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No plans for tonight lets hit the drive in


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Under appreciated. He likes someone who takes pride in her looks and takes care of herself. I can't jog for very long or for very far but I've come a long ways since I first started. I'm a alone femm seeking for something long term. I'm a black, in shape, athletic girl.

Relationship Status:Actively looking
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Hair:Dyed black
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No plans for tonight lets hit the drive in

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Looking for someone who is around my age, who can stand a man around 247 cause of love.

Im a 29 year old athletic man. Any single ladies stuck anything like to do Iam nice warm man text anytime Iam real lady aggies won SEC tournament. Thanks and some one that love kids AND LOVE TO MAKE MY WOMAN BE THE HAPPY WOMAN THERE IS some one I HAVE 2 KIDS 16, 11 SOME ONE THAT LIVE IN THE USA ANS DO NOT ASK TO SEND ANY MONEY I DO NOT DO THAT SORRY LOOKING FOR SOME ONE THAT LIVE IN PA Its nice out today October 8th please be age 35-45, white (just preference), somewhat fit, attractive, etc.


The search will take you to https: Check out my latest side project Song Search. Find song by lyrics I'm looking for a song I don't know the name of. Stephen Rothman 22 September Reply I'm looking for a song with a refrain "big man for hire. I'd guess it's a black artist. I don't know what genre to call it; maybe soul? Or part of a musical or story. The only other words I remember are "does anybody need a big man" and " I mean a big man. Never was a "hit" - I just heard it once.

Have never forgotten it. I think it's an electronic song similar to the style of Desire that's why I liked it i really like how it sounds, but it's difficult for me to understand the english lyrics i speak spanish: I'm looking for a song that's an instrumental with either a trumpet or flugelhorn by, I dunno maybe Herb Alpert or??? Either late 70s or early 80s. Dunno if I got that right. Towards the middle or lower end, there is a vocal part where he "says" not sing: This is now the end for me Joe 05 October Reply I don't know.

I hope you had fun at 5 and it was me Saturday otherwise byebyebyebye. I'm desperate to find this song, pleasee help. Joey 22 September Reply I need help finding a song. The chorus has this unusual violin sort of thing going on. Might not be a violin but it's some sort of sound that stands out in the chorus. I think the first word of the song is baby. Justus anton 22 September Reply Heard it on instagram.

Lyrics go like "time to wake up, time to move, i got you by my side and i can do anything i dream as long as i got you in my life". Jenn C 22 September Reply I am looking for a song - rock style - sung by a man about? Irene and how she is the coolest woman in the bar but she is a lesbian? Anonymous 22 September Reply I'm looking for a song" The clip was about a father who abused his wife and then his daugther called the police, but the mother still visited him in prison.

Please help me of you recognize this clip and know the song. Anonymous 22 September Reply Help me find this song? Alex 23 September Reply Help! Im looking for a song with a girl singing" theres something you should know, about me'' in a pretty deep and relaxing voice, the video consisted of a teen couple running around some kind of a hill paradise. Darla Aguilar 23 September Reply Theres a 70s or 80s song and its upbeat. And the lyrics I remember is "i got my back against the wall, im no stranger ive been here before" please help.

Hannah Herrington 23 September Reply It's a hard rock like song that I heard on an obscure radio station late at night that has the lyrics at the end saying "until we know who we are". Martin 23 September Reply hi.. Anonymous 23 September Reply I'm looking for a song but I cannot find it. It says '' baby girl why you mad at me?

It is a man who sings it and it's like a chill- hip hop song. Please help me find it. Vacronation 23 September Reply Looking for a song that goes I've been down I've been everywhere But I'm alright now , I'm alright now The singer is a woman the song has guitar solo I think. Cell 02 October Reply I think we're looking for the same song: John 23 September Reply Hey, lookin for new song, hear it twice in the radio. Singing fale and all remember from lyrics "my whole life", "i know you want" and "lalala".

