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Sex classifieds in Portage United States

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Viewsline Online - Barberton Herald

It was a lot of work but I just got done moving my dresser from the basement to the attic without any of moms help. I officially have a new bachelor pad!! Timmy loves it up here. Said he always wanted to live in an attic. I only wrote to Daisy Duke several times once. They ripped up the top surface over a month ago. Did we bounce a check or does the mayor need to get off his arse and call the subcontractor?

Should have been done by our own street dept weeks ago, oh I forgot. We moth balled our paving equipment so our well paid city workers can go home all rested and clean.

Wait until Fall and Winter get here and they slack on leaf pickups and snow plowing. We can only be lucky to have a mild winter because that would be a huge benefit for the city. The comments are all from the same person. I would bet there are only about 4 real people on here, the other names are the same person.

Rumor has it that the Herald employees post here to stir the pot. You can tell by the posting style that the person is the same. Now you get to be with all the other highly educated folks in America. No way were you ever passed through a grade just so you could play bassetball.

By the way how is MS13 doing? Tell em I said hi! I love their face tats!! How many of you out there just go ahead and rake and bag and drop off leaves at Edgewood, knowing the city dropped the ball a long time ago.

Just wondering what would happen if an outsider ran for office against the establishment in this city? Hey Hodge you got your ears on? Come on man, shake things up! Why not just chop the leaves up with a mulching mower while keeping up with the mowings in the Fall? I started doing that a few years ago because it is much easier than raking all of them and it is also good for the lawn. They will come by this area in mid-October before leaves even start falling and then by the time they make a second pass through here, if they get around to it, then it is almost the end of December and you have piles of leaves sitting there in the street for several weeks.

I think they need to think about starting in November as opposed to October though. Just changed to the mulching, way better than all that work! See how it goes when the leaves fall! Thanks for the idea! I think you must be jealous or maybe your not smart enough to be a city employee.

First of all no city in this area paves a whole rd nor do they have the equipment or man power to do so!! So dont comment on something you dont know about!! Stick to advance basket weaving better yet get on your short bus and move! And as far as the leaves and snow real men dont rely on someone to get rid of them they handle it their self.

Plus we have so much in common. Sounds like something I may like. Someone else on here said sports was what separates the men from the boys. Make like a tree and leaves. If you see him please tell him to get home on the double. He was last spotted near the taxidermist on Wooster Rd. Please any help would be greatly appreciated. Hats off to the planners of the Labor Day festivities this year, they were great! The parade was very good and the fireworks were wonderful! Very disappointed in the Barberton Band staff.

Ever since the current staff became in charge the quality of the band significantly dropped. The band is barely audible at the games, the Alma Mater has been re-written and sounds terrible, traditions have been discarded, and the band does nothing exciting to get the crowd excited for the game. Not to mention many students say how the staff is rude and condescending to them and makes band unenjoyable for them. Many stay in band and deal with it because they want to play their instrument and there is no alternative.

They are damaging to our band history and band program and they need to go. We are blessed to have, in my opinion, some of the most talented high school musicians in the state performing on the field. We should be very proud of our band! Sports are great way to stay in shape and keep the ruffians off the streets for the most part. Also a great way for parents to live vicariously through their kids.

How about glorifying god and country. Our business owners who provided jobs. At the end of it all its only a game Fokker!! I thought the yr old pole question was in regards to how long had it been since Barberton completed a PROPER street repair without writing a , subcontractor check?

Can you please use your drones to find my pet squirrel. Most likely you did not because of the lying liberal communist media. You can find it on the internet! You toucha my hat,I breaka you face!!! Look at the illness at the kavanaugh confirmation hearing.

They want our 1st and 2nd amendment rights. They want open borders. They want free healthcare. They want boys to be girls and girls to be boys. They want their win even though they lost.

Mentally ill spoiled little brats that could use a good azz woopin is really all they are. You have some serious issues. Your blind hatred for those whom are different or have less is both sad and very scary.

I am all for someone working hard and I have no issues with closing our boarders as a nation. Terrorism has left little choice in that matter. You are dead wrong about judging people who cannot afford health care. Other financial assistance programs leave some room for debate. I hope karma finds you soon! Have a nice day!

You have some serious Trump derangement syndrome. Where in my comment did I say anything about denying health care? Keep twisting words to fit your agenda. You liberals are nothing but truth deniers. Do you think government corruption just started? Trump was elected into this shit to get rid of this shit. Like I said you libs are delusional. Stay in your fantasy land Jakey Jake.

Trash him all day and night yet his support grows!!! People are slowly waking up to the greatest president in my lifetime!!! This is what happens when people hate Trump more than they love our country!

Just think what could have happened if the Dems in office would have helped him us instead of starting a witch Hunt! Almost 2 years later and still no collusion! But what about the Dems??? I hate the tweets and some of what he has said, but love what he is doing in the economy, tax cuts, stock market, jobs etc. Trump for me was the lesser of the two evils, but out of love of country I proudly support him, and hope Republicans can keep control in mids to keep America great!

You are seriously delusional. He has had a dozen of his original hand picked team members quit or get fired within 2 years. This is your greatest prez? The list is endless. Keep enjoying the dysfunctional reality tv show that resides in the White House. His popularity only grows with the simple minded and those whom enjoy drama. You see in my delusional life, you have a crime, and you investigate to find the person! In the Dems reality TV life, you have the person investigated to see if there was a crime committed.

But there is good news for you too, cnn, msnbc, nbc will keep you on the mental life support you so desperately need!!! Check out the walkaway movement if your hatred will allow you. You are sparse on facts and full on opinion oh brainiac.

Just like your favorite news channels. Any truth to this? We have a nice new dump here in Barberton. The on and off ramps to 76 on Wooster rd. Learn how to dispose of your trash dirtbag. You should clean your yard dirtbag. Not all of Barberton has to look like your chithole!! I was there around 1pm. You were probably never there. Some of us have to work freeloader!

Did u come up with that conclusion all by yourself? You would poop em!!! Posting online from work? Who is the Freeloader now?! I am on earned PTO. Move now u poke man playing weirdo.

So they can sue you for defamation. Just pick up your trash joedirt!!! Are we paying double time to cut grass? Been this way for a couple of summers now. Nothing against the workers but that does not sound like reasonable spending of taxpayer dollars.

What is going on down at Norton ave on Sundays? Since my taxes have doubled in 15 years due to the school district, think these are reasonable questions. Contact ICE about these businesses who are hiring them. Black Americans will be outnumbered by illegals within the next 5 years. Hard working homeowners are leaving and staying away.

City services are a joke and the local city and school system workers live and pay taxes elsewhere. With this new president, the economy is booming! We got a president restoring our country, we need a like mayor to restore our great city!

There is still alot of magic to be seen here. I live on E. I saw Mike Soyars at a local pizza place and told him about how bad our mosquitos were. I drove around Ohio this week and came home on Rt Well, they were filled up, but it was patch upon patch upon patches. Nowhere else that I went were nearly as bad as here. I went to the south, southwest, through farm country and city, and no roads were equal to ours.

This is not something that we should be proud of, it should be something that motorizes us to action! So, where are the road repair trucks? For those who fear public reaction to road repair action: The roads are so bad that any true repair work is worthy of celebration in this town! Bring out the trucks! Bring out the rollers and hot asphalt!

