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Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. Cousins of Anarchism Lantern Library: If you happened to be somewhere else, then this recording will help to fill you in on what you missed.

But Down Beat and Dot reasoned that a concert presented by seasoned, imaginative musicians is best recorded live. That way, the wonderful things that seem only to happen before an audi- ence can be captured for all time on tape.

This concert turned out that way. In addition to the jazz, the audience was treated to a bit of recording education. Rudy Van Gelder operating swiftly and efficiently to capture the fine sound for the grooves of this album.

They got the feel of what it is to set up for balance, and a look at how much equipment goes into the production of an LP. Manny had them read down the charts, in most cases just once, and they were ready to go. It is a tribute to the musicianship of the men involved that the band roars like a bunch who have played together for months. Another vital component of any jazz presentation is a set by a strong, compelling soloist.

Down Beat and Dot turned to Tony Scott, whose new group filled the bill perfectly. In trombonist Jimmy Knepper and guitar- ist Kenny Burrell, Tony has found soloists capable of excitement of their own, as well as valuable voices in a group sound.

The singer, Cameron Mukalongo, popularly known as Pinocchio, idolized Charlie Parker and many other American jazz artists. Late in , he stowed away on a freighter bound for America to sec his idols, but was dis- covered and returned home.

Burrell solos first, followed by Knepper, whose sharp, often pungent comments, are followed by Scott. Tony's succession of choruses, each fiercer and more wildly emotional than the one preceding, moved the audience to spontaneous applause three times before the group moved into the out chorus. This type of reaction, generally reserved for exhibitions by drum- mers, shows how a strong soloist can generate an excite- ment as driving as that of a big band, but in its own context.

Note, too, how Scott builds to a climax in his last three choruses by sliding into double time, then into a higher reg- ister, then into his leveling-off, final statements. Jazz humor is also needed in a well-rounded concert. This type of spe- cialty won Elliott well-deserved praise at the Newport Jazz Festival, because his humor is always musicianly, and always stays within the bounds of good taste. Pianist Coiwin and McKusick also solo.

Because of the length of the concert, the customary inter- mission was by-passed. The results begin side two of this album. Albam scored the background sparely, leaving Cohn plenty of room in which to stretch out. A few surprises help spice a jazz concert. This gathering had many surprises, and among them was the appearance of some of the West Coast swingers. The concert wrap-up was a free-swinging Blues Over Easy, in which everyone got a chance to blow.

The soloists, in order, are Katz, Travis, Quill, Richardson, Adams called back by Manny for another chorus , Osie Johnson, and a final chorus encore by the band. An interesting sidelight to this last track is that it has three bass players and a guest vibes man. Milt Hinton was on bass at the start, but Bagley soon took over.

Don and Milt passed the bass back and forth through the number, both being spelled at intervals by Knobby Total. TV personality and friend of jazz Steve Allen sat on the piano bench with Dick Katz, but while Dick worked the key- board, Steve had his own thing going on vibes.

All in all, it was a fine concert. But the high spots did. And those are the times that live. Many a jazzman, mistaking debility' for dignity, has meekly exchanged his musical virility for a dubious respectability, sacrificing the merits of one idiom without acquiring those of the other.

Hal McKusick and Manny Albam have sought here to do just the reverse — to exploit certain long-hair skills by bending them to jazz purposes. That they largely succeeded is a tribute to their fortunate equip- ment for the experiment. Both are jazz musicians first and last, with a wide acquaintance in long-hair literature; both rejoice in a challenge Hal encouraged Osie Johnson to score Minor Seventh Heaven in D, which, for alto sax, is like doing your duck-shooting looking backward into a mirror ; both regard themselves as lifelong students of their craft; and both were stimulated by the notion of using a 'cello quartet as foil for a jazz horn.

Johnson a notorious die-hard , told by Boswell of a lady preacher, said: It is not done well; but you are surprized to find it done at all. In Lucky Guy, the exciting lift of Hal's take-off into his alto solo after the opening chorus; and, after the release, the tantalizing note an A, I think on which he chose to re-enter the final eight bars. In Manny's Alto Stratus "named after a cloud" , the lyric first strain with its guitar ostinato like water falling in cool drops into a pool, giving way to the softly swinging second strain.

Hal's un- ostentatious lead clarinet on the opening chorus of Friends, letting us respect a good old nine while cooling it just enough to make it refresh- ing to the modern palate. The faint bittersweet humor of Gift of the Magi named for that O. Henry story , its soft but nervous 'cello pizzicato in the last chorus, out of which Barry's guitar emerges like the ironic reply to an anxious question.

Osie Johnson's brushbeats in Step Lively, like feathers in a hurricane. Die-hards may groan, but nothing can stop the coming rapprochement between the two major currents of modern music.

In this album, the Twentieth Century meets the drawing room more rhan halfway. Ralph Berton Ralph Berton, internationally known jazz musicologist, liter- ally grew up in the laps of the jazz great. The other four numbers were previously published pop tunes. Osie made the arrangement on his own tune Minor Seventh: Ideal dynamic range plus clarity and brilliance. Constant fidelity from outside to inside of record. Beware the Blunted Needle! A blunted or chipped needle can permanently damage your most valuable records.

