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Need some computer repair read this before you judge


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Need some computer repair read this before you judge

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This article is devoted to explaining bad sectors and free bad sector repair tool, and introducing how to check and repair bad sectors using bad sector repair software. A few bad sectors do not indicate that hard drive is surely to fail, as some bad sectors can be repaired successfully. There is no need to be panic when your hard drive contains bad sectors, you should always keep calm and follow this guide to get them repaired. A bad sector is a sector on a computer's disk that cannot be used due to permanent damage or an OS inability to successfully access it , such as physical damage to the disk surface or sometimes sectors being stuck in a magnetic or digital state that cannot be reversed or failed flash memory transistors.

Something weird will happen if the hard disk has bad sectors, for instance, operating system can't boot normally; hard disk can't be formatted; when you open a file, error is reported. These phenomena show that there must be bad sectors on the disk. In fact, it is very common that disk used for a long time has bad sectors. There are two types of bad sectors — physical hard and logical soft bad sector.

Physical bad sectors are a cluster of sectors of the hard drive that are physically damaged. If hard drive's head touches the rotating plater, that area will be damaged.

For example, if your computer is bumped while its hard drive is writing data, hard disk is exposed to extreme heat, or some mechanical part fails, all these are likely to cause hard bad sectors. As to solid-state drive, bad sectors are the result of worn out flash memory cell or other defects.

This type of bad sector cannot be repaired, but it can be prevented. Logical bad sectors are sectors on hard drive that appear to not be working properly. When operating system tries to read or write data stored on these sectors and finds error correction code ECC which does not match content of the sector, that indicates that something is wrong and these sectors may be tagged as bad sectors.

Soft bad sectors are repairable by overwriting on disk with zeros, which can be done by bad sector repair software such as DiskGenius. Hard disk might be one of the most fragile hardware among computer components.

If not taken proper care, data would be at the risk of loss. Likewise everything else, hard drive bad sectors give signs and symptoms. If you know the warning signs beforehand, you have a good chance to prevent disaster. Let's look at some signs telling hard disk probably contains bad sectors.

Sectors on hard drive can easily get damaged due to all kinds of reasons. Bad sectors are no longer available for data storage and cause data loss most of times. To prevent bad sectors, you need to know the most common reasons behind it. Here we'll discuss this topic. Is it possible to check or repair bad sectors on hard drive and USB drives?

The answer is YES. There are bad sector check and repair tools online, and you can download one of them to help you perform a surface scanning. Besides, it is still possible to recover files from a damaged hard drive caused by bad sectors. Let's see a free bad sector repair tool together. DiskGenius is a freeware which is compatible with all Windows editions and enables you to find out whether hard disk has errors. It is able to check and repair bad sectors for hard drives and other storage devices.

Meanwhile, it is free partition manager and data recovery freeware, which is trusted and recommended by millions of users. The following screenshot is the main interface of DiskGenius:. As we all know, bad sector repairing damages data, thus you should backup or recover data beforehand.

Before you get started, you can set timeout value or scanning cylinder range by entering exact value. If you are not an expert and have no ideas about these settings, you can just follow default value. Sectors marked by red blocked means damaged, and these are bad sectors. Severe does not mean bad sector, but it is not in good condition. You can click "Save Report" button to save the scanning result.

Checking bad sector is read-only process and does not affect disk itself or files on hard drive, but repairing bad sector does not. Before trying any bad sector repairing solution, make sure you have a good backup of your files on the damaged disk, as repair action probably result in the loss of files or corruption of file system.

The bad sector repair destroys data on the disk; more exactly, it destroys data on bad sectors or near bad sectors. Thus, you need to back up data before the bad sector repair. It is common that the disk can't read data due to bad sectors, and in such a condition, you need to recover data first instead of doing the bad sector repair. If you have created a backup for important data, click "OK" button. If not, click "Cancel" and backup your files. Click "OK" if file recovery is not needed.

If you want to recover data, you should click "Cancel" and use "File Recovery" function to scan the disk to find lost data. Click "OK" button and close the software. Please note that not all bad sectors are repairable such as physical bad sectors.

If DiskGenius cannot repair all bad sectors on your hard drive, you can isolate bad sectors by creating a partition on the disk area that contains bad sectors and hiding the partition with the help of DiskGenius. One of the reasons is that hard disk has bad sectors when it is manufactured; experienced data recovery engineers know which disk is likely to have bad sectors judging by its brand, manufactured time, working hours, etc.

Another reason is the improper operations such as unduly defragment. It'll become a vicious circle if you don't fix bad sectors timely, because that may cause more bad sectors. Therefore, you'd better detect bad sectors regularly and do bad sector repair timely. Meanwhile, though bad sectors are fixed, the disk is more risky of getting bad sectors than normal ones. So you should be cautious when you use a disk that had bad sectors before and do not save important data on it.

