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You won't find that in Ely, Nevada, but maybe you should. If you google Ely and UFO you'll immediately find a link to flying saucer legend and lore. It appears in every listing of a supposed crash of an unidentified flying object. Nearly six decades ago, it is claimed a UFO crashed near Ely. That's nearly the whole story. You'll find a date: August 14, and 16 bodies recovered. That's the highest body count claimed for any UFO crash anywhere by the way. Both claims consistent on all listings, but no other details.

We first heard this story in November when we journeyed to Ely chasing the claims of fresh sightings in eastern Nevada. Out of curiousity we started looking for more. We weren't the first. A few years ago Kent Harper of the Ely Times came across the same reference and asked his readers if any could shed any light on the account.

He didn't get a lot of feedback. Years later, he says, he hasn't learned much more. We checked the microfilm on the Ely Times from August of in three different libraries with the same result. The issue from August 15th, when any such event would have been reported, is missing.

That's enough to jump start the musings of any conspiracy theorist worth the title, but finally in the White Pine County Library we found perhaps the only remaining copy of the August 15th issue. On the front page: Nothing that could give rise to a rumor of a UFO crash. Mention any of this nearly six decades later to anyone on the street here and you'll likely get a puzzled stare and a shrug. So this incident whatever it was, if it was, does not play a prominent role in local memory, but if you start asking questions stories do emerge.

The stories from the '50's are now third hand, but the most intriguing links the crash story to a spot just west of Ely along Highway 50 called Copper Flat. Mary Sorenson is a lifelong resident and local historian of White Pine County. Growing up here she heard no stories of UFO crashes, but a few years ago, looking for material for a collection of local ghost stories, she came across the same information we did and mentioned it to a longtime resident, who said he had heard it first hand from a close friend, a respected security guard working for the nearby copper mine.

The man, by all accounts, a responsible, respected member of the community took whatever else he might have known including the exact location to the grave. Ironically years after the reported crash, this location would have a unrelated connection to aerospace. The empty building still stands amidst a collection of communication sites. As a 12 year old staying with his grandparents in East Ely that same summer of , Claude House says he and others in the neighborhood had their own close encounter.

At 4 in the morning, a bright object lit up the sky above the house, letting out a low hum. Over a number of minuites maybe a dozen people witnessed the object, he says..

It was a UFO. A few days later he recalls a dinner table conversation, the adults talking about a crash. We've been unable to verify any incident involving an aircraft of any type near Ely or anything else that would morph into a reported crash of a UFO. So, inevitably we are left with a mystery. Where did this story come from? It's a question without an answer and likely to remain that way. The coldest of cold cases in the UFO file. Click Here to access the online Public Inspection File.

Viewers with disabilities can get assistance accessing this station's FCC Public Inspection File by contacting the station with the information listed below. Questions or concerns relating to the accessibility of the FCC's online public file system should be directed to the FCC at , TTY , or fccinfo fcc. Miriam Gonzales - Click Here to access the online Public Inspection File Viewers with disabilities can get assistance accessing this station's FCC Public Inspection File by contacting the station with the information listed below.


Roswell UFO crash: what really happened 67 years ago? | News | The Week UK

He said that he and the nurse had a strong relationship and that they had talked about getting married, which explained why she would share with him information that was highly classified He told me that her name was Naomi Self but not to share it with anyone because of his promise to her and then preceded to give the name to others including Karl Pflock and surprisingly, Phil Klass.

In a telephone call with him, he was complaining about our Don Schmitt and my inability to locate the nurse saying he had given me the name. I responded by saying that there are many people out there with the same name. Dennis said, "Oh, I know Bob Slusher. He lives over in Las Cruces. Then, once it was established that no woman by the name of Naomi Self had been an Army nurse at the time, Dennis then said, "I told you guys I would give you a name but it wouldn't be the right name.

He had asked me not to reveal the name and I said I wouldn't. I gave it to no one, though Dennis gave it to everyone. Look at your evidence We have Mary Lowe who supposedly knew everything about it according to Mrs. Huttaneous, but when Lowe was interviewed, she said wasn't even at the base in and her records bear this out but you suggest her records might have altered, the standard reply when the documents do not conform to the verbal evidence There is nothing, other than Dennis telling his tale, changing it as new information was learned, using an illustration that looks more like something from the version of War of the Worlds well, the hands and the arms as opposed to the head And we again having those interviewed telling us that Dennis had mentioned the casket story to them, but it seems that the telephone call might have come to someone else.

