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Looking for nice female to walk run my beautiful dog


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Looking for nice female to walk run my beautiful dog

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Rayna is a 4 year old female Shepherd in January. She is house trained and up to date on all shots. It is with a heavy heart and new careers we need to give them to a better home. They are littermates female. My son bring this dog to me until he finds her a home, which was two months ago. I am away from home for long hours. Small female puppy, approximately 9 months old looking for a new home.

Biayt Bee-yacht is a Rat Terrier. I am a very good dog. Available for rehoming, they're both potty trained and have decent manners, the fawn is female around 5 years old. My name is Sy. I'm about 1 year old and I weigh about 45 lbs. I was found as s stray at a training facility. My name is Millie. I'm about 3 years old and I weigh about 55 lbs. I was surrendered to the. He is 70 lbs, excellent family dog. This young pup needs a good home. His owner is in the Army and is not going to be there to take care of him so he.

She is very loving with people. She was attacked by another dog when she was a puppy and ever since then is very. She needs a new home because I have. My name is Creed. I'm about 9 months old and I weigh about 45 lbs. I was surrendered to the pound and I.

Energetic, loving,happy-go-lucky beagle mix needs a forever home. He loves car rides, long walks, running in the. My name is Zeus. I am a neutered, 4 year old Great Dane. I am looking for the perfect home that will have.

His name is peanut very well trained dog. Scared at times but he is very love able. He is chipped but do not have. I'm Roxie, a sweet girl looking for a forever home. I am 8 years old and weigh 18 lbs. I'm not sure what. My name is Izzy. I was seen being thrown from a car. My name is Whitey. I am a very unusual male Chihuahua. Buster Brown loves to play fetch and gets so excited when you get his tennis ball out to play! Miniature Australian shepherd Purebred Was an outside dog being neglected but I have rescued him He is create.

Sarge is a big lovable boy. He doesn't slobber as much as you'd expect. He loves to play. He's housebroken and does. We've had Pearl since she was 6 weeks old.

She's always been very dominant and we've been told it's typical German. His owner passed away and I'm not able to give him the kind of life he deserves. My name is Quincey. I'm about 3 years old and I weigh about 65 lbs. I was found as a stray in the East. My name is Thea. I'm about 5 years old and I weigh about 45 lbs. I was found as a stray in Columbiana. My name is Frasier. I'm about 6 years old and I weigh about 30 lbs. I was found as a stray in New. Dreyfus is a quiet little dude that is real low key and likes a chill life.

This sweet boy walks well on a leash. Krueger is a fun loving pup looking for his forever home. He is a 9 week old purebred Siberian Husky and just a. Embry was with my family for nearly 5 years. We have recently experienced a situation that requires us to separate. Loveable, obiedient,loves to play ball. She knows commands and is a quiet dog. Housebroken and loves lots of. Leo is a Olde English Bulldog We just adopted him but we both work, we took him to daycare but he was aggressive.

Meet the amazing Mr. He's 10 years young, blind as a bat, and cute as a button. Ripley found his way to. My name is Adeline, and they tell me that my name means 'noble and kind'. This is a wonderful thing for. SCF single, chocolate female ISO a family seeking adorable pup for cuddles, kisses, and lots of love. Melo came into the rescue after he was diagnosed with Parvo. We knew he deserved a chance at a great life. Bear is a 3 year old male who's very easygoing and seems to like everyone he's in rescue to no fault of his own.

Pongo is a 1 yr old miniature Shi Tzu mix. At 8 lbs this little guy packs a huge personality! He is very smart and. He is an absolutely beautiful dog. Found wandering the streets on the hottest of summer days. Dasher is as cute as a button. This tiny Pomeranian only weighs 6 lbs and he likes to be carried around.

Sonny is a sweet little terrier mix that can't wait to be adopted with his buddy Cher. They both love attention and. Cher is a sweet little terrier mix that can't wait to be adopted with her buddy Sonny. Hermes is 6 years old and has a minor birth defect to his right arm, the defect is merely a misshapen bone and.