Has there been 1 mosquito spraying yet?? What in the heck are we paying for? I am seeing these Stewart mosquito signs up in front yards.

So are homeowners having to pay for their own private service? I think the company should be investigated or at least supervised by a city council person on a route, make sure they are doing it right. Between 10AM and I was waiting for a 14 bus by the CVS. I heard a firetruck coming down 5th St from the hospital. They were going lights and sirens. Everyone was pulling over and stopping like they are supposed to do. Every except for a red pick up truck that was coming down Robinson and made a left hand turn on to 5th St right in front of the fire truck.

Fortunately the fire truck was able to stop. To that pick up truck driver. You could have caused a very serious accident! Talking on your cellphone? I sincerely hope you were caught on camera.

I sincerely hope you get a ticket. I sincerely hope they throw the book at you! Many other communities allow fishing and electric motors in theirs. Its also right by PPG. Do you want to eat a 3 headed fish? I have been told some have been taken out of there. I think they should use the lake for a youth fishing program with their parents. I raised my children in the outdoors. Every Saturday they were up at 5am hitting the lake or woods.

Not sleeping till noon playing video games getting in trouble. Now their grown adults and we still spend every weekend in the outdoors!! Did anyone notice the last poll that was on here? Seems to have been written by a 5 year old. They tore that dump down and cleaned up the drug traffic. Soyars to the rescue!!

Much more work to do!! Like the black SUV with tinted windows and plates who delivers lethal drugs to Barberton frequently!! His days are numbered!! That is one down and many more to go. Neighbors need to take the bull by the horns and stop relying on our local police to get the job done. They also raided one on W. Building dept out to lunch on this one, but police after countless calls finally drug busted them.

No more strange guys on bicycles with backpacks at all hours of the night and day Hopefully another one down. Getting our neighborhood back little by little.

Brilliant, let the police slack on doing their job. I certainly hope you are not making adult decisions on a daily basis. Reinstate an ole job requirement. Have your local officials and employees ALL LIVE HERE within the city limits and you would be shocked at how well they would perform their duties when it could affect the street and neighborhood they live in..

Now a days, they all just punch out and go home to Green, Wadsworth, Norton, etc. You my friend have mental issues.

I wonder why he would say neighbors should take the bull by the horns?? Requiring city employees to live in Barberton does though. So I believe it takes multiple calls for them to bring them down. Barberton Police can be picked up on any smart phone. So they can get a heads up. I support our police and congratulate them on bringing another one down. The building department I give a F for allowing the scrapyard to continue for so long.

In fact on the bust it was the police that called them down to take pictures and finally do something! Going to be good food and nice weather. I wish the Masons had their famous baloney sandwiches at Cherry blossom guess I have to wait until mum fest! But then again who can resist a band boosters sausage sandwich! Or just a sissy. They are putting in a gambling window at the main entrance of magic city plaza. As a vehicle turns right leaving the plaza, you place your bet on whether or not the ball joint shatters or the tie rod breaks in 2.

That hole has to be 6 ft long and 3 ft deep. I think you should all start a bitching club!! You could buy a short bus drive around town and in the fall you can bitch about the leaves not being picked up or picked up to early or too late!! Then in the winter you can drive around and bitch about snow removal!! Spring time could be pot holes!! You could write on your bus the b-town cry babies!! Why drive around and complain? There is no need to.

By your statement, even you are admitting that ALL of these problems do exist. You proved my point for me. I believe he hit the nail on the head ,everything he wrote when your on the short bus is what you guys bitch about every year.

So I think that you should go thru with operation short bus!! And if your make online posts that are on a 2nd grade intelligence level, you probably just munched on a Trump Box while slacking on the taxpayer dime. Just wanted to say thanks to street Sept. Just wondering who inspects cut outs and such from contractors like Dominion, who cut out of a nice road and do not restore it to a satisfactory level, and then does the street Dept.

Not complaining just wondering how they get away with it. I will admit I am not the brightest bulb on the tree, but I was referring to the cut outs on 16th NW and was thanking them for fixing the potholes on 16th ST.

At least to me they do the best they can with what they have to work with. I did complain about the plowing once because they just missed us I guess. If I can post to complain I can post to say thank you. And thank you for amusing me this snowy spring day!

It looks like enough homeowners showed up to temporarily put a hold on it. But where else could it come from?? Norm is shaking his head. Killed it for dirtbags like you?? Arrogance and ignorance sure do go hand in hand with you liberals!! You a little lite in the belt to be jaw jabbin. This forum never shared city wide issues it has just been a place for every unhappy tax payer to bitch and point the finger at the city you and about another dozen people on here need to learn to stand on your own 2 feet!

I would like for the mayor and street dept supervisor to go down to magic city plaza. When they go to leave the plaza be sure to go out the main entrance and make a right hand turn.

Do this about 5 times and see if the front end falls out of their vehicles. That chuck hole down there could house about 5 ducks. Been this way for 2 months. Street dept should be ashamed. I think they should tear it down.

Smoking is a bad habit and is bad for your health. So is bad eating habits! Lots of overweight people here in Barberton. Two can play that game. Maybe the epa should have a look? Making two possibilities a reality predicting the future of things we all know. Fighting off the diseased programming of centuries,centuries,centuries,centuries. Science has to recognize the single most potent element of human existence.

Letting the reigns go to the unfolding is faith,faith,faith,faith. Science has failed our world. Science has failed our mother earth. Spirit moves through all things! Look at the top comment I replied to.

The man fails to see the light! Can I get an amen?? I see the containers out early in the week and weekends and not retrieved after pickup day, if at all. The city has enough visual issues Not to mention the street conditions and unkempt properties without adding a sea of unintended trash containers to the mix I guess it would take a little pride and effort to do a basic task.

Please publish the laws for residents to know and the city to enforce. I know republic better come get their can soon! They should have gotten it last week. You guys thought republic was bad? Kimble is no better! Last week mine and my neighbors recycle was forgotten. This week my trash was forgotten. Trying to get a hold of these people is job in itself.

When will they get it right? When a police officer has no choice but to fire upon a thug, the first thing the liberals do is blame the officer! But when a tragic event like Parkland occurs, they blame the gun!

Jan,Obama and I were up late last night smoking crack at the tressels on highland ave. You should swing by. The internet is not a baby sitter!! He can have it. Why would you care about republicans?

FYI…The speed limit in Barberton is now 55 in a 35 and and 45 in a Keep driving like complete idiots!! I have immigrant friends from Europe who have become citizens in this country. They are solid conservative Republican, but they cannot understand why assault weapons are not outlawed.

They are saddened that this country is so backwards in regards to gun safety. These same people telling me this are Trump supporters and voters! I think it would be worthwhile for many on this thread to reach out to European immigrants and just ask what they think about our gun laws and listen with an open ear.

In Europe, constitutions use to change all the time. Bobblehead Nancy Pillosi always bringing up race!! Your preaching to the wrong choir. Just plain old Jan from Barberton.

Honestly though, if you ever run across someone born outside the US, ask them their thoughts on our gun laws just for poops and giggles. Maybe you should ask them their opinion on gun free zones and crazy psychos that snap!! Why is it that having a car requires taking a test and having insurance, but having a gun requires none of this? There is more regulation with cars than there are with guns. That is messed up. That is why this country is experiencing these mass shootings.