A worn needle will impair the quality of sound reproduction you hear. Make sure your needle is in good condition before you play this record. If in doubt, have it checked by your dealer — or buy a new needle. This feature will give you many additional hours of perfect record play.

You hear the fullness, the richness of this happy, foot-stomping music in a way that not even the hardiest, longest-memoried veteran of New Orleans jazz has ever heard it before. The meeting of a modem technique and a well-aged musical style has produced an exciting new listening experience. The New Orleans ensemble style was practically forgotten during the late Twenties and all through the Thirties.

The rediscovery and return to activity of Bunk Johnsor. If, or when, Lewis stops playing, it will be only the strength of the inspiration he has implanted in younger musicians, such as Ken Davern 23 , that will carry this basic jazz style on.

He sees a gloryland of jazz in the ensemble style. Since then they have met regularly in a hall in Brooklyn where they play for their own pleasure to four bare walls they pay for the hall thei. Davern is the only fulltime musician in the group.

The rest of the Salty Dogs, most of them as young as Davem, earn their livings by other means. Away from his drums, he teaches psychology at Columbia University. Cornetist Frank Laidlaw is a junior executive in a Madison Avenue firm.

Trom- bonist Steve Knight, who also plays highly authoritative ragtime piano, is studying experi- mental psychology at Columbia.

The bassist is Arnold Hyman, a school teacher whose devotion to the Salty Dogs is so great that he commutes from Philadelphia to take part in their sessions. As this program suggests, the Salty Dogs have a strong leaning toward spirituals, a lean- ing that they inherit from both Bunk Johnson and George Lewis. They once kept dancers at. Like Johnson, Lewis, and other early New Orleans ensemble jazzmen, Davem and his band have found that spirituals have a simplicity and directness that make them almost ideal material for the New Orleans ensemble style.

The ensembles flow freely and, in stereophonic recording, they flow with rare brilliance and fullness. This Elektra Stereo disc can be played stereophonically on disc equipment fitted with a proper stereo pickup and two amplifiers and two speakers. It can also be played, with excellent results, on most standard non-stereo or monaural phonographs of good quality. A diamond stylus is strongly recommended for best results and minimum record wear. The original tapes for this stereo record were made on modified Ampex equipment employing specially constructed microphones designed specifically for stereo us:.

This record conforms to all RIAA playback specifications. In the lead-offs If swinper. He first came in contact with the piano at the age of live, and had to sit on a special chair in order to reach the keyboard. Other than studying the rudiments of music with his mother, he re- mains largely autodidactic. At fifteen he ventured to Mexico City where he also became interested in the dance, and within a short time landed the number one male position in the Ballet Russe, dancing opposite Nina Shestakova, who was previously with the ballet of Anna Pavlova.

Having toured throughout Mexi- co as a dancer, his desire to see other countries and know other cultures came about when he de- cided to tour the Orient. In the meantime he had surrendered the traditional ballet for ethnic dan- cing. One need not guess, after hearing his musical harmony, that he has been broadly influenced by his itinerant life, often adapting himself to a characteristic rhythm of a particular country. He then utilizes his restless and creative imagination to bring forth musical compositions with a fresh- ness and individuality not often attained by con- temporary composers.

Perhaps it is for this reason that Carmen Amaya and Sabicas, after listening to his compositions so enthusiastically agreed that they possessed, "A sensitivity and rhythm quite incomparable". In this composition the composer sets forth tribal voices, drums, running streams of water, and animal imitations, in a most con- vincing, if highly unusual manner.

Adhering to Flamenco ideals, Sr. Requesens creates a "zambra"; one of the best- known of Spanish flamenco rhythms. This com- position exposes the fiery depth and feeling of the gypsies. Antonio Valero accompanies with fin- ger-cymbals effects. Concertizing the rhumba, the composer elevates this Cuban rhythm to a high level of virtuosity, and, of course, dedicates it to Cuba.


Full text of "The Times , , UK, English"

Larry Parker, a longtime friend, once quoted Dick Haymes: Whatever life dealt Dick Haymes , his voice remained impeccable in style and execution to the very end. His many recordings will continue to be remembered fondly; and whenever enthusiasts of good popular music gather together, the" name of Dick Haymes wild: We prayed ernestly that the songs would be blessed of the Lord, and we received a warm assurance that He was with us in the studio.

In the background, you will hear the very fine steel guitar playing of little Bill Howard, a young man that has recently joined our team, and I believe you will agree that he does a splended job. He worked with some of the leading dance bands around the Los Angeles area, before his conversion four years ago.

When you listen to this recording, it is our sincere hope that you will be blessed and that you will pray for us, as we continue to work for Him.

It cannot become obsolete. I consider myself just as fortunate in having had Harry Sukman compose and conduct for me. Someone has said that music is the fourth great material want of our nature: The twelve selections he has chosen echo magnificent pieces of the past and introduce the beauty and originality of the present. This is not a pre- diction — it is a matter of fact, since you will now have the opportunity to share my delight.