Very loving, and friendly. Loves to cuddle like a baby. She likes to argue with you by barking at you. Very energetic, playful, and friendly with everyone. Likes to roll over and play dead. Can sit and shake hands. Buddy is a good dog. He's a protective dog so he needs to be with someone that will be assertive with him and not. Lola is a little nine-year-old dog with a big personality! She likes to play but also loves to cuddle.

Ava is a month-old Pit Bull Terrier mix.


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Your question is similar to that from Jane, even almost the same breed I agree, the arbitrary 5 minutes per month of age leads to a lot of frustrated dogs with too much energy. I have no idea where that number came from, but it seems to be accepted as fact now. According to this site, Beagles are at risk of hip dysplasia, loose kneecaps and osteochondrosis dissecans. These are all orthopaedic conditions that can lead to lameness and chronic joint disease. It may be worth asking her breeder about the incidence of these diseases in her lines, because they all have a heritable component.

On the other hand, this study suggests that running a young dog may improve joint fluid and cartilage thickness — http: One thing I found with Guinness is that mental exercise can be as tiring as physical exercise. Do you have somewhere local where she can swim? That will allow her to exercise without putting any weight on her limbs.

I began to run with my female staffy when she was about 1. I think terrain and speed are also important factors. I run slowly, about 9kph in the woods with few hills. Undre those conditions the 4 yrs old staffy can accompany me at a mild trot and it seems she could go on forever.

We did a 15k yesterday and she sped up really easily when she wanted to. I think an important thing is to have a very well trained and obedient dog that will always come back when called.

I have a 10 month very active border collie who I would like to start running with. Being a Border do you think it would be alright to start him off slowly now? Hi there, apologise for the delayed response. Your boy is now 11 months and I think it would be fine to start Pooch to 5k at this age in a working breed.

I have a month old Weimaraner rescue so I am not sure of the age. I hate to think I should wait 6 more months to keep running her. Young dogs can be allowed to run freely when playing because they have the option to stop when they feel like it.

She runs beautifully next to me and honestly drags me to the bike sometimes. However, 6 months early I think is a bit much. Do you know her breeder to ask about any history of hip issues in her lines? Have a look at clickertraining. A tired brain can take the edge off an active dog for sure. What can I do for the meantime to completely tire him out? And when is the best time to start running him?? Hi, I have recently adopted. A month old mixed breed?

Do you think 1km on then rest with walking training is ok? We stop frequently to cross roads, sniff and answer natures call. What is the risk of exercising too early? Hi, I have a shetland sheepdog that is 7 months old, I take him every day to walk at least an hour and he runs the whole time, I read that dogs should not be run with their owner until they are at least 12 months old but I also read that small dogs and working dogs develop faster and can start running earlier, shelties are a small working dog so I was wondering what do you think?

Because he always seems to have so much energy, I began to to take him on short runs 20 mins max in which I will ride my bike ahead of him and he will run alongside my brother with walking and tapering in between.

It has only been a week since I started this routine and we have only taken him on runs in that span, but have I started trying to run him too early? I have a two month old german sheperd gril. When can I start takin her to outdoor activities. Parks ans just walks on the street? I have a 10, almost 11, month old pitbull and boxer mix puppy. The walking has helped tons with his energy levels inside the house and with his newly found digging problem.

Shiba Inu are prone to luxating patellas, according to this website — http: Current recommendations are to wait til 12 months before formally starting a running program. In the meantime, you can use brain games to tire him out mentally, it works well. Smaller dogs do mature faster than larger ones. From what I could find, growth plates in Shetland Sheepdogs close anywhere between 10 and 15 months. A conversation with your vet who knows your dog is a good idea.

Current veterinary recommendations are to wait til 12 weeks old before formally running with your dog. I have a Kelpie so I totally understand! I have found that brain training tires them out mentally and it is really useful. Some studies have shown that dogs with a predisposition to orthopaedic conditions may develop less severe disease if exercise is restricted.

This depends on where she is on her vaccination schedule, the vaccines used and the risk of infection ie are there any potential reservoirs of disease in your area such as dog parks or dog beaches? This is a question for your vet.

