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For years, dermatologists have prescribed hormonal birth control to help patients with acne. But for every group of patients that it has helped, it seems like there are plenty of others who say their skin got worse on birth control.

The CDC estimates that 4 to 6 percent of children in the U. Here's what you need to know to keep kids safe. Women have had the Pill for nearly 60 years. Why is it so challenging to bring a safe, reversible hormonal method for men to market? Miss America Nia Franklin's stem cells helped save her father, who was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin's lymphoma when she was a freshman in college. In , after realizing the negative effects his lifestyle was having on his friends and his health, he was inspired to change it.

This is the story of his weight-loss journey. A Texas man with a rare genetic disorder says he died twice in one day. Here's what you need to know about Brugada syndrome. A bit on Peter Thiel's push to patent transfusions of blood from youngsters to rejuvenate old elites. Lock up the all implicated in the Clinton Global Initiative, the Clintons and even "innocent" Chelsea.

You need to have a little more faith. I enjoy reading the comments at the fake media sites like wapoop and the people aren't buying their narrative. They already know who the fake news outlets are. If you look around, the protests have disappeared, the people are getting back to life, Christmas and how to pay their bills. The news wants to stir everybody up, but they have miscalculated. They have compressed the interest cycle until people stop caring in a week and one-half.

There ARE forces at work for good in this world and they are just as capable as any other, hopefully more so. If we show our neighbors love and compassion, it could become quite infectious, as will our beliefs and integrity.

We are the greatest influence on our society and it scares the powers to death we will realize it. I watched it all now. I don't like your arrogance, smugness, and defensiveness. But good luck with your new platform. I agree that there is risk in covering PizzaGate. You and Alex Jones have financial interests that could be jeopardized by lawsuits.

Private bloggers and VOAT posters have less at risk and therefore more freedom. We are the trail blazers that more established sites like you need. We break new ground and make it safe for you to follow. To simply not cover PizzaGate is not an option. Bill Clinton visits Jeffrey Epstein's pedophile island 27 times without security detail, just with personal confidant, Brand. I watched this yesterday and was moved by several things that leapt up at me as new and important. One is a ten-story tall mural of a decapitated, gutted, and genitally mutilated body hung up by wires that bind it's ankles, streaming blood to the street below.

Another is a two-story tall depiction of a boy with his head held to the ground and a knife to his throat held by an expensively attired man.

SGT Report makes a comparison between the gutted body and an identical image from a scene in the horror movie, "Hostel Part 2," where a college student is kidnapped and strung up by her ankles, hanging directly over a large bathtub-like structure whereupon a wealthy woman disrobes and proceeds to bathe in the blood that splatters down upon her as she strikes the victim, from her recumbent position, with a scythe.

SGT Report goes on to discuss the story of the Hungarian noblewoman Elizabeth Bathory born , who is reported to have tortured and killed young girls, bathing in their blood to maintain her youth. Accused of having killed girls, was she part of a broader network?

Why would inhabitants want a story decapitated, mutilated, blood-dripping body hanging upside down on the outside of their apartment building? Why would children walking to school wish to see a little boy screaming in fear, with head forced to the ground and a knife to his throat by a wealthy man?

How is this elevating the moral aspirations of society? Hamamoto loudly and repeatedly, even as the professor was in the middle of sharing some extraordinary things. Hamamoto describes the Podesta brothers' penchant for "transgressive" art. I had never heard this term before, which means edgy and violating social norms. So now child rape is cool simply because it violates social norms?

Such an anti values value system assuredly spells the destruction of civilization. If not trust, respect, and industriousness, would we rather have a group held together by abuse, force, and deceit? I went to Hamamoto's school, and I remember all the cafes full of deconstructionist poseurs wearing black leather late at night pounding caffeine drinks, smoking cigarettes, engaged in interminable mental masturbation, denying Nature's and Spirit's wisdom from growing within them.

It is these lost and deluded people who develop intellectual paradigms to justify their degrading behavior. As if penning an intellectual category of "transgressive" gives it any legitimacy!

But that is what they believe: I think it was Camille Paglia who criticized this decadent post-morality, post-gender world view as an artificial construct that presaged the fall of civilization.

I would have to agree with her. Hamamoto describes the rollout of the 5G network in the Berkeley area and that this, too, contributed to the kind of mind control and madness that was on display at the recent campus riots that shut down the lecture by conservative gay activist Milo Yianniopolis. I've been in the bowels of UC Berkeley 's psychology department where I was in restricted areas where I saw primates with electrodes attached to their skulls.

