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In need of a interesting man to have fun with


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Everything Im do is fun. Le Corbusier Jeudi 4 sept, midi. At the very least be able to sustain a conversation w me. I'm 30, educated, hard-working, a bbw with her head on straight. Seeking for a little something on the side while your family is away from the room.

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In need of a interesting man to have fun with

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Put your age in the subject, to In need of a interesting man to have fun with out spam Your age, height and weight in the chat. Someone who like to be outside. Meet me at City Dock where I pick you up by boat and we go cruising.

Can be redkneck at times and a little wild but you only live once. Look for Mister Right I'm a single mom that is looking for Mister right.


Big community funding update! I am the most interesting man in the world. Or at least I want to be April 8, 7: Or perhaps that guy from the Dos Equis commericals?

What do I need to do to become that guy? Certainly a lot of answers could revolve around different experiences. Everest, swimming with dolphins in Hawaii, staying with locals in Germany, and living alone in Japan for a year. I'd like to hear about experiences too, but I think there's also more to becoming interesting -- personal characteristics, acquired and sometimes random skills, and appearance are probably just as important.

Some ideas to get the ball rolling: Lets get the obvious one out of the way. The more places you go, the more interesting opportunities you set yourself up for. Although I'm sure digging deeper into this might bring up better answers. I've found a great story teller can even make a trip to the grocery store interesting. I think humour plays a large roll in making someone interesting to hand around with. I should also mention that while appearing as an interesting person is good, I want to be an interesting person.

I want to look back on my life and think: You need a continual stream of novel experiences and a lot of charisma. Be curious about others' experiences. It will give you ideas about fun experiences you can pursue, create the network to hear about and take advantage of new experiences, and keep you from seeming boring at a party who wants to talk to a guy who only talks about how awesome he is?

One thing you really need to bear in mind -- and that many well-traveled, well-intentioned people do not -- is that almost everyone has not the remotest interest in hearing your travel stories for more than, say, a two-minute long anecdote that's relevant to the topic at hand. For the love of god don't become that person whose life is changed for the better by his travels and it will be!

Not even the funniest, most interesting storyteller can maintain a lifetime of conversations about those weeks he spent sleeping in the woods with natives or that month on a crab boat or whatever. Also, an interesting person is an interested person. Learn to appreciate others, and you'll be appreciated in return. You need a sincere interest in other people. The kind of person you're describing sounds insufferable.

I find most interesting those who have struggled to gain expertise or knowledge and are willing help others learn. I hadn't thought about this before. Doing so now, I believe it is really the storytelling. But the important component of that is having enough of a focus on yourself that you view things that happen to you and notice all aspects as they relate to you so that you can a retell the story with the important pieces and b have a great recollection of events so that when you look back on your life, you remember all the elements and think, wow, that was great.

Your life experiences probably aren't going to trump mine generic and those of people I know. But if you can make me understand how you felt in that moment, and really relate something insightful along the way, it makes you interesting because it makes you unique. Yeah, I agree with charisma, experiences, being a good story teller, and being funny. I also think not trying to be that good is an important factor. By all means, have awesome experiences and live an awesome life, but don't try to seem interesting -- authenticity is a thousand times more captivating than putting on an act.

Diversity of experience is good, too. At some point you've been on week-long trips to everywhere, and while that's great for you, all the stories are the same. Now, if you live in Dublin for two years, that's different than yet another week-long jaunt to Costa Rica or wherever. And as I'm saying this, I also think that it's important to go in depth which goes hand in hand with loving what you're doing -- it's more interesting to master things sometimes than to only dabble at everything.

In addition to living in Dublin for two years, train to and climb a mountain. Become a grand master of tai chi. But mostly, be really into what you do. Agreed, and you need an interest in whatever you're doing and an ability to talk about it to other people in a way that makes them interested [so knowing that griphus isn't one for the long anecdote, for example] and to return that interest in what they find interesting.

So you don't have to travel necessarily or be funny necessarily but you have to convey whatever you think is neat about whatever it is you do and have that same sense of it about the things that others do.

Having novel experiences is one thing, and sort of simple, but being able to portray your commonplace experiences as novel and something you're really into is, I think, the good part of people who are interesting without the bad parts that make them odd "look at me, I am interesting!