Have fun with your girl; there is nothing nicer than German Shepherd puppy ears. I have a 9 mo Weimaraner puppy or teen. As other people has stated, I too started running with him based on the 5 min rule.

Now I think I should postpone that. He absolutely loves it. My question is… would you rather recommend to postpone his running completely until 1 year, or tone it down? Start and stick with the pooch to 5 k program? We really love our runs, but I want him to be healthy. I know all this are guidelines and recommendations, but what would you do? I have an 8 year old pit bull who is just like me. Overweight and out of shape. We just completed Day 1 and she struggled a bit. I saw this thread and I do realize that you guys are talking about younger development issues but if anyone has insight about my middle aged dog that would be beneficial I would greatly appreciate that!

I have a 10 month old potbelly who we rescued, he has so much energy and I was just interested in what type of person exercise would be most appropriate for his breed and age. Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Hi Amber, what type of dog is a potbelly? Hi, i took my 7month old Jack Russell on a 6k run yesterday and he seemed to love it.

He plays all the time with other dogs and spends the whole time sprinting a And running as fast as he can with them so I figured he could handle this run no problem since we were just jogging and he did great.

He was actually pulling me the whole time and he made me run a little faster than I normally do. I thought he was a great running companion and he seemed to really like it too.

Is it too much for him? The general consensus from vets is 12 months, but smaller breeds are physically mature at a younger age. I started the Pooch to 5k program with Guinness when he was 8 months old, but I knew the lines he came from and they were bred for working soundness. The program also starts out very gently with alternating walks and runs and I stuck to soft terrain. Now at over 8 years old, he can still knock out a good 10km plus, and has no signs of any issues with his limbs or joints.

What about maybe starting at 3k and adding 1km a month? I have a month old male Golden Retriever who we walk each day. Occasionally I have taken him with me when I go on my bike. Am I doing him more harm than good? At months current veterinary recommendations are that formal running is too much.

Vets say to start at around 12 months. Have fun with your girl. Yes shes so active and energetic, but now she figured out how to fetch and thats how she burns all her energy. I also take her for a walk every morning for about 5 minute. Thank you for your advice Admin, Im looking forward jogging with my Sibe on the right time. I have a street dog I adopted off the streets of Myanmar, Southeast Asia.

She is 3 and a half months old and based on the street dogs here likely to be a medium sized dog- maybe 40 pounds. She has tons of energy and likes to run along side me when I walk her. I'm a sweet little guy who hopes it won't take long to find a new home. I'm a gorgeous German Shepherd who is looking for a new home. I get along kids, don't get along with other dogs or cats, travel well, walk on a leash and I'm house-trained.

I was an in home service dog. I'll be here waiting to meet you. Hi, I'm a friend of Quincy, Tyler and Willow. I'm also 5 years old and a little nervous while I get used to my new surroundings. I travel well and walk with a leash but I'm not house-trained. Not to brag but I think I take a really good photo. I hope you stop by to meet me and my friends.

My owner had to move to a nursing home so now I have to find a new home. I have been an indoor dog and I'm kennel trained. I get along with kids and dogs, travel well and walk on a leash.

I'm a sweet little guy and I hope it doesn't take long to find a new forever home. I know if you stop by and meet me you will want to take me home.

As you can plainly see I am a beautiful Lab mix, mixed with Beagle the vet thinks. I weigh about 35 lbs. I love to play so I need a large fenced yard. If you are looking for a great family dog please consider me. My people are being deployed and can't keep me. If you want to meet me, call Katie at I'm Rupert's friend, Emma a nine year old Terrier mix.

I get along with kids, dogs and cats, house-trained, travel well. Like Rupert I'm also very sweet but I have a little more laid back personality. We don't have to be adopted together but it would be nice if someone had room for both of us.

I came here with Emma because of changes in our owner's life. I'm house-trained, get along with kids, dogs and cats and most importantly I am a very sweet guy. We're little bundles of cuteness who will be large bundles of cuteness when fully grown. We are three month old Pit Bull mix puppies who were abandoned. Anyone who wants to adopt us needs to keep in mind that we are a strong breed. We will need someone who can train us properly.

