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Sweet ladies seeking real sex Sycamore

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Angyl Stephen Pederson, Tremyus Grand Reopening The Castaway Hotel: Carl Webster Cumfusion, Karl Webster. He Is the Best! Charles Hughes Mike Angelo. Gary Pinto Max the Cat. The Massage The Yard Boy. Jamie Anderson Of Blessed Memory. Tyler Time Unexpected Pleasures: Joe Camp Of Blessed Memory. Colin's Birthday Cow Boys? Timmy's Extra Credit Second Thoughts: Annual Physicals Special Secrets: Billy and Kevin Special Secrets: Chester the Molester Special Secrets: Extra Credit Special Secrets: Gay Tigers Special Secrets: Motorcycle Commando Special Secrets: Timmy's Penis Special Secrets: Troop Spring Training St.

Return of the Kovz King Book 2: Kewtieboy Justin Woodward, R. Lee Mariner The Mariner. Little Dan Of Blessed Memory. Mad Max Boys in the Hood. His First Weekend in L. The Weeks After Shay's Seduction. Michael Hines Of Blessed Memory. Miguel Sanchez Of Blessed Memory. Mike Yonge Mikel Yonge. Nexis Pas Of Blessed Memory. Nick Alias Pizza Boy. Enslaved Falsely Enslaved Fighter! Mike Trailer Trash Trailer Trash: Rob Loveboy Of Blessed Memory.

Ronald Jr Fortaleza Ronnie, Keith. Van T Zboi Robbie Robot. Young Muscular Eddie and His Teacher. Xavier Lancaster Xavier L. Please see Xavier's complete prolific author listing.


The Kristen Archives - Just First Time Stories

Chester the Molester Special Secrets: Extra Credit Special Secrets: Gay Tigers Special Secrets: Motorcycle Commando Special Secrets: Timmy's Penis Special Secrets: Troop Spring Training St. Return of the Kovz King Book 2: Kewtieboy Justin Woodward, R. Lee Mariner The Mariner. Little Dan Of Blessed Memory.

Mad Max Boys in the Hood. His First Weekend in L. The Weeks After Shay's Seduction. Ocarina of Time are infamous for this. While they were supposed to be biting Link's neck in their attack animation, they surely don't look it, and they even pelvic thrust while "biting" him. Redeads are unique in this trope due to the fact that while their attack is funny as hell, it also manages to be creepy and annoying due to the fact that you cant move while it attacks at the same time.

However, with the new and improved Redeads in Wind Waker , the rape attack becomes all-out Nightmare Fuel. In Fallout 2 a Super Mutant named Francis challenges you to an arm-wrestling contest, and if you lose he drags you back to his house and has his way with you. You wake up the next morning with a ball gag in your inventory, people in San Francisco start mocking you, and if you're playing as a female with the Sexpert perk then all the sex dolls in the game get named after you.

Morrowind , the player is tasked with taunting a Dremora until he attacks, and only then killing it. When aroused to combat, the Dremora delivers an ultimatum that is the same for both genders. After I kill you, I'm going to rape your corpse. Don't worry, I'll be gentle. The Jockey from Left 4 Dead has a habit of climbing on the survivors' backs and steering them around, all while humping and laughing its head off.

Also from Valve , we have the Half-Life and its infamous cut monster, Mr. It was cut for being more disturbing than funny. In HuniePop , after a third successful date with secret character Celeste , she'll send you a picture depicting her getting molested by a tentacle monster. The log entry she attaches with it suggests that this kind of thing happens to her often while she's out on intergalactic bounty hunting missions , but she seems to take it in her stride, or perhaps even enjoy it.

She does include a heart emoticon at the end of said log A lot of readers found this not so much funny as distasteful, which led to the following comic being a statement in which Gabe and Tycho said "We hate rapers, and all the rapes they do. If you're raping someone right now, stop. Go, and rape no more. There was a whole hullabaloo of reactions and counterreactions eventually ending with the author s apologising for real.

These rape-tentacles nearly beat the giant monster to death. The lead characters thought they were fighting Face Huggers , but they were wrong. It ends with a call to the proctologist. Said ending was in the original game, but the Gag Dub greatly tones down the Nightmare Fuel. Please get that thing out of my ass! Leela then finds out they are not tentacles but genitalia.

The second episode of Xtacles has a lot of talking about rape, but the only thing that could have counted as actual rape happened to a statue which we found out in The Stinger was done by a talking gorilla. Most of the plot was how the Xtacles were going after someone that obviously had nothing to with said defacement they figured it only could have been done by an ape and they went after Rapier Ape.

See also Double Standard: Rape, Female on Male. The main character is raped by his stepsister! And to make matters worse, it was only moments before the rape that he learned they weren't blood relatives. Other characters still get away with mocking him for it In Detroit Metal City a show with a lot of rape jokes , a little girl that was dressed like Krauser was claimed by fans to be the next incarnation after singing one of his songs and deep throttling a white liquid.

When her father entered, she jumped on him and the crowd started cheering for her to rape him and kill him like Krauser had done to his parents. In Excel Saga surprised? Which is to say, abused by the female Anthropomorphic Personification of "The Great Will of the Macrocosm" and the other half of Pedro's actual spouse sort of , his "Sexy Wife".

The way Louise treats Saito in The Familiar of Zero , either by magically shocking him or in most cases using a whip , are played up for laughs. Gakuen Ouji skirts the line with this. While the girls attempting to rape the male lead are seen as utterly depraved for doing so and it's not portrayed as being remotely okay or funny, the manga has an overall pretty wacky and over-the-top tone.

Which makes it a bit hard to tell whether it's supposed to be taken seriously or not. Tequila's actions toward Kazuya in Galaxy Angel II are played for laughs, although he's terrified; were it the other way around, the character would certainly have to be changed. Girls Saurus opens with a burly, overweight, and generally hideous schoolgirl confessing to the male protagonist, and then take her clothes off.

When he rejects her, she gets pissed off and beats him up thoroughly; the whole ordeal not only lands him in traction for a long while, but also gives him severe gynophobia. While the reader is made aware how strongly this affects him, few of the other cast members show much sympathy. None of the other main characters know about Shingo's phobia , except for the school nurse.

The protagonist confided his condition to her hoping she could help, but this was a bad idea. In Goshuushou-sama Ninomiya-kun , the asexual Shungo is regularly tied up and sexually harassed by the girls in his class because they take sadistic pleasure in seeing him squirm; however, none of them try to go all the way with him.

The same cannot be said though of Reika, who, after snapping, tries to physically force him to have sex with her which is not played for laughs. Nyarko harasses Mahiro all along, but at the end of episode 6 first season tries to rape him in his bed. Her deranged idea of love, and Mahiro's terror, are made clear. Note also that Nyarko gets the same treatment; see under Rape of Women by Women.

Both of them are horrified by this Hajime during and Kaoru after the fact , but it's played for laughs due to the jackhammer sound effects accompanying the scene. You said you'd rape me ten times within one second. A plot summary of Kanokon: At one point, he is caught with a naked Chizuru in the middle of a street when her barrier shatters. She goes furthest on the last episode: When he pays no attention to her he has more serious problems on his mind she drugs him.

In Mawaru-Penguindrum Ringo doesn't quite rape Shouma , but she does end up trying to kiss him by force and humping him rather She only stops when she collapses atop of him due to her fever. When Ringo does openly try to rape Tabuki so she can bear his child , this trope is averted as it shows how badly messed up she is. In the ecchi manga, My Balls , the lead male character has a demon lord sealed into his right testicle.

If he ejaculates, then she will escape and destroy the world. As a consequence, every chapter consists of the character alternately being raped by a rotating ensemble of demonesses and his off-and-on nymphomaniac love interest. Although she never got to doing being interrupted by forces from Konoha finding their group , it's heavily implied once that Karin planned to drug Suigetsu and Jugo, then when they were unconscious, rape Sasuke when he was injured from a battle.

Kanbaru does this to Koyomi in Episode 2 of Nisemonogatari after the latter accuses her of not being as perverted as she makes herself out to be. In the finale of Tenchi Muyo! GXP , the protagonist Seina Yamada gets gang banged by four women after being kidnapped by them.

Oh, and it was on video for all the universe to see. Yuria Shiki features Yuria, a Ridiculously Human Robot Sex Bot who, because of her programming, constantly tries to force sex on her unwilling because he is already engaged roommate , Shunsuke. Fortunately for Shunsuke, he is a skilled amateur wrestler and has so far managed to avoid her very, very persistent "advances.

