Ryan Ong Palao - Ongina: I'm Ryan also known as Ongina. My middle name's Ong and God didn't bless me with a certain 'ina and I'm really excited to meet everyone else so that I can scope out the competition so that I know who I would be saying goodbye to on a weekly basis. Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet!

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This May Be Our Last Chance - Shinigami -

No, she just took it like a good girl should. My sex life was pretty good now that I had two women fucking me. I had a choice. Sometimes I raped them, other times we made love. I told both girls their younger sister would pay the price if they did not surrender their bodies to me.

Plus they were well paid and given anything they wanted. Susan was still a sullen, defiant bitch but both girls kept our dirty family secret. Stacy did not get her period until she was I was so happy that I could only wait a week after she got on the pill before I had to rape her. I decided to involve her sisters.

I called them al into my bedroom. I ordered them all to strip and lay on their stomachs. Beth was the first to obey. Susan accepted the inevitable and with a snarl on her face, finally complied. Stacy saw her big sisters following orders so she took her pants and top off and got on my bed. Picture it young teenage asses and pussies waiting for me to fuck! I walked around the bed and presented my dick for Stacy to suck me hard.

Poor Stacy, she was such a daddy's girl, so eager to please me. She hardly put up a fight. Soon she was slurping and greedily sucking me off. I know it's wrong but, teach me what you want and I'll do better," she said while gazing up at me humbly. I started fucking her face hard then and she began to cough and sputter.

I grabbed the back of her head and rammed myself down her throat. I was tempted to cum in her mouth but, well I wanted their asses.

When I was good and hard, nice and wet I walked back around the bed and positioned Susan's ass where I could fuck it. You're raping us, you're raping your own daughters--OW! She was bucking and fighting the entire time, trying to scratch me. It was a great ride. She was already crying.

Do the other thing if you really need to, but not this. Let me have it now. I fucked her for a good 4 minutes before I felt like cumming and had to stop. We'll do your ass another day I promise, but now I have to take your virginity.

Tell you what let's try something fun. I want everyone to enjoy this, we're gonna make a train. Susan scoot up to the head of the bed, and open your legs--move your ass slut! Good now Beth get between her legs and lick her little pussy. Eat it Beth, eat it up. OK, now open your legs wide Beth. Stacy I want you to eat your sister Beth's cunt.

Now push your ass high in the air while I fuck you. It took a little while for everyone to get their timing right but it was worth it. It seems my girls had less reservations about doing each other than they did about doing me. Little Stacy was very special though. Oh god that feels good daddy, so good. Am I a woman yet, a real woman? For the next 2 years I was very lucky. My 3 girls were amazing, they were all a man could want. If I felt like a spicy rape, I had Susan.

I'd just grab her, throw her on a bed strip her and fuck her. She looked the most like her mom and I enjoyed humiliating the stuck up brat. Sometimes I felt like breaking a woman, making her degrade herself, hearing her whimper and beg and cry. That's what my Beth was for. She was so cute! She especially hated anal rapes, her ass was so tight it almost always bled. I'd rape her over and over just to savor her fear and pain. Stacy was my little lover girl.

I was always gentle with her. We snuggled and acted silly. She often slept in my bed, and made love with me willingly.

Yes I had the perfect life until My mother in law stopped by one night, I did not hear the doorbell ring. I was horny and felt like raping Susan, so I entered the living room naked. She was sitting at the table when I turned the corner and said, "Susan get your ass in here, I want you to get on your knees and suck my- -um er hi mom.

She called the police and Children's Services. My girls were removed from my home. I faced serious jail time.

Beth and Stacy supported my story, they said I had done nothing wrong and was a loving father. Even Susan did not want it out that she had been fucking her father for 4 years, so she refused to testify. Fortunately I could afford the best lawyers. It was my word against my mother in-law's. She had not seen me fucking the girl's. I eventually got a hung jury and the police decided not to file charges again. I got my girls back but it was too dangerous to resume our activities.

Susan left home when she was She met a nice college boy and was married. She moved out to Arizona and they started a nice yuppie life. A nice house, cars, credit cards, and tons of debt. Still they both worked, I'm sure they would have been ok. If he had not died in a car crash.

Susan found herself alone, and in more debt than she could handle. She lost the house and cars. Because of her poor credit she could not get a decent Apt. It had been 3 years since she talked to me. I need some help. I'm going to be evicted. I--I just don't know what to do. Now if you know Rebecca, she is a loud fucking machine. Watch her try to keep it quiet. She might have kept it quiet, but we are sure she squirted all over the bed.