Who knows what is going on there? Perhaps the 5G puts us in a more suggestible mental state, so that media propaganda viewed on televisions and smart phones is more effective. Or perhaps the 5G works synergistically with transmissions delivered via smart phones and other devices? I would have liked Alex to have given Hamamoto more time to flesh his thoughts out on this subject.

This past Saturday I spent probably four hours poring over various blog posts and Twitter threads regarding what is being called "Pizza Gate," a criminal, cannibalistic, "spirit cooking," child sex trafficking enterprise revealed in Wikileaks' data dump of tens of thousands of emails to and from President Bill Clinton's former Chief of Staff and campaign manager for Hillary Clinton's presidential bid, John Podesta.

Integral to such greenlighting or approval is that the cabal "owns" you: In the month since the release of Podesta's emails, thousands of online researchers have been making some very damning connections. Some researchers have been killed. The plot is very thick. You could make an entire career out of this subject, as the web of occultism, blackmail, child trafficking, sex abuse, murder and the like are part of a spiderweb of corrupting influence that has affected just about every aspect of our lives, whether we are conscious of it or not.

The spiritual takeaway here is that spiritual development must be grounded in morality. Do unto others as you would have done unto yourself. If you want your own children to achieve their fullest potential, then be kind and supportive of the children of others. In all tyrannies, you have one group of people for whom one set of laws applies, and another group, a subservient underclass, who must follow a different set of laws. The USA once had a chance, as the sole superpower, to promote peace throughout the world.

But instead, it used its power and influence to lock developing nations in servitude, and force corporate control over the rest, bringing the planet several steps closer to a unified, fascist, new world order. Pizzagate demonstrates that people, unrestrained by human laws or common decency, can resort to corrupting, sadistic practices. With no meaningful limits to their conduct, people can and do engage in the most brutal behavior.

Not all, but some. These transgressions become a plague upon society that infects and compromises the body politic, the soul of the nation. A nation and its people must make every effort to root out such abuse. A nation aligned with its spiritual purpose, must adhere to some form of charity and reciprocity that apply to all of its citizens, and with the other nations with which it has dealings.

However innumerable sentient beings are, I vow to save them. However inexhaustible the defilements are, I vow to extinguish them. However immeasurable the dharmas are, I vow to master them. However incomparable enlightenment is, I vow to attain it.

I will direct you to several other websites if you wish to explore this matter further. Please assist in getting the word out regarding child sex trafficking among Washington, D. These are criminal sociopaths who have violated their oaths to uphold and defend the Constitution -- our covenant with God -- and they have yet to be held to account. Marina Abramovich with the Dutch Queen Beatrix. The Queen wears for the occasion a pizza brooch! The show is a biography about the youth of Marina Abramovic.

In one picture she drinks wine with another elite, Christine Lagarde, Director of the International Monetary Fund, which sits just below the Bank of International Settlements at the top of the financial pyramid. Neither organization is subject to the rule of law -- just understandings among sociopaths. My god, even if you scratch the surface with someone on pizzagate, its not like you would ever get around to this.

All this does is fuck with the people like us that know all about pizzagate and make us realize it even more, while most people are walking around have not realized the paradyme shift we have experienced since we found out about pizzagate. Well people, we need to start thinking about life after pizzagate. If we don't see all offenders go down, including the elites on which we have irrefutable proof, we can no longer validate our government or our justice system.

The law applies to everybody, and in my opinion, it applies in a much greater extent to those who uphold the law. Their right to uphold the law must extend from their own righteousness.

What we are seeing now is a sick sick twist of humanity, and if they are victorious, humanity will surely lose. The good will cease to reproduce, and those who torture, rape, kill, and eat will be the ones to reproduce, all while culling a slave race, I might add. If we do not see justice for pizzagate, we shall no longer validate your justice system for it would be impossible to validate a system of justice which enables the predation and torture of children.

If we do not see what is in Hillary Clinton's 33K emails and Anthony Weiner's K emails we shall no longer validate your system of justice because it justifies a system of humans which are "above the law". Hillary, you are not above the law. Yes this is a question of our survival as a species, and a question of breaking free from tyrannical rule by the most malformed and depraved of our kind.