Part of the humor came from her penetrating the Husband during the act, since she was pre-op and still wanted to use her old parts, and the wife was elated when she found out her husband was taken from behind. In the anime version of The Master Of Ragnarok And Blesser Of Einherjar , Yuuto Suou is sexually assaulted by his entire Yggdrasil harem, who have frequently made quite clear how much they sexually desire him, and all have strong pragmatic and romantic reasons to desire he sire children with them.

Since most, if not all, are physically way stronger than he is, and he needs said harem to keep him alive, he can't resist even if he wants to, and the whole thing is played for laughs.

She rips off his pants, and then all the prostitutes line up to shove progressively larger things up his arse mind you, he was an Asshole Victim. Happens to Bob in Horndog. Booster spends the entire issue being dragged around by an amorous, super-strong female space pirate who intends to rape him as soon as they have a free moment.

She makes it very clear that his protests don't matter, and that he probably won't survive the experience. Entirely Played for Laughs. Umar couldn't get enough, and was very disappointed when the Hulk became so satisfied with the experience that Bruce Banner reverted to normal and couldn't Hulk Out! Greg Pak followed up on this in a later story where Umar returned for seconds. This time, Hulk was much stronger and up to the challenge.

Titi Fricoteur get used to the name! The second or so incident is when a strongwoman at a circus decides she'll have her way with him when he intended on the horse-riding women with him being so scrawny by comparison that it's a combination of Marshmallow Hell and being used like a human dildo though at least he eventually does get to hook up with the other two.

They mourn lost family, friends, opportunities Her narration is all the funnier because it interrupts a very somber sequence. The Fire Emblem fic What's in a Name runs on this. The "Corrinsexuals", seven Fire Emblem Fates characters who can not have relationships with anyone not named Kamui , attempt to have their way with Kamui the Valentian mercenary. Kamui, for his part, is appropriately horrified.

The ex-girlfriend not only gets away scot-free, but wins money on the deal. In the comedy The Deviants , a woman tells a matchmaker for sex deviants that she must have sex with every man she talks with privately.

It's immediately demonstrated as she pulls up a gun and tells him to strip. He refuses, so she knocks him out with the gun and proceeds to have her way with him. When his female helper hears about it, she not only laughs about him being raped, but gives him a weird look and then pressures him to laugh too.

To top it off, he sends her another client of his fully aware of what she'll do to him probably him just doing his job, given that this client smiles when she tells him to strip at gunpoint. A major subplot of Wedding Crashers follows Vince Vaughn's character being pursued by a clingy, obsessive girl who eventually ties him to a bed , gags him with a dirty sock, and rapes him Vaughn's character described himself as feeling like "Jodie Foster in The Accused " in a later scene.

Of course, this is played for laughs , as the character is an extreme womanizer, and he reacts to these events more with annoyance than horror and ends up marrying the girl before the movie ends. In National Lampoon's Barely Legal aka After School Special , some high school guys plant a fellow student's photo in their porn site without him knowing.

His hairdresser is then convinced he can cast her into porn movies. When he has no idea what she wants from him, she pours a can of hair mousse into her hand and circles him. Ignoring the other people in the salon, she gives him, out of nowhere, a handjob from behind, causing him to scream in panic. In the direct-to-video American Pie Presents: Beta House , Stifler goes to a sex addicts' meeting in his college hoping to find easy targets.

After he commends a speaker's bravery for finally being abstinent for a while, she looks at him and it is followed by them having sex in his dormitory. However, her hypersexual behavior causes him to eventually trick her and run away. His roommate then comes looking for him, and the still nude female student orders and immediately pushes the stranger to bed, and jumps on him. In the recent movie adaptation of St. Trinian's , towards the end, Geoffrey Thwaites has a drink with his old lover, Miss Fritton, and wakes up naked in her bed the next morning.

In the Clint Eastwood vehicle The Rookie , Clint stars as a detective chasing down a ruthless car thief. Captured by the thief and his girlfriend, Clint is tied to a chair and interrogated by the villains.

Later, the lady thief mounts Clint and screws him while a camera records the action. Later, when Clint's partner comes to rescue him, the sex is comically being played on a number of TV screens, causing the partner to jokingly prod Clint about how much fun he's been having.

This is all played for laughs instead of as a perverse sexual assault. In the musical adaptation of Reefer Madness , this happens in the musical number "Little Mary Sunshine," in which Ralph's marijuana-facilitated attempted seduction of Mary goes horribly, horribly wrong. A '70s Made-for-TV Movie called It Couldn't Happen to a Nicer Guy concerns a man who is kidnapped, stripped, and sent away naked by a beautiful woman, and his subsequent difficulties getting the authorities — or his wife — to believe his story.

Norbit 's entire relationship is pretty much based on Rasputia strong-arming her way into his world by saving him from two bullies, and doing this to his entire social life. You got a giiiiirlfriend? Tomcats plays it straight and subverts it. And so is her grandmother! The lead character winds up not fully traumatized, more in a daze. Beerfest at first makes it look like Jay Chandrashekar's character is being taken advantage of, he fades in and out of beer goggle vision of the woman he picked up at the bar.

When he wakes up and turns over, he stares up at the ceiling camera and says "Naaah, I knew all along! Arguably at least played with, if not averted wholly. The build up to the scene is certainly played for laughs Page's character is hilariously bad at seduction but the actual rape is shown to be fairly traumatic for Wilson's character.

It even deals with the guilt he feels afterwards Wilson considers it cheating on his wife, and is pretty skeeved out as Page is significantly younger than him in a surprisingly grown up way. In the third Basket Case the sheriff's Seemingly Wholesome Fifties Daughter strangely turns out to be a dominatrix who tries to rape Duane, much to the sheriff's annoyance.

The film adaptation of Entertaining Mr Sloan ends with siblings Kath and Ed negotiating an agreement to "share" Mr Sloan, who is coerced into the arrangement under threat of being turned into the police for murdering their father. This act is generally construed as teaching the man a lesson and making a statement for sexual equality.

The entire work satirized sex, gender, and sexual practices. Judith Krantz's novel I'll Take Manhattan 's Maxi and her ex Rocco — at one point she grabs his penis during an argument, which leads to a hard-on, which leads to In the first chapter of John Irving's The World According to Garp , a book that is otherwise largely concerned with gender equality, Jenny Fields mounts an unconscious, brain-damaged soldier with priapism in order to get pregnant. She goes on to detail this in her autobiography and is never called on it.

The queen decides that Matt would be perfect as her new boy toy. When he tries to get help from the awesomely powerful sorceress he's here to assist, she laughs and mocks him. Mostly because she misread the situation, she thought Mat was simply griping about his lover, and when she does find out how far Tylin is pushing Mat she regrets her mockery and tries to console him.

However, this all happens rather briskly, since they're about to go hunting after an important MacGuffin and end up separated afterwards. In the same book, this is implied to have happened to Lan as well with a bit of mind raped mixed in.

At least in this case another character points out that the rapist ought to be punished. Egwene decides to blackmail her instead. Rape of the minor villain Galina by another woman with some rather sadist tendencies is presented as karmic justice. The War World series has a female Havenite rape a genetically-enhanced Sauron at gunpoint in order to get pregnant with his "superior" child.

She later frees him and his Ax-Crazy Cold Sniper cellmate from a prison camp and again forces them to impregnate her as the first time didn't take. The situation is played mostly for laughs, but his emotions during the sex are touched on in a curiously realistic way.

In Memories of Ice , book three of the Malazan Book of the Fallen , there's a Running Gag in Antsy's squad of Detoran having a crush on Hedge , and Detoran in turn being the object of amorous intentions from a bull bhederin something like a buffalo who keeps following her around. Detoran shows her affection by pummeling Hedge into her tent or the nearest bushes and the remainder of the squad finds Hedge's frantic attempts to escape supremely comical.

When Blend voices her pity for Hedge, Picker claims he's obviously enjoying it or it wouldn't still be happing night after night, but Blend counters that as soldiers, they all know following orders is the best way to stay alive, what with Detoran having broken Hedge's nose several times over already. The rape of a college's only research graduate male student by his middle-aged bedder is graphically portrayed, but we never learn how it would have affected him because moments after the act starts they both die in a heating gas explosion.

Mystery Science Theater Episode , The Violent Years features a scene where a young man is sexually assaulted by a group of four attractive high school girls. While William Morgan, the director of the movie and Ed Wood , its writer attempt and, arguably, fail to play the scene dead straight as a horrific and traumatizing crime, Mike and the 'bots have the typical male "What a lucky guy" reaction to these events, because the scene ended up being pure Narm.