I'm a seven month old Terrier mix. Some people found me in Center,Texas and were unable to locate my owner. They could not keep me so they brought me to Pet Savers so I can find a forever home. I'm not house-trained, get along with kids, dogs and cats, travel well and walk on a leash.

I like to dig holes in the yard and for some reason I enjoy tearing up my dog bed. I love being held and like to give kisses. Basically I'm a little cutie that you won't be able to resist.

I'm CoCo's friend, Rocky an 8 month old Retriever mix. My owner was really sad giving me up but they knew it was best for me to find a new home. Like CoCo I listen well and obey commands. I'm energetic and would love to find an adopter who has an active lifestyle. I'm a gorgeous year old Blue Lacy who needs to find a new home. My owners had a lot of changes going on in their life. They thought it would be best if I went to a new home.

I'm house-trained, travel well, walk on a leash and get along with kids and dogs. Also I listen well and obey commands. I came here with my friend Rocky and we're hoping it doesn't take very long to find a new home. Call or apply under DOGS on this website. I'm a cute little Terrier whose owner is moving and she can't take me with her. Now I'm on the hunt for a new forever home. I get along with kids, dogs and cats, travel well and walk on a leash.

Most importantly I am house-trained. I was just starting click training learning to sit and lie down. I know once you meet me you will want to take me home. I'm a cute little Min Pin who is looking for a new home. I'm pad trained, get along with kids, dogs and cats, and travel well. I have a fear of thunderstorms. I am a great little guy who has plenty of love to share with you. Even though I am older I still love running around and checking things out.

I need your help in trying to find my owner. Please share my photo and info to help me locate my owner. No one came forward to claim me so I am available for adoption. I am a friendly sweet girl who can't wait to find a new home. I'm also high energy and always ready to go for a walk. I get along with pretty much everyone. I'll be hanging out with Luke waiting to meet you.

If you need someone to keep you company while you run or walk I'd be perfect. I'm a high energy Lab mix. They're not sure if I'm house-trained but I seem to get along with other dogs and I like people.

I came here with Alana who looks a lot like me so we'll be easy to find when you get here. My name is Cruiser and I was abandoned in a neighborhood. Lucky for me someone picked me up and brought me to Pet Savers. I'm a Terrier mix who gets along with kids and dogs and walk on a leash. I'm very sweet but I do have a tendency to dig. I'm pretty energetic so if you think you can keep up with me I'd love to meet you.

I was adopted from Pet Savers eight years ago but now I'm looking for a new forever home. I'm a Lab mix who is house-trained, neutered and knows some basic commands. I love to go for walks, car rides and play with squeaky toys.

I'm a good dog but I developed some aggression issues which is the reason I'm looking for a new home. I'd love to have a second chance at another forever home. If you're willing to take a chance on me I'll be here waiting for you. I'm a real sweet Lab mix who needs to find a new forever home.

My owner took a new job that required a lot of travel. She hated to give me up but she didn't want me to spend a lot of time being boarded. I'm house-trained, walk well on a leash and know some basic commands. I'm looking for a home with a large fenced yard so I can run and play.

I can't wait to meet you. I'm a young Australian Shepherd mix who was found in Haughton. The people who found me kept me while trying to locate my owner. They did not have any luck locating my owner so they brought me to Pet Savers.

I'm a really sweet girl and I even know some basic commands like sit. The only thing is I don't get along with other dogs so I need to be the only dog in the house. We're just the right age if you are looking for a dog that you can train. Not to brag but we have a really unique colored coat. We'll be here hanging out waiting to meet you. My owner could not afford to take care of my health issues. Pet Savers took me to the vet and they got me all fixed up.

I'm thankful for Pet Savers taking such good care of me but I hope I can find a forever home soon. I'm Puzzle's sister who was also left at an abandoned house. Like Puzzle I'm a hound mix.

Right now I'm working on my leash skills, I just need a little more time to get used to walking on a leash. Also I'm afraid of thunderstorms. I can't wait to find a forever home and a family that will take care of me. I'm a Hound mix who had a rough start in life. I was left at an abandoned house along with my sister, Tessie.