When I think of all the poor young men and women who are right now languishing in prison for things like drugs or stealing a car or even just for stealing something from a shop, or basically for all sorts of petty crimes, and then think of what these monstrous creatures get up to and get away with and it's SO unjust my blood boils so hard its a wonder it hasn't all evarporated.

I feel like we should break out everyone who is in any prison or jail other than maximum security. How many prisoners were trying to expose this stuff and got lied about and incarcerated as a result? I read the other day about a case in Britain where a woman is still being held in prison without trial, without knowing what evidence there is against her or even what the charges are, just for speaking out about the elite pedophile problem.

What we have is worse than anything I could have imagined, it's worse than all the dystopian futures presented in books and film, because they get us to vote for them, to freely give them our money and our labour, they get us to fight wars for them and to defend them when a victim comes forward with their claims - the people trust them over others they have more in common with, over others who have no reason to lie.

In most dystopian novels or films, TPTB steal peoples' souls, their heart, their money, emotions, and acquiesence to laws, but in our nightmare world they steal reality itself from us, they steal and manipulate our very will, so that we end up willing what in reality we would abhor. It is quite possible that not much will come of all these pedo arrests etc, and the global pedo ring will carry on spinning its dark web - hopefully there are too many people who understand now what is happening, but getting people organised when there is so little trust about who is and isn't legitimately on the side of the children makes it really difficult.

Maybe watching some of those dystopian movies will help PG investigators come up with some ideas! I have thought the same way- what if nothing happens. Just arresting pedophiles is not going to make this go away. The whole system has to come down. We are literally trying to take out a "religion" that has been going on for 's of years.

I don't know how this is actually going to happen. Until recently most of society has just kinda sat back with the govt and said you don't bother me and I won't bother you. Well at least I was like this. Of course that was until we found out that they eat babies. I never thought it would be this bad or this horrific. My dad was talking about this back in the 's and I thought he was crazy. I don't want to lose hope but sometimes it's hard to think this is really going to stop because it's so big.

How do we stop this? It's true- we've worked our asses off and paid our govt and those taxes have supported this. I would really like to know how much of our hard earned money has gone to support "hotdog and pizza parties" or this orphanage or that one so they can have access to children. How many lives have been lost in wars that Have been fought for nefarious reasons and for what? To have access to refugee children? Are we going to have another war to try and hide this shit? Is there any government in the world that is not involved?

They have played the average citizen well- worldwide. I get so pissed off. I just don't want to loose hope but there is no way that I could ever go back to sticking my head in the sand and excusing the government or people from this. Just wanted to address your last paragraph. I believe that something is happening at an energetic level with all this knowledge that is coming to the surface. Many people are becoming aware yes, and many still are not.

This causes a shift within ourselves and has an impact on the environment around us. We are going through a paradigm shift, geopolitically, and our current leaders are attempting to control and direct that transformation, perhaps even alchemically. However, there are many more of us than there are of them.

We have a unique opportunity at this point in history, I can feel it. The one major weakness that I have noticed is that as people 'awaken' they then look for new leaders in new movements, and this is how they are then trapped, rounded up and lead into another field of dreams, all carefully stagemanaged.

Be wary of bright young things that appear on the horizon, constantly talking about this new 'movement', who start up new alternative media outlets that are destined for overnight success. The new 'fake' leaders have been planted and are slowly gathering their sheep. Important to discover one's own sovereignty, own it and take responsibility for the life that we create around us.

You think about those in prison. Think about the average girls and boys! How filth and poison in TV is hammered into our minds, as if it was normal! All the worshipped egoism comes at a price. I always believed, that many people just are that way. But since I learn about PG I learned how everything seems globally infested. My impression is, that all the sick and upside down stuff promoted as being normal and cool in the media i.

Wow those Rothschild necklaces, I mean how can you explain those things in a nice, benign way?? They're shoving this shit in our faces! And here is her very own wine.

You see the sun Representative of Lucifer the morning star which has 6 rays. Blue hand to signify their blue blood, which is touching the tail of a snake with an apple for a head. I think they use pizza as religious symbolism. It's a perversion or a mocking of the Catholic blessing. Catholics eat the sacramental waffer to represent the flesh of Christ and drink wine to represent his blood. They have swapped the wafer for pizza and the wine with the actual blood of raped and murderd children.

Also they don't use a pizza it's always a slice. What they do is terrify, torture, and rape little children By terrorizing them, two things can be accomplished. The children release adrenaline into their pure blood which is then drunk upon the child's death giving the person a "high. It's all lies though Pizza not only is a triangle, it literally represents a circle "a pure child or mind" being split up into triangles I totally buy this.