Refuses to Press Charges! Hundreds of Men Flock to Crime Scene! Buffy the Vampire Slayer: In the sixth season episode " Gone ", Buffy, while invisible, "forces" oral sex on Spike, who has just told her to get dressed and get out.

His reaction is a simple "Hey, that's cheatin'! Faith did try to rape and murder Xander. He jokes about it in a later episode, but this is likely due to cover his fears after she wakes up from a coma and goes on a rampage.

General Hospital has sunk to a new low with a female-on-male rape storyline. Not for the actual rape of good-guy Jasper Jax by his sociopathic brother's ex-lover, but for the reaction of his wife and her hitman best friend aka the moral centers of Port Charles. Carly accuses Jax of cheating while he's still bloody and bruised.

Then she and Jason, her aforementioned sainted hitman best friend laugh at how silly the thought of Jax actually being raped is. It's not really treated for comedy, except by Gene Hunt. Invoked in Veronica Mars. A whole plot line was about women being drugged and raped, then a guy got drugged and had an easter egg stuck up his ass. Everybody thought it was pretty funny, but Veronica, who is no stranger to rape, pointed out there was no reason for the different treatment. Initially partially demonstrated in season 5 of Peep Show when Mark's co-worker commits frotteurism by rubbing her bottom on him in a closet room until he comes and runs out.

Then, some episodes later, Mark wakes up to find a woman he mistook for lesbian mounting him. He once again tries passing it off as an embarrassing misunderstanding, but this time shares it with Jez and Super Hans, who both remark it sounds like he was raped.

Jez later even tells so to both the woman and her father, but the father just ignores it while the woman takes offense. Whilst the example where Mark wakes up having sex with the "lesbian" is discussed in a childish manner , the writers managed to sneak an adult topic into the plot when Jeremy and Super Hans not only argue that rape isn't ok regardless of the offender's gender , but discuss how all unwanted sexual contact is still rape: Sounds like you were raped to me, Mark.

She never forced anything in my bum, so it's not rape. His friends are able to find where the driver lives and confront her. They find her about to marry the still-unconscious Earl, but it's implied that his friends have rescued him from rape.

It later turns out that they were too late, as the doctor delivering a list of Earl's injuries includes involuntary orgasm, to which his ex-wife responds, "Oh my god, that crazy bitch tried to consummate the marriage! In the Red Dwarf episode "Emohawk", Lister's gorilla-like bride attempts to forcibly consummate the marriage he married her to get a part for Starbug , prompting Lister to flee.

Rimmer is repeatedly raped by female crew members in Back in the Red after drinking liquid sexual magnetism although being Rimmer, he doesn't mind the sexual attention. Complicating the matter is the fact that Rimmer was because he was using the sexual magnetism virus, he's arguably the one raping them via drugging, since most women wouldn't consent to being in the same room as Rimmer if given the option.

This one's sort of a gray area though, since it all turns out to be hallucinations. In the non-hallucinated last part of the episode, Lister dumps a vial of the sexual magnetism virus on Rimmer, and we see him getting fondled by the male prisoners, and the earlier parts of the episode which take place in the aftermath, he's not on speaking terms with Lister, implying he was raped by the other prisoners.

In the novel Last Human which uses part of Emohawk as its plot, Lister isn't lucky enough for it to stop at 'attempt,' as she started before he regained consciousness.

According to the recaps of the event, she had just finished a very intense match, and kept calling Rimmer by a different name, suggesting severe head trauma. The humor is clearly centered around Rimmer's complete inability to bed a woman unless she had a concussion.

The canonical book gives greater detail, stating that Yvonne was attracted to Rimmer, and after the incident, thought she'd hallucinated it.

While the books have a lot of the same gags as the show, some things are taken more seriously: McGruder, the result of this. Apparently, Yvonne talked up Rimmer to such a degree that Michael sees him as a legendary hero! Even though Al Bundy never wanted to have sex with his wife, sometimes Peg just wouldn't take no for an answer, and hilarity would ensue.

His son Bud sometimes caught the fancy of very large, very fat women whose appearances bordered on horrific, who dragged him offscreen despite his horrified screams. Season 8, Episode 17 - "Valentine's Day Massacre" by a hotel guest when he is posing as a bellhop while trying to bypass security. In the end he gets past the guard by luring him to the same hotel guest Season 10, Episode 06 - "The Weaker Sex" twice by the same woman, the biker in the bar One episode had an unusual example of this trope, as Bud gets raped by an attractive woman.

The reason he was unwilling? He had just finished having sex with another attractive girl who was joining a convent the next day and wanted to get her fill of sex while she could. As a result, for the first time in his life, Bud was all used up when the second girl came around and dragged him off. Commandant Grayza and John Crichton on Farscape , which granted is only funny once John finds an antidote to Grayza's date-rape pheromones and leaves her tied to the bed at the conclusion to an unpleasant romp through sexual interrogations.

In the Flight of the Conchords episode "Girlfriends", naive Bret hooks up with the manipulative Lisa. After several attempts to get him into bed, she feeds him some stories about how women can become infertile if they're aroused but do not climax and how she is being shipped off to Iraq the next day. The '80s sitcom Too Close for Comfort had an episode called "For Every Man, There's Two Women" that has amiable dope Monroe abducted and raped by two women during his security guard job.

Cracked has a suitably disturbing description here. Averted in Fresh Meat. In one episode the characters, who are all first year students in college, drunkenly swap stories about their first sexual encounter. Kingsley, desperate to hide the fact that he's still a virgin, concocts a story about losing his virginity at the age of 12 to a woman in her 30's in order to impress them. This backfires, as the rest of the group point out the horrifying implications of this, and attempt to help him come to terms with what they believe happened to him.

Series two of Psychoville introduces Hattie, a Fag Hag who agrees to a Citizenship Marriage with her gay friend's boyfriend so that he can remain in the country. Hattie becomes romantically obsessed with him, chains him up in the house and eventually rapes him, all played for laughs though it's obvious she is slipping into insanity, the victim in question is clearly very disturbed by what she did to him and her friend is horrified about what she's done to his boyfriend.

She even tells him "It's time girls like me turn the tables on guys like you," before leaving the house with him bound up with a ball-gag. Alice Cooper 's "Raped And Freezin'", where the narrator is picked up hitchhiking by an older woman. She rapes him, he escapes but is left stranded and naked in Mexico, and it's all played for humor.

Slash and Fergie collaborated on a song called "Beautiful Dangerous". In the music video, Fergie drugs Slash's drink at a bar and drags him home to date rape him. This is Played for Laughs and treated no more seriously than Scotty and Chekov's drunken parking violation.

Dromio of Ephesus is engaged to Nell. Dromio of Syracuse shows up and is mistaken for his brother, chased about by Nell and so on. He finds her repulsive and spends a good bit of the day avoiding her. In many adaptions Nell chases Dromio of S.

This is all played for laughs. Not to mention the implications of Antipholus of S. In Aristophanes ' The Assemblywomen of Ecclesiazusae , a new law is enacted declaring that before any man may have sex with a beautiful woman, he must screw an ugly one and a mirror provision for women. The second act has a couple of old hags dragging off a young man who'd shown up at his young and presumably beautiful lover's house. In McMeekin Finds Out , a dark comedy drama by Scott Barsotti, one of the characters, Carla McMeekin, a 17 year old girl, rapes a football player who was almost mummified with duct tape during a hazing party which had been designed by the rest of the team to humiliate the player in question in order to punish him for his fumble during a match.

This is treated seriously by all the other characters, even the father, Guy McMeekin who is sceptical about the possibility of a woman raping a man, but it is the subject of edgy humour, with the mother Pam McMeekin asking whether the player had been dressing slutty. To her credit, Carla bitterly regrets what has happened.

Entertaining Mr Sloan ends with siblings Kath and Ed negotiating an agreement to "share" Mr Sloan, who is coerced into the arrangement under threat of being turned into the police for murdering their father.

Watts, the chemistry teacher. Unbeknownst to Watts, Edna has slipped sedatives in his coffee, and once the mission is over, the viewer is treated to a mercifully brief cutscene of Edna dragging Watts to a nearby sleazy hotel.

I should've tied you to my bed! Actually attempted in Tales of Monkey Island Chapter 4: The Trial and Execution of Guybrush Threepwood: Just when Guybrush is about to answer to his criminal charge, a Poxed Elaine barges into the Flotsam Courthouse, threatening to pillage and plunder for "spoils, swags, booty and boodle", then sees him and calls him a "bonnie lass" before adding, "Step into me captain's quarters and let me ravish you silly!