We sure hope he did the laundry and put a hairdryer to the mattress Remember I didn't start out to be a cuckoldress, but it just came to be that way. So I thought I'd let you see a case of one night's event and how it worked. The first part is that for me there is no Cuckolding without a Cuck. In this video you see how you need to tell your cuck how you are going out to get some cock without him.

Notice that I am changing in the garage as I didn't want to be seen as going out in my hot wife clothes. I spend a lot of time doing that. In the 2nd phase I make sure to videotape proof of my sluttiness so that I can show my cuck how passionate I am about being a hot wife. In the 3rd phase I am shared by my Lover as in this case he invited his brother over to where we were staying and videotaped me with his brother. In a way, this is like marking your territory or property and showing that you have dominance.

Just noticed that my cuck said my name in this video. Well after all this time, you perhaps should know it. Did you catch it? Oh well, some secrets were meant to be broken I guess. That is what happens when you are in a world of sexual ecstasy.

When I told a few girls at my office they were shocked at my secret life. Some liked the idea of great sex and being seen as a sex symbol. A few were intrigued by the idea of sleeping with a black man, but many were afraid.

Most were just scared that they might like it too much. One girl, Lisa, who worked in Accounting, asked if I could help her. She had seen my boyfriend but I told her he was off limits. So we went to see The Boss! She was scared so I took her down to his club to meet him. When we got there, he could see this little Latina was eager so he took us back to his place where I helped her prep.

She even gave me her wedding ring to hold onto as she never told her husband what she was going to do? Lisa took to his cock pretty quickly.

After he stretched me out and she watched how it was done, we got Lisa ready. After a few minutes I could tell she wanted it all to herself. When I turned and looked at her she was shocked. I had told her I thought she had not had sex with a black man til , but it turns out after college that she and her husband went for a two month trip to the Caribbean and got wasted almost every night!

When I saw the video I looked at her and she was in shock. She had totally gotten wasted and let these strange men fuck her for 2 days. She was so embarrassed and ashamed, but was surprised that I was turned on!

I had to fuck her immediately. I cannot tell you how lucky we all are to have found Rebecca. I wonder how many other women are out there like her. I later contacted her ex and asked him about the video and he told me it was an amazing time and that he originally had shared this video with a couple people a long time ago. He said she must have fucked these guys 5 times a day on the beach, kitchen, everywhere.

He laughed because he said that at one point she was sunburned all over her body from having sex on the sunny Caribbean sand. These natives had an amazing time with this tourist girl. He was a real dog! Knowing how she truly is today, I wondered how he converted this sweet lady into such a true sexy MILF. Rebecca was destined for the perfect standard family life with a perfect marriage, but underneath there was this sexy side he brought out of her. This one is special as we catch them on a trip.

When she gets ready for playtime he breaks out the camera and makes her pose for him. Then he has her flash in the window in front of some golfers.

This got her used to showing off and posing for the cameras. Then when she asked him to come close, he tells her to suck on a dildo and play with herself.

Notice how it is a black dildo and when she puts it in at first, she flinches as it hurts a little! This is what we call in the entertainment business So now you see how this works. Just normal every day couples on vacation and having a lot of fun to spice things up. Well I am glad that I eventually found a way to make her dreams come true. My lover has already cum three times and at the end of part 3 her thought he was going home.

I was thinking as I turned off the camera that I was still horny and that I wanted another load deep inside me. So when he came back out I turned the camera back on and got him back on the bed as I slowly stoked him off until I got him hard and then sucked him back to life. One thing you all must know is that when a good slut wants something, she always gets her man.

He knows what weapons he has and I want him to use them on me. So what I do is get him into the hip lock and raise my legs in the victory formation and stare into his eyes hypnotically until he gives me everything he has and everything I want.

RebeccasOffice likes it Raw and Dirty. No condoms, no special lighting, no music, and no other special editing. We had some naughty sex this weekend and I asked my fans on Twitter if they wanted to see it. Well they overwhelmingly said yes. I know you just want to see what I do on a normal everyday basis and I wish I could show you my having sex every time.

It is just crazy to set up a camera each time. It is a bit of a mood breaker. My boyfriend is a very dominant lover and it is by far the best lover. As you can see his cock is large and he really knows how to please a woman. The best thing is his nasty, dirty talk and the way he forcefully makes love to me.