It's exactly what a subversive artist would come up with. Simultaneous mockery and hijacking of the concept of transubstantiation. WHY would they be wearing a pizza broach? Bad judgement in wake of things? Poor taste because why? I dont get it other than Pedophile Satanic Child Abusers. Thanks I am all in Sounds like it will be a bad nite , we all need to buckle up and double down. Tuesday, February 09, 4: Thanks Didn't think wet works meant pool parties at the Vineyard.

I've been researching how the District Of Columbia, the City of London, and Vatican City are all extra-judicial zones where the rule of law does not apply. They might have certain rules they follow, but those rules don't apply to us, and their "rules" can be suspended or revised as necessary to suit the needs of those in control of these lawless zones.

The paranoid exclamation, "It's all a lie! The more you look into various matters, the more you will come to understand that the vast majority of so-called "truth" you have been forced to swallow is in fact not true at all.

I am not sure. Did you know that the rights outlined in the U. Did you know that the United State's Constitution is the only such charter in the entire world where citizen rights are recognized to be divine in nature and cannot be abrogated by the state?

Did you know that Catholicism forbids their Jesuit order from serving as Pope, yet the current Pope is a Jesuit? Did you know that the current Pope has decreed that one-world government is good, genetically modified organisms are A-okay, and that extra-terrestrials can receive the sacrament? Did you know that the Queen, through her Secretary General, can dissolve the elected parliaments in any of her 90 countries, as she has done on several occasions?

The USA might have started free, but through bankruptcy, international banker fraud, etc. They also funded both sides of WW2. The bankers cannot abide by peace as war forces everyone into debt. Our "enemies" are almost always manufactured to suit the bankers' needs. I could go on and on here. As time allows I will provide some salient eye-opening video links to explain the above; but the point of identifying this rather large rabbit hole is to explain why child sex trafficking continues and many of the parties involved appear untouchable.

There is a supra-governmental power structure that is indeed above the law. Anyone who threatens this structure will likely be killed or otherwise neutralized via threats, reputation destruction, financial ruin, et cetera. An associate of pizzagate researcher Titus Frost hacked into Comet Ping Pong and Pizza's "private" section of their website some time back and uncovered child porn. He downloaded the videos and other information and gave it to the DC Metro Police. In the following months nothing has happened.

The shop's owner, James Alefantis, is free as a bird. Meanwhile, this hacker has had his car demolished in a hit and run though parked in a cul-de-sac and has received death threats. The fact that this is going on in Washington D. I'd say you need look no further than the Khazar Rothschilds. It's important to know what we the people are up against.

There are trillions of dollars, thousands of paid enforcers, a corrupt anti-human governance structure, and a terrifying world view aligned against the spark of freedom that resides in all human beings.

I was just doing some research on the Wikileaks Podesta Email that likely depicts a "wet works" assassination of Justice Antonin Scalia. This, and all the hundreds of Podesta and other Wikileaks emails demonstrates "probable cause" for a formal investigation leading to criminal indictments against all these parties. If AG Sessions wants to know what really happened and prosecute guilty parties, the NSA has all the phone records, texts, and other communications stored and warehoused at their facility in Utah.

What Podesta has been up to, and what Alefantis has been up to, is stored there. All that law enforcement has to do is request that information, or send in Federal Marshalls to seize it. Justice will and should be served unless our "government" is covering up for a class of people who consider themselves above the law. You 'chattel' will forget about this by tomorrow and by then you will be focused on more entertainments. This is probably just another schadenfreude-istic kids sure love a good carnival!

You would pretend you have a 'will. Too weak to contemplate such things and as a result you have given up your humanity on a voluntary basis and NOW you want to complain? You are 'in deficit. You are 'Chattel' and you are? I don't think you are ready for an 'adulthood. It might mean that you 'get off your dead? I wouldn't want to ruin your 'happy Life. Now pretend 'you care' and go back to your silly pursuits.

ALL OF US must to 'try' a little harder to make sure this SGT episode is not just another 'temporary detour into reality' only to get right back on the road to extinction. You have already defined yourselves as "Chattel" and are only 'fit to be rendered. How are you going to fix THAT? It appears you are doomed with 'uselessness It is a rhetorical Statement posted as a 'Devil's advocate' premise of view to stimulate a discussion.

