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France girls sexy

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To nominate someone else as a Quality Contributor, message the mods. Why is Paris romantic and why are French girls sexy? How far back does this association extend in history?

What do other cultures think of France? When I came back from a vacation to France, my grandpa asked me how I liked them hot French gals. China sends more tourists to Paris than most anywhere else abroad, I've heard. And Japan has a special hotline set up for their nationals who experience Paris for what it really is: Is this universal by now? Any funny counter examples? I can't imagine Italians ever thought France was romantic, for instance. The answer to this question is very complex, but I'll try my best to remain coherent.

I'll simply preface it by saying that elements of Parisian culture have been explored in scholarship, however not in so broad a context. Paris was, to put it simply, the first global city of the world. Holding its place in the European stage as the largest city until the mid 18th century. It's influence was rooted in the Renaissance, and solidified by Divine-Right Monarchs that represented and reflected material and cultural opulence.

French pervaded the international scene as being the language of foreign courts, representing sophistication and intelligence. Agricultural produce, wheat and wine, was sought after by many other countries, furthering the pervasive influence. This early modern structure allowed for later cultural developments in literary traditions, architectural designs, artistic styles, and aesthetic influence to be expounded upon. Ideologies were also exported from Paris in the Enlightenment, and the Revolution in Paris was a frontrunner in the construction of public sanitation and service during the Hausman renovations.

These improvements focused upon transforming the urban environment into an orderly, beautiful, and clean living space that became the model for other cities in the 19th and 20th centuries. The history of France, namely the contentious 19th century years, also gave birth to a large counter-cultural movement that centered in the infamous Latin quarter, and enticed youths to resist the restrictive reigns of Kings, Emperors, and parents.

This sentiment was evident in the 19th century, and prompted establishments like Moulin Rouge, and other "seedy" venues, to begin attracting young patrons for their culturally revolutionary performances and representations. Although these were prominent, they didn't take off until the inter-war period when French Society was undergoing a restructuring.

As another commenter noted, the World Wars brought much international traffic, both in money and persons, to Paris for services. The aforementioned foundational elements coupled with 20th century developments in art, literature, and aesthetic to produce the culturally relevant Paris that we know today. Disheartened by war, Parisian society sought to rebuild itself not in the military shadow of Napoleonic success, but rather in the image of a bustling post-war city that was alive with something that could never be removed - French Spirit.

Part of this emerged as a concerted effort to remain defiant after the fall of the Nazi Regime, but was expounded by Marshall Plan funds. This ephemeral ideal tapped into the rich and successful history of Paris, and France, dating back hundreds of years, and selectively wiped away or obscured negative portrayals.

Post-War consumerism solidified this transition and there was a flurry of demand for products coming from overseas, and voids in domestic manufacturing that were hastily filled by entrepreneurs with access to foreign funding sources. The pervasiveness of French influence on history is seen in the number of Treaties of Paris or Versailles that were negotiated there, the cultural that radiated from the artisinal shops, or from the bohemian lifestyles. That does really crystalize the fact that France was like the China-sized heavyweight of Europe for a very long time.

But that still doesn't get to the specific association with love and sex. Do you know offhand if the French ever considered Paris to be romantique and what on earth that would mean? You know, I had grappled with that, and I couldn't come up with a definitive answer. French society has always been promiscuous to an extent, although it has been rarely proven and oft sensationalized.

My personal research has proven that sexual encounters occur during the rigidly enforced social norms of the ancien regime , although my research only begins in the early 18th century. The Revolution in ushered in a period of social reforms that both liberated the female gender, granted certain martial rights to both parties, and also strove to raise literacy. Napoleon ended up enforcing laws upon women that returned to the status quo ante, the ideological impacts were much more deeply rooted.

There is an influx of reports of sexual misconduct at the start of the 19th century. Although it's hard to discern exactly whether the reporting increased through literature, or if the actual number of events saw an uptick - hence my reticence. It the a time that saw a rise in consumer culture, sexual liberation, and establishment of musical venues akin to nightclubs like Moulin Rouge.

The period is a substantial part of the foundation upon what we might identify as "French Culture" today. So, in short, the sexual proliferation was yet another product of deeply rooted French History.

For many young men, this would not only be their first time visiting a large city, but would also be their first sexual experiences, largely in the form of prostitution. Paris before WWI was arguably the cultural capital of Europe. Authorities tried very hard to combat the use of prostitutes and the spread of STIs and achieved some moderate success. I'm not saying that this is the origin of Paris as "romance" but I believe it contributed greatly.

Yes, I definitely think the two world wars had their influence, but I suspect it goes back before then. Americans and Brits were visiting Paris dancehalls and being faux-scandalized by the cancan dancers already in the mid s. That's the sexy-good-time end of things. I'm just curious if there was a book or play or something that convinced Americans that Paris is this center of passion and troubadour-like romantic love. In I think we still see some of this idealization of France as a bastion of manners, ritual and beauty.

Also that book on why French women don't get fat. I think this perception dates at least to the American Revolution. There are several sources referring to Franklin's time in Paris that hint at the promiscuous nature of the city and its women.

It'll take a minute to find one Back in high school, my history teacher told me that we have all the war-ending treaties in American history are called the Treaty of Paris of Versailles because they are such pretty places.

My wife's favorite World War I-era song to use for teaching is all about this particular phenomena: When they'e seen Paree. I remember reading another historian on how the Franks!! In the historian's opinion, it was because of exactly what you mention: I had the same impression.

This is why I mentioned the troubadours and the concept of "courtly love. However, I have had to remove a couple of responses that were entirely anectodal, and this has led me to post this:. Please contribute with knowledge about France's portrayal in media and popular culture that doesn't just consist of your own opinion of French culture, Paris or France.

Not all of us in the US think of Paris as "romantic" and French girls as "sexy". But who cares what people really think? Your statement has merit only insofar as you're able to support it with valid sources and historical analysis - neither of which is present in your comment which I have now removed.

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Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. Fiction of the tourism industry? Function of France's well developed luxury lingerie and perfume industries? Something to do with the libertine nature of the French aristocracy? Are the troubadours involved somehow? Want to add to the discussion? Parsing is poor, sorry, I'm sick. However, I have had to remove a couple of responses that were entirely anectodal, and this has led me to post this: I believe my statement has some merit.

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