Notice the way he puts his hand on the back of my head, forcing me to gag on his cock and calmly tells me how to be a good girlfriend. Or rather how do you treat one? Or how does one become one? In Part 3 you will see that a Slut Wife can never get enough. Watch as you will notice the pillow is still in the same place after he gave me anal.

He thought he was done. He was already dressed, but I wanted more So part of the reason why I became a slutwife is that I needed a man who could keep up with me. As you will find in this video, I am not a one and done kinda gal! A great lover knows that not only is he prepping my pussy to be destroyed, but he is also prepping my mind for anything. So here in Part 2 you see that in this afternoon affair that my lover breaks me down by first bringing me to a powerful missionary orgasm and then takes me in a helpless position cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, and doggie style.

Finally, he gets me in the prone bone position and takes me in the ass. My boyfriend says that is what separates a true slut from the rest. Letting a lover take you bare in the ass and then sucking his cock before he puts it back in your pussy. I am not your normal cuckoldress.

This is for me. When I take my video much of the time it is so I can play it back in my mind. I look back and wonder how I let them take me in the ass. I love it, but it is not the most comfortable thing to do.

We are getting that restarted here at OurNakedSecrets. Most of these videos were more professionally shot, were brighter, and more often than not had professional acting partners and cameramen to take these videos. These all started with my videos taken with the DFWKnight who was my first professional partner. The series called True Romance are very well known.

The difference between the ones produce by him and the ones by him are that my ex had a separate camera and took more video and did not edit his videos so my versions are a lot longer versions with different angles. For those of you who never bought these videos, here are the trailers for parts 2,4, and 5. My webmaster, Rob, is feverishly looking to restart my video store so that all of you can see the newly remastered versions of the videos.

The videos will all be in HD and have the ability to be streamed right in your browser. So watch for these videos coming back soon! I know how that works. Basically I cheated on him quite often after a couple years had gone by. The fact is that my ex loved watching me with my lovers, but I just preferred that he not be around. I wanted to sleep with the men I chose, when I chose and how I wanted to sleep with them. Yes, this video was actually a present for him. So for all the ladies out there, this is what I have my ex-husband for the last 15 years of our marriage.

Whether Christmas presents, anniversary presents, or birthday presents, I was the one having the incredible sex. I can always trust her to set the pace and do all she can to represent us. Although not one of our Sales Reps, she has always stepped up her game when needed. Recently one of our largest International accounts was visiting from Hong Kong and he had been unhappy and had been threatening to move his assets somewhere else. Fortunately Milan had established a good relationship with him and also has a strong fetish for Asian men.

I told her to do whatever she could to secure the relationship and gave her a wink. Like all employees that work for me, Milan is a team player and went beyond the call of duty. She said she had a lot of fun and that our client was quick and easy.

Like all good salespeople she filed her report by secretly recording her actions to stay in compliance. And our client sealed the deal by leaving a deposit with Milan. I do like to get to know a man and have non-physical chemistry with him. I do like to share a lot of personal info with you so you get to know me better. The other part is that I told you in another update that I have had sex with a male officemate.

He did not want this to ever be seen, but finally agreed. What was special and that I wanted to show you here is the chemistry the two of us have. This video is very different than most. I always like to try something new. It is not just about sex for me. It is about you and I being able to talk to me about intelligent things. Of course he did say he thought our kids would have incredible looking big butts.

Now that she has retired her site hotwifetimes. Just short of a foot! This video is part of my 50 Shades of Black photo essay. I never used my body to negotiate anything. I never had bartered my looks to garnish favors from other men. Now here I was. At first I was scared. These were not men that I would normally hang around with in my everyday life. I had never been treated with such animalistic lust before. Watching these videos makes me wonder who that is in these videos. It surely could not be me.

I was caught in moment of passion. That is not the woman I was raised to be. Spreading my legs wide, enjoying it and having these men fill my womb with their warm juices!? When I let this man lick my ass as I sat on his face and then saw his massive cock pointing right in the air, I lost any inhibition.

I knew what I wanted and I took it. People say the best part of my videos is the authenticity of the action. Yes, this is authentic. He was the DJ at the club where I stripped and this is how we paid him for his services. Quite honestly I wished he charged me double! If you have read the erotic stories on my blog: They are based upon true facts I gave my talented members who write the stories.

This video is actually the basis for one of those stories. You might want to turn down the sound on your computer as I do a little swearing and some foul language is used. It has been a long journey and along the way I have tried to stay true to all of you. Well now that my site is run by OurNakedSecrets.