The obstacles were many and he attacked each one with a beauty of freshness that will one day be called the mark of Sukman. Study his performance in this album and listen to the way he couched the moods and presented the facts Williams and began to publish in the 's Richard Eberhart is one of the most vital figures, not least of all because his poetry, like that of his most notable contemporaries— Roethke, Berryman, Kunitz, Lowell, Shapiro, Jarrell— refuses to be confined or overwhelmed by the achieve- ments of its modernist predecessors and steps out freely and independently toward its own ends.

As a boy in Minnesota, where he was born at Austin in , Eberhart began writing in his middle teens poems largely imitative of Tennys6n; but later, as a student at St. John's College, Cambridge, he came under the spell of three other masters — Wordsworth, Blake, and Hop- kins — whose different kinds of manner, technique, and imaginative vision awakened his true latent powers and drew him into the realm of accomplishment.

If the poem as a whole is unsuccessful and its author has retained only a few fragments of it for his Collected Poems, the piece still demonstrates the energy, ambition, and what Robert Lowell calls the "stately, jagged innocence" that characterize all of his poetry up to the present. Eberhart's predilection for Wordsworth, Blake, and Hopkins suggests certain interests and tendencies in his own verse which are quite apparent yet ought anyhow to be remarked. First, a feeling for nature's particulars and an eye closely observant of them ; second, an intense imaginative reading of such details that seeks in or through them a revelation of some aspect of transcendent reality.

A third sort of affinity exists with Hopkins and Blake: You would think the fury of aerial bombardment Would rouse God to relent; the infinite spaces Are still silent. He looks on shock-pried faces. History, even, does not know what is meant.

Or poems can take their beginnings in some interior situation, an image, dream, or intellectual idea expressive of deep forces and needs, of disturbing conflicts and paradoxes both of the poet's own condition and of the human situation in general ; such sources of inwardness often lead the imagination to superior levels of meditation and spiritual reflection, to a transcendent poise and balance.

It must suggest strong, active memory and in instantaneous synthesizing power when the whole being, not the mind alone, or the senses or the will alone, can come to bear on life with significance" Poets on Poetry, ed. Howard Nemorov , Eberhart says that about half of his poetry has arrived in just this fashion, and indeed one of the strongest impressions his work makes on first encounter — and it stays as an indelible experience — is that of a fully authentic visionary statement.

Though Richard Eberhart has been giving us volumes of his verse, and poems ranging from the lyrical to the apocalyptic, for nearly forty years, it is still difficult to believe he is one of our veteran poets, for he continues to publish work that displays all his youthful traits of daring conception, vigorousness of word and image, openness to the contrarieties of experience, and impatience with formal niceties when they obstruct the urgency of poetic vision.

Now to these qualities he has added more recently the attitude of mature reflectiveness, evident in what he calls his "Psyche poems. Few writers succeed in doing this, and we may be grateful that Eberhart is still with us, pursuing his art with energy and devotion.

Llsed by permission of Oxford Univer- sity Press, Inc. It is expressly forbidden to copy or reproduce this recording or any portion thereof Institutional, or educational use.

Permission for broadcast, telecast or public performance use Records, Inc. Winter Day; Winter Night. Memorable is his masterv of rhythm and the lyric. His delight in nature and the common man and his belief in the goodness of all things, whether physical or spiritual, keep him in the front ranks of poets.

The merriest of satirists, Oliver Wendell Holmes, had a deftness of touch in his light familiar verse that could suddenly change pathos to humor, like the diverse James Russell Lowell, who is as broadly American as his attainments.

Revolting against the trammels of the older forms is Emily Dickinson, and mirror- ing the social revolt of the times, and veering from the Romantic tradition is Markham, with his demands for a democratic brotherhood.

Listening for leisure, or listening for learning, the Listening Library quotes Willi am Dean Howells: Over 20 years experience in the theatrical arts includes stage successes in Hamlet, St. Darkness At Noon and many others as well as feature roles in screen productions: TV viesvers know him for his brilliant performances on leading shows.

A superb natural talent, a great background, and his freedom from affectation make his recorded readings a memorable listening experience. Versatile and accomplished, Miss Wickwire won acclaim for her part in The Cherry Orchard and as a member of the original cast of Under Milkwood.

Her name appears regularly as a member of the cast in radio and TV shows, as well as stage productions. Her poetry reading is a pure delight At last here is an actress who can read verse with delicacy and depth without melodrama. Trie popular author C.

Northcote Parkinson tells how he discovered his famous law, and makes other pertinent and often impertinent humorous observations on the foibles of big business and government. Sherlock Holmes and his constant companion, Dr. Watson, are off on one of their greatest adventures.

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's masterpiece takes on new delight in this full-length reading by John Brewster. Three gems from the pen of one of America's favorite Bhort story writers.

Robert Donley reads the complete texts of: Noel Leslie reads short suspense thriller The Mark of the Beast and popular poems and ballads: With commentary and biographical data on each poet, plus printed text of poems read. Commen- tary and biographical data plus printed text. Alexander Scourby and Nancy Wickwire read familiar poems from works of Bryant. Com- mentary and biographical data on each poet plus printed text of poems read.

Thirteen leading contemporary poets read from their works: Thirteen leading contemporary poets read from their works. Nineteen leading contemporary poets read from their works: Yet a few days, and thee The all-beholding sun shall see no more In all his course; nor yet in the cold ground, Where thy pale form was laid, with many tears. Nor in the embrace of ocean, shall exist Thy image.