But then she sniffs his jacket and, thinking that he had an apparent affair with Morgan, triggers a Berserk Button as Elaine charges after her in an attempt to kill her. If you get grabbed by a Vampire in Grabbed by the Ghoulies , you will be yanked inside her coffin, the coffin will rock, she will make rather In Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas , one of the pre-mission cutscenes involves Carl being chained to a rack and raped by his hostile Tsundere partner, Catalina.

Thankfully, this is off-screen. Unthankfully, there is audio. Oracle for Hire on his first date with Rachel Hart, a literal Amazon who likes to break things with her face. How they hooked up to begin with is never mentioned, but since this incident involved kitty-ears and a bell even Dominic's ladyfriend, Luna, is inclined to agree that it's pretty funny.

Dominic himself seems to recall it more with rueful embarrassment than with horror, as well. This attracted some controversy, but quickly took a back seat to what followed. Later on we see Celesto Morgan involved in a fully consensual hookup with Rachel.

A strip or two later he's wearing the kitty-ears and not looking pleased, but no rape occurs and nothing suggests Rachel made any attempts.

Whatever the hell happened with Dominic probably didn't go beyond non-consensual dress-up. Though played for laughs, Kim is later shown accompanying Davan to a rape survivors' support group.

The topic was also handled more maturely: When the subject of male rape is brought up, Davan recognizes that some men wouldn't be bothered by unsolicited sex, but they would have every right to be, as opposed to most proponents of male rape who say men would not and cannot be disturbed by a woman raping them.

Kim also goes through therapy for issues, having apparently done it in the past to other men. Davan's rejection letters for bad plays in cartoon form: A Tale of Rapening'. Also, your next play should have a little less rape in it. In the Book of Genesis Lot's daughters get him drunk to rape him. Holy Bibble plays this for incredibly squicky laughs.

Seemingly played for laughs by Old Man Death in Girl Genius while reciting the story of how he met his wife. Max strongly implies that she has this in mind for Jamie in this Leftover Soup strip, but hopefully she's joking Questionable Content 's tenth comic had a discussion between Sarah and Faye about this trope, arguing "I think you would fulfill a fantasy shared by every shy, submissive boy on the planet.

Notably the word "rape" has since visibly been replaced by the word "hump". A celebratory New Years webmanga has an ex-yakuza dog man taking in a wild girl off the streets.

He helps her get on her feet, they get into scrapes together, and the pair eventually bond The very last panel shows him crying about the memory to his ex-boss while lamenting how wolflike she acted, all while the girl now his wife happily plays with their kid in the background.

He goes on to describe his intense coma dreams where he has sex with everything from Psylocke who "used her psychic powers to make him pee" to a zebra. It turns out she had told the hospital staff they were married and she wanted to consummate their relationship. And then you remember that this is semi-autobiographical It backfired on him in the Week 15 convo, when after the Patriots lost to the Dolphins, Lauren Tannehill Ryan Tannehill's wife gets to sleep with Brady, with the roles reversed; Lauren gets to be the pitcher to Brady's catcher.

Occurs with the use of shadows in " Prick Up Your Ears ", in which a sex-starved Lois forces herself onto Peter taken to abstinence, after being indoctrinated by an abstinence-only educational program.

Doesn't take much for him to give in. In " The Griffin Family History ", Meg was captured by criminals after her family sent her out to get Peter a sandwich while the house was still being robbed. Meg becomes obsessed with her captor in a very short period of time given her desperation for a boyfriend and tries to force herself on him.

The robber is very clearly traumatized, and even goes so far to charge Meg with rape, which the police take her in for, instead of the robber for armed robbery. This also happened in " Lethal Weapons ". Lois had taken up martial arts and as a consequence, becomes aggressive as hell. One night Peter tries to use the "headache" excuse, but Lois doesn't take no for an answer. The next morning Peter cries about it to Brian. Last night, Lois was the MAN! In " Peter-assment " Peter's boss Angela sexually harasses him and tries to get him to have sex with her.

Ed, Edd n Eddy: The roles WERE reversed in one episode where the Eds well, Double-D really came up with the idea of using reverse psychology by feigning a similar over-the-top romantic interest in the Kankers in order to get them off their backs for good. It would have worked, too, except Eddy choked at the last minute, the Kankers caught on, and went right back to chasing the Eds.

In The Movie after Eddy's brother turns out to be such a Jerkass that everyone in the cul-de-sac cheers on the Eds for knocking him out, the Kankers drag his unconscious body back into his house, and sexual harassment probably isn't something they'd be beyond using as "punishment".

Fifi le Fume from Tiny Toon Adventures , who pursues reluctant boys with the same degree of enthusiasm that her predecessor pursued women, and the accompanying notion that her antics are a bit more acceptable for contemporary audiences because of her gender.

Their response is a combination of cheers and groans of pain as they are locked in a room and the entire tribe systematically lines up to have their way with them. They are rescued eventually before their pelvises are crushed, and no lasting damage is done.

Note that Fry and Zapp don't seem to have any resistance to the idea itself until it starts really hurting; Kif, who does, manages to escape it, and is rescued by Amy. She found Fry's slovenliness incredibly hot, because she spent all her time with neat freaks.

She was visibly giving him favor for sleeping with her, and he eventually tried to end the relationship, but made the mistake of sweeping items off a desk in anger. She grins and leaps on him. It's played for both Comedy and Drama. Lrrr is raped by a woman in one episode.

To put this in context, Lrrr is a ten foot tall planetary overlord alien who eats human sized beings, and the woman who assaults him she has a fetish for aliens is a normal human who saw him at Comic-Con. An episode of John Callahan's Quads had the hippy girlfriend of the quadriplegic protagonist have sex with him while he was asleep, in the episode where he sold his soul to the devil to be able to get it up.

He is somewhat distressed, but this is more because he's been having nightmares of going to hell and she doesn't seem to notice. In The Venture Bros. Quymn, Medicine Woman", the title character's twin daughters Nancy and Drew think that Dean is cute so they try to sleep with him. However Dean has a crush on Triana Orpheus, is generally naive, and does not want to sleep with them, so they pin him down and force him to. Luckily for Dean, Hank called for help.

Gorgeous Gal who had a sexy voice aggressively attempted to seduce Woody Woodpecker but he was turned off by her weight and age. Woody tried to get away but she eventually dragged him into a submarine. The submarine sailed off with cans on strings attached to it to end the film. A Running Gag in Archer , in which Cheryl does this to Cyril once, then uses the threat of blackmail to force him to sleep with her anytime she wants.

Pam also ends up raping Cyril while he is passed out from blood loss and being pumped full of heroin. Rape, Male on Male. For instance, one comic featured a tubby guy getting exercise from his female trainer by having her strip nude and run around the room on the first day saying he can have sex with her if he can catch her. However, on the second day the trainer is replaced by a Scary Black Man who tells him to start running before he catches him.

The daughters even laugh at the scrawny kid being bounced in the air as if it was as innocent as his mouth being washed out with soap. The Mask shoves exhaust pipes up some crooked mechanics asses for cheating him as Stanley.

Afraid to die, the first explorer chose chi-chi, which as it turned out involved the tribal men standing in line to rape him if there are three people, the process repeats for the second person, who dreads it but would much rather not die. The last explorer, disturbed by what he saw, feared for his dignity and chose death. Upon which the chief would reply, "Very well, death by chi-chi! While visiting the dentist, Louie experiences an anesthesia-induced hallucination where he has a banana placed into his mouth and, when he suddenly awakens from the said hallucination, his dentist is shown hurriedly tucking in his shirt and zipping up his pants.

Possibly a reference to Real Life anesthetics that can cause vivid sexual dreams, which have led to similar accusations and are a big reason besides the obvious why no one is ever allowed to be in a room alone with an anesthetized patient without a witness to verify their good behavior.

Brit Com series Dark Ages has the character Redwald captured by vikings twice. He is returned in a sack each time, upon which he's asked if he's been treated "mmm As usual, Alice doesn't get it. Superman's feeling a bit bored because Batman and Spider-Man are on a scuba diving course, so he doesn't have anyone to play with. Watch with a flexible wri Watch word Watch word? Watch's innards Watch's sound Watch, maybe, to send back Watch, perhaps, to send back Watch, say Watch-crystal holder Watch-pocket places Watch-step connection Watchdog agcy.

Watchdog on the payroll Watchdog org. Watchdog's greeting Watchdog's warning Watched Watched and did nothing Watched carefully Watched closely from a di Watched match and thought it OK Watched things Watched United compete to get on top Watched warily Watched what was wolfed Watched, as a TV show Watched, in a way Watcher Watchers Watches Watches for Watches for, perhaps Watches in astonishment Watches, as a store Watchful Watchful one Watchful pair Watchfulness Watching Watching assistant as most of Copperfield act's fantastic Watching leaders leaving, doing as instructed Watching Letterman or Con Watching over sign that's crooked, balance initially maintained Watching over Warsaw's na Watching people Watching point or person Watching struggle by faction Watchmaker since Watchmaker with the first Watchmaker's sci.