I'm still working on gaining some weight. It would probably be best if I was the only dog in the house. I want to find someone who will never leave me. My owner is moving and can't take me with him so I need to find a new home.

I'm house-trained, walk on a leash and get along with kids, dogs and cats. I don't like thunderstorms. I am high energy so I need to find someone has time to take me on daily walks. Why not stop by and see what a great guy I am. The one word that best describes me is hyper. I need to find someone who has an active lifestyle so they can keep up with me.

I'm house-trained and walk on a leash. I get along with kids and dogs but I'm hyper around them. I know some commands such as sit and shake. Also I am an escape artist so I will need a secure yard. Bonus I like to give kisses. If you think you can keep up with me I would love to meet you. I'm a small Shepherd mix who was found in the Hwy. The people who found me were unable to locate my owner. Please share my photo and info so I can locate my owner.

If no one comes forward to claim me I will be available for adoption. I know how to sit and walk on a leash. I'm friendly and very active so I want to find an adopter who will take me on walks. Stop by and meet me to see what a great little guy I am. I don't want to brag but I think I'm a really good looking guy. I mean look at that picture you gotta agree I take a great photo.

The only way to see what a great guy I am is to stop by and meet me. I am a large Lab mix. Please share my photo and info so I can find my owner.

I'm a Heeler mix and I weigh 35 plus pounds. I kept escaping from the yard so now I'm looking for a new forever home. I get along with kids and dogs and I can walk on a leash. One of my escape methods is to dig my way out. So I will need a secure yard in my new forever home so I can't escape. If you think you can handle an escape artist stop by and meet me. I'm a Redtick Hound whose owner had to travel for work and felt bad about leaving me alone. He decided it would be best to bring me to Pet Savers so I can find a new home.

I am a high energy girl and want to find someone who will take me on long walks. Also on my wish list a big yard so I can run around. I'm super friendly and love to hug everyone I meet. I know you'll fall in love with me when you meet me. Then we continued on and did E-collar training.

My dog is a totally different dog! He walks without pulling and right beside us. We can let him off leash and he will stay with us and follow every command. He is a pro at going up and down the stairs. We get all kinds of compliments about how well behaved he is on walks. Thank you Danielle and Michelle for making me a very proud mother of a wonderful, behaved dog. The trainers are professional, friendly and very good at their jobs. The overall environment and experience at the Studio is amazing.

They taught my dog how to be a better, well-trained dog and they have taught me how to be the best dog owner I can be. I learned that the dogs are the easiest part of the training. Kody and I trained at two other locations before coming to Auntie Dog. He did well, but I was not completely satisfied.

After just 2 weeks of training at the Auntie Dog Training Studio, I could not believe the difference in both Kody and myself. I learned how to work with him in a way that was effective for his training and easy for me to accomplish our goals. I am looking forward to volunteering as a pet therapy team. Danielle was our trainer. She was great and helped us to really gain control of our big dog.

Prior to training he ran the show at home. We got a fantastic foundation in weekly private lessons with Danielle and we continue to train at home. Walking both of our dogs is now relaxing, instead of being pulled down the street.

We get to walk at our own pace too! Every dog needs this foundation to continue to learn and grow with obedience and overall behavior. Wish we had done it sooner! We have just completed remote collar training with our big dog, Bruin. He behaves so much better and is very responsive without us even having to correct him! The E collar is a great tool. Potcakes are wonderful dogs, so affectionate and loyal to their owners.

We have two labs and wanted to rescue a dog. Our trip to Turks was a great opportunity. We did get a true love dog; however our love dog does not like strangers and other unknown dogs. After trying various trainers and reading a stack of books, we realized we were in over our heads and needed serious help.

A friend recommended Auntie Dog. I arrived at the Studio with Koji on 3 leashes and my pockets bursting with treats. To our relief Koji was accepted into Training Camp without hesitation. A month later we picked up our trained dog. Koji could be in a room with other dogs, could be taken for a walk, and we could handle him. More important than the time Koji spent with Liz, was the time she spent with us and still spends with us teaching us how to handle our newly trained dog.