The logical bad sector can be fixed, while the physical bad sectors can't be repaired, but usually they can be remapped. Bad sector repair and detect software can detect bad sectors, repair logical bad sectors and remap physical bad sectors. Low-level formatting can be used to fix server bad sectors. However, the low-level formatting is a double-edged sword; it can fix bad sectors as well as do hard to hard disk, especially when the hard disk has physical bad sectors.

Thus the low-level formatting is the last choice of bad sector repair. It is barely known that when a hard disk is manufactured, there are areas on the platter that have bad sectors! One thing to note if your hard drive contains irreparable bad sectors, it is not advised to store importance data on that disk for data security reasons. Bad sector repair software. Bad sector overview A bad sector is a sector on a computer's disk that cannot be used due to permanent damage or an OS inability to successfully access it , such as physical damage to the disk surface or sometimes sectors being stuck in a magnetic or digital state that cannot be reversed or failed flash memory transistors.

Signs that hard drive has bad sectors Hard disk might be one of the most fragile hardware among computer components. When you try to access it, you receive error messages such as "Location is not available.

Data error cyclic redundancy check ". It takes a long time to run a program or read data. Computers slows down or freezes when the damaged hard drive in connected. Hard drive makes strange noises when computer boots or you try to access data in this disk. When you want to perform a quick format to the device, formatting fails with error message "Windows was unable to complete the format". Windows keeps popping up a messaging telling "Windows detected a hard disk problem" and suggesting backing up data.

Windows slows down and BSOD. Computer takes ages to start up or system booting always ends up with a blue screen of death. There are tools that can read S. If it show the hard drive is failing, the disk is likely to have bad sectors.

Causes of bad sectors Sectors on hard drive can easily get damaged due to all kinds of reasons. Like other electronic devices, hard drive has an expected life span. If your hard drive has been used for a long time, it is likely to be wearing out and bad sectors might have been created over time. Turn off computer improperly: Platters in hard drive rotate in a high speed when working, as heads have to read data from different location on the disk.

When sudden power failure or improper system shutdown happens, heads in hard drive will be forced to back to situ. During this process, head is likely to touch or rub disk platters, damaging that area and causing bad sectors.

In a similar way, if external hard drive is unplugged from computer directly without using safely removing hardware, bad sectors are likely to be caused. Though many manufacturers have tried their best to enable to enable the shock-resistant function, it doesn't mean you no longer need to worry about shacking or striking. Dropping hard drive or laptop to floor, excessive collision or knocking, especially when disk is working, can lead to severe physical bad sectors.

Hard drives with low quality tend to have shorter overall lifespan and develop bad sectors. Such kind of hard drive probably contains bad sectors when it is produced. Dust is one of the most common causes that are often overlooked by users. As heads are very close to disk platters, if any dust falls into the disk, bad sectors will occur soon.

Free bad sector repair software Is it possible to check or repair bad sectors on hard drive and USB drives? DiskGenius DiskGenius is a freeware which is compatible with all Windows editions and enables you to find out whether hard disk has errors.

The following screenshot is the main interface of DiskGenius: How to check bad sectors using free bad sector repair software?

How to repair bad sectors using free bad sector repair tool? More on bad sectors One of the reasons is that hard disk has bad sectors when it is manufactured; experienced data recovery engineers know which disk is likely to have bad sectors judging by its brand, manufactured time, working hours, etc.


7 Questions To Ask A Computer Technician Before He Starts Work

So what can you do about it to protect yourself from the person you pay to fix your computer from snooping around your computer files?

A simple approach is to watch them fix it in front of you. Not only do you get to learn and ask them questions, you can also ensure they do not open any personal files. If a computer technician cannot fix your computer in front of you, you may want to reconsider using their service. Therefore, there is a chance that they will like it for the entire day. It is important that before you hand your computer over to someone is that you log out of websites you are logged into.

I do not think you want someone else viewing your private Facebook pictures or posting promotional services on your timeline. Better yet is to remove your web browsers history, cookies, sessions, and other data. Encrypting your files means that someone without the correct password, or key, will not be able to read the encrypted file.

By encrypting files, only you will have access. If you have photos stored on your computer that you do not want others to see, and possibly leak on the internet; you may want to delete them, or move them to an external hard drive for safekeeping. This goes for any time of file, not just pictures. One other thing you can do which will also save you money is to try to fix your computer yourself. Any type of computer problem imaginable can be answered on this website — the same website computer technicians use.

Alternatively, you can ask me for help. So make sure you know who is fixing your computer, you do not want one of these horror stories written about you. The National Guard via photopin cc. I have nothing shameful to hide on my computer. However I have intellectual property on my computer, and that information needs to be protected.