Earth, that nourished thee, shall claim Thy growth, to be resolved to earth again. And, lost each human trace, surrendering up Thine individual being, shall thou go To mix forever with the elements, To be a brother to the insensible rock And to the sluggish clod, which the rude swain Turns with his share, and Heads upon. The oak Shall send his toots abroad, ami pierce thy mold. Yet not to thine eternal resting-place Shalt thou retire alone, nor couldst thou wish Couch more magnificent.

Thou slialt lie down With patriarchs of the infant world— with kings. The powerful of the earth— the wise, the good, Fair forms, and hoary seers of ages past. All in one mighty sepulchre. The hills Rock-ribbed and ancient as the sun,— the vales Stretching in pensile quietness between; The venerable woods— rivers that move In majesty, and the complaining brooks That make the meadows green; and, poured round all.

Old Ocean's gray and melancholy waste,— Are but the solemn decorations all Of the great tomb of man. The golden sun, The planets, all the inlinitc host of heaven, Are shining on the sad abodes of death Through the still lapse of ages. All that tread The globe are but a handful to the tribes That slumber in its bosom. Save his own dashings— yet the dead are there; And millions in those solitudes, since first The flight of years began, have laid them down In their last sleep— the dead reign there alone.

So shalt thou rest— and what if thou withdraw In silence from the living, and no friend Take note of thy departure? All that breathe Will share thy destiny. The gay will laugh When thou art gone, the solemn brood of care Plod on, and each one as before will chase His favorite phantom; yet all these shall leave Their mirth and their employments, and shall come And make their bed with thee. As the long train Of ages glides away, the sons of men— The youth in life's fresh spring, and he who goes In the full strength of years, matron and maid, The speechless babe, and the gray-headed man— Shall one by one be gathered to thy side, By those, who in their turn shall follow them.

So live, that when thy summons comes to join The innumerable caravan, which moves To that mysterious realm, where each shall take His chamber in the silent halls of death.

Thou go not, like the quarry-slave at night, Scourged to his dungeon, but, sustained and soothed By an unfaltering trust, approach thy grave Like one who wraps the drapery of his couch About him, and lies down to pleasant dreams. Far, through their rosy depths, dost thou pursue Thy solitary way!

Vainly the fowler's eye Might mark thy distant flight to do thee wrong. As, darkly painted on the crimson sky, Thy figure floats along. Seek'st thou the plashy brink Of weedy lake, or marge of river wide, Or where the rocking billows rise and sink On the chafed ocean side? For playback on wide-range equipment use the RIAA curve. If one thing, other than technical proficiency, links these four artists it is the enduring freshness of their approach to jazz.

Parker, of course, is gone — he died March 12, — but the others all go back beyond the s and still they cannot be categorized. They belong to no "school", least of all to the post-bop contemporary group. Yet their music has a timeless quality — only Parker of the lot can be pinpointed to a span of years but largely because he gave his own era so much and was so widely emulated in his time.

Charles Parker was born Aug. At school, he played baritone saxophone, and when he showed promise, at 15, bought him an alto and a career was under way. By the time he was 17, Parker was playing with local groups and when the Jay McShann band hit Kansas City in , he was given a chair.

Although McShann's band was primarily a blues outfit, playing traditional music in its basic form, Parker soon found himself playing solos that were unlike anything ever heard before on any instrument.

The complexity of his phrases, his inflections, his use of grace notes, his almost bittersweet tone not yet strident but not nearly so sedate as most alto sounds — all of this led to a burgeoning reputation.

Ultimately, though, as Leonard Feather put it, "Charlie Parker brought the art of jazz improvisation to a new peak of maturity. It is warmth that Johnny Hodges has always brought to his horn and which furnished an immeasurable part of the warmth that marked the Duke Ellington band for the 19 years that Hodges was a part of it. The Hodges sound is something special on alto — mellow, relaxed, sensuous, with long melodic lines and a "scooped pitch" attack reminiscent of Sidney Bechet.

Carter is a composer, arranger, and musician whose instruments include not only the alto, but the tenor, the piano, clarinet and trombone. Willie Smith, a master technician with a highly infectious buoyant style, has played under such leaders as Jimmy Lunceford, Duke Ellington and Harry James in addition to touring with "Jazz At The Philharmonic. The tunes in this Album are: Bass; Sonny Greer, Drums. Bass; Bobby White, Drums. Lawrence Brown, Trombone; Emmett Berry. Jo Jones, Drums; Red Callender.

Call Cobbs, Piano; 1. Bass; Louis Bellson, Drums. Not quite an accident, in reality. For certainly the makers of "The Benny Good- man Story," the Universal-International movie, were acting with calm deliberation when they assembled a group of topflight jazz musicians to work in the film.

As it so happened, two of these jazzmen were Lionel Hampton and Stan Getz. Ordi- narily, Hamp and Stan are separated rather widely by the divergence in their approach to jazz. Possibly the most remarkable vibraphonist to come along sjnce jazz began, Hamp- ton is frenetic, hard-hitting, a driver. Timeless though it may be, Hamp's jazz has its roots deep in the Swing Era, the s. By contrast, Stan Getz owes his allegiance to the cool, cool moderns.