Dennis just plugged himself into it. Let's boil this down Dennis gave us a name, then said he made it up Sorry, I just don't believe Dennis. Kevin Is it your opinion McAndrew simply did a sloppy job of overseeing the project, or simply wasn't that interested in spending much time on it in the first place? David With so many of these "witnesses" falling out of the picture - especially those claiming alien bodies were recovered - why hang onto any of this mythical story?

Their stories were shown to be false two decades ago. There may have been bodies, but so far not one piece of evidence proves this. I mean none at all. Certainly not alien bodies. The recovery of alien bodies is crucial to the claim that Roswell was an ET event. With nothing but false testimony backing this claim, coupled with fake MJ12 documents claiming they were recovered, isn't it proof enough the thing that crashed WASN'T anything alien?

How many lying witnesses does it take to convince everyone that whatever fell wasn't extraterrestrial? In other words, how many false claims are you willing to ignore just to cling to the ETH? How anyone can possibly go through all that contradictory testimony presented by David Rudiak and others, and still conclude that there is even a slight possibility that alien bodies existed at Roswell is beyond me.

The crucial, and critical, point remains: ALL yes every one of these tales emanated decades after the event. Although a person X may claim that so-and-so said this or that in , or witnessed something in , or heard Y say something in , EVERY ONE was only related to investigators in either the late s or the early s, i. This kind of evidence is worthless, which is why the idea of ET bodies is laughable. Had any real bodies existed they would have been mentioned, and explained, at the time it happened or soon after.

Only a conspiracist would think otherwise. I do agree, however, that the McAndrew report sounds very much like an attempt to account for these mythical bodies, without labelling any witnesses as liars. McAndrew just overstepped the mark in doing so maybe on legal advice? It all started with Marcel stating "I didn't know what it was.. The mythical debris material was never what people claimed it was. It goes to show that if the testimony of the alien bodies was fabricated by the witnesses, then clearly the debris descriptions were fabricated as well.

That's not just a skeptical viewpoint, it's what the facts support. Every newspaper described the object as balloon material, and that was before any claim surfaced in the 's that Brazel was forced to make a retraction. If the story of dead aliens is false and eight witnesses shown to have lied as has been demonstrated , it only goes to show the debris testimony was exaggerated as well. The alien bodies claim is the cornerstone to the story. If there were no alien bodies there was no alien event, no proof that we are alone, and no proof of a seventy year coverup to hide an alien presence.

This is true no matter how the debris was described 30 years after the event. Any way you cut it these are separate issues, one being false does not lead to the other being false as well.

Just your usual babble. And to explain to you once again, I am not convinced that anything alien was involved at Roswell. I would like to know the truth, however it comes down. But I strongly object to people like you who want to twist logic to suit your own agenda.

A sort of a nudge and a wink explanation that was so implausible that only an idiot would believe it. After all, the Mogul flight 4 never flew and the people who reported seeing dead aliens were clearly liars.

The test dummies are just icing on the cake, too stupid for consideration. Have you ever looked at the career path the authors of this report took? Did they have a somewhat normal career path or was it enhanced. By that I mean promotion before time in grade. Neal "Any way you cut it these are separate issues, one being false does not lead to the other being false as well.

You must be joking. You've drunk too deeply from the well of Roswellian lore. Your mind is now parsing each separate elements of the case into individual episodes of which any single one can prove ET visited or your people from the future.

To refresh your memory, the claim is the Roswell event was a crashed alien vessel that left exotic debris and craft with at least four alien bodies one supposedly alive which the USAAF has been hiding for nearly 70 years in the greatest coverup the world has ever known.

How anyone, whether they support the hypothesis or not, can consider claims of exotic alien debris and extraterrestrial bodies two DIFFERENT issues within the same case just boggles the mind. There's no evidence of alien bodies - none. There's also no evidence of exotic alien debris unless you have it. I suppose the next iteration of the case from the Roswellian mind will be that in the worrisome event the Ramey memo doesn't say "victims", then clearly we must all accept what crashed was an unmanned un-aliened?

Are you really suggesting that the career paths of the two USAF guys who authored the Roswell reports were enhanced as a result, or that they were promoted early? This sounds just too fanciful.

Didn't Kevin write his early UFO books while he was still a serving officer? What about his early fiction? You are surely not implying that Kevin's early writings might also have affected his career. In fact, would anyone get early promotion or demotion in the USAF due to such activities?