It is NOT my belief in toto. That statement above is yet to be No one even wants to say anything 'with content' because they are afraid they might go on a list? They 'care not' to move? They will not speak of these things to their community or their friends and most everyone is still silent So what do you suggest? The elites are already prepped for a hot war. Is physical rebellion actually an option at this point?

Everyone hopes that a public "awakening" and tribunals by military "white hats" will set things straight. Is that fantasy in your opinion? What's a viable plan B?

Charles Patterson but not you, you're slaying the evils of the world from your super high horse. Get it done cowboy. Still want to know what you have done towards the evil in this world as compared to the rest of us weak, paralyzed chattel? Your league exists only in your mind. What compels you to say such things?

The Cowboys and spooks just got their pink slip, honey It's not even about YOU. It's supposed to be about US. The script above is a 'Devil's advocate posture' posted to stimulate a debate, it's not so much a preachy bitching pointless spleen-flensing that it appears at first glance but more like a bunch of uncomfortable facts or would-be facts depending on what each individual brings to the mix.

Perhaps you don't like my style If I touched a nerve, maybe it applies to you, sorry if I made you feel bad. If your reaction is to attack the piano player after all I am the host of this query then I guess your not going to take advantage -at least not in any way that I could see would be a benefit to anyone.

It isn't a contest. It's supposed to be a situation in which we 'make stew together' if only so we can have a healthy meal and each one of us brings a carrot or a potato or some meat. What have you got? Charles Patterson Your 'devils advocate posture' doesn't work. It makes people think your mind isn't quite right while you rant insulting self-righteous dribble.

No one can do anything about the sick stuff going on at high levels but there are a few things we the chattel can do on ground level. Find out if your area has a public registry of sex-offenders involving children and make people aware of it. If there is a local LGBTQ in your area, try to find out if any of their websites have promoted or even mentioned a pedophilic agenda. Some have defended them. These suggestions are things everyone can do and if you present them to the chattel people, many will pick up on it.

Chances are good you will accomplish more this way. Michelle - Charles' posture does wonders for me. Its in-your-face, almost abusive pointing out that what the majority of "woke" people do is ineffectual and amounts to little more than truther voyeurism made sense to me. Charles is telling us that putting Podesta behind bars is going to take a lot more than sheep feeling good about themselves.

The act of Charles' sticking a verbal dagger in us is born of profound frustration with our existential condition.

How in the fuck did we get here? Are only Hillary and the Khazar pedovores to blame? We the "goyim" are equally to blame for enabling their behavior, turning a blind eye, continuing to elect such "underage sex slave op cover up" sleaze, etc.

Yet the skies continue to be blanketed in an ongoing omnicide see Dane Wigington for more. I am aging fast due to heavy metal and microwave exposures over which I have little control.

HRC and Alefantis still walk free. I applaud your activism, or at least suggestions for such. But Charles is saying that we must do more if we are to break free from our chattel status.

IMO, Charles' point of view is necessary if we are to have any chance of actually reasserting our inherent freedom. And no, this is not merely a "spiritual" matter. It's a fundamental one that includes every aspect of our being.

You yourself seem to imply nothing is changing due to your efforts- so new suggestions are welcome. He is not woke and sowing seeds of change he is calling people names and insulting them even to the point of their reproductive value ffs lol. Again if that is your thing, more power to you and again, real suggestions of counteracting some of this crap what is happening in our world should be voiced.

On a side note, none of my own local or state government representatives have addressed my concerns about the crap being left in the sky almost every day now. I can no longer breathe right and my always very robust and healthy 10 yr old is tired all the time.

If our "truth" community is strong, we ought to be able to tolerate having a truth-telling-asshole-jester among us. Charles' acid-like statements have value. Charles Patterson has an excellent point that hit home as I read it. I, like many others, have become a truth "voyeur.

What feeble actions I take in response appear ineffectual. They have taken what is ours and our verbal protests are just so much pissing in the wind. Given the horrible rot and corruption of the system itself, many people are hoping for military tribunals -- an extra-judicial process -- to save us. Teens Porn Pictures All My GFs We do not own, produce or host the galleries displayed on this website. All of the galleries displayed on our site are hosted by websites that are not under our control.

The linked galleries are automatically gathered and added into our system by our spider script. Thumbnails are automatically generated from the pictures. The list of related phrases is also based on surfers search queries.

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