Also it was electronic, beacuse i hear synth in it. Not much, i know but maybe someone can help me. Martin Solorzano 23 September Reply hey i'm looking for a song that i heard once in the radio, i think is a male singer, maybe a group like NSYNC, BSB, cause the song seems to have a coreography, it's a 90s song i think, all i remeber form lyrics are "saw your picture on a cover of magazine" "girl" "I don't know why" x2 "think about you every day and night" "no matter what i do can't get you off my mind".

I hope someone can help me find this song, thanks. Martin Solorzano 05 October Reply Hi, thanks for the answer, but none of them are the song that i'm looking for, although O-Town seems to have the style. Sophie 23 September Reply Hi. I'm looking for the name of the song in episode 2 of Battlefish on netflix. It starts around Can't find it anywhere. Desi 23 September Reply I'm looking for a Cox commercial that featured a little black kid and a handyman.

The little kid copied everything the handyman was doing. The song that was in the commercial I guess sounded like a folk song. The lyrics as I remember was I look up to you and all the things you do It came out around Vijay 23 September Reply Hey im looking for a song please please help i dont know the exact lyrics but please if u find any song closer to dis let me know "winner are losing, summer in rain, i think the circle find use again right now, i forgotten that all, i forget about time, i forget about all the world, i forget about everything, here with you here with you" Please let me know need badly Thanks.

I'm sure it is fairly new, released in say the last 3 months. Vince 03 October Reply hmm What song is it 24 September Reply Looking for a songoing I heard on a Webcomics Comercial, it went something like "if you let me just lie you down. Let's take it all off tonight". Anon 26 September Reply Googled the lyrics and this post came up.

Hylton litchmore 24 September Reply I'm looking for a song not sure of the title of it is like something like this you will never know or they all never know it's a male singer from the 70s to 80's. Anonymous 24 September Reply im searchin a japanese song. Nick 24 September Reply Found exactly what I was looking for.

Anonymous 24 September Reply I'm trying to find a song. It's been stuck in my head it's like a melodic edm song which goes along the lines of hold me close till I feel your heartbeat. Jason Girard 25 September Reply Hey everyone! The only lyrics I have are "do you remember", "We are together" I think that's what she says , and "we'll have the world in our hands".

It was a slower song with a female singing and kind of an electric sound to it. The commercial was a USA Network Commercial for movies on the channel and I think it is a commercial but I can't find it anywhere.

I would certainly appreciate any help I could get! Alyssa 25 September Reply https: Leah 25 September Reply I read the lyrics "If I tell you my secrets, will you just tell me lies?

If I say I believe you, does that make it alright? It's hard to place my trust in someone new, But that doesn't mean" in a book called 'P.

S I like you' by 'Kasie West' and I can't find the song anywhere or know if it's real. Wendy 25 September Reply I'm looking for a very annoying song which i heard at Claire's. It goes a little like this: There's also a part in the song which goes something like: Then on verse the piano continues the same but in comes a rapper with a calm raspy voice I believe.

Anonymous 02 October Reply Look up Trey Song and he has a lot of information about his songs i think you can find it there. Here are the first few lyrics of it. Oh you're kinda loving There's nothing left to figure out I said I "I'm going crazy" Wondering how I do without I am not sure with this line? No please honey don't take it away I feel good boy doing whatever you say Listen to me darling The song is sang by a male.

Anonymous 26 September Reply I no this is a long shot. But, were trying to find a rock song Its a famous rock song like guns and roses or something like that. We really are not up to speed on things like this. This seems silly , the start is like a solo and we think he says something like "living fast, on my way". Anonymous 26 September Reply Whole song is a woman playing on a piano while singing with a quite powerful voice in maybe a concert hall.

The lyrics I remember are very generic Can anyone give a tip? Mary 26 September Reply popular song I guess raper with a low enough voice says something like "i not gonna talk if you ain't got LOVE for me Thalia 26 September Reply I'm looking for the lyrics of the song thirty minutes by eminen I guess.

The song is on youtube as "El Lyrikah Thirty Minutes".


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There HAS to be a living, breathing, for-real lady out there. Serious relationship I'm 28years old good waiting in very good shape, funny, successful waiting for a fun girl married or single and ism single I'm not waiting to change my situation change anyone else's. While my husband I have tried to improve our marriage this last year has proven to me that it will never be what either of us want.

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