I started here because I was told it would be good for me to learn what a man wants. He convinced me to pose naked on the web , then he convinced me to have sex with other men, and then lent me out for their pleasure several days at a time asking them to film me whenever they could.

He wanted to turn me into his own sexual entertainment. He wanted to train me to become dependent upon sex for pleasure until I became his own personal whore.

Eventually my husband got bored of whoring me out and selling my services to other men. Now I belong to another and what my new lover has found are the libraries of videos that were taken of my exploits. I want to set the record straight and that this video did occur when my husband lent me to the DJ at a local strip club. I had no choice but to enjoy his amazing cock. My husband hated that I had an amazing night and never showed you the whole video, so I am providing this to you in 2 parts.

Fresh from this Weekend: I have not missed a weekly update in 14 years. Well if you want fresh, here is something I did this past weekend. I told him I wanted to give you all something that you desired and that I could not imagine. He made me get on all fours and serve him while he filmed with his phone. As you can see, my boyfriend really knows how to take advantage of me. As he would not face me the whole evening and took me over and over again and used me as his toy, I did not see what he was doing.

When I saw the end of this video, I was shocked at what he did to me. I had no idea. All I could say is that I enjoyed it but I could have enjoyed it more if he gave me the real thing. Did you see it in part 1? The way it pulsed when I sat on his face scared me. It was so dark and thick and moved like a snake.

When I grabbed it, it was so hard and he had such control over it. I was so wet from his eating of my pussy. This boy was so nasty. But he did warn me about some of the other girls being jealous. All the talk got me so horny though. I needed to feel his cock inside me.

I slid down on his cock first in Reverse Asian Cowgirl and then into regular Cowgirl. As I slid down I thought his cock would never end. My gosh he was so deep inside me. When a cock like this gets inside me I can not hide my enthusiasm. This is my favorite position if you did not know already.

My experience being naked in front of many people also helps me win a lot of points with the audience. Recently we were at a club in Compton and the crowd was rowdy. Afterwards he came up to me to ask him for his fee for being my DJ.

He said that all girls gave him a tip. I did not know this and he smiled and said cash was not an option. I looked at my boyfriend and he smiled at me. The DJ was not my normal type of guy I slept with, but I was pretty horny. We took the DJ back to the hotel we were staying for the night and I paid him handsomely for his services. Just as I thought, this guy was nasty. I could not believe the things he said to me and did to me. I guess taxes did not come into play here.

This is one of the best things about the adult entertainment industry. I can always barter my body for services rendered. So how does he get better? You have to build your focus and stamina. Ever try to get a blow job, keep your cock stiff and operate a camera at the same time? Well this past weekend, we decided to practice and I told him we could start with a simple blow job video.

Well we had to do lots of takes. We had video where he forgot to aim the camera and all you saw was a wall. Personally I think he messed up so that I had to do it again and again and again! Watch how he asks me how to focus and what to focus on as we begin the video. I always said I am the performer and not the video producer. I can only tell him what to do. Could you do the job? Rebecca is A Whore for Black Cock!!

More importantly they have me do things I would never have dreamed of doing on my own. So now when I am slutty and do things I never dreamed of, like having strange men cum in my unprotected pussy, I can blame it on my lover.

I love being their submissive white pussy for their pleasure. So what has changed for me? I do love it more than ever and now I get more access to it than ever. My passion for sex though is also growing. I have never loved sex as much as I love it today. I am always craving a cock inside me.

I cannot stop expressing how good these guys make me feel! What kind of sex? I am sure my lover has it planned out. Check out the rest of this video where he shared me with a friend as a favor to pay a small debt.

What I loved about his friend is the way he could take me standing up and then got me so horny that I could not control myself as I rode him to 3 orgasms. Yes, it was so hot we soaked through 2 beds in one night! Can you handle my sex drive now?? Perhaps you need to contact my boyfriend so he cans share me with you too. RebeccasOffice the Candlelit Series: My boyfriend and his roommates are like brothers. They share cars, homes, and girls.

When I moved in he warned me how we worked and that I was more that a girlfriend, but a possession. He also told me that everyone in the house lives in complete harmony. So as it turns out last weekend my boyfriend had to work late and as I slept I heard his roommate come in the room and he climbed on the bed and started making love to me.