With each trip back to see Auntie, Koji is so overjoyed, Liz has to say hello and accept his kisses before he can work. He actually fell in love with the whole Auntie team! Training Koji is a marathon not a sprint and boy did we pick the right training team to get us the distance.

I tried to settle him, to no avail. He goes willingly into his crate and is calm outside and of it. I am beyond grateful. If I do my job well, keep consistently doing his training, I have years to enjoy this wonderful dog. Nancy Baker Thomaston, Maine. She was adorable and loving, but a challenging puppy with a very independent spirit! We did quite a lot of training with her at home, but ultimately decided to put her into the 4 week Camp at Auntie Dog when Bella was just shy of turning 1.

I cannot say enough wonderful things about the Auntie Dog staff. When Bella came home from Camp she was a much improved listener, noticeably more obedient and loved to please us with her new found good behaviors!

We continue her training at home, attend graduate classes and an occasional private lesson when we can and collectively it all makes an enormous difference.

Earlier this fall, Bella was attacked by another dog and after that attack it sadly affected how she behaved around other dogs. She began acting unsure, passive and suspicious around other dogs which was so unlike her.

So, she went back to Auntie Dog for Encore Camp to learn to feel safe around dogs again and in her surroundings with them.

She is back home now and doing better. We continue to work her around dogs in hopes that she will continue to build her confidence. Liz is a pro and a very kind and thoughtful person. She is so accommodating and responsive, I am sure I drove her crazy the first time Bella was there with all my texting! Liz responded to every single one. It is so obvious she loves her job and I know Bella is in great hands every time she is there. If we lived closer, we would be there all the time!

He is our first family dog. He is sweet, adorable, photogenic, silly, devoted, and extremely smart. We hesitated to socialize him before he was fully vaccinated at 6 months of age because we were concerned he would catch infection. Unfortunately not socializing him as a young puppy led to behaviors we never imagined possible. Bailey became quite the barker and was very territorial. He started barking at children, people, other dogs, while in pet stores, in the car; anywhere and at anything!

Pulling on the leash was the other big issue which made it impossible to walk him. We became so frustrated at ourselves and very sad for Bailey.

We wanted him to have the best life possible. We were thrilled about what Camp could do for Bailey. It was hard for me to let go of him for 4 weeks, but we were reassured that we could keep in touch and would see photos of his progress. The Auntie Dog team did an amazing job with Bailey. We are so happy we enrolled him in Camp. The refreshers are good for him because Bailey is the type of dog that needs consistent reinforcement.

Thanks to the Auntie Dog training staff we now understand and see how Bailey looks at us for direction. The follow up lessons have given us the training and confidence for him to live a happier life. Michele Lalchand Lexington, MA. I purchased him at 8 weeks old. Soon after bringing him home it was evident that his manners were nowhere to be found. She recommended that Link and I take Puppy Basics.

After puppy class and learning basic commands and heeling on leash Link was on his way. I saw improvements in Link after puppy class, so I decided to enroll him in the adult obedience group class.

Link excelled while on leash, but I also wanted more control and focus off leash and a solid come when called command. I am extremely happy with my decisions because now Link and I are able to enjoy lots of outdoor activities off leash and I know he is safe.

My daughter volunteered to foster a dog for community service hours needed for college and Simon was assigned to her. Our family instantly fell in love with him and ending up adopting him. Liz and her team have been absolutely fabulous with him!

Simon has been a true inspiration to our family. He has taught my children to look beyond the surface and that you can still lead a full life with a disability. We are hoping he will inspire patients as a Therapy Dog in local rehabilitation hospitals the way he has inspired us. Terry Steen Wilmington, MA. She was so personable and sweet, and eager to meet new people.

She was rescued by Companion Pet Rescue, pulled from a high kill shelter in Memphis, Tennessee, the day before her scheduled euthanasia. She was pregnant with eleven puppies, all of whom later got adopted right away, as Honey Bun waited for her forever home while being fostered in New England. When Honey Bun came home with me she adjusted quickly to her new life, getting along with two other dogs, three cats, and my horse.