Shame on the GOP for blocking common sense gun regulations. Think about how ignorant it is to blame the gun!! If they do ban assault rifles, then these lunatics use their car as a deadly weapon running into crowds should we then move to ban cars!

Driving is a privilege GUNS are a right! We get it Nancy. You hate Trump and his supporters. Nobody gives a chit about your imaginary friends. I have family members who are Trump supporters. I just feel sorry for them. They are wishing and hoping for an America in the s that will never return. Sorry folks, but that time will never return. I think you have that part wrong. We are not hoping for white man to rule we are just tired of the freeloading BS.

I have immigrant relatives. Because my family emigrated to this area of the United States in I have heard many liberal commentators declare with a straight face that the United States is the only country that experiences these mass shootings such as the terrible tragedy in Florida. That is an outright LIE! At least five people in Russia were shot and killed leaving church recently. Russia has gun laws as strict as any place on earth.

Who had the gun? A criminal intent on killing had the gun, of course. The best defense against a criminal with a gun is a law-abiding citizen with a gun. I have a concealed handgun license and am always prepared to defend myself or others.

The Second Amendment to the Constitution IS intended to give citizens the means to protect themselves from an oppressive government. The United States Constitution is the greatest political document ever written — including the Second Amendment. Your comment is based on a lot of assumptions. First, the assumption that everything Tim said is correct. That being said, one could argue Russia is an outlier.

Our country is more similar to those countries than Russia. Obama is a number two of sorts!! A heaping pile of it. His forked tongue got you all hot and bothered huh? Obama campaign preaching change. Oh he changed things alright!! We will never agree. A divided country should become just that. Of course millions who voted for Obama voted for Trump.

You are absolutely right. Are you openly advocating treason? Could you please enlighten me? Your punctuation and grammar is so much better than mine. You wild eyed,delusional,race-baiting,arrogant liberal!!

You wanna know why? Agree with you Jan. Really miss having an intelligent, educated, well-spoken decent man for president. Get up go to work provide for my family!! Why is it all Obama supporters sleep till noon and wait for the mailman to bring them their monthly hand out!! I think trumps gonna do a good job at ending the handouts!! That is just insanity! We have a gun problem. The founding father agreed it was your right to have a musket in case England invaded.

You still want a musket? They never intended you to own anything more than a musket. I love how Republicans think the second amendment and the bill of rights is somehow infallible and somehow equal, if not higher, than the bible. Is that part infallible? Or are you just cherry picking parts to fit your political agenda? That was in the constitution. I hope not, cause the repeal is also in our constitution! The common sense approach is model gun laws based on other countries that have low levels of gun violence.

Anything else is dangerous, and a threat to the safety of the majority of Americans. We need to severely cripple the 2nd Amendment to make sure everyone has access to a Musket. Real world…the guns are already on the streets. You better get a gun quick. You will need it when everyone has one but you. We defend our president,congressmen, governors, celebrities, sporting events, jewelry stores, banks,courts, factories and office buildings with GUNS.

We defend our children …….. I agree any gun free zone is a accident waiting to happen. It makes you wonder who the ignorant people were that made them gun free zones!! I got a better idea…hear me out…what about it…. You know, since our founding fathers had no idea what these things were. The musket is what our founding fathers wanted you to have.

Could you imagine how silly our military would look carrying and fighting with a musket!! I think Jan rode the short bus!!

Why are you projecting your conservative Sean Hannity ideological bent on my comments? Google Red Herring Examples. In literature, this fallacy is often used in detective or suspense novels to mislead readers or characters, or to induce them to make false conclusions. Typically, people who engage in Red Herring Logical Fallacies know exactly what they are doing. They know they are dead in the water in regards to facts and debate, so they attempt to change the subject. You sir, took my comment that the founding fathers meant for every person to have the right to bear a musket and somehow extrapolated that our military should only have muskets.

You are attempting to diminish my factual position that our founding fathers wanted citizens to have the option to own muskets and claim that I am saying our military should only have muskets. It is not only intellectually dishonest, but it just weakens your position, and makes readers think less of your posts. Your probably better off not commenting on guns you obviously are uneducated on weapons especially assault rifles I would be willing to bet alot of people beside my family and me own them!!

And we would never in a million years have someone take them let alone have you or anyone else outlaw them!! Jan your grammar and pronunciation are magnificent!!! And your capitalisation is to die for!!! I am in awe!!! Banning Assault weapons will greatly reduce the number of people killed by guns. Just as many deaths just a different way to kill. Drugs are illegal, banned, not allowed and dangerous….. Yet we have a huge problem in this country. Stopping the sale of guns or ownership does not solve anything.

We will just use other objects as assault weapons then. Start banning bats, knives, hammers, etc……. Kimble has yet to pick up one dirty diaper or a wee wee stained mattress, however the comedy has already begun!

We may be the opiate capital of NE Ohio but by golly we know how to clown up the city services! You should practice what you preach.

I have no problems with how things are being handled in the city. Someone was complaining about the new trash barrels and mine are fine, nothing ruined or broken. Just stating that fact. Your comment makes no sense in reply to mine. How many of these names here belong to you? It appeared in the tree under mine so it looked like it was. Honest mistake I guess. Put your bifocals on so you can see.

Your trailer park is drug infested!! Norton Pub is a cool place. And your coaches and teachers live in Barberton and send kids to Barberton Schools. Where is downtown Norton? Why not get your facts straight before you publish inaccurate information. Get rid of her. Just her hatred for her President. All of you Trump lemmings are priceless! How many of his former repub cronies have voted against his whacko ideas?

And the list goes on but your hatred for him has you in a slumber. Perhaps it is you who is still asleep? Russia assisted the Trump Campaign by weaponizing Facebook, Twitter and other social media to divide and separate the different factions. The destruction of fundamental Government Agencies.

By under staffing, hiring cronies, replacing scientists with politicians who are completely under qualified, he has successfully undermined the original missions of these agencies and how they work for the people in general. Now at a cost to taxpayers of over million dollars, Trump is once again in his Fla Golf Club. I would not be a president that takes time off. Then he defended the racist. Then he read a scripted response and still went off rail in his remarks.

Need more of your delusions? We get it you hate Trump and whitey. All you have to do now is do something about it! Bush led us into a war based on false pretenses and resulted in thousands of young Americans dead. Police officers have your guns drawn and ready on all calls.

Please post links that show Obama liking police shooting. Just keep away from me you racist!! Your comments are all the proof I need to know what you are. Delusional butt hurt liberal!! Debating facts with your opinion. Better get back to your msnbc.

Keep pulling that race card. That you cannot spin!!! Trump is an embarrassment to the world. Our long, national nightmare, will finally be over in November of Also, what would Republicans do if it turned out that Obama had sex with numerous Porn Stars and paid them off?!

OMG…Their heads would have literally spun around a degree angle before simultaneously exploding all at once!!

Good people can not have a reasonable debate with people who engage in logical fallacies, because they shift the topic. You post fake news and your arrogant,liberal opinion which makes me wanna engage in vomiting. You expect anyone to have a rational debate with that comment?

Did not vote in Bush second term. Mitt Romney or Obama. Trump is his own man. Why do you think they tried so hard to keep him out. The antifascist are the fascists. Ever see any of antifas violence? Shut up and dribble!! Take your arse to LA where you belong. The land of fruit and nuts!! And Trump is your President!!!! This viewsline over the time I have been reading the posts since the end of has been going slowly from blue to red.