I always see him walking around the house and the bulge between his legs is something that keeps me wet. I loved how DeWayne seduced me in my half comatose state and gave a slow hard lovemaking and telling me how he loved my pussy and was glad to share it. He was thick and I loved it. Eventually my boyfriend came home and caught us. To my surprise, he was not mad that I was being fucked by another man in our bed.

In fact he loved sharing me. He said that he loves expensive things and loved sharing them with his friends even more. Can you tell they love pounding me into the mattress? I am becoming so addicted to this lifestyle. I need these big cocks between my legs every night.

Would you share me with your friends? All the episodes turn me on and I hope they arouse you too. Recently the stories have crossed the idea of me becoming an escort for black men. Well I thought it would be a good idea to show you how it would look if a black man paid to have sex on camera with me as a boyfriend or husband caught it all on video and camera. Maybe you can decide if I can give men the real girlfriend experience.

So you know what I do by day, but what happens when I go home? I do get off work early every day. Is this what your co-workers do every night to earn a little more? No way will I drive for Uber! Yes I get propositioned all the time via email. What if I said yes? What if we met after work downtown and I turned down the lights while my handler took photos and video.

This is how it looks when we have sex in the dark with strangers and camera people walking around in the dark while we have sex. For you husbands and boyfriends out there who want to share your women with a black man, this could be a good way to get your girl to go black. So how much would you pay for this service? How much do you think I should charge for this? What kind of services would you like me to perform? They tell you to be careful what you wished for and that once she goes black that she will never come back.

You told them it was okay and you were down with it. He takes Rebecca away from you. She is now his and no longer yours.

Weeks and then months go by and you suddenly realize how much you miss her touch. What is she doing with him every night? Is she okay with this new man? Is he treating her well? When you do see her during the day you ask her and she snubs you with short answers and tells you it is none of your business. Twenty years of marriage down the drain, but you still care.

She tells you that you gave her away and you should have thought about it first. Two weeks later he comes over and he asks if you still want to see her and you nod.

He ties you to a chair and makes you drink something and you pass out. Hours later you start to hear voices. They are laughing and drinking.

You hear music and after a minute on the video too the blackness turns to light and although at first blurry it all becomes clear You see your wife sucking his cock and loving it. She almost looks drunk with his huge cock in her mouth.

He holds her down with his big hand choking her neck and she swoons as he slides deep inside her. He then commands her to turn over and she spits on his cock before he spanks her and deep fucks her from behind.

Your mind spins as you realize now that she will never be yours again. She has been converted. Your stomach aches and you pass out to her screams of pleasure A cuckold is defined as a man whose wife has sex with someone else: Rebecca was fortunate to have a willing husband who took photos and videos for many years and arranged for her to have encounters with black men until she was able to do it herself and no longer needed him.

Rebecca told us that she would often call her husband and tell him to come and leave work. You see here that her husband is still dressed with his tie on. We encourage you to watch as after she fucks her black bull, Rebecca tells you how he did her and filled her up. So we asked the reigning Queen of Spades what really put her on the right track.

She admitted she thought it was weird when her ex-husband brought home those videos. So we asked her ex, and Al told us that before she accepted watching interracial videos, he brought out a black vibrator dildo.

Eventually he got her a bigger one, but he did not want to scare her at first. So we had him go way back…to the last millennium to help us with our Training of a Queen of Spades series of videos.

He laughed when he saw how innocent Rebecca was with her full bush and saggy boobs after just having had their last child. Some insight is that he thinks Queens of Spades are made, not born.

Well we have to admit, it sounded pretty harsh, so much so that we had to dub over the first half of ths video because of the language that he used that might offend our friends of color as well as women. It was quite graphic and we know it was all in the name of Training, but we thought it might be better to use it this way and Rebecca agreed.

Her ex does make a rare appearance in these videos and he says that usually he would use mind tricks and make Rebecca close her eyes and think of one of his black friends as he fucked her. He noticed after a while that she would cum harder when he mentioned their names and that when she did see them that she would blush.

He said she had no idea that this was a true desire to make her a black cock worshipper. It did take them five more years from this point before she had her first black cock, but we all know it was worth it.

One more observation we had is the bed. That bed in is still the same bed we have seen her fuck her guys in videos as recently as this year. Oh the story that bed could tell! Your Queen of Spades: We could only imagine what it must be like for a woman to go from a suburban upper middle-class mother and businesswoman from eastern Ohio to the most popular interracial black-owned slut in the World.