Watchmaker's unit of thic Watchmaker? Water current in the same Water down Water engulfs two parking signs in prominent feature Water fleas, barnacles, e Water flow control gate Water follower, commercia Water for Juan Water from a fountain Water gate Water gate?

Water growth Water hazard Water hazard? Water in dry getting response from bird Water in practice area raised temper Water in the air Water jug Water level indicator Water locator Water logs?

Water skimmers Water slide, e. Water small bunch of flowers Water softener Water softener brand Water source Water sources Water sources current doctor found in province Water sport Water sprayer Water sprite Water storage tank Water store Water supplier de-ices marsh fluidly with gang in support Water supplier, e. Water tortoise Water tower? Water transport Water under the bridge Water under the Brooklyn Bridge 2 wds. Watergate-era White House Watergate: Watering holes Watering place Watering requires tons, not gallons — that's a bother Watering's always in season Watering-hole Waterless Waterless area Waterless laundering Waterlogged Waterloo Waterloo commander Waterloo locale Waterloo marshal Waterloo singers Waterloo's place Waterloos Waterman products Watermelon discard Watermelon part Watermelon rind, e.

Watermelon throwaways Waterproof again Waterproof boots Waterproof boots - shorebirds Waterproof cloth Waterproof container for toiletries, etc Waterproof cover Waterproof fabric Waterproof is not suitable when going outside Waterproof jacket Waterproof overshoe Waterproof overshoes Waterproof shoe Waterproof wool used for Waterproofing material fo Waters Waters and Mertz Waters around river rising north spread Waters between Corsica and Sicily Waters fed by the Amu Dar Waters fields Waters naturally Waters of Hollywood Waters of jazz Waters off Hong Kong Waters on stage Waters one teacher brought up with hot main Waters seen on Broadway Waters south of the South Waters, informally Waters: Watershed dividing line Watership Down author Waterside accommodations Waterside plant Waterside plant does climb?

Waterside plants Waterside tree Waterskin Waterspout Waterspout habitu Waterspout trajectory Watertight coating Waterway Waterway having reduced soft trickle Waterway is able to dock everything Waterway link Waterway named for a talk Waterwheel Watery Watery constituent of milk Watery discharge Watery ditch is to the rear of sheep fold Watery expanse Watery fluids Watery grave doesn't have one Watery hue Watery part of milk Watford's county Watkins Glen, e.

Wave catchers Wave excessively, shortly before getting it on with a fresher Wave function symbol Wave function symbol in p Wave function symbol in q Wave going over as two loose packs in the hold Wave hats in races Wave hits Bond's head in submerged vessel for future generations Wave in the style of Russell? Wave with a foaming crest Wave, as a weapon Wave, e. Harden up with instant injection Waves at, perhaps Waves back? Waves from canoe Waves often accompany the Waves on garments Waves on l'oc Waves to a wahine Waves wildly Waves with long wavelengt Waves you might have in your hair?

Waving flags found in prop containing English chart Wavy Wavy design Wavy line marking flow of water across lake Wavy lines, in the comics Wavy pattern Wavy pattern on fabric Wax Wax and massage with happy ending Wax attacker Wax collector Wax eloquent Wax insert, perhaps Wax light Wax lights Wax makers Wax producer Wax producers Wax remover Wax removers Wax theatrical Wax things, for short Wax unit?

Wax's opposite Wax, perhaps Wax-coated cheese Wax-coated cheeses Wax-covered cheese Waxed Waxed bombastic Waxes Waxes former girlfriend, quietly and slowly at first Waxing alternative Waxing offerer Waxy bloomer Waxy fat Way Way a European embraces preacher Way a family member shows inactivity Way a fern reproduces Way a good sort nurses Rowan, perhaps Way about in a manner of speaking Way anger about ecstasy is unproductive Way animal enclosure shows lack of pretentiousness Way around Way around in comic books Way around London, once Way around Paris Way around Shanghai Way around town Way back when Way below half of 13 yen Way belowdecks Way beneficiary reported brigand Way between floors Way between seat blocks Way convict goes around a prison camp Way cool Way death is dealt with, quietly concealed Way dictator primarily augments ability to maintain power Way down Way down, perhaps Way down?

Way English teacher originally let it remain Way for the wind to blow: Way home from a bar, mayb Way in Way in front, athlete 23 Way in Montr Way in or out Way in Qu Way in the past Way in which a good man catches a plane, for example Way information is suppressed by large-scale promoters of disease Way into N.

Way into the bathroom at Way it's done Way less traveled Way men master rage Way Mountie gets man from elsewhere Way of acting silly with feet in a pickle Way of addressing man about Northern Ireland politician Way of approach Way of describing crater? Rocky, say Way of doing something Way of expressing interest about part on stage Way of France Way of handling professional item of kit limiting source of complaints Way of life Way of looking at things Way of moving packet over the radio Way of old Rome Way of operating Way of seasoning Way of speaking Way of speaking not unusual in one country Way of speaking slowly Way of standing Way of the East Way of the world?

Way of thinking Way of turning Way of walking Way of working Way of working recalled in development of organic farmer's market may be so described Way of working with journal contributed to intimate, universally relevant study? Way off Way off base? Way off shore Way off the highway Way on or off a highway Way one brags about article? Way out Way out in space Way out in the country Way out involving Apollo, disregarding odds? Way over the line Way over there Way overcharges for Way overdue to take off?

Way overseas Way pass Way past ripe Way peacekeepers use tasers, for example Way sharing fish upset ladies? Way to await something Way to back popular king with a currency Way to completely defeat English Way to cook potatoes required game inside Way to cross by tube Way to cut turkey that's wrong - it'll scatter bits Way to deliver a barb Way to dismiss active staff Way to drone Way to encourage Scottish politician Way to enter big forts made awkward in battle Way to fill out a form Way to find your way: Way to get to the top Way to get untreated stable bed?

Way to glean poisonous mushroom Way to go Way to go about home system Way to go on dates Way to go! Way to go, in Paris Way to go: Way to incorporate wood in old instrument Way to indicate mistakes Way to infiltrate difficult meeting in secret Way to learn, after "by" Way to look back?

Way to love fashion in Warehouse Way to move computer text Way to one's heart Way to pay for recording when around Yorkshire town that accepts it Way to pay someone back Way to play with voice, capturing large bird Way to pray Way to preserve food fres Way to provide security and alert local criminal Way to reduce spending Way to refuse Way to repay Way to Roosevelt Island Way to rotate and walk unhurriedly Way to say what Boatman did?

Way to see the big pictur Way to send docs. Way up the slope Way up, maybe Way up? Way uphill Way with strays? Way writing fluid makes nasty smell Way, track Way, way back Way, way humble Way-off Way-out Way-out method of predicting elections?

Wayne or Lee Wayne W. Wayne, Denver or Elton? Ways Ways a love goddess will inspire ecstasy Ways around Chi-town Ways around: Ways in Ways in and out Ways of access Ways of Caesar Ways of Charles de Gaulle Ways of forecasting election results that are on the way out Ways of walking Ways off Ways to adopt old quality arousing pity Ways to avoid traffic jam Ways to conceal old quality arousing pity Ways to get inside hip jo Ways to get round old feeling of pity Ways to go Ways to go: Ways to handle blows long protecting daughter - manages to avoid first Ways to make a big splash Ways to make lefts and ri Ways to reach the next level?

Actress is confused about answer Ways to secure love in a pitiable state Ways to the Web: Ways up Ways up the slopes Ways: We run chariots We should seize opportunity in conflict? We'll be seen in almost black coat and garments for retirement We'll join crew member leaving European capital, bound for America? We'll speak about a ramble when we're out! We're beaten - in fact I'm panicking We're disgusted — and some shrug helplessly We're suspicious of cleaners seen around one half of street We're talking about returning afterwards We're told more than one source of protein satisfies We're told sea bird shows a bit of a habit We're told stable food recipe - covered in sauce, it's magic!

Weak brew Weak excuse for missing h Weak heart, for example? Weak hit Weak in health Weak one Weak ones Weak passage including unfinished term Weak point Weak poker hand Weak sides leaving embarrassing 17 Weak spot Weak spots Weak through age Weak tripe dished out at end of month of feasting?