Or less liberal to more conservative. The silent majority is becoming less silent!!! Corruption runs deep on a national,state and yes,a local level. Research is at your fingertips. Use discretion and never let them make fools of the American people ever again.

Hey Laura, go home, clean the house, stitch, and make your husband a meal! Feminist pulling the race card again. Always bringing up race.

If Laura was black and LeBron was white there would be zero word from you. Take a look in the mirror and blame that person. You sir have engaged in 2 logical fallacies. Somehow from my post you attacked me personally and then claimed I hate white women, even though my post had nothing to do about white women. It had to do with classically oppressed groups in history.

Russian bots made me do it!!! Let me guess, you North Enders need to plow all of the rain from the roads to go buy more smokes and booze?

Another person shot in Barberton. And another person from Akron pulled the trigger. Hurrah for Barberton, changing trash collectors! Good Move… Hopefully will Encourage folks to start Tidying up around here. Probably not but we sure could try. There are millions waiting for open season. I see they expect payment by Feb 23rd..

I still have a mortgage so mine comes out of escrow. I never have to worry about that. Be glad you get a bill that you have to pay separately, that means you probably own your home and have no mortgage payment. What about these democrats at the SOTU address? If they hate this country so much why in the hell are they here. They can spin it any way they want. Childish,un American swamp creatures. Was it like when Rep. Oh yah, nothing disrespectful or racist there! Now you better remember when you think or tell someone they lied you are racist.

I hope he rips these liberals apart over these next 7 yrs. I got my tax bill. That is about 3. Does Norton need that much money and a income tax levy to support the school? I was incorrect on the amount my school tax went up. I just got one number wrong.

How did they get soooooo smart? Dollar General does not sell many of the same items. I would rather go to the store. Barberton could use a strong police presence. Max fines and sentences. Become pests for them. You come through Barberton,your gonna get pulled. Make it a place to avoid for criminals. Law and order NOW!!!! My family never will go anywhere in barberton unless we are armed and if the business dosent honor concealed carry we go elsewhere!! Head on a swivel.

Ever drive down Fern St.? Did you notice where the Sylvester St shooter was from? What about the Barber rd shooter? What about the Hendon scum? And it makes no sense why so many people are against concealed carry and guns!! BUT I know I raised my children right and pro gun?? Sinnett added that with the O'Hara's Point project coming to fruition, this extra income is more important than ever, if the organization is to fully achieve its goals.

Anyone interested in making a financial contribution to the organization's historical and heritage mission should contact Mr. Sinnett at , or the corporation's treasurer, Stanley Smith, at Corporation Gaspe, Berceau du Canada was founded in with the mission of spreading knowledge of Gaspe's history.

In keeping with that mission, the corporation operates a walking tour highlighting key moments in the town's history. The organization also seeks to raise awareness of the town's role as the birthplace of Quebec, Canada and French North America by transforming the site' of historic Old Gaspe into a location celebrating the major players and pivotal moments in the town's history through interpretive and educational activities.

High expectations and quite a few disappointments. The disappointment goes deeper than seeing the building demolished. What hurts most was the indifference of many and the antagonistic behaviour of a few. It may be considered a victory by some, but a hollow one at that. Yes, the eyesore is gone, as some referred to it. We put in a good effort and we thank our supporters.

It was a hard battle as there was always a lack of communication from the powers that be - which astounded many in our community and other communities. As I broke the news today, there was a general feeling of astonishment and disbelief.

We and our supporters can hold our heads high - we considered the impact on our youth who deserve to know of their roots, the sacrifice of their forbearers and their proud place in history.

Hopefully a lesson has been learned from this lack of vision. And maybe, next time, things will be better. Goodbye Wakeham Hall - you deserved better. Caputo Monday December 3 The property is still home to a bird-watching tower constructed some years ago by the Town of Gaspe, and will likely become a resting area for those walking or biking around the Gaspe Bay.

Check the photo on our Facebook Page top right. Very important informations will be given on our activities. Documents and videos will be handed out.

To the participants of the Quebec activity: Come out for an evening of fun and light excerise. Please come out and join us in worship, singing carols, stories, and fellowship. Goodies with hot chocolate will be served after the service.

Everyone over 18 welcome. Fran Aird will be leading a worship service on Sunday November 18th at Matthews United Church in Rosebridge everyone is welcome to come join us. Some are certain that, for a short period of time, possibly in the late 90's, it was located on the museum property. Does anyone have a photo showing the cross on that property, or proof that it was there? If so, please email me at mdp gogaspe.

Penouille, a flagship tourist attraction For the past few weeks, visitors to the Penouille Peninsula have been able to observe the work in progress at the site. They can also consult an information panel showing future facilities, their location, as well as the completion schedule. The Parks Canada team is working on a project destined to become a major attraction for residents, visitors, and cruise passengers alike.

To this end, a bicycle rental building has already been built at the entrance to the peninsula, as well as a walkway to accommodate cruise passengers at the other end of the point. Bus and bicycle shelters have also been built at various locations.

In addition, Parks Canada will construct a wooden bridge at the entrance for pedestrians, bikes, and an electric shuttle. In , a major phase of the project will get underway with the redevelopment of the information centre area. A new visitor centre will be built, along with picnic and play areas. An electric shuttle will run along the barrier beach. Various visitor facilities for cruise ships will also be added on the western edge of the peninsula.

Several other initiatives have been undertaken this year as part of this major five-year — project. A visitor experience plan has also been initiated, and an environmental assessment completed. Preparation of plans and specifications will begin shortly, with work scheduled to begin in spring Introduction to Using a Computer 25 hours Cost: It was great as usual.

For those who were unable to attend, a reminder that our cards expire on the 30th of September. Lots of sunshine and fun for all!

We all talked,reminisced, laughed,sang, cooked, ate and drank till the wee hours. Hoping to have the next reunion in the Okanagan! Watch for it in two years! We are looking for your donations of toys, books, kitchenware or other items to sell.

If you are unable to bring us your donations, please call us and we will gladly come and pick them up. All types of items. Doors open at 2 p. This event will be sponsored by York River Seniors. This will be aired on Sunday Sept 09 at 8: Watch for Johnny on the Red Carpet Sunday night. Matthews United Church in Rosebridge at Fran Aird will be leading the service, come out and join us in fellowship. The exhibition will be available for viewing until Sept 8, September 1st 4: A table will be setup for Name tags and information.

They gave him the name Stephen Brian Cassidy. Stephen will be turning 60 this year and wanted to celebrate this birthday in Gaspe. Only one suggestion, you may want to bring your own chair YaHooo Let's have a party!!!!! The approach used will cover all aspects of the realization of a finished work, from concept and design, through experiential knowledge of materials and technique, to the finishing of a three dimensional sculpture of your choice.

Workshops will be for one or two individuals at a time, allowing for careful supervision and personal training in the subtleties of the art. I have been doing sculpture and many other artistic techniques for more than 40 years now and have taught a variety of sculptural techniques to people of all ages. If you are interested, send me an email at mace. The exhibition will be available for viewinguntil Sept 14, September1st 4: Two pilot projects designed to encourage families to enjoy mountain biking and intermediate level horseback riding are currently underway.