That is a pretty amazing journey. It is kind of overwhelming. So we created this little mash-up. There are 17 years between the two videos when she first started and now. Her husband knew he had a star on his hands back then. Watch as he blows all over her face and makes her look at the camera. Now move forward 17 years and watch and hear how hard the sex is and how much our Rebecca begs and cries for his huge cock.

Now that is why she won the Queen of Spades title! We at Our Naked Secrets congratulate her and all her fans! Training of A Queen of Spades. She gets inquiries all the time from normal everyday people like yourself who ask how she became enamored with this life or how they can get their wife or lover to do what she does.

Well we went through some of her original material and found what you were looking for. We found Rebecca in her very first training video. When we asked about the context of the video, Rebecca told us that her husband wanted to fuck while watching interracial porn and it reaYour Queen of Spades: She said that is when she really started to lust after black cock.

She had not seen this video ever and said she is quite embarrassed because she felt like she did not know how to have good sex back then as she just laid there, but says that now that she has had some great hung lovers that sex is much more pleasurable!

Like us you will be shocked to see how this innocent housewife has become such a Queen of Spades. If Rebecca can do this, so can you with a little training.

In fact he had not had sex with her for over three years before she moved out. In fact, what he loves to do is send us videos that he takes with his camera. What we love about Rebecca is how these videos are actual videos of a real housewife and that the sex is not planned. This is not some professionally paid sex that had been arranged. You are watching a real woman who has moved out of her home and then moved in with her black lover and submits to his sexual wishes.

This is what makes her videos so much hotter and special. We love it when he makes her go outside in high heeled shoes and makes her slut walk in public. We like seeing her strut and shake her stuff We hope it turns you on like it did for us. Wait til you see the message on her shorts! She moved in and kissed me full on the lips, letting her body roll on top of me.

I carefully guided myself inside of her as she draped her legs around mine. She kissed my face and neck as I did so. Once she felt me inside of her, she slowly ground her clit against my pelvis. I stared into her face intently as she rocked back and forth. Her eyes were like two emeralds hypnotizing me as I took in her beauty.

My stare was broken when she leaned back and threw her head back with her slow methodic thrusts. Her eyes were closed and her hair was flowing as she rocked back and forth. I moved in and kissed her collarbones, allowing myself to move down to her breasts. She let out a moan as I kissed her nipples. At this point, I slowly met her pace of thrusting with my own thrusts. She made several gasps for breath as the pleasure built up in her body. I looked up at her.

The look of ecstasy on her face only served to heighten my own pleasure. Noticing I had stopped kissing her breasts, she leaned forward to kiss my lips. Within seconds, she was flat on her back and I had my left hand caressing the back of her head. She spread her legs further and wrapped her legs around the backs of my knees as she adjusted to the new position.

I slowly slid myself in and out of her, using the same slow deliberate pace she had been using with me. We may have had sex before, but I could tell this was different. As I stared into those brilliant green eyes, I felt a new kind of connection between us. Our kisses were more tender and our love making was, simply put, more passionate.

She let out a series of moans as the pleasure started surging though her body. The sound broke my train of thought. I could feel her body tense up around me and I decided now was the time. I gradually built up more speed and momentum in my thrusts. I just stared intently into her emerald eyes as I allowed my orgasm to pass. She looked back at me with a look of a satisfaction on her face. As I did that, she reached up and tenderly brushed the side of my face with her right hand.

We just laid there transfixed with each other for several minutes. Finally I slowly leaned forward and gave her a quick peck on the lips. Then I finally allowed myself to exit her and rolled off of her and on to my back. I smiled and turned to face her. I just want to be close to you.

As I sat on the edge of the bed, Giada came up behind me and wrapped her arms around my neck. I could feel the softness of her breasts rubbing against my back as she pressed her body to mine. She gave me another kiss on the cheek then let me get up.

I noticed her watching as I quick threw on an old t-shirt and sweatpants. Once I was dressed, I watched as Giada slowly unwrapped the covers from her body, almost making a show of it as her body became exposed to me. I stood in absolute awe of her beauty as she got up from the bed. She slowly walked towards me like a model on a catwalk, clearly trying to accentuate her naked figure. I was getting aroused just watching her but then she draped her arms around my neck and pulled me to her as she passionately kissed me.

As I felt her naked form pressed against me as we kissed, I could feel my body becoming even more aroused. She pulled back after several moments and brushed her right hand against my cheek before going to my closet and finding a t-shirt to wear. Because of her petite figure, the shirt almost went to her knees. The thought of my shirt resting against and covering her naked body made my mind run wild with possibilities.