I suppose it is conceivable. It is almost like receiving an order from above: I don't buy it, but then I know next to nothing about such things! Neal, CDA - I have seen nothing to indicated that either Weaver or McAndrew were promoted as a result of completing their assignment, which, by the way was mostly a records search rather than an investigation.

Weaver was a colonel and retired as a colonel. McAndrew was promoted from first lieutenant to captain, but that is something that nearly every first lieutenant experiences This was simply an assignment that they completed and then moved on to other assignments inside the Air Force. I do not know where McAndrew is today. As I have said, McAndrew was annoyed about the tales of bodies floating around and wanted to do something about that He chose the information he needed to make his case and didn't bother to update the information which would have saved some embarrassment.

When I was working on Crash! That was how I learned that Willingham had radically altered his story and that was why I searched for the first published mention of that story which was significantly different that what he was saying in the 21st century. Sometimes you just have to check the information to make sure it is up to date. But an objective person would indeed consider them separate. Your mind appears to be easily boggled.

Let me remind you that your contention was that because the claims of seeing alien bodies were false the claims of seeing and touching strange debris were also false. Sorry Brian that's simply bullshit.

It would get you a failing grade in any debate class. Investigation by Kevin and others revealed that the alien body claims were fabricated. Even the most rabid debunkers couldn't prove that Marcel, Proctor, Marcel Jr.

That doesn't mean they are true, just that they haven't been proven false like the alien body claims were. I do find it interesting that you debunkers cling to statements by proven liars like Cavitt and the AAF as gospel. I was curious about the authors, I wasn't suggesting anything. Had I been one of them I think I might have said screw me, why did this land on my desk?

Since you don't know much about the military I'll give you a clue, promotions and demotions aren't the only way a service member can be rewarded or punished. A reward might be an extended tour in a desirable location, maybe a location that they were interested in for retirement. Punishment could be an extended tour in Thule, Greenland or a remote base in the wilds of Alaska. My screw up brother in law got both of those and more.

One standout reason is this magic Majic? A second reason is no one including you has ever produced a bonafide government or scientific report describing it - no documented evidence whatsoever.

A third reason is the very first news reports said nothing about these miraculous physical properties - they spoke of common well known materials. The best alien proponents Schmitt and Carey in particular can do is propagate the myth that Nitinol was produced by The Battelle Institute by "back engineering" Roswell debris.

Of course Nitinol displays none of the properties described by the witnesses it only returns to its original shape under applied heat not instantaneously. Memory alloys were discovered by humans in They didn't hit the open market until the 's. So just as you and others claim advanced human engineering couldn't explain any of this because quote, "we would all know about it by now".

I can equally claim IF this miraculous alien material was discovered in then "why hasn't it been used in any weapons systems or commercial uses to date? Surely we would have seen it by now It works both ways Neal. So until official documents are produced your claim this material was from outer space or a future earth world is just wishful thinking. People who believe scientifically miraculous aerospace materials are alien in origin without any evidence to back it up are the people who are "babbling " nonsense.

I have no doubt he was being sincere with his words to the best of his recollection, but that doesn't make what he found alien in nature.

I don't think we can definitively prove his commentary is as factual as it could be, despite his honest demeanor, because that interview was done 30 years after the event - and that's a long time for an elderly man to recall exact details.

By the late 's and early 's he and his son had been interviewed many times by people who were searching for evidence that UFO's were extraterrestrial visitors. This contaminates his testimony no matter how sincere he appears, especially when he emphasizes that upon discovery he didn't know what he had found.

Let's not forget the man also made some very overstated and sensationalized claims long before this incident. He claimed university attendance he never experienced; He hyped up his skills as a private pilot when he really didn't have complete flight training; He overstated his role as a bomber pilot, bombardier, and gunner in a B; and he claimed he produced much of Truman's speech given to the American public on the advent of Soviet atomic power when Truman never actually gave a speech at all.

This implies he had a tendency to overstate things - just an aspect of his personality I presume. To sum it up I will quote from a entry on another blog: Can't you see that your ET case is very weak, based on certain verbal testimony from Marcel? Instead of accepting everything, or nearly everything, Marcel said, why not ask yourself how Marcel, a USAF officer, was in any position to know what did or did not come from planet earth? He can certainly say "it was not a B" or "it was not a V-2 rocket" or maybe even "it was not part of any balloon I know of".