Located in the backcountry, a 5-km section at the eastern end of Les Lacs trail will now be open to horseback riders. Signage and information panels were recently posted at the wilderness camp site and along Le Portage trail. The 2-km trail runs from the Interpretation Centre to Des-Rosiers campground, giving cyclists an opportunity to bike along the seashore on flat terrain. Signage and information panels will be posted soon. This new service offer is being tried out in the wake of a workshop, held last April, in which some thirty people park staff and users as well as representatives from community organisations and partners participated.

The goal of the workshop was to develop a long-term vision for Forillon National Park trails. The two pilot projects appear on the list of potential projects proposed by the participants in this brainstorming activity. They also meet another park objective — providing a network of diversified trails with multiple uses and of varying degrees of difficulty that can be used by visitors of all ages. Be sure to let us know if you plan to attend 'cause we want to make sure we have enough for and beverage for all!!!!

Check out our web site on the link found on gogaspe. Nous souhaitons aussi remercier: When they arrive at the park, young adventurers receive an activity workbook to guide them on their visit. Once they have completed the required number of activities, they receive a certificate and souvenir as tokens of their success.

This new national program is available at some 60 parks, historic sites, and marine conservation areas throughout the Parks Canada network. The Xplorers program is included in the regular Parks Canada entry fee. For the list of participating sites, click here. Parks Canada manages a network of 43 national parks, national historic sites, and 4 national marine conservation areas, while setting the stage and inviting Canadians and people from around the world to engage in personal moments of inspiring discovery of our treasured natural and historic places.

We would like to thank all citizens who have in anyway contributed to making this get together possible. You know who you are Without your support it would not be possible.

See you there, Weston by weston white Saturday July 28 Two short rain showers did not prevent anyone from having a great day. About 90 people registered for lunch and bingo. The lunch was delicious and enjoyed by all. A thank you to all who donated gifts for the bingo.

The day would not have been such a success with out the help of all the volunteers, with a special thank you to the younger generation. It is especially nice to see them so willing to help. The project that most effect our community involves the construction of a multigenerational community center for the Anglophone community in Gaspe at a cost of , dollars, including a thousand dollar grant from the Government of Quebec. Work is scheduled to start in August and finish by the end of November.

This is a partial transulation of an article taken from radiogaspesie. To see the full article and both projects check their website. French only by Tony Patterson Wednesday July 18 Ste-Croix is a remarkable talent and her latest album, Canadian Girl, which I am listening to as I author this message, is a toe-tapping collection of regional songs which capture the harmony, sound and soul of our great country. She truly captures the essence of our country in her selection of songs.

Advance tickets can be purchased at these locations. Caputo Wednesday July 18 Young families are invited to join in the launch of this innovative album that will encourage children and their parents to celebrate the surrounding nature by singing, dancing and learning, inspired by the sounds of rap, a lullaby and a traditional reel. The activity will begin at After the performance, children and their parents will be able to buy the album and meet the artist during a signing session.

They can also picnic and enjoy the site together. As they wade in the water in the company of a naturalist, participants can discover the plants and animals that have chosen to live in this unique and fragile habitat.

Throughout the day, a naturalist stationed at Recreation Centre will present a series of short natural interpretation activities for visitors. The celebration will end with a roof-raising performance at the festival tent sent up next to St. Why not put on your dancing shoes and join the crowd to swing your partner and enjoy some spell-binding tales about local traditions. To hear some sound clips from Gallantine au parc Forillon, visit www.

The cookbook contains over recipes and has everything from drinks to desserts. If you would like to purchase a copy, please contact Rhonda Stewart at or rhondals hotmail.

I wanted to take this opportunity to reach out to my fellow Gaspesians all across the world to ask for your help. If you know of any basketball talent whether in Canada or abroad please don't hesitate to contact me.

Thank you in advance Steve Cassivi scassivi hotmail. Your support was greatly appreciated. Thank you to all the workers and a special thank you to the non-members who gave their time so generously to help out. Advance sales to be announced shortly. Jim by James F. Caputo Monday July 9 If you would like to register your child please do so in person at camp.

Camp runs from 9am until 3pm and ends on Friday. The day is filled with music, crafts, games and science experiments! Peter's in Malbay - I noticed it was not advertises in the Spec, so if you know of anyone that attends the Malbay church please let them know. Pierre road were returned to their owner. Thanks for your assistance. A pair of prescription eyeglasses.

If you lost your glasses on a walk along our road, send me a message at morningmist85 hotmail. To avoid secret garbage dumps and to make a fair collection of residues C. Those sites will be accessible 5 Saturdays during summer, that is July 7th and 21st, August 11th and 25th and September 15th, from 8 am till 4 pm.

For the South sector, the deposits can be made at the L. Note that this offer applies only to the private individuals with automobile, small van and trailer, and not to the contractors or to the trucks.

Furthermore, there is a system of security camera and it is forbidden to bring wastes out of business hours. Only the residential residues of construction, renovation and demolition - C. Tires, household waste and recyclables materials are thus refused to it.

For more information, just go on: The brunch was delicious and enjoyed by all who attended. After the great meal those of us who had travelled by bus continued on to Cape Hope to visit the beautiful floral nursery "Les Jardins Fleuris".

The tour of the nursery with it beautiful plants was also greatly enjoyed and helped to brighten a damp and rain day. Those who travelled by bus wish to thank the Eastern Shores School Board for prividing the bus for us. We would also like to thank our very courtious bus driver Colin Sams.

We are already looking forward to next year. The format was the same as last year with a shotgun start at The rain dampened the golf course but not the spirits of 99 golfers and 88 guests. However, after playing three holes, the golfers enjoyed fine weather.

The attendance was less than last year but the enthusiasm was high. During the game the club house was abuzz with guests renewing old friendships and catching up with news and happenings. A barbecue dinner was served with a choice of steak, chicken or veggie.

After dinner; emcee Dan Miller welcomed everyone on behalf of the organizing committee. The golf winners were announced and prizes awarded. Men's second — Jordan Williams with a score of Men's longest drive — Jeff Baird.

Closest to Pin — Floyd Boyle!! Some 63 door prizes were given to lucky attendees. Generous donors supplied many of the prizes. The organizing committee thank all attendees for supporting this event and are looking forward to the Great Gaspe Golf Tournament.

They also thank Dennis Casselman and his crew for taking care of us so well. On a personal note I celebrated my 80th birthday at this event and thank all those who passed along their good wishes. The survey results, which will be available in winter , will enable Parks Canada to devise various approaches designed to encourage harmonious coexistence of residents and bears.

This large-scale initiative constitutes the second part of a comprehensive study that Parks Canada undertook last year. During the summer season, the agency solicited the opinions of hundreds of Forillon National Park visitors. Black bears have never been aggressive toward humans within Forillon National Park.

The park strives to ensure that black bears and visitors coexist safely. For more information on the black bear, visit www. The family of Margaret and David Patterson of Wakeham would like to extend an invitation to all our family and friends to a tea party in honor of their 60th wedding anniversary on August 3,,ar Fort Haldimand Camp from 1 Pm until 4PM.

Best wishes only please!!! It was decided by those members in attendence that the 4 administrators up for re-election remain in their positions. An excellent supper was then served by Albert and Elaine Patterson. A great evening of dancing was enjoyed by all. I would like to thank everyone for making our bake sale a success. Trudy Patterson by Trudy patterson Sunday April 22 According to all that attended and their gracious comments we received it was a great success.