The Getz style on tenor saxophone is anything but frenetic; it's relaxed and singing, relaxed in fact almost to the point of languor — but always, as it were, with a swinging undercurrent. So there they were together on a movie lot, Hamp and Stan, and when the sugges- tion arose for a recording date — well, difference in styles, difference in jazz theories be hanged, they leapt at the opportunity. What emerges in this, the first time Hampton and Getz have recorded together, is an interesting and exciting blend of the two styles with neither artist losing his individuality.

However, you might discern the slightest measure of change in Getz' saxophone. If any- thing, he is playing here with more vigor than usual and this reveals itself in a tone that's a shade stronger, more full-bodied, more emphatic than is customary Getz. It's not altogether obvious, but something you have to listen for quite closely, and with an ear for past Getz recordings. But it's there, all right. And the suspicion grows that that old catalytic agent of jazz, Lionel Hampton, has been making his weight — and his contagious power-drive — felt.

His father, John, a matter-of-fact man, did not encourage his son to write verses. When William Lloyd Garrison urged him to send the boy to school to cultivate his literary gifts, it is reported that he replied, "Sir, poetry will not get him bread. By , the young poet had some 80 published poems to his credit. At about this time, through a family friend, Joshua Coffin, he was introduced to the works of Robert Burns, whose influence he immediately felt.

Yet, his Snow-Bound, rich on characterization and graphic in detail, is an almost perfect picture of American homespun Colonial life. Young Whittier practiced with the tone and style of more than a dozen poets, including Burns. His taste in emulation was not always good, and he was never able to escape these early makers of verse who created his patterns in meter and content. He was unable to recognize that an essential of poetry was meter-making thought, not meter alone.

Whittier discovered that one of his best literary talents was in quiet persuasion. What he had not learned was that writings dedicated to moral uplift requires more than just that to be revered as literature. He had little opportunity to learn how superior poetry was created, and he lacked the esthetic education which might have provided the literary counter-balance to the moralist in him.

A man of conscience rather than of intellect, he lacked the power to discriminate between his poems of force and spontaneity and his inferior verse. From that time, when he was 25, until the end of the Civil War, more than 30 years later, Whittier dedicated his most active endeavors to Abolition. Indeed, this dedication became so obsessive that he could not refrain from injecting the Abolition theme into many of his poems.

Even in Snow-Bound he managed to convey this message. Whittier was drawn toward humanitarian philan- thropy, not only by the example of his friend. Garrison, but also by his Quaker assurance that all men were really equal in the eyes of God. He liked to recall the Puritan liberalism of John Milton, a poet infinitely greater than Whittier ever dreamed he might become, who put aside the making of verses to apply Iris genius to the greater task of molding contemporary thought.

Like Milton, he traded his popularity as a poet for the contribution which his skill with words could make in convincing his countrymen of the corroding influence and evil of slavery. Persuading many, angering many, he became a controversial figure-a symbol of dedicated pious partisanship. In , some felt that he had a difference of opinion with other leaders, and he retired from important anti-slavery work. Now, however, critics of his use of words as weapons to substantiate his political stand, recognized Whittier as a talented poet.

James Russell Lowell wrote to him requesting a New England pastoral. Whittier responded by writing Snow-Bound. This was an immediate success and was published in For over five years Mr.

Redd Foxx was born in St. Penguins, Medallions, Pipes, Meadowlarks, Birds. I Know, I Know 3: Had It Not Been 2: How Great Thou Art 2: I am thrilled that it has become a reality. I am prayerfully dedicating this album to my friends whom I have met while traveling about, singing for my Lord, also, to my parents who I feel have been most responsible for my finding the way to real happiness and peace through Jesus Christ our Saviour. He has blessed me in ways too numerous to mention, but, I do want to thank Him for my wonderful family pictured on this cover.

I pray for His continued blessing and also for those who have not as yet met Him personally. May this album be the means to brighten your day as the title suggests, and I hope you will be blessed by this selection of gospel songs. Fill My Cup 2: When You've Really Met Him 1: I've Been to Calvary 2: Try A Little Kindness 2: Billy Taylor has long been one of my favorite pianists. This album is a delight.

Minor variations from this standard should be made according to one's own ear and to the tonal nature of each particular recording. The concept of ABC-Paramount's exclusive Full Color Fidelity revolves around the reproduction of true musi- cal sounds rather than "sounds for sound's sake. Credo in Dio Crudele iet finale w. Then there are those of hismtimates who are aware that his legal name is Edward Chester Babcock.

Young Babcock charged into the world in Syracuse, New York, some years ago, and has persistently spread the rumor that he is a descendant of the immortal Stephen Foster. His initial brush with fame came when he was expelled from high school for singing his composition, "My Canary Has Circles Under His Eyes", in front of the entire student body.

At this very writing, that same hitmaking team of Cahn and Van Heusen is represented on the Broadway stage by the huge musical triumph, "Skyscraper". Jimmy divides his time between his North Holly- wood bachelor apartment, his home in Palm Desert and his Manhat- tan apartment. He genuinely likes people, parties, traveling, flying and last, but no means least, women.