This is because he Marcel had no knowledge of any unearthly man-made craft. No such things exist, either then or now. How did they prove anything? You have nothing but speculation. Was it from aliens, maybe not but multiple witnesses described what was NOT a weather balloon. Yet you and the other debunkers cling to the cover story because you have nothing!!!!! Tim Printy rejected your ignorant TU 4 story in favor of the balloonatic theory.

How do you know it was a cover story? Neither side, ET promoters or skeptics, has any hardware to back up their claims or views. There is, however, a vital difference. Yes we can all speculate, forever. But some 'speculations' have more value than others.

That's the difference, but I agree there is no absolute proof either way. And what witnesses said decades after the event WAS certainly influenced by the then current prevailing pro-ET attitude to UFOs, and the biases of interviewers. When the officers charged with making the report did the research they found the descriptions of the debris.

If they wanted it to be consistent then they had to come up with another balloon. The balloon that never flew, but oh well, they tried. Another way they may have gone was to use a story that took Marcel's description into account. But that would have contradicted the description the Army had planted in I know you will object to the idea that the bundles of material with balsa wood sticks was planted by the Army.

At the same time you are pushing the Svengali interviewers. The Army had ample opportunity to plant the description and witnesses made statements at the time that would lead a reasonable person to suspect that the witnesses had been influenced by the Army. And yes this is speculation, but with better support and documentation than the debunkers blindly accepting a cover story.

Neal "Tim Printy rejected your ignorant TU 4 story in favor of the balloonatic theory. Irony at its best! But more importantly, just because people claim something doesn't make it true. You present your evidence that this couldn't be a terrestrial event by claiming "multiple witnesses stated it was NOT a weather balloon. Anyone can claim anything - does that automatically prove them right? So who are you preaching to?

I might add that I have yet to figure out what you're doing here. You never offer ideas, hypothesis, or any suggestions to help this riddle. You seem confident acprosaic explanation is insufficient and overtly suggest it was likely an alien event. You also seem content to criticize each and every skeptic with a mocking tone suggesting anyone who opposes your ideas must be "ignorant".

Such "help" from bystanders spouting nothing but verbal assaults begs the question whether your insights are needed at all. I think NO, but then again it's not my blog. Neal, do you have a copyright on that, or can anyone use it? Printy isn't the only Mogul balloonatic.

There are a LOT of them. No hard, cold facts can pry their cold, dead hands from it. First of it, it wasn't just Marcel giving the descriptions of highly anomalous debris. For over a dozen years I've had a lengthy portion of my website devoted just to debris descriptions amounts to over 60 typewritten pages: So CDA and other skeptics , why do you still pretend it was only Marcel?

Because if they pretend this and can discredit Marcel, then there is no Roswell case if he was the only debris witness.

Second, Marcel was familiar with standard aviation materials, like aluminum sheet metal and other metals in aircraft. Oliver Henderson later showed him a piece , or very malleable with a memory property--the "memory foil" which could be scrunched up and unfold to a flat sheet with no creasing.

I mention Rickett specifically because prior to going into counterintelligence, he had been a highly qualified aircraft mechanic, inspector, and supervisor.

During the war, he was sent to Europe as part of the team that studied German aircraft on site. Thus he was very well-qualified in his assessment of the strange thin-metal he said he saw. Kromschroeder was also an expert in metallurgy and said he tried to replicate the properties of the material Henderson showed him, particularly the hardness of it.

Marcel also considered the possibility of the malleable memory material being from some sort of balloon in his Linda Corley interview. He said the this material or maybe one of the memory materials was porous and cloth-like because he could blow through it. A balloon envelope, for obvious reasons, would not have been porous. So why did Marcel and others think it "not of this Earth". And maybe there were other reasons Marcel had this opinion e. If I understand you, you seem to be saying the following: The USAF planted some balloon debris in the desert in as a cover for some other aerial or space object that crashed in the desert.

This would obviate the need to find a substitute balloon for those Ft Worth photos as David Rudiak keeps telling us happened. The USAF, nearly 50 years later, had to account for the balloon-like descriptions given by the witnesses in '47, so invented another balloon launch in their report to explain the original debris. This was, presumably, to cover-up the real debris, whatever it was. The actual debris from the 'crash' was never identified but was probably not from an ET craft.