The food and service was fantastic. We want to thank those who helped us along the way. Lisa Patterson made up the lists and she wanted me to tell you that she very much enjoyed the many little letters she received along with the cheques. Go Gaspe covered the costs of the lists. To say the least we are overwhelmed with all of you wonderful Gaspesians and non Gaspesians who worked and lived there and have become a part of us.

We Gaspesians have a very special bond and we are very fortunate for that. We were very happy to see 10 new faces in our midst.

Several ladies signed up for membership while others browsed the shelves checking out the selection of books. Judging by the smiling faces and lively chatter, it appeared that everyone had a great time. A big thanks to Tracy for making this an informative and "delicious" activity.

To keep up to date on future events, contact me at debbie gogaspe. Residents are hopeful that this will help drain floodwaters and eleviate flooding in Sunny Bank which has occurred in 11 of the past 35 years. The York River is blocked about 8 km above the bridge joining Sunny Bank and Wakeham with more than a kilometre of ice which was dislodged as the river rose because of the excessively warm weather.

If the river were to continue rising the ice jam could easily continue down river where flooding could be disasterous. On a picture perfect day, we met at the home of Victor and Coreen Annett, and headed off up the hill into the woods. After a short walk we arrived at their sugar camp. There we relaxed outdoors at the picnic tables and chatted. Meanwhile Coreen and Victor prepared us a delicious lunch of soup, baked beans, pancakes, rolls, sugar tarts and ample taffy on the snow, all homemade.

After such a wonderful season of winter activities, it is with a heavy heart that we are putting our snowshoes away until next year. Quite amazing for Gaspe March Brisk wind and warm weather has caused rivers to rise and signs of spring are everywhere.

Unfortunately it is not supposed to last It looks as if we will have an early spring. Wakeham York Winter Carnival was a great success again this year. Congratulations to the organizers for all their hard work. The hall was nicely decorated and fine china was used for the tea and delicious lunch.

The seniors have been very busy lately — snowshoeing, senior dancing, bowling and kurling as well as playing and tuck.. The happy couple live in Calgary, Alberta.

We wish them many happy years together. Visitation was at the Fortin Funeral Home with the funeral service at St. Andrews Church York on February 24th. Congratulations to Tyler and Lisa on the birth of their little daughter Ryann.

Very proud great grandmother is Pearl Patterson and great grandfather Murray Patterson. Doug and Dorinda will meet their new granddaughter when they visit her in Barrie, Ontario the third week of March. Meetings are being held to try to come to some decision for the future of the Greater Parish of Gaspe.

The first meeting took place at St. The second meeting is scheduled for Saturday, March 17th. We know he will do a superb job. Get well wishes to Curzon Patterson of York who was recently in the Hotel Dieu Hospital and also to his wife, Elaine, who is recovering from knee surgery. A speedy recovery is wished for both of them.

An open house was held at her home in Wakeham on February 18th so family and friends could celebrate with her. Merle enjoyed her day and received many nice gifts, flowers and good wishes.

Hope you all had a wonderful day. Our deepest sympathy to family and friends on the sudden passing of Gary Paul of Haldimand. Gary passed away on February 27th. Our thoughts are with all the family at this time. Happy Birthday to Pam Patterson, our leap year baby, who celebrated her 40th on February 29th.

Hope your day was great Pam and we wish you many leap year birthdays to come. We no longer see a depanneur in Sunny Bank This store which has seen many owners over the last years has closed its doors and is now demolished.

We will all certainly miss this handy little store which provided us with so many everyday items. Congratulations to Margaret and David Patterson who celebrated their 60th anniversary on February 26th. Their daughters, Shirley and Alma came home for the weekend to be with their mom and dad on this happy occasion. Their son, Paul, spent the winter here in Gaspe so was also home at this time. This is the 10th year for such an event and the two hundred cross country skiers traveled kilometers in the Gaspesie.

It was quite a spectacular thing to see all of the skiers coming across the bay. Happy Birthday wishes going out to Mr. Frank Leblanc who turns 90 on February 18th. We wish him good health and happiness in the coming year. All proceeds went toward the Education Fund for students leaving the area to further their education. Gaspe News by Ivy Miller- March Beautiful sunny weather continues — had a major snow storm on February 25th but apart from that not a whole lot of snow for Gaspe this year.

A beautiful, sunny morning and very inviting trails were enjoyed by all. You may have put aside the blue insert that was inside the 'Pharillon' last week, if you have mispplaced it, the mailing address is 'The Gaspe Cancer Foundation' P. Box , Gaspe, Qc. Starting at 10 a. Be sure to dress warmly and bring your lunch the campground service building will be heated.

Nature can be very clever! Snow Castle Contest From 1 p. Your architecture skills could win you a prize! In addition to these activities, the Park team will be hosting workshops on winter and wilderness survival skills, queenzy building, and nature discovery. There will also be a draw for door prizes! It will be groomed for travel on foot, snowshoes, or skis. Les Petites Maisons du Parc has kindly offered to lend out skis, snowshoes, and kicksleds to those interested limited quantity.

To learn more about the delights of winter at Forillon National Park, visit www. I can remember buying ice cream in cones from Mrs Rob Palmers Store around This store was located near Heathers beauty salon and was sold to Bruce and Ralph Patterson in Delivery service was provided to the homes of the many faithful customers around the Gaspe bay, winter and summer, and a dry goods department was opened in a new wing where gift items, cards, paint, nails, fishing and hunting equipment was sold.

Dale Miller and Wanda then bought and operated this store successfully for several years, followed by Andre Jean and Claudette Eden. They then sold the store to Joanne Jean and Ghislain Shaw who operated the store until the flood of December 15th , when they lost much of their stock, and the building was badly damaged as water backed up 43 inches, behind the access to the bridge.

Because they had only owned the store for a short time, and with the many delays in Government financial aid, they were not in a position financially to move the store as required by the government stipulations.

For this reason the last Sunny Bank store will close its doors and the buildings will be demolished within the next two months. This store will be missed by many local residents. After an invigorating hike, everyone returned to the cozy chalet to enjoy the warmth of the wood fire and a delicious lunch.

Seven ladies were present and spent a pleasant afternoon engaged in informal discussion relating to reading tastes, favorite authors etc.

This was followed by refreshments and a lively chat on a variety of topics. It was a great chance to get together, meet new people and have fun. We hope to have our second meeting in early April. Anyone wishing to join the group should contact Debbie by phone at or by email at Debbie gogaspe. It would appear that Transport Quebec has accepted responsibility for the damage resulting when their causeway blocked the normal flow of the York River in December, Residents hope that the 10 metre bridge will help prevent a recurrence in the future.

The letter is written as follows: This is coordinated by the Office of Culture and Heritage. Proposals on August 31, Transportation was arranged for those needing a lift, thus giving all of our most elderly, the opportunity to come and join in the fun. The valentine centerpieces, tablecloths, along with heart shaped cookies and decorated cakes, made for a very attractive setting.

Debbie Sams, Norma MacDonald and Johnny Cotton provided the entertainment with a lively selection of instrumentals and sing-along numbers that had several people up dancing in the aisles.