While I did that, she preheated a grill pan on my stove. I seasoned the steak, rubbing it with garlic and sprinkling it with salt and pepper. Once I had that done, I put them the grill pan. Would you mind bringing them up? I went upstairs and laid her suitcases down on the floor before heading back to the kitchen. The aroma of the steak grilling filled the whole house as I entered the kitchen, where Giada was finishing up by drizzling the steaks with olive oil and lemon juice.

She turned her head and gave me a quick kiss as she finished up with the steaks. Once I finished that, I joined her at my dining room table. I love those Ricotta Pancakes you made earlier. I make those almost every weekend. She just kept eating and listened, her curiosity piqued by how much of a fan I truly was and by hearing the opinion of a person who was, more or less, a mere stranger. Like your Raspberry Tiramisu, the one with the Grand Marnier. Or your Penne with Arugula and Beef.

And now here I am sleeping with another man, who mentions that as one of his favorite recipes. I could almost see the wheels turning in her mind as she thought of something so I did as she asked. I quickly got undressed and climbed into bed, covering myself in just the top comforter. I waited for a while and as the minutes passed, I was starting to get suspicious.

But just as I was thinking about going back downstairs to check on Giada, I could hear her footsteps coming up the stairs.

When she walked into the bedroom, she was carrying a small bowl. Again, I did as she asked without question. A few moments later, I felt the bed respond as she got on to the bed, and seconds later, I felt her peeling away the comforter concealing my naked body. Then I felt a warm, sticky liquid being poured down the middle of my abdomen, down to my groin.

Then she grabbed my penis and dipped it in the bowl until its entirety was covered with the liquid. When I opened my eyes, she was on all fours straddling my body as she was moving in to kiss me. She slowly climbed down my body as she worked her way down my abdomen, kissing my skin and licking up the chocolate as she did so. When she got to my waist, she just licked the short distance to my quickly stiffening chocolate covered cock.

I closed my eyes in ecstasy as she licked the underside of my erection. Then she lowered her mouth onto it until my balls were touching her chin. I opened my eyes again and saw her head bob up and down as she devoured the chocolate from my manhood. Before long, the chocolate was gone but she kept swirling her tongue around my shaft as she took me in and out of her mouth. Adding to the sensation, she started stroking my shaft with her right hand when she had just the head of my cock in her mouth and once she had all of me in her mouth, she fondled my balls.

As the pleasure built up, I closed my eyes again, letting touch take over my other senses. Before long, I felt my body start to tense up as I got closer to the edge.

She greedily swallowed it all up. Once I was done, she took my cock out of her mouth and licked her lips. When she got to my side, I kissed her on the forehead.

Then I moved to her cheeks and finally her lips before moving on to her neck. She arched her back as I kissed my way to her collarbones.

Moving lower, I reached her breasts. By now, her nipples were fully erect as I planted several quick pecks on the smooth skin around them. After several moments, I started licking her nipples. This prompted several soft moans from Giada as she arched her back again. Eventually, the licking progressed into sucking as I kept her nipples in my mouth. After spending a couple minutes on her breasts, I returned to kissing her body and moved to her sternum and then to her stomach.

I could feel her body quiver in anticipation once I got to her waistline. At that point, I strayed to the left and kissed my way down her left groin muscle. Once I reached her inner thigh, I kissed my way back to her waistline. Then I kissed her across her waist and down her right side until I reached her right inner thigh. At that point, I kissed my way to her clit. I felt the tenderness of her clit between my lips as I ran them over it and on the tip of my tongue as I let my tongue bush against her.

This produced a squeal of delight from Giada. She started to moan as I kissed her clit, occasionally licking it with the tip of my tongue. The scent of her arousal got stronger with each passing moment and her moaning was quickly turning into heavy breathing. By now I had positioned myself between her spread out legs with a hand on each inner thigh.

I gave her clit one last lick, this time with the flat of my tongue and moved lower, to the outer walls of her now-damp pussy. At first, I made a few rounds, delicately kissed and licked her pussy lips before penetrating her with my tongue and licking her soaking wet vagina wall. I made a few more turns around the inside of her vagina, then went back to her clit, sucking it.

She arched her back as the pleasure built up even more. To enhance her pleasure, I moved my hands up and started to massage her pelvic bone as my tongue explored her. I felt drips of wetness and tasted her juices as they started to flow onto my tongue and into my mouth. Taking my cue, I picked up my pace. Her body started to tense up, and then just as quickly, it relaxed as her juices poured onto my face and into my mouth.

