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Bear of a man needs it

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No two people are exactly alike. Each of us is an individual with unique talents, interests, and values. Often, others do not recognize what is so distinct about us and instead attach labels to us that may differ from those we would choose for ourselves. Sometimes the labels others attach to us influence the way we think about our own identity.

Once upon a time, in fact it was on a Tuesday, the Bear stood at the edge of a great forest and gazed up at the sky. Away up high, he saw a flock of geese flying south He knew when the geese flew south and the leaves fell from the trees, that winter would soon be here and snow would cover the forest.

It was time to go into a cave and hibernate. Not long afterward, in fact it was on a Wednesday, men came He walked up the stairs to the entrance and stepped out into the bright spring sunshine.

His eyes were only half opened, as he was still very sleepy. He looked straight ahead. Where was the forest? Where was the grass? Where were the trees? Where were the flowers? The Foreman laughed very loud. The General Manager was mad, too. Bears are only in a zoo or a circus. So how can you be a Bear? He would be inside the cage with us. He would be wearing a little hat with a striped ribbon on it, holding on to a balloon and riding a bicycle with us. And so they put the Bear to work on a big machine with a lot of other men.

The Bear worked on the big machine for many, many months. One day a long time afterward, the factory closed down and all the workers left and went home. The Bear walked along far behind them. He was all alone, and had no place to go. As he walked along, he happened to gaze up at the sky. Away up high, he saw a flock of geese flying south. The Bear knew when the geese flew south and the leaves fell from the trees, that winter would soon be there and snow would cover the forest.

So he walked over to a huge tree that had a cave hollowed out beneath its roots. It covered the forest and it covered him. The longer he sat there the colder he became.

His toes were freezing, his ears were freezing and his teeth were chattering. Icicles covered his nose and chin. He had been told so often, that he was a silly man who needed a shave and wore a fur coat, that he felt it must be true. The poor Bear was very lonely and very sad. Then suddenly he got up and walked through the deep snow toward the cave. Inside, it was cosy and snug. He felt warm all over.

He sank down on a bed of pine boughs and soon he was happily asleep and dreaming sweet dreams, just like all bears do, when they hibernate. Text and images reproduced by permission from Dover Publications. Holocaust and Human Behavior. Add or Edit Playlist. Choices and Consequences The Weimar Republic: And that was just what he did. Create an identity chart for the bear. Which labels on the chart represent how he sees his own identity? Which ones represent how others in the story see him?

When you are finished, create an identity chart for yourself. Why did it become harder and harder for the Bear to maintain his identity as he moved through the bureaucracy of the factory? What were the consequences for the Bear of the way others defined his identity?

Whose opinions and beliefs have the greatest effect on how you think about your own identity? How does our need to be part of a group affect our actions? Why is it so difficult for a person to go against the group? Subscribe to Our Blog. Find a Workshop or Seminar. Search Our Collection Everything you need to get started teaching your students about racism, antisemitism and prejudice.

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Frank Tashlin was dissatisfied with this film adaptation of his own book, feeling that the film did not present its original message very well. A bear settles down for his hibernation , and while he sleeps the progress of man continues.

He wakes up to find himself in the middle of an industrial complex. He then gets mistaken by the foreman for a worker and is told to get to work. To this he responds, "But I'm not a man, I'm a bear". He is then taken to each of his successive bosses general manager and the 3rd, 2nd, and 1st vice-presidents , all of whom tell him their own version of him being a "silly man who needs a shave and wears a fur coat", [2] reaching all the way up to an elderly president who in the animated version is depicted as a dwarf whose face is never seen of the factory who concludes he cannot be a bear because "bears are only in a zoo or a circus; they're never inside a factory".

The bear is, by the president and his employees, taken to the zoo and hopes to gain support from his own species, but even the zoo bears claim that he is not a bear, because if he was "he would be inside the cage here with us" in the animated version, a bear cub also repeats the exact same claim of the bear being a "silly man".

Eventually he concludes that he must be a "silly man", and works hard at the factory to the satisfaction of the foreman and the other bosses all of whom shake hands as the bear works.

However, when winter comes again and he was freezing in the cold snow, he wishes that he was a bear, but in the end discards his human items and finds a cave and enters, feeling comfortable and bear-like once more. As the bear is sleeping, he reflects on the events of the year, as the narrator concludes that even though all the bosses and even the zoo bears disbelieved that he was a bear, "that did not make it so; the truth is he was not a silly man Though appearing as a children's book, this story takes a critical and satirical look at aspects of society.

People have a tendency to shift their views if a concept is hammered into them over and over again, like the bear being told he is a "silly man who needs a shave and wears a fur coat". The bear eventually succumbs to this mistaken assumption, believing he is a man even though he had previously known otherwise, just as humans shift their views on a topic because of repetitive information, or because "they all say it is true, therefore it must be".

Yet, in the end, the bear, who is cold in winter, reverts to what he really is — a bear — and finds shelter in a cave. This idea covers the concept of people never changing due to outside influence. Though a person may change for someone else, when placed in a difficult position, they revert to old habits — just like the bear hibernating. Whether something is fact or fiction, it is what it is and does not change — no matter how many people believe otherwise.

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