What a great way to share together such a blustery cold day. Members have been encouraged to visit shut-ins incapable of participating in such activities and we were delighted to learn that two of our group brought cakes, made tea, and spent an afternoon chatting with a once very vibrant member of our community.

In conclusion we'd like to thank everyone who helped make this event such a huge success. Our deepest sympathy to the family of Weston Mullin who passed away in Quebec City on January 11th after a short illness. Get well wishes to Alex Baird of Douglastown who was in the hospital in early January. We hope he is feeling much better now.

A very happy birthday to Mrs. Ella Gillis of Wakeham who celebrated her 90th birthday on January 19th. Best wishes for a healthy and happy year and keeping looking young! Mary Miller from Sandy Beach recently celebrated her 95th birthday on January 23rd. A birthday party was held at the home of her brother, Mr. Everyone had a very enjoyable afternoon visiting with these two wonderful senior citizens.

Our deepest sympathy is being extended to family and friends of Alpheus Patterson of Wakeham. Visitation and the funeral service, officiated by Rev. Fran Aird, took place at St. James Church Wakeham on January 18th. Burial of ashes to take place at a later date.

Alpheus will be certainly missed in the community. We hope he is feeling much better soon. A very happy birthday to the Eden twins who turned 87 years young on February 1st. We hope they had a wonderful day. We were enjoyably entertained by Elizabeth Baird and her guitar. Several draws took place during the afternoon while we enjoyed wine and cheese.

Their son Tony who lives in Vancouver also joined them in Montreal. Lori, Andrew and their three little ones also spent some time with them in Montreal. Get well wishes to Elaine Patterson of York who has recently had a knee replacement. We hope she is up and around real soon. Muriel and Linda Cass are back in Wakeham after spending the holidays and the month of January with Valerie and family in Montreal. It is nice to see them back.

The Funeral service was held at St. James Church in Moncton on February 7th. He will be greatly missed by all who knew him. Hope our weather holds out so everyone can get out and enjoy all the carnival activities.

Wish we were close to celebrate with you! May your day be filled with love and happiness! Meet us on Saturday, January 28 at 5 p.

You might be surprised to find out. Snowshoeing will start at 10 a. Fees will be charged for park entry and meals. Snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, kicksledding, and interpretation activities are on the program.

So many different ways to enjoy winter Cross-country skiing enthusiasts are blessed with a vast network of trails over 40 km of maintained trails taking them through breathtaking forest and mountain winter landscapes. And snowshoers are in for a treat as well. And why stop at the tried-and-true classics when you can shake things up a bit with off-trail skiing or kicksledding?

To find out more about the full range of winter options at Forillon National Park visit www. For information on winter accommodation options visit www. Forillon National Park is proud to offer the public new ways to discover or rediscover the park in winter. The Park team plans to continue diversifying its winter activity offerings in collaboration with the local community. James Church in Wakeham. Visitation will be from 1: At this time I would like to wish everyone a very happy and healthy New Year.

Melba Patterson celebrated a special birthday on December 8th. Hope your day was a great one and have a wonderful year. A happy belated birthday to Earl Assels of Sunny Bank who celebrated his 60th birthday on December 10th. Have a great year, Earl. Our deepest sympathy to the family of Mrs. The funeral service was held at the Fortin Funeral Home on December 22nd.

Burial of ashes will take place this summer. Our condolences to the family of Mr. Visitation and funeral service took place at the Fortin Funeral Home on December Karen and Emile Patterson had an amazing Christmas gift this year.

Their baby boy, Gabriel, was born on Christmas Eve. Congratulations to the happy family. Wilma Roberts of Sandy Beach is feeling much better after her stay in the hospital before the Christmas holiday. They also visited Faye and Blair Miller and family in Guelph. Heather and Dean Patterson were happy to have their family home for the holidays. They had a wonderful winter holiday, enjoying the great outdoors of Gaspe. Our deepest sympathy to family and friends of Earle Coffin of Wakeham who passed away at Monsigneur Ross on December 23rd.

Visitation and prayers took place at the Fortin Funeral Home on December 27th with burial of ashes to be held this summer. Two other sisters of Marjorie, Ella and Ginny, were also here at this time and stayed with her until after the New Year.

A very happy 90th birthday on January 9th to Mr. Ivan Patterson of Sandy Beach. Christmas Eve service was held in St. Andrew's Anglican Church in York, this year, with over a hundred people attending. Deacon Lorna Baird conducted this beautiful service, and Karen Briand and the choir provided us with wonderful music.

Get well wishes to Andy Patterson of Sunny Bank who recently had surgery. We wish him a speedy recovery and also a happy 60th birthday on January 5th. Cindy Eden had a wonderful surprise at her 50th birthday celebration— When she opened a large birthday present her brother Blair from Kamloops, B. Ellen Patterson was happy to have her son, Jeremy, of Sherbrooke home for the holidays. Jeremy is presently teaching at Champlain College in Lennoxville. We hope she is feeling much better soon.

It looks like the ice is thick enough for the fishing shacks which seem to be appearing at this time. York Rink has been operating since before the holidays —we hope it will be a good winter for all outdoor sports. The first activity will be "Kurling" which will be held at the GES starting at 7pm. The activities schedule is available on the York River Seniors web page located on the gogaspe web site.

We have a lot of different events planned for coming months and hope to see you there. Andrew's Anglican Church in York, and over a hundred people participated in the celebration. On behalf of the congregation, I'd like to extend a big thank-you to Rev. Lorna Baird for conducting an inspirational service, and to Karen Briand and the choir for the wonderful music. It was very uplifting to see such a wonderful turn-out. The schedule remains the same as last year.

Come and enjoy the fun, see you there! All the church sales are over and I believe every one was a great success again this year- with good crowds and delicious afternoon teas. Ron Mundle of Wakeham is recovering from a knee replacement. Gilbert and Elaine Coull were very happy to have their daughter, Treena and grandson Ben from Montreal to spend the weekend of October 29th. Belated Happy Birthday wishes going out to some November people: Lisa Reilly - 3rd and Chris Miller on the 4th.

Lorna Baird on the 7th. Linda Mullin — a special one on the 19th. On Sunday, November 6th Elizabeth Baird Coffin had a surprise birthday party for her mother, Lorna Baird in honour of her 80th birthday.

It was held at the Seniors Room in Wakeham and a large crowd attended to wish Lorna a very happy birthday. Our deepest sympathy to the family and friends of Adeline Baird who passed away after a length illness, at the Hotel Dieu in Gaspe on November 11th A service of prayers and songs was held at the Funeral Parlor in Gaspe on November 19th.

Adeline worked for Multi Service and will be sadly missed by her co-workers, clients, family and friends. Sophie came into the world in a hurry and the happy parents were at the hospital only a half hour before she arrived. Sophie is a little sister for Charlie and Connor. Happy Birthday to Pearl Patterson who celebrated her birthday on December 1st.

Best wishes for a healthy and happy year to come! A very special birthday wish to Gladys Coffin who has her 90th birthday on December 2nd. Gladys is now living in York with Carter and Ada Coffin. Happy Birthday to Carter on the 23rd. Get well wishes to Desmond Miller of Wakeham who has just undergone surgery.