No bodies existed, either earthly or non-earthly. It means all those who claim a 'switch' was done at Ft Worth don't know what they are talking about. No switch was necessary if you are right, was it? And if the USAF did plant the debris, how far in advance did they perform this strange act? I am truly baffled. But the whole case just gets more and more complicated as we continue this debate. Maybe it is time for another Roswell book. David I'm glad you like the balloonatic label, I can't be sure I coined the term although I'm sure I never saw it anywhere before I used it.

Yes, you can use it anytime you like along with the sister term balloonacy. I'm not saying that at all, and that would be impossible because the USAF didn't exist yet in July 2. That's very close to what I said, a second cover story that agreed in part with the original cover story from As far as I know the debris has never been identified to the public. I have no idea how much was identified under the cover of secrecy.

I simply don't know if the craft was alien, that's been my consistent position. We have no credible reports of alien bodies existing at Roswell that I'm aware of. Otherwise, again I don't know. I didn't claim that the debris was probably not ET.

I think it may possibly not be ET related. I can't know that. It isn't as complicated as you make it out to be. The Air Force tasked these officers to close the Roswell case, they did a records search and came up with a solution that fit the original cover story and claimed it wasn't a simple weather balloon but the super secret project Mogul balloon. Too bad for them that it never flew at the time they claimed. I have no explanation for the crash dummy story, Kevin's explanation is as good as any so I'll go with that.

Yes, you did understand that the description of the balloon debris is what was planted by the Army. I'm certainly not the only one to suggest that and it's supported by some rather odd statements made by Brazel and Wilcox at the time Not to mention the fact that Brazel, according to people who knew him, never wanted to talk about the incident for the remainder of his life.

Something beyond mere embarrassment seems to be in play here. So you see cda, if you leave out the parts you made up to support your view it isn't complicated at all. Simple deception carried on for a long time. When Marcel was interviewed 32 years after the event he certainly did use phrases like 'strange metal' or 'unusual materials'. At least that is the impression I get. But why would he refer to "not of this earth" in his descriptions?

Did he in fact use these actual words? The answer, which I repeat again, is that in his early interviews, particularly with Stan Friedman, the impression was made upon him that he had recovered the remains of an ET craft. I make no apologies for saying this. And if you add to this the fact that Friedman sent Marcel, and several others, a package of his UFO papers, strongly pro-ET, before or during these interviews, you can see why Marcel was thus influenced.

Stan always headed his papers "Nuclear Physicist" to create the impression of someone who was highly qualified and knew what he was talking about. When did Marcel, and why did he, change his description to something "not of this earth"? Pflock said, "[T]he case for Roswell is a classic example of the triumph of quantity over quality. The advocates of the crashed-saucer tale […] simply shovel everything that seems to support their view into the box marked 'Evidence' and say, 'See?

Look at all this stuff. We must be right. Never mind the lack of independent supporting fact. Never mind the blatant absurdities. Let's not pull any punches here: The Roswell UFO myth has been very good business for UFO groups, publishers, for Hollywood, the town of Roswell, the media, and UFOlogy […] [The] number of researchers who employ science and its disciplined methodology is appallingly small.

Gildenberg wrote there were as many as 11 reported alien recovery sites [3] and these recoveries bore only a marginal resemblance to the event as initially reported in , or as recounted later by the initial witnesses.

Some of these new accounts could have been confused accounts of the several known recoveries of injured and dead servicemen from four military plane crashes that occurred in the area from to Charles Ziegler argued that the Roswell story has all the hallmarks of a traditional folk narrative.

He identified six distinct narratives, and a process of transmission via storytellers with a core story that was created from various witness accounts, and was then shaped and molded by those who carry on the UFO community's tradition. Other "witnesses" were then sought out to expand the core narrative, with those who give accounts not in line with the core beliefs being repudiated or simply omitted by the "gatekeepers.

This whole process would repeat over time. In September , UK newspaper The Guardian reported on Kodachrome slides which some had claimed showed a dead space alien. Prominent skeptics Joe Nickell and co-author James McGaha identified a myth-making process, which they called the "Roswellian Syndrome".

The authors predicted that the Roswellian Syndrome would "play out again and again", [56] in other UFO and conspiracy-theory stories. Glenn Dennis, who testified that Roswell alien autopsies were carried out at the Roswell base, and that he and others were the subjects of threats, was deemed one of the "least credible" Roswell witnesses by Randle in Randle said Dennis was not credible "for changing the name of the nurse once we had proved she didn't exist.