Honey Bun loves going to the barn to romp through the field beside my horse as I ride. Knowing that Honey Bun loved visiting with people so much, my ultimate goal was for her to become a therapy dog. She needed more practice though, and I sought out the Auntie Dog Training Studio and took their obedience course, and later attended Grad School.

I appreciated the thorough and clear training methods presented at Auntie Dog. Honey Bun and I are continuing Grad School to stay sharp. We also joined Rally classes. I so enjoy the opportunity to build my relationship with my dog through this training, which provides so much focus and purposefulness. Meredith Norton Pepperell, MA.

Spud is a 2 year old Cockapoo that joined our family at the age of 8 weeks. He was sweet and adorable and took to house training pretty well. He was a good dog. After a few months I became frustrated with his inconsistent response when called. He was also jumping on people, he was still little but I was concerned he could hurt a little visitor.

We needed a little help. We found Auntie Dog. We decided private lessons were the best fit for our family because we could all participate and learn together.

I was amazed after a few lessons. I really did not consider Spud to be a dog that needed a lot of training. Any time I spent training was well worth it. I also noticed how much Spud loved the training. When our private lessons were over, we started attending Graduate classes.

This has been a great experience! Spud got exposed to lots of other people and dogs in a safe environment. He loves people but gets a little too excited. He is able to work on controlling his excitement in class. Classes are also a great resource. This is my first time caring for a dog. I want Spud to be certified as a therapy dog. Therapy work requires a higher level of behavior. I was not sure I would be able to calm him down enough to pass the test.

This past summer we were taking an extended vacation. We decided to send Spud to Auntie for Camp. It was very nice to come back from vacation and have a dog that was still sweet, silly and loving but now was calmer and more obedient.

I just signed Spud up for his TDI test. I am looking forward to sharing him with others. Toby did well and learned all the basics; sit, stay, come, down, and heel. As Toby got older we noticed he was becoming extremely fearful of situations which should not instill fear; meeting strangers, entering buildings, unfamiliar places, children, bicycles and more. He would shy away from all these situations. He would get so scared he would begin to tremble.

With her expertise and guidance, Toby has made incredible strides. His fearfulness is a thing of the past. Toby is now a well-trained, obedient, and, most importantly, very happy dog.

When we got our new puppy, Pandora I knew we needed to train her. I also wanted to make sure my daughter was the primary trainer and bonded well with the dog. Liz at Auntie Dog was most helpful. She put my daughter in charge of all training activities and provided not only great dog training but the needed supports for my daughter to use and be successful. She and Pandora completed Puppy Basics and received their certificate.

We are now looking forward to Obedience Group and the therapy dog workshop when Pandora gets older. Auntie Dog provided a well-structured and calm environment even in puppy class for training.

No shouting, barking or miss behaving from either the dogs or trainers. It was a wonderful experience. We had trained him since he was a puppy but some of the most important commands never seemed to catch on with him. Brody is 80lbs of muscle and thinks he is an 8lb lap dog.

When we first met with Auntie Dog about Camp I was nervous that Brody would lose his playful, happy go lucky side that everyone loves about him, but knew Camp was our best option. After Camp at Auntie Dog we now have a dog that listens and responds like we always wanted and his playful puppy side is still there.

The best part of the experience has been seeing how excited Brody is to see Liz and her staff when we go back to Grad School or for follow up lessons.

Brody loves being at Auntie Dog. He knows it is his time to shine. Liz is a great resource for our training questions and questions about dog behavior. We love how well Brody has adjusted to having a little brother in the house. At ten months old and over 80 pounds he was out of control and a handful for me.

Since he has been back he has been a pleasure to walk and have around the house. He will load in the car, something he refused to do before training and will come on command even while running on the moors and the beach. Last night was the test: Henry, the cat decided to torment Sam by walking all around the furniture in front of him. Sam tried to ignore him but Henry jumped in front of him. Sam took off but with a voice command he returned to me, sat and then placed. Auntie Dog and Liz were exactly what Sadie and I were looking for.