Weakens Weakens, as support Weakest animal in a litter Weakling keeps small coin of necessity Weakling, say, losing heart, is initially strong inside Weakly attracted by poles Weakness Weakness of female, unwell Weakness of rider catching cold Weakness of the old Weal's opposite Wealth Wealth of foreign couple, it keeps being oddly ignored Wealth of Roman coins bearing head of Tiberius Wealth, luxury Wealthier Wealthiest losing millions - one refuses to face facts Wealthiness Wealthy Wealthy hyph.

Wealthy boyfriend, perhap Wealthy Cayman Islands re Wealthy figure, artist, at home with Charles' mother - it entails minimal effort! Weapon made by man, a belligerent politician Weapon made by two Englishmen down under Weapon maker hasn't succeeded, another having mightier armoury Weapon of antiquity put on battlefield Weapon of old Weapon of Royal Artillery atop bridge support Weapon seen around church function Weapon since Weapon smuggled in dodgy deal making one this?

Weapon store Weapon swung by a gaucho Weapon that can cross the Weapon that Reagan called Weapon that's thrown Weapon theoretically destroyed Earth within 24 hours Weapon threat? Weapon, a touch in fashion Weapon, e. Wear that's worn Wear the crown Wear thin, possibly becoming bare Wear ties knotted oddly, so to speak Wear well Wearer of a famous ring Wearer of a half-inch gol Wearer of a half-inch str Wearer of a triple tiara Wearer of a wraparound cl Wearer of an orange coat Wearer of pointy-toed sho Wearer of the Yankees' re Wearer of three stars: Ab Wearer of una corona Wearer of uniform 37, re Wearers of eagle insignia Wearers of four stars: Ab Wearers of jeweled turban Wearers of wool coats Wearied by tedium Wearies Weariest jockeys, in a way Weariness Weariness in report of how one with nothing to drink but urine survives?

Wearing Wearing a costume, say Wearing a disguise, infor Wearing a hairpiece? That's rough Wearing a long dress and Wearing a long face Wearing a small crown Wearing a wig and shades, Wearing away Wearing black, perhaps Wearing clothes intended to make one look drop-dead gorgeous Wearing down French sculptor, say, all round Wearing dunce's hat, I'm a little bit slow Wearing frock, a friend of Dorothy gets to overindulge Wearing kit, regularly apply for 14 after school Wearing less Wearing more satin that's for evening out Wearing nothing except for smile, ultimately Wearing of clothes designed to give an impression of authority Wearing one's birthday suit Wearing retro Levis or elegant clothes Wearing ring that's mounted and embedded Wearing shoes dirty on the outside and badly made Wearing something black for Halloween?

Give us a twirl! Head down south Weary sound Weary spymaster returns with warrant Weary walker Weary worker's cry Weary worker's wish Weary workers' exclamatio Weary-looking Weasel Weasel family member Weasel in brown Weasel out Weasel out on Weasel relative Weasel relatives Weasel word Weasel-like animal Weasel-like mammal Weasel-like mammals Weaselly Weaselly creature losing head?

Weasels' cousins Weasley family owl, in Ha Weasley family's owl, in Weather Weather announcement Weather caution for motor Weather changer Weather Channel topic Weather condition broadcast around noon Weather conditions in a local area Weather conditions providing illumination around the beginning of night Weather feature Weather forecast staple Weather forecaster's tool Weather forecasters united: Weather forecasting and o Weather graphic Weather indicator Weather influencer Weather info: Weather instrument Weather line Weather London is famous Weather map area Weather map line Weather map lines Weather map numbers Weather map symbol Weather may affect them: Weather newsmaker Weather of a region Weather permitting, wearing garment created from recycled material made in Jersey?

Weather phenomenon Weather prefix Weather report abbr. Weather science Weather station's need Weather stats Weather that's damp, nothing less Weather that's turbulent in gale Weather vane turner Weather warmer Weather whipping boy Weather, in a way Weather-affecting current Weather-resistant fabric Weather-resistant wood Weather-stripped item Weathercast figure Weathercaster's pressure Weathercaster's tool Weatherman Al Weatherman Scott Weathermen caught in a flurry of sleet Weatherproof clothing father used around sailing vessel Weatherproof coat a nosy person talked of?

Weatherproof headlight Weatherproof jacket Weathers Weatherspoon of the W. Weave's partner Weave, in a way Weave, shag or braids Weaver Weaver as lowest of the low? Weaver of myth Weaver's apparatus Weaver's bobbin Weaver's frame Weaver's supply Weavers briefly disperse in disarray Weaving apparatus Weaving device Weaving frame Weaving machine Weaving tires poor Bottom Weaving willow Web Web access program Web address Web address component Web address ender Web address ending Web address lead-in Web address punctuation Web address start Web address, for short Web address: Web addresses Web addresses, for short Web auction site Web before its inception was large organisation's joke Web browser button Web browser entry Web browser subwindow Web browser's aid Web browsers Web code Web connection means Web conversation Web crawler brought up account of smoker's requisite Web creations Web designer gives one a turn Web designer toured Ipswich, being shown around Web designer's creation Web designer's tool present in labouring Web destination Web developer enters PIN that's incorrect Web developer?

Web forums' ancestor Web listings for an old w Web mag Web mags Web of global proportions to detain space traveller Web page Web page feature Web page header; flag Web pop-ups, e. Web presence Web programmer's medium Web programs Web recreation Web search result Web site Web site address ending Web site address part Web site address starter Web site clutter Web site for Charlotte Web site for cinephiles Web site offering Web site sect.

Web sites Web sites? Web spot Web surfer Web surfer's need Web surfers' annoyances Web trade developed? It's designed for retirement Web user's need Web user's woe Web video gear Web visitor, e. Webzine Wed Wed on the run Wed secretly Wed. Wedding belle Wedding broadcast Wedding cake feature Wedding cake layers Wedding ceremony, e.

Wedding dance Wedding day sight Wedding declaration Wedding dress fabric Wedding dress material Wedding dress, e. Wedding entertainers Wedding exchange Wedding expenses Wedding figure Wedding fling? Wedding flower girl, mayb Wedding gown fabric Wedding gown material Wedding guide Wedding helper Wedding helpers Wedding hiree Wedding invitation encls. Wedding invitee Wedding locale in a Crosb Wedding man lookin' at th Wedding march skipper Wedding memento Wedding notice word Wedding offering to the b Wedding or baptism Wedding page word Wedding parties?: Wedding party Wedding party check in here Wedding party member Wedding party members, of Wedding planner Wedding proclamation Wedding proposal?

Wedding reception centerp Wedding reception cry Wedding reception figure Wedding reception groups Wedding reception hirees Wedding reception need Wedding reception partici Wedding reception party? Wedding reception rental Wedding reception ritual Wedding reception staple Wedding reception V. Wedding reception, say Wedding rental Wedding rentals Wedding response Wedding ring Wedding ring's gone missing on street - everyone get out Wedding ring?

Wedding seater Wedding shower? Wedding site Wedding sites Wedding staple Wedding vow Wedding vow 2 wds. Wedge Wedge driver Wedge drivers Wedge in a bottleneck? Wee Tina, drunk, plunged into river Wee warbler Wee wave Wee wee? Weed Weed at the waterfront Weed brings illness and bereavement Weed end of patch, near tree Weed eradicator Weed in pool Weed killer Weed killer?

Weekend hot spot Weekend ice cream treat? Weekend outdoor event Weekend show, for short Weekend start? Weighed in Weighed out prescribed food?

Weight allowance Weight allowances Weight considerations Weight factors Weight gained from pie and mash mixed with bit of sugar Weight having hit maturity Weight in gems Weight is borne by wood floor Weight lifter Weight lifters' units Weight lifting maneuver Weight loss plan Weight measure Weight not charged for Weight not counted in pri Weight of a lorry Weight of a stone Weight of diamonds Weight of some trucks Weight or freight Weight put on first magnet Weight putting horse in mood Weight thrown about, feeling irritated, tense Weight training unit Weight unit Weight unit for gems Weight, e.

Weight-loss drug combo fe Weight-training exercise Weight-watcher's drink Weight-watcher's order, m Weight? Well, I'm a big-boned beast! Weightlifter's action Weightlifter's companion and I might ring last orders Weightlifter's count, inf Weightlifter's helper Weightlifter's lift Weightlifter's maneuver Weightlifter's rep Weightlifter's unit Weightlifters build them, Weightlifters' lifts Weightlifting exercises Weightlifting move Weightlifting set Weights Weights abroad, informall Weighty book Weighty books Weighty issue?