Taking in the sight and smell of her most intimate of body parts, I waited a couple minutes before giving her drenched pussy one last kiss before working my way back to the head of the bed. I flexed my arm to pull her even closer and wrapped my arm across her body. She took a deep breath and kissed me on the cheek as she draped her right arm across my chest. She was sound asleep in a matter of a few minutes, leaving me to marvel at her beauty as I watched her chest slowly rise and fall with each breath she took.

As I felt myself getting tired, I gave her a quick peck on the forehead. I woke up to the feeling of Giada stirring beside me. By the time I was fully awake, I was able to watch as she walked to the bathroom.

She emerged a few minutes later. The sheer beauty of her naked form was intoxicating and she seemed to be walking in slow motion back to the bed as I stared at her in absolute awe.

She laughed, accentuating her walk, almost as a model on a catwalk might and letting me really take in the view. By the time she reached the bed I was fully aroused. Before long, I felt her positioning herself between my legs and soon after that, I felt the warmth of her breath on my erect cock as she got her lips closer to it. Then, I felt her moist tongue brushing the underside of my shaft and then the roof of her mouth on the tip.

The covers looked funny as head-shaped section of them bobbed up and down and I could feel Giada wrapping her tongue around my shaft as she took my entirety in and out of her mouth. Tension was building up in my groin as the pleasure increased with each passing moment.

Giada could tell too because she started sucking me off with vengeance. Finally, she took all of me into her mouth and I could feel the back of her throat on the head of my cock.

Her tongue bathing my shaft one last time was all I needed and I blew my entire load down her throat. Once she was sure I was done, she took my cock out of her mouth to get some air before swallowing every last drop of my milky salty cum. Once she had devoured it all, Giada pulled back the covers and worked her way back to the head of the bed. This whole weekend has just been surreal.

She got up and kissed me on the cheek as she put her plate in the dishwasher. I followed her and once I had put my stuff away, I started rubbing her shoulders and neck. Once we were back on the bed, she laid down and let me give her a full body massage. Once I had worked my way down to her crotch, I gently brushed her groin muscle with my fingertips.

I could feel her body respond to my touch. Then I slowly worked my way over to her clit and started fingering it. This really produced a reaction from her body and she started moaning louder.

After a minute or so, I inserted my left index and middle fingers into her vagina. I moved around her vaginal wall with my fingers, then started moving them in and out of her. Slowly, her breathing slowed back to normal. I kept my fingers inside her warm wet pussy momentarily. I lowered my mouth to her wetness and breathed in her aroma before slowly removing my fingers and proceeding to lick her.

I resumed licking her wet pussy and penetrating her with my tongue as I felt her massaging my shaft and taking me into her mouth.

I could feel her swirling her tongue around my hardness as she took me in and out of her mouth. As the pleasure started to build, I started thrusting in and out of her mouth in rhythm with her sucking motions.

I eagerly lapped them up. I just want to be held. I got off her and turned my body around so my head was at the head of the bed. She moved closer, pressing her body against mine and resting her head on my chest as I wrapped my arms around her. I just smiled at her before leaning in and kissing her.

The silent loving embrace was only broken, occasionally, by talking and quick tender kisses. By the time nightfall came, she had moved up, and while I still had my arms around her, now, I was resting her head on her bosom. I looked up to kiss her. Expecting it to be another quick peck, I was taken by surprise when Giada responded by turning it into a long passionate kiss. Wrapping her arms around my body, she pulled me on top of her.

As our kiss continued, I could feel myself getting harder and starting to rub against Giada. Then I started kissing her right cheek and right side of her neck. I kissed her down to her shoulder and chest. Once I was at her breast, I starting sucking on it for a few moments.

As my body moved with the kisses, I was able to guide myself inside of her. She arched her back in response to the penetration and my mouth on her breast.

Earlier this week, a disturbance in the Force triggered paroxysms of anguish and confusion across the galaxy. That is to say, since the Tuesday announcement of Colin Trevorrow’s firing as. Stories Desired is your home for all types of Adult Stories. We have all types of erotic, hot, sexy stories with a wide range of topics. Nothing is forbidden in these stories, so hold on tight, and read about your favorite fetish, or deepest desire - Full Circle />. Giada’s Weekend Getaway by WildBronco38 with Giada De Laurentiis. MF, cons, oral, anal, rom?, exh. Disclaimer: As much as I wish this weren’t the case, what you are about to read never happened.