As he puts it, "I dig chicks, booze, music and Sinatra It spotlights the melodic compositions of one of the most successful, popular and prolific songwriters in the history of American music, performed as he has always wanted them to be done. It is indeed a sizeable and brilliant cross section of the pop music scene during the past sev- eral decades.

I wonder wonder wonder who Words Boz Scaggs Music: Loute Shelton— guitar Backup vocals: It won't be long until the morning has you back in my arms Lisa Dal Bello Recorded al Studio Fred Tackett— guita Solo.

Jr — guitars Victor Feldman— vibraphone Backup vocals: David Foster -keyboards Ray Parker. Adrian Tapia— saxophone Backup vocals: Boz Scaggs— guitar Backup vocals: Schmit Recorded m Sluilio Jr appears courlosy ol Arista Records. You Can Have Me Anytime 4: MTrJo A ibi-i-A tf! What if nothin' changed for the better But never got no worse Conversation beats a letter A blessing beats a curse-yeah What about the situation In which it gets revealed The secrets to negotiation Of an emotional deal Just think Tell me you love me Say that you do Take my heart and steal away Place you above me Compensate you every way Treat me in the same old way Go on and leave me Get up and go Hurt me like you never could The way you deceived me Always left you lookin' good Little Miss Misunderstood Chorus You been steal in!

Jack Hale, trombone Lewis Collins, tenor sax. James Mitchell, baritone sax. At eight he had per- formed in public the major works of J.

GatheratNQTiis mind was a collection of. Next, hrvTrn tn find n tinmparnrTTTrfiwri'; capable of the physical realization of his dream. Aural sensations are almost overshadowed by the visual as Cario flies Ver the hundreds of keys, pedals and controls of the giant Allen Console. Pinching of combination pistols flashes numerous colored lamps and calculator-type readout devices. Curley calls on the resources of his computers as they speak into watts of available audio power.

Flute and clarinet solos contrast. Andante in F Major— J. Trumpet Tune and Aire -Henry Purcell- 4: Repetitive phrases echo from all four keyboards. Box , DeWitt, N. Lucy told Rickib a big big lie.

When Rickie comes home he's gonna hit the sky, So Lucy's gotta cover up and makin' sure that Rickie don't holler-holler. Lucy bought a new dress, it cost about eighty five dollar-dollar. At first he's gonna be mad, then he's gonna be glad.

Lucy says he's nothin' but a Cuban banana she can sing a better a babalou song. Rickj's gettin" mad, says cool it baby better get mellow-mellow.

Well this hot headed red hair's turning' just a bit yellow-yellow. Oh baby's got a tough life livin' in the American cellar, in deep, deep planet earth, livin' in an American cellar. Set's with no picture tubes and burned out people with no more drugs. Hi Fi living's really nice, but you gotta be willing to pay the price. Life in the city's really fun if you know where to go and where to run, your timings right and your in the groove my car ingilion's ready to go.

It's seems like nothing but then come explosion. A nuclear war may shatter us to pieces, The men in the suits have broken their leashes. I set sail, winds prevail, southern seas, land of dreams. So many run, with the setting sun, in the submarine out at sea. I know it seems kind of silly to worry about the amunilion supplies at the depot, and the guns and the missies we've got lor the people of the counter-attack of the revolution of the new evolution of the people who know where it's at.

Russia thinks that their some kind of hero. United States no more than zero war raves on and things seem peculiar. Dreams of a distant land Dreams of a distant time Dreams of a distant land Dreams of a distant time Let's go out and play, it's a Russian Holiday. She was a hyperactive girl in a sewer society, always thinking about her number one priority. She wanted to help those people out there, in Morroco or India, where ever it be. The unfortunate victims of an atomic age, starvin' and a missing out on all of the fun.

It was an animal attack It was an animal attack It was an animal attack Animal-Animal-Animal Animal-Animal Attack Penny's getting older now and looking really fine, forgoltin' about her childish priorities.

She know's the latest fashions and she dresses in gold thinking about pom poms and her new high school. I ler father and her brother got their eyes on her, their thinking about things that they really should not, like rape and sex, incest and rape', I.

The end of it all only time would tell. It's a mid-air collision, with the people in prison, a decorated lifestyle made to sell. Living in the space age, living in Rome. Living in a catalyslic episode. It's a big, big world on a big, big screen with a little bit of money it can all be seen.

CT At the movies At the movies At the movies She's a movie star, he's the man with the gun, their glittering romance has just begun. With the action-packed motion of a bloody fist fight, or a parachute that doesn't seem to work in flight.

Livin' in a fantasy, it seems so real. Livin' for three dollars, is such a deal. It's a big, big world on a big, big screen a little bit of money, it can all be seen. On my color T V. On my color T. Siltin' up ail night long watchin' lots of late movies. Sittin upall night long watchin' Humphrey Bogart. Bet my wife is better than your wife is. I'll bet your life is better than mine. You took me to the airport and watch me taxi. The plane is gone with the wind.

Airplane, airplane down to the ground I wanna go, I wanna go, I wanna go down. Airplane, airplane down to the ground I say turn around, tum around, please tum around. It's a windy afternoon amid air jet stream'n a thousand clouds in my head. Airplane, airplane, down to the ground I say turn around, tum around, please tum around.