Welch's product Welch's soft drink Welcome Welcome abroad Welcome at the door Welcome cry for the seasi Welcome forecast Welcome forecast for Sant Welcome giver Welcome indicator Welcome investment of money into on-line support Welcome January 1, say Welcome legislation enshrining central European parliament's principal elements Welcome monarch and roguish chief priest Welcome offer to a dishwa Welcome one's guests, may Welcome return for a girl Welcome sight Welcome sight after a big Welcome sight after a shi Welcome sight for a casta Welcome sight for a marat Welcome sight to the parc Welcome sign for a produc Welcome site Welcome sites Welcome smell Welcome that's not so wel Welcome things on hectic Welcome to one Welcome to one's home Welcome to paradise?

Welcomes Welcomes at the door Welcomes brother into European clubs Welcomes European writing about support Welcomes warmly Welcomes, as a caller Welcomes, as a guest at o Welcomes, as a new year Welcoming Welcoming a temp initially, father mocking work Welcoming back to prison, more angry one might cause disturbance at night?

Welcoming customers Welcoming home girl getting pardon Welcoming or parting gest Welcoming party Welcoming speech head of economics provided for institute Welder's tool Welder's wear Welding bands? Welding gas Welds Welfare Welfare act of old Welfare advocate: Welfare grants Welfare of man on drug having convulsions Welfare payments, e.

Well down field crew takes helmsman's lead Well dressed Well feature Well fixtures Well follower Well has a leak after being overhauled Well I never!

Well in credit, Henry invested Well in ground provides source of energy Well in hand Well known Well known; registered Well lit? Well protected Well protected, gumshield and all?

Well, senators could be such obstructive people! Well, what might have me beatified? Well, you shouldn't be on it Well-armed predators?

Well-balanced Well-balanced person Well-balanced person? Well-balanced whichever way you look at it Well-behaved Well-behaved hospital attendant Well-being Well-bred Well-bred chap Well-bred gentleman has an advantage Well-bred horse Well-built Well-chosen Well-coordinated Well-cushioned and very overweight but not American Well-defined Well-disposed Well-done Well-dressed fellow Well-dressed, photogenic Well-equipped place to ring a relative Well-executed Well-fed baby in a multip Well-founded Well-gotten gain?

Well-groomed Well-groomed male observed guards Well-grounded Well-heeled Well-informed Well-informed about Well-intentioned grp.? Well-kept Well-kept secret, for som Well-kept small trading centre Well-knit tales Well-known Well-known hymn Well-known maker of two-b Well-known maze traveler Well-known opera endlessly touring Missouri Well-known public school rejected by duke Well-known storyteller supporting female friend in Paris Well-known Tokyo-born sin Well-known TV evangelical Well-known type of room for water board?

Well-known whale Well-known, but not well- Well-known, like a musical score? Well-made chair finally installed in workplace Well-mannered Well-mannered girl broadcasting Well-mannered gymnast? Well-oiled Well-oiled Indian bowling team Well-padded backing applied to weak barrier aboard ship Well-paid middle-class professionals with a lifestyle to match Well-paid pro in confusion after rise on 4th of July Well-planned Well-proportioned Well-proportioned worker on unknown amount Well-protected Well-provided places for those with boring occupations Well-put Well-read Well-read people Well-read pig in charge of wars?

Well-regarded Well-rehearsed Well-related Well-running group?: Abbr Well-said Well-schooled Well-spoken Well-spoken European set about man heartlessly Well-spoken lot 24A upset Well-structured study covering this place and time Well-suited Well-suited for an office Well-suited? Well-thought-out Well-to-do Well-tossed pigskin Well-trained company?

Well-tuned Well-turned-out ox, for example Well-used footwear? Welsh mountain range Welsh mountainside hollow Welsh national emblem Welsh national symbol Welsh or Saxon captured English invader Welsh place's royalist leader returning to increase drama Welsh poet, d. Went Went "blah-blah-blah" Went "tap tap tap" on a k Went for Went off Went through Went with Went - radically inclined Went 80, say Went a round Went about reorganising, over deputy's head Went after Went after houseflies Went after some shocking Went ahead Went airborne briefly Went all the way, as a sm Went alone Went along with Went ape Went around Went around in circles, p Went around in circles, s Went around in circles?

Went at Went at it Went at it alone Went back and forth Went back on Went back on stage Went back to Edward with the bass voice Went back to find plant embedded firmly Went back to the buffet, Went back to the top Went back up tree, say, where children play with branches Went backwards to a great extent Went bad Went ballistic Went bankrupt Went before Went beyond Went big-game hunting Went blank in the head Went boldly Went bonkers Went by Went by bus Went by dugout Went by horse Went by horse and by boat, as stated Went by plane Went by Raleigh, say Went by Saturn, say Went by train Went by, as time Went congering Went down Went down a firehouse pol Went down a slope Went down pole, given cover Went down the easy way Went down to second?

Went down, in a way Went downhill Went downhill fast Went easy on Went far too slowly durin Went fast Went faster than by foot, Went faster, full of impudence, then went wrong Went first Went flat-out Went for Went for a bite Went for the cuspidor Went for unhesitatingly Went for, at an auction Went free, at least for n Went from apes to humans Went from bank to bank? Went from second to first Went gaga Went in Went in ankle-deep Went in haste Went in separate directio Went inside Went into first, maybe Went into hiding Went into seclusion Went kaput Went like a leadfoot Went like a shooting star Went like a shot Went like the dickens Went like the wind Went long Went mad Went nowhere Went nuts Went off Went off at an angle Went off at first light?

Went off on Went off on a tangent Went off the beam? Went off the deep end? Went off, as a bell Went off, in a way Went on Went on a dinner date, e. Went on a horse, say, in northeast Germany Went on about trivial thi Went on and on Went on and on and Went on and on and on and Went on horseback Went on horseback before old cowboy show?

Went on journey, you say? Took boat Went on strike Went one better than Went one-on-one Went out Went out with Went out with old hat Went out, as a fire Went out, as the tide Went out, in a card game Went over Went over again Went over completely Went over the hill? Went over the limit Went over the same ground Went over the top, in a w Went past Went past an end time Went past the mark Went pffft Went purposefully Went quickly Went quickly by horse Went really fast Went running back when late Went scubaing Went slowly Went smoothly Went sniggling Went sour Went through Went through again Went through carefully, a Went through channels?

Went through vigorously Went to a jamboree, maybe Went to a lower level Went to a restaurant for tea Went to and fro Went to bed Went to court? Went to embrace nurse in awkward date Went to restaurant for tea?

Were up to date? Werewolf feature Werewolf's tooth Werewolf, e. West Coast summer hrs. West Country's first to get noticed: West Point drillee West Point inits. West Pointer West Pointer, e. Western character to overawe and wow! Western China hosts the Mexican firm, putting out the red carpet Western chow dispenser, f Western city named for a Western city or its radio Western classic Western coalition?

Western command Western copper center Western costume accessory Western critter Western deal since Western Hemisphere city f Western Hemisphere org. Western herd Western herd member Western hero Western heroes Western hoopster, for sho Western hospital insane? Western omelet ingredient Western omelet need Western Pacific republic Western pal Western part of island discovered by Columbus in Western part of the Czech Western party Western plateau Western pop artist's cover?

Western settings Western shooter Western shooters mentioned here? Western tribe Western tribe member Western tribesman Western U. Wet attribute of weather Wet Australian politician occupying study Wet bar, maybe Wet bar? Wet beam placed outside home Wet behind the ears Wet blanket Wet bottoms Wet cement mixture Wet chamois tends to gather Wet feed for pigs Wet floor Wet floor?

Wet forecast Wet hero is to get changed or else! Wet lowland Wet mascara worry Wet midair weather? Wet weather in Derby? Drop by place to get stuff dry Wet, as morning grass Wet, in a way Wet, weatherwise Wet-weather gear Wether report?

Whacked Whacked on the head Whacked plant Whacked, in the Bible Whacked-out mental state Whale extract is found after morning on floating ice, right? Whale group Whale gutted by nasty insect Whale hump nursed by princess Whale of a captain? Whale of a film? Whale of a movie? Whale spotter Whale watcher Whale's location? Whaler's wear Whaler, for one Whales the tar out of Whales, at times Whales, elephants, etc. Whalesucker Whaling adverb Whaling spear Wham!

Wham-bam-thank-you-ma'am Whammy Wharf Wharf fare? Wharf locale Wharf pest Wharf workers' org. Wharton degree Wharton degs. Wharton grad Wharton grad's aspiration Wharton grad, maybe Wharton hero Wharton novel Wharton offerings: What a brass band has?