Scientific skeptic author Brian Dunning concurs that Dennis cannot be regarded as a reliable witness, considering that he had seemingly waited over forty years before he started recounting a series of unconnected events. Such events, Dunnings argues, were then arbitrarily joined together to form what has become the most popular narrative of the alleged alien crash. Pflock, [58] Kent Jeffrey, [58] and William L. Moore [58] have become convinced that there were no aliens or alien space craft involved in the Roswell crash.

In , film footage purporting to show an alien autopsy and claimed to have been taken by a US military official shortly after the Roswell incident was released by Ray Santilli , a London-based video entrepreneur.

The footage caused an international sensation when it aired on television networks around the world. In , Santilli admitted that the film was mostly a reconstruction, but continued to claim it was based on genuine footage now lost, and some original frames that had supposedly survived. A fictionalized version of the creation of the footage and its release was retold in the comedy film Alien Autopsy In an attempt to produce fresh evidence, some researchers used new technology to try to re-analyze photographs of the telegram held by General Ramey during his press conference.

Overall, there was no consensus that anything was legible. President was asked about releasing government files on Roswell. Richardson responded that when he was a Congressman, he attempted to get information on behalf of his New Mexico constituents, but was told by both the Department of Defense and Los Alamos Labs that the information was classified.

John Podesta , President Clinton's chief of staff, appeared as a member of the public relations firm hired by Sci-Fi to help get the government to open up documents on the subject. Podesta stated, "It is time for the government to declassify records that are more than 25 years old and to provide scientists with data that will assist in determining the true nature of the phenomena.

As time wore on, it became harder for Roswell researchers to find new evidence to publish; there was potential though in the prospect of deathbed confessions from those originally involved in Dennis Balthaser said that the document was not written by Haut, and that by Haut's mental state was such he could not recall basic details about his past, making the detail contained in the affidavit seem dubious.

If it is, UFO proponents should be very, very worried. The incident is sometimes referred to as the "other Roswell" and parallels have been drawn between the incidents.

American journalist Annie Jacobsen 's Area An Uncensored History of America's Top Secret Military Base , based on interviews with scientists and engineers who worked in Area 51 , dismisses the alien story. She quotes one unnamed source as claiming that Josef Mengele , a German Schutzstaffel officer and a physician in Auschwitz , was recruited by the Soviet leader Joseph Stalin to produce "grotesque, child-size aviators" to be remotely piloted and landed in America in order to cause hysteria similar to Orson Welles ' The War of the Worlds The aircraft, however, crashed and the incident was hushed up by the Americans.

They were neither aliens nor consenting airmen, but human guinea pigs. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Olmsted writes "When one of these balloons smashed into the sands of the New Mexico ranch, the military decided to hide the project's real purpose. Retrieved February 5, Archived from the original on January 9, Archived from the original on May 10, Hiding Knowledge of Aliens". Archived from the original on March 14, Retrieved 20 July Roswell Reports, Volume 1.

Department of the Air Force. New York Times News Service. Retrieved 14 November Archived from the original on Retrieved 2 October Committee for Skeptical Inquiry. Retrieved February 6, Center for UFO Studies. Retrieved 9 October Archived from the original on May 22, The Dallas Morning News. Archived from the original on January 22, Archived from the original on November 15, There were few witnesses left to interview, although 'deathbed confessions' still offered hope.

Federal Bureau of Investigation. Retrieved 30 March News sources and websites are listed in the Notes section only. Berlitz, Charles; Moore, William Carey, Thomas; Schmitt, Donald Unmasking the Year Cover-Up. Friedman, Stanton; Berliner, Don Goldberg, Robert Alan The Culture of Conspiracy in Modern America. Harding, Susan; Stewart, Kathleen Ethnographies of Suspicion in the New World Order.

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Denial of mass killings list Genocide denial. Index of ufology articles. List of reported UFO sightings Sightings in outer space. Tulli Papyrus possibly 15th century B. Ezekiel's Wheel circa — B.

"Blind Date" Episode: 14 14th Episode of Roswell Season: 1 Production Code: 1ADA13 Written Liz: Ok, maybe nobody's even heard about it. Against a backdrop of sand dunes and date palms were four people dressed more like escapees from a tea party at the but maybe we're not supposed to. Roswell is an American science fiction television series developed, produced, and co-written .. Season, Episodes, DVD release date. Region 1 · Region 2 · Region 4. 1, 22, February 17, (), April 26, (), April 2,