A night time landing in California. The planes collide in the dark. These machines ranged from small coin-operated player pianos to large "orchestrions" which contained many different musical instruments and simulated an entire orchestra.

Each machine was operated from an especially programmed paper roll. Ranging in original cost from several hundred dollars to many thousands of dollars these nickelodeons often paid for themselves in one year or less, taking in nickels one-by-one! Eventually most nickelodeons went the way of Model T Fords, silent movies, biplanes and other relics of this era. The only surviving nickelodeons today are those carefully preserved in collections across the land.

This recording features machines restored to their original condition from the col- lections of Q. David Bowers and Harvey N. Roehl of Vestal, New York. Each record- ing was made using original paper rolls thus reproducing the music exactly as it sounded several decades ago. We hope that you will experience a twinge of nostal- gia as you listen to this music from the "good old days.

This early arcade-size nickelodeon plays a 44 note piano accompanied by a rank of violin and flute pipes. The Pianolin, manufac- tured by the North Tonawanda Musi- cal Instrument Works, is representa- tive of a number of machines of this type which first appeared in public places about Coin-oper- ated nickelodeons of this type in- corporated a full-sized upright piano with a mandolin bar which gave the music a honky-tonk sound.

With their ornate art glass fronts coin pianos were the most popular nickelodeons of all and could be found in thou- sands of places across America. Each machine had a ten-tune roll which was changed weekly to provide pa- trons with the latest hit songs.

The Violano-Virluoso featured a real violin with a piano accompaniment. The manufacture of a mechanical violin-playing machine was deemed such an important scientific accom- plishment that the U. Patent Office selected the Violano as "one of the eight greatest inventions of the dec- ade" when it was exhibited in at an exposition in Seattle. These expensive machines found their best uses in ballrooms, speakeasies, fra- ternal lodges and other places where they were used in place of a live orchestra.

Few orchestrions survive today; those that do are carefully preserved as the ultimate in nickel- odeons from this bygone age. This orchestrion is one of the largest sur- viving in the United Stoles, Its musi- cal capabilities include piano, man- dolin effect, violin pipes, cymbal, tri- angle, bass drum, snore drum and glockenspiel orchestra bells.

Stand- ing nearly ten feel tall and weighing over a ton the PianOrchestra is sur- mounted by a peacock with a revolv- ing tail made of sparkling jeweled lights. One interesting feature of the PianOrchestra is the automatic roll changer, an intricate mechanical de- vice which permits thirty different tunes to be played without repeli- SIDE 1 SIDE 2 1.

Seeburg Coin Piano 3. Old 8lack Joe Violano-Virtuoso 6. Entry of the Gladiators. You will find these two books to be fascinating reading! Enclose remittance with order and mail to: Windsor Research Publications, Inc.

If you are not delighted with these books an immediate refund will be given. Roehl Now in its third large printing! The standard historical reference on nickelodeons, player pianos, reproducing pianos, orchestrions and other instruments of the to era. This almost forgotten musical age is vividly and uniquely brought to life by this fascinating collection of catalog material, original advertisements, inter- esting anecdotes and experiences, and 28, words of text. A large handsome cloth hardbound book which will delight the nickelodeon enthusiast and student of Americana.

Contains pages and over photographs, drawings and diagrams. Contains the fabulous history of the Violano-Virtuoso, a chapter telling you how rolls are made, pictures of outstanding nickelodeons still in existence and much other additional information.

Thousands of copies have been sold. Now by reading this one volume a person of average mech- anical means can learn how to bring these fascinating souvenirs of the Roaring Twenties back to life! Also contains the names and addresses of parts and materials suppliers. Complete satis- faction guaranteed. Moll your order and remittance to: Your order will be shipped postpaid with a complete guarantee of satisfaction.

Several machines on this record are of such rarity that they are not at present to be found in any other collection, public or private. These mechanical musical instruments, then, are being preserved on high fidelity discs for the first time. Even numbers of selections were the rule of musical box manufacturing. FORTUNA "Z" Disc musical box, playing 26" steel perforated tune sheets; this has a reed-pipe organ, drums, and triangle in addition to superb musical box works, it was made in Germany at the turn of the Century.

Again an outstanding musical box. The rosewood case folds up when the disc is removed. The sound is rich and orchestral with bell accompaniment. The special disc activates them in unison or singly, as the arrangement requires. The Orientals purchased many musical boxes from the Swiss in the 19th Century.

This one has a delicate sound, something like a duet with violin, and is one of few that has found its way to the Western World again. New Century 4-comb disc box, Swiss, "Carmen — Habanera" 2. Its delicate tones, re- sulting from the early tempering of steel and the hollow brass cylinder, are presented on a modern phono- graph record for the first time. Musical boxes were made in costly versions which could play orchestral transcriptions.

Listeners have the opportunity to hear on this record something of such delicacy that its use at the Mu- seum is restricted to the evening per- formances.

The 5-Tune Bremond 3 combs — or keyboards — instead of just one. The Edison Amberola of It has many features and playback im- provements not to be found on earlier or later cylinder machines: Here we have a typi- cal American comic song of the day.