What a crush might be What a crystal ball gazer What a custodian does What a D. What a destroyer might de What a detective follows What a dirty person has What a disaffected Japane What a do-it-yourself swi What a doctor has, catching current bug What a doctor might ask y What a doctor prescribes, What a doctor uses to kee What a dog might "shake" What a dog might do to pr What a dog walker holds o What a dog's bark or cat' What a dogs likes with food is fertiliser What a Don Juan thinks he What a donkey gets at a c What a double hitter gets What a dreamer has What a drinker may enter What a driver's license s What a drone airplane may What a drover drives What a dummy!

What a family court judge What a family film is app What a fang ejects What a farmer bales What a farmer in Del. What a few volts might be What a flamingo might sta What a flashing red light What a floozy might show What a folder doesn What a folder wouldn't sa What a follicle holds What a forklift may lift What a foul might result What a fresh ad campaign What a fugitive may live What a full insurance pol What a future American mi What a Fuzzbuster detects What a gal has that a gen What a gambler may be in What a game knight does when his coach is leaving?

What a hook might connect What a hosp. What a lack of evidence o What a lame joke might el What a landlady uses by implication involves one litre in a deception What a lazy mover prefers What a leading actor has to claim proves troublesome, ending in tragedy in 17 work What a lei person might p What a lessee often gets What a lift may get you o What a line of dots may s What a line on a chart ma What a local news broadca What a logical Parisian u What a long shot faces What a loose thread might What a loser may be out o What a loser may skip What a loser may throw in What a lot may have a lot What a lumberjack holds What a lumberjack leaves What a magazine subscribe What a magician might do What a mail carrier might What a mail order merchan What a man and a woman be What a man making a comeb What a mare bears What a marker indicates What a mashed potato serv What a massage may ease What a meditative ditchdi What a mess What a mess!

What a meter might measur What a migraine might fee What a mirror image has What a model might become What a motto encapsulates What a mouse ran up, in a What a mug might hold What a mummy might have What a murder suspect nee What a mysterious restaur What a new parent craves What a nod may mean What a nod might mean What a nutty golfer calls What a padlock may fasten What a pageboy does What a pajama party often What a paleontologist rec What a patrol car might g What a peeper uses to pee What a Peeping Tom may do What a penguin doesn't re What a person goes by in What a person in an emerg What a person may become What a person may go unde What a person who's out m What a pickup might pick What a pity What a pity!

What a plane rolls along What a player may mean by What a plucker may pluck What a plumber says to no What a plus sign may indi What a politician often a What a poltergeist invest What a poor diet may need What a poor hod carrier might do to cause social embarrassment What a poor winner does What a poor workman blame What a portion of all wag What a potential player m What a pregnant woman doe What a priest may prepare What a priest may say sho What a prisoner's tattoo What a private eye may ey What a probable loser dig What a programmer writes What a prophet reads What a prosecutor may try What a protractor measure What a pursued perp might What a quill may be dippe What a raised hand may me What a rake does What a rake may do What a reader may read What a really outlandish What a record may have What a resignee calls it What a roof is usually bu What a satellite may be i What a scene is seen in What a sec.

What a show horse may be What a shrug may indicate What a shrug might mean What a shut-out team may What a skull and crossbon What a slasher usually ge What a sleuth tries to cl What a slippery sidewalk What a slow person may ne What a smudge may indicat What a sneaky person migh What a snob might put on What a soldier goes out o What a soldier wears that What a solid yellow line What a specialist men's s What a sphere lacks What a spiked drink has What a stamp may indicate What a stamped hand may a What a standard deviation What a star athlete may t What a star gets 2 wds.

What a star may stand for What a stocking needs What a stratigraphist mig What a stucco house doesn What a student crams for What a student might not What a sun visor prevents What a superscript in a t What a surfer rides What a surveyor surveys What a sushi chef loves t What a swabbie swabs What a swallow may swallo What a sweet tooth demand What a swish shot doesn't What a swish shot swishes What a swollen joint shou What a tabaquero makes What a talent scout looks What a tattoo may identif What a teacher takes What a Tennessee cheerlea What a tennis player may What a test driver test-d What a thief might go by What a timid actor might What a tippler might have What a tipsy actor does?

What a tire fits around What a toaster may hold What a tough guy may not What a tough puzzle can g What a train goes down What a traveling salesman What a TV host often read What a TV host reads from What a type-A person rare What a V may indicate What a vacuum cleaner vac What a vertigo sufferer m What a very good horror m What a violinist may take What a virtuous woman is What a waiter or a track What a waiting time may s What a waste pipe provide What a waste!

What a weaver may be guil What a webmaster may mast What a welcome sight reli What a well-connected app What a will, e. What about offence given by some sudden revelation? What about plan received by sensitive signalling system? What about political correctness around "old age"? What about slingshot for breakfast?

What about stocking books on the queen's dangerous predicament What about women getting together with women aboard boat? Not straight, then What Acapulco surfers seek: Neuman has What alimony covers, mini What all partygoers event What all the answers on t What almost always goes f What an "F" may indicate What an A is not What an accused perpetrat What an activist has What an actor waits for What an ad's number m What an addict fights What an air ball doesn't What an alligator may do to recover quickly What an analgesic stops What an andiron holds What an angry employee mi What an angry robot might What an antsy person migh What an apostrophe may si What an Arabian may comma What an arrow may represe What an art student build What an artist needs for What an aspiring model ma What an ass declares in c What an assessor assesses What an athlete may turn What an au pair might tak What an aurilave cleans What an average person tr What an E may stand for What an editorial has What an embezzler has What an English student w What an espadrille may be What an evil spirit does What an ex-royalist might have gone: What an exception "proves What an idea comes to What an imp never wears What an inept surgeon mig What an inflectional endi What an investor builds What an iPod can offer is very pleasing What an irritated diver must do to make the grade?

What an issei might enrol What an Italian wheeler-d What an old sci-fi comics What an old yearbook may What an only child lacks What an optimist always h What an optimist envision What an optometrist at a What an ostiary guards What an out patient may b What an outturned palm ma What an umbrella may prov What an unappealing offer What an unevenly milked c What an unrequited lover What androphobes fear What Andy Capp's bartende What anglers want that ca What angry wasps might do What animal does a bulldo What any of the Four Hors What apartment dwellers h What appears above a pi What arabesques are perfo What arises from the Ashes?

Abb What avid auctioneers hav What backer does wearing 12 What badly stocked builders' merchant may be in the yard? What bailiff may do rests on entering rear of properties repeatedly What Band-Aids aid What banks do in a recession without capital is boring What banks do to protect, say, name What Barbie might say to What barkers bark What barotrauma affects What beachcomber found washed up did for two What bears do What big eyes they have What big projects are usu What Big Sam is to those under him?

What can one do? What can produce a "boing What can remove gloss What candles may reveal What candles may signify What candles sometimes re What careless cook may do is eccentric What carries tee and tea What Carry Nation carried What Casanova would do, informed about eastern state What Cassius Clay said st What cast members fill What catchers do What catnip is to a cat What cats and rats do What cats do What children should be, What chimney sweeps sweep What Chippendale furnitur What circles lack What clean kitchens often What cleats increase What clematis plants do What Coleridge's wedding guest did with South American bones What colonist will do, having captured a foreign city What color is the black b What colors do over time What colors may do in hot What combines do What comes to a head of F What comes to mind What Commissioner Gordon What completes Liam of Oasis: What computer key offers - the reverse of upper-case English?

What computer programs do What cons do What conspiracy theorists What Consumer Reports lac What contentious folk often get for seconds? What cook may use with starter of tempura in batter? What cook uses, one eating popular Italian food What cooks use in healthy meals? What cop might have on jerk kidnapping French 1 What corn kernels attach What could alleviate the gloom caused by Spooner's vulgar dispute? What could be ale — demon drink What could be cast in gold for farewell What could be drawn illicitly in jacket What could be inspired in prankish humorist Dom?

What could be mass stampede for an addition to the menu? What could be running Wigan and Oldham? What could be thanks to Shakespeare's tunic What could be uneasier than a nervous condition? What could delay paper? What could drive legless scoundrel to break toilet locks? What could get heartless human being scum shot? What could give sect, say, great delight? What could have attracted Beauty to the Beast? What could make Doris get more formal?

What could make florist pay for baker's item? redesigned & now interactive - feel free to leave a witty comment or two.. accepts no responsibility for any comments submitted. Authors who have published a lot of stories on the Nifty Archive. - by Jenny Wanshel - Heidi led the German soldier down the stony path to the old barn. It was a beautiful summer day and the larks were singing. Heidi's heart hammered in her chest as she led the handsome young soldier into the barn.