So I always insist on watching my computer get repaired. I work as a field service tech and one guy in particular years back gave off a very creepy pedo sorta vibe, and he was always hovering over my damn shoulder while I was installing his new backup hard drive and making sure the files copied via his RAID-1 configuration. If too many failed PIN attempts are made then the drive wipes all the stored data.

My computer has a password on it any way, can they still by-pass my password to view my private folders? That depends how your computer is set up, and why Operating System you are using. This process is a way for the technician to get your computer back to the state it was in when you last used it. The process usually includes:. Backing up critical documents, like financial records or priceless family photos, onto a USB stick or external hard drive.

Creating a restore point using the tools available in the operating systems. Copying profile folders, including documents, internet history and bookmarks and other personal settings onto the USB stick or hard drive. So, an excellent way to judge whether this technician is one that you should allow to mess with your computer is to ask a simple question: What is their preliminary backup procedure?

Another behavior that separates the professionals from the amateurs is documentation. Fly-by-night computer repair folks are usually very, very bad at tracking every change they attempt to make on a computer to fix it. This may often lead to a repaired computer, but at the same time there are a few dozen changes made throughout the control panel that you are completely unaware of once you get your computer back.

Therefore, the question to ask here is simple…how are changes tracked? Do they provide a full report at the end of the repair that details all of the changes made, hardware installed or any other modifications to the system?

This one issue alone is a defining characteristic of an excellent technician. The final issue is important in that you need to know how much confident the technician has in his or her own work. It is reasonable to expect that a technician will be available for phone calls, or even follow-up visits, if there are lingering problems that crop up after the repair.

So, ask the tech if they guarantee repairs for a certain number of days. Ask what kind of follow-up support you can expect if the problem comes back within that time frame — is it okay to call, or do you have to bring the computer back into the shop again?

Is the tech willing to do in-home follow-up service instead? These are the kind of questions you need to ask before you have problems following a repair, not after. Once you get a satisfactory answer, ask that all agreements you discussed should be put down in writing prior to the start of repairs. Have you ever had to have your computer repaired?

Do you have any horror stories? What other questions do you suggest people ask the tech before entrusting a computer into their hands? Share your own insights in the comments section below! Your email address will not be published. I have installed win 7 on samsung n plus. But after finalization when notebook restarts.

Everytime black screen comes and it remain for mins n after dat system starts automatically and again the same process happen. Keystone Computer Advising offers you fast reliable and affordable technology services. We are Certified Technicians dedicated to find the best solution to your computer needs.

We challenge you to compare our services and affordable prices with our competitors. Our service standards always exceed the industry, therefore we can back up our jobs with a 6 Months unique service warranty if same problem persist.

Thanks Tina, but how about my question to solve my tech problem that posted? Adela, long form, short form, and comments containing links or words on our filter list are queued for moderation. All your comments should be up now. Thanks for the very useful article and comments here. I've been disappointed several times so I was thinking this time of asking for a certification, but after reading here, I'm more confused than before. I have a new 2-year old Dell desktop which is fine but the programs are the culprits and don't know how to get a conscientious and competent techi.

I thought of Geeks Squads, Geek Tech, others, but reading more about them just didn't look good to me. If I only knew someone for an in-home visit in the theatrical district in NYC, I'd appreciate hearing from you. Not to mention SIX different screwdrivers. Definitely a staged photo. I went to school with some people who got their certs but I would never allow them near my PC to fix it. If you study hard enough you can pass a test.

Can you use it in the real world is a totally different thing. Yet I am constantly told by my customers that the service they get from me is far superior to most. We all get along and have monthly meetings to let us vent to each other and tell all our horror stories. But almost every tech here can get a good diagnosis in minutes, and the cure in maybe 30 more. They dont wish buy new PC even that is the only thing not changed in room TV changed 4 times, phone 6 times, car 2 times.

Dont tell me about sentimental value! The only Realistic question in here is Do you have references? The guy in the picture installing the card without the back metal plate removed No MoBo has ever been mounted that way If he took the card in at that direction i would grab everything and leave. It was only for the picture.

You can't see what you're doing from that angle. There may even be a chance the guy doesn't even know what component he's holding.

He is probably just a model. Wow, good catch didn't look to closely since I figured it was staged since the end user isn't screaming irrationally at the technician while smoking. Also the computer is actually clean. That's not how the real world works.

I know the economy is tough Been in the business for 15 years

7 Questions To Ask A Computer Technician Before He Starts Work. Some are relevant to computer repair, and others not so much. The problem with certifications in the computer repair industry is that most of the well-respected certifications are vendor-specific. These are the kind of questions you need to ask before you have problems. The shop where I work has a strict policy of data preservation and privacy for our customers. Any good computer repair shop will. Nevertheless, there are some safety precautions you should take. If you bought a laptop or pre-assembled desktop computer, you don’t need to take it to a repair place if it breaks. If it’s still under warranty, you can contact the manufacturer to RMA the computer and have them repair it.