Best wishes to Dessie for a speedy recovery. A special birthday wish to Louise Miller Nichum who lives in Denmark. Louise was 40 on December 3rd. Hope you had a great day Louise! We wish him well and hope he will be feeling better real soon. We were entertained with Christmas Songs by a lot of good local talent. I believe the highlight of the afternoon was when Johnny Girard came on stage with his saxophone — it had been forty years since he entertained an audience but he still sounds terrific.

Lots of delicious sweets and coffee were served. A painting donated by Ron Mundle was won by Stella Grant. All proceeds from this afternoon went to the local Cancer Association. More information will be posted following our committee's first planning meeting in early January. Hope to see you all there! As usual, the first weekend was rainy but as the hunt continued the weather improved.

She was a beautiful lady who will be missed dearly by family and friends. Get well wishes to Mrs. Ella Gillis of Wakeham who has been in Quebec undergoing an operation. Her son, Kevin from Edmonton, Alberta flew home to be with his mother in Quebec. We hope she will have a speedy recovery and back into all her favorite activities soon. The York River Seniors have been very active lately. At the first of October they boarded a bus for Forillon Park for the Changing of the Colors, stopping at Rosebridge Hall for breakfast.

A Card Party was held on Friday, October 14th. She did a little shopping, lots of baking, and enjoyed her visit with her family. Deepest sympathy to the family of Ronald Matterson of Gaspe who passed away on September 25th. Funeral services were held at the Cathederal in Gaspe on September 28th.

Faye and Blair Miller of Guelph, Ontario were home the middle of September to visit family and friends. They had wonderful weather while here and Blair got some golfing in. While here they celebrated the 90th birthday of his mother, Hazel Patterson of Sunny Bank. Our condolences to the family of Gary Mabe who passed away on October 22nd.

Gary was originally from Corner of the Beach. We hope she is feeling much better. Tilly and Alvin Patterson from Manitoudwadge were home for two weeks visiting family and friends. While here Alvin went moose hunting with his father, Carleton Patterson. He was one of the lucky hunters.

Funeral services were held at the St. Marjorique Church on October 22nd. She will be sadly missed by family and friends.

Get well wishes to Ovelan Syvret who is in the hospital in Montreal and recently had surgery. Vernice and Barrie Dumaresq went to Ottawa to attend the wedding of their nephew, and grandson of Selwyn and Sadie Dumaresq. On October 10th they attended the 80th birthday of Selwyn. The next weekend we went to Canmore. We were very happy to be able to celebrate with our beautiful granddaughter, Maria, on her eleventh birthday on October 17th.

Paul's Church in Gaspe. It was great to have so many in the community both young and older working together to help. We would also like to thank Albert and Elaine Patterson for offering to be in charge of organizing the event. As it was a warm evening people were able to be outside on the patio, enjoying drinks and good company. The dinner was buffet style, even trying to taste a little of each thing, plates were full!

Everyone sat around tables that were placed facing each other, a good way to chat while eating. Tables were delightfully decorated for the occasion. Good company, good drinks, good foodwhat else could one ask for, except a second piece of pie!! Billy Boyle has returned to his home in Mississauga after being a travelling man since June. First off to the Gaspe Golf Tournament, then to his home in Gaspe, from there he motored out west and north, back to Kapuskasing for a wedding, back to Gaspe and now he is in Ontario for the winter.

While in Paris they became engagedanother wedding to look forward to. The weather co-operated and the wedding day was delightfully warm and sunny. About guests attended the ceremony in the Anglican Church in Kapuskasing. Pictures were taken at a park nearby, a lovely location by the river. Reception was held at Knights of Columbus Hall. Ryan Palmer, brother of the bride did a most satisfactory job as M. Much music talent from both sides of the family kept everyone entertained well into the night.

My favorite was an 89 year old uncle who played the guitar and sang, "You Are My Sunshine" My kind of music! The bride and groom sand a duet, with the groom on the guitar. It was a great party with many family and friends coming together to have fun and wish the new couple happiness. For one week it was a happening place as all the family were home and many friends came to say Hi. They have been enjoying the warm weather and beaches. Also are having several visitors.

Gary's daughter, Gillian,husband John and son Colby were there for a week. Keri, Lois' daughter and her little Leland and niece Breanna also spent a week and now Gary's sister and her husband are there. The children and adults too, no doubt! Gary has been able to take in basketball, and baseball games. Every one got to hold the little sweetie, and he never woke up!

A Delicious assortment of sweets was served during the afternoon. Lisa's brother Shane and wife Karen were there also with their little girl, Josie who is a real doll. Mariette spent a few days helping Kim out. I have not seen him yet but he sure looks cute in the pictures. He is my fifth great grand child. Judy also spent a week in Montreal visiting a good friend. Scott stayed next door, with his mother, Beth, in Eric Coffin's cottage. Very nice to have these friends so near to drop in.

Grahm David Miller,formerly of Wakeham, Quebec, passed away in Edmonton, Alberta, just a few days after his 83rd birthday. In spite of the sad occasion, it was pleasant to be with family and friends. Graham's wife, Doreen , has since moved into a retirment home. A varied and beautiful scenery. Many large houses and castles were on the itenerary, Churchill's Chartwell being the most interesting. In Scotland Tom got to see his brother and an old school chum, and in London spent some time with his grand daughter who lives there.

A nice trip and a smooth flight homegood way to end a delightful holiday. Found a really great movie called "Finding Farley". What an adventure these people had. Please feel free to add comment to the posting as i think his family and friends might be appreciative of that. Lew spent endless hours working to help the Coffin family clear the name of Wilbert Coffin. Through his efforts, this troubling case was once again brought to the attention of all Canadians and others worldwide.

To show their appreciation for the great music a number of people took to the floor and danced the afternoon away. We would like to thank those from the community who attended and paid their yearly dues and to those who completed application forms to become new members. We certainly saw a lot of visitors around this summer-Gaspe has been a busy place. Linda and Archie Patterson of Wakeham had all of their family home at the end of July and first week of August. Tammy, who celebrated her birthday while in Gaspe on July 26th- Happy belated birthday, Tammy Todd, Tanner and Ty Russell were here from Regina for two weeks, their son, Jason and grandson, Seth, came from Milton and Justin and his girlfriend, Sue from Toronto for a few days.

In all there were approximately sixty who came from near and as far as Big Valley, Alberta to spend time together. Paula and Ricky Shannon had a busy household this summer.. Mike, Dawn, Meghan and Hailey were here for a week at the end of July.

Lisa, John, Jack and Amy were home for the first two weeks of August. They all live in Burlington, Ontario. So nice to spend time with you guys!

Deepest sympathy to the family of Kathleen Seamer Patterson of Wakeham who passed away peacefully at her home on August 6th. She spent the last week of her life doing something she loved the most — playing cards with her family.

On August 14th, two special events took place at St. Gracie Annett was honoured for her twenty years as lay reader. Burial was in the St. Marjorique Church on August 19th. Pioneer Days were a great success again this year. I think the highlight of this annual event was the Dinner Theatre which was held at Gaspe Elementary School. The gym, being decorated in the fifties and sixties theme looked fantastic. This incredible performance was directed by Karen Briand and she and all her dancers deserve much praise.

The Silent Auction once again went over well with many interesting and unusual items to bid on. Seniors Day was very successful this year with over registering. We are all looking forward to Pioneer Days again next year. We were entertained by some very talented singers during the evening and saw a video of the life of Brian and his family. A very enjoyable evening was had by all.

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