Not to try too hard. When dull people tell stories, the implicit message is "I think I'm awesome! I can't wait to tell you more about how awesome I am!

I can't wait to hear more about how awesome you are! Being that guy isn't always what it is cracked up to be. In fact, that guy is often an asshole.

I spend a lot of energy trying to not be that guy. In the examples you cite that guy is probably a self-absorbed obsessive jerk. Interesting doesn't mean likable.

Want to be interesting? Find something you love and take it as far as you can. Obsessive people willing to fly their freak slags are always interesting. From Ben Hammersley's "how to be a Renaissance man" talk in Never say no to opportunities. The most interesting people I've met have gone interesting places, read interesting things, done interesting things, have deep and insightful interest in lots of things, and obviously had a lot of experiences along the way.

It's really not hard to stand out, though. A lot of people work, come home, watch TV, and catch a movie every now and then, and that's the extent of it. I'm not joking, either. The boss I had in a small town I worked in once was baffled when I said there was nothing to do because he told me--again, not joking--there were bars, there was a movie theater, and there were a couple restaurants. I don't consider myself all that interesting, but it was a world beyond anything he'd ever thought of.

The overwhelming agreement here seems to be humble and not becoming " that guy ". I completely agree and thank you everyone for pointing that out right away! My goal is definitely not to become the guy that walks up to you bragging about his recent tea date with the Dalai Lama. Rather, my goal is to never answer "not much" when asked what's new with me, but being able to give an interesting answer.

Or becoming someone who naturally has something interesting to share with everyone else; be it a story, a piece of information, or showing the experience first hand ex: Hopefully you can approach this question as seeing someone you'd naturally and honestly like to be around. But thanks again putting up the big caution sign about becoming a total jerk! Also important is having a breadth of things to talk about. Having a deep knowledge of one particular area can be good when you're around people who like that thing, but can leave you the odd man out when you're not among that tribe.

For example, I know some geeky type people who are very outgoing and fun to talk to if you like geeky things like video games or fantasy books, but if the discussion veers towards things like sports or wine or non-fantasy books or anything outside the classic "geek" field of focus, they have nothing to say. Likewise, I know some sports fans who can tell you who hit cleanup for the Yankees in but if the conversation veers towards politics or social issues or whatever, they're left out.

Hopefully I'm telling you something that you already know, but people are going to stop asking you what's new with you if you start taking it as a prompt for a story. People want to hear "not much" because, many times, they don't care.

They're just going by the small-talk script in their head: It's pretty cool you got up to action. Most of the time? People are going to stop asking you how your weekend was because, chances are, they've got no way to keep up the conversation past asking you more questions.

Especially if you're actively trying to make your life exciting which you totally should. Because you're going to be talking about grocery stores a lot more than Malaysia.

I think you'll accomplish what you want to accomplish by 1 exploring your interests and 2 paying attention to and engaging in what's going on around you and 3 showing interest in and appreciation for what makes the people around you interesting.

Electric guitar, growing strawberries, reading the novels of Steinbeck, whatever. What matters is doing things you care about - hopefully for your own sake and personal growth, not because of what someone else will think. Someone who will draw my attention to the really good cheese we are eating, or the color of the sky, or that weird guy mumbling to himself in the corner.

Also - say yes to opportunities, whenever possible. These are not the distinguishing characteristics of anyone I would describe as the most interesting people I know. Which isn't to say they haven't done those things lots of people have-- all it takes is money and some social skills , but that's not why I think they're interesting. The most interesting people I know develop good ideas and pursue them with ambition. And, because they have social skills, they talk to other people and allow those other people because they are genuinely interested in hearing about them and their interesting experiences you don't get to stay with locals in Germany by talking about yourself all the time.

You do it by making friends with Germans. What Ghostride The Whip is getting at when it comes to having a breadth of things to talk about is that being an interesting person is the exact opposite of being self-absorbed. You simply have to take a genuine interest in what the rest of the world is interested in, not just what you are interested in.

Look at it this way: A physicist who is fascinated by Persian history which just happens to be where your family is from -- that dude is the most interesting guy I've met!


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