Sadie spent 3 weeks at Auntie Dog then came home for 2 weeks. She returned for 3 weeks of Encore Camp while I traveled. At 9 months old she was ready to take the certification, but needed to wait until she was a year. Auntie Dog was fabulous at training both Sadie and me. We will be ready for therapy work as soon as Sadie is old enough. Casey and I attended Obedience Group class.

Liz went beyond my expectations. After classes we would speak to Liz and she would offer more advice and tips to help us correct some training challenges at home. Casey is now an adorable dog that listens to me and obeys me on our walks. I am grateful to Liz and Amy for giving me the tools and knowledge to help reinforce what we learned in class. I enjoy going on walks and training now that I have control. It is a wonderful feeling.

I cannot say enough about training at Auntie Dog. Thank you Liz and Amy for the guidance and instruction you gave Casey and me.

Rosemarie DeAngelis Tewksbury, Massachusetts. Thanks for giving us the opportunity to be in your class. You went above and beyond what we expected. When we first fostered Penny we were almost ready to give up. Classes were life changing for Penny and our family. Your one-on-one session helped us integrate Penny and our children.

We have much more control now. It is great to know that the training does not stop after group class. We plan to continue with Drop In Graduate School. He assimilated into my family perfectly. He was everything I was looking for in a dog, except almost immediately I noticed he was very anxious when alone.

He would bark whenever I left, and occasionally he would have an accident in his crate. Being a rescue, he also did not have the proper training from puppy hood.

It was hard to rein in his energy, to get him to stop pulling on leash, and to stop his excited jumping and barking when he met people and other dogs. The last straw was when we were outside and he saw a squirrel. Given his prey drive, he hopped a four foot fence and took off. I chased him around the neighborhood for the next half an hour while he ignored every command I gave him. I enrolled him in Training Camp to give him the training he needed.

While it was hard to be parted from him, it was amazing to see the results. Odie is still the same goofy dog from before. He listens to what I say.

I have the commands and the know-how to correct him if I need to. I take him to weekly Graduate School to strengthen our bond through training, and to help him to continue to be a great member of my family. He goes with us everywhere and people are constantly commenting on how well trained he is. We are encouraged to come back so the family can get further trained.

We are also invited on group walks and outings so Quincy can continue to be social and polite. Quincy is always happy to see his friends. He has a great goofy personality. He came back as goofy and happy as ever but more controlled and attentive to our commands.

Quincy had a great time in the mountains over Thanksgiving. Playing in the snow with his dog cousins and trying to keep everyone herded together was a lot of fun for him. When I was leaving my brother told to me that he had anticipated dog chaos when I told him I was bringing Quincy.

He was amazed at how well behaved he was. It was such a pleasure to have him with us and I owe it to the wonderful staff at Auntie Dog. Plus a great dog! They are constantly supporting us and Quince. Thank you Auntie Dog!

Our Francie is a small pound terrier. She is very sweet but can be nervous, and used to think that it was her job to sound the alarm at every neighborhood dog, delivery person or guest. Bella, our pound, four year old, high-energy lab-mix, was quick to take the job of protecting both her canine sister as well as her human family. She would snarl and snap at every dog that came near us and howl from atop the living room furniture at every dog passing by the house.

Walking our dogs in an urban setting in which one invariably encounters other dogs, either on leash or those who are out in their yards, was stressful. Now home for almost three months after spending a month with Auntie Dog, Francie and Bella are not only calmer but happier too. I still marvel when we are able to pass by with only one — or sometimes no — corrections needed to help both dogs walk calmly at my heel. Our dogs are now so calm at home; I feel as though we have moved to a new, much quieter neighborhood.

The follow-up lessons and classes have been fantastic for learning and practicing the handling that our dogs learned at Auntie Dog. The lessons are fun and have given me the confidence I needed to know that we could maintain the work that the girls accomplished at Auntie Dog. Private lessons part of the package are a great way to tailor the training to whatever you need; for example, for us, this meant learning how to walk both dogs at the same time and learning how our seven-year-old could help with training.

Liz is absolutely wonderful to work with: We highly recommend Auntie Dog to all those who dream of having a well-mannered dog!

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