The discs work something like a modern sorting machine. This organ was made in and has a range of 20 notes plus an expression swell. Miller player-piano Side II, No. The 88 notes are struck by means of precisioned leather dia- phratns instead of the conventional rubber-cloth pneumatics bellows. The sensitivity of the leather imparts a human touch to the music. All correspon- dence can be addressed to the Mu- sical Wonder House. Maine or by tele- phoning Many mu- sical devices wear during continual play each Summer Seasoii, and re- placements are needed to keep this a "living museum.

People needing estimates on repairs of their heirloom boxes should also consult Mr. Not only have his musical machines been featured on the National Educational Television Network programs, but he also re- stored musical boxes for the Smith- sonian Institution.

Lecture Tours il- lustrated with slides and actual boxes from the Museum collection can be arranged within a 1. Maine; write for informa- tion. Send orders to Box Thus, in the case of the theme music for the Blake Edwards Production for Paramount Pictures' comedy-Western, "Waterhole 3," composer Dave Grusin and lyricist Bob Wells were both surprised and highly flattered when recording and television singing star Roger Miller agreed to record their music and lyrics for the film.

In a multi-million dollar industry, where time literally is money, this was an almost unheard of degree of dedica- tion. It is also further testimony to the degree of perfection upon which Miller insists and which is in large measure responsible for his outstanding success. Miller has been the proud recipient of many of the recording industry's most coveted awards, including a record number of "Grammy" Awards from the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences.

He received a total of five in , equalling his own record again in Cavalry chase, Grusin and Wells have come up with a background score keyed to the tongue-in-cheek screen action. The motion picture was directed byWilliam Graham and produced by Joseph T.

Some of these are only supported by the FSF versions of the packages. Some of these are not actually supported by nroff. There are only three prefixes that are truly frequent in English, and none of them seem to need conditional variations.

These are exactly the suffixes that came out with the original "ispell"; I haven't tried to improve them. The only thing I did besides translate them was to add selected cross-product flags. SuggestionCollection,Count BThis constructor has become obsolete. Use the default constructor. GetSuggestions method to get suggestions instead. Use the IgnoreUri property instead.

To determine whether a word is in the dictionary use the 'FindWord' method. The Tulsa police dive team found nothing during a search in the murky water, and police asked the city to drain the pond instead, Officer Leland Ashley said. Public Works Department crews used three pumps for the job. They were nearly finished Friday morning but stopped when authorities could access the vehicles. Investigators are searching for any link between the remains inside the Expedition and the remains of the.

Those tests could take months, he said. Scott then assumed head of the household at age 18, raising her two younger siblings. Anyone with information about the foot or the other remains is urged to call Crime Stoppers at COPS, the Homicide Tip Line at , or email homicide cityoftulsa.

Zack Stoycoff zack. She had the secretary of state doing all the talking. Wayne Greene wayne. Friendly Service, Air Comfort Solutions.

ACS shares my same professional values. Henriquez cited statements by the tribe that it intends to comply with a Sept. That issue currently is in federal court in the Northern District of Oklahoma. Jim Myers jim. Police arrest man who talked of burning down Tulsa A year-old man accused of walking into a Tulsa police station and threatening to burn down the city was arrested and jailed Friday. Robbin Evan Elsman was booked into Tulsa Jail at 2: Friday on complaints that include possessing potential explosives in or near a car or building and another dealing with threatening to use the devices.

Riverside Drive, late Friday morning and said his vehicle parked outside contained explosive devices. He made statements indicating. Elsman was also booked into jail on a complaint of fourthdegree arson. State law defines fourthdegree arson as the placing or distributing of any flammable, explosive or combustible material or substance in any building or property with intent to eventually willfully and maliciously set fire to it or burn it.

I feel no remorse. The high school freshman was either strangled or died from a blow to the head that. Her parents also died in recent years. She said the family knew Bowman was responsible in the early s after his exwife came forward.

Bowman disappeared in the s into a life on the streets in Florida and California. There were no reports of damage or injuries. People who had lost loved ones and homes in the earlier quake were badly shaken, and some broke into tears. He said he was buried under rubble for six hours in the Aug. The capital shook for about 30 seconds in a series of moderate, swaying movements.

It was at a depth of Since , the agency has been stymied in attempts to seek more information on what the agency says was a clandestine nuclear program centered around a nearly completed reactor. Security Council in June on the basis of an agency assessment that a facility destroyed by Israeli war planes in was a nuclear reactor meant to produce plutonium when completed. Damascus says the target was a non-nuclear military building but has refused to allow IAEA officials to return to the site after an initial visit that produced samples with traces of uranium and other nuclear footprints.

They were driving near a high wall when their truck was buried by rock and earth at about 6: A man armed with hand grenades and an automatic weapon opened fire outside the U. A policeman and the gunman were wounded, but the embassy said none of its employees were hurt.

He wore a beard and was dressed in an outfit with. Bosnian police deploy after a gunman opened fire at the U. Embassy in Sarajevo on Friday. Police apprehended the shooter as pedestrians watched. One police officer guarding the building was wounded before police surrounded the gunman.

After a minute standoff, the sound of a single shot echoed, and AP video showed the shooter slump to the ground. Couple tries to give daughter to neighbor A couple tried to give their 2-year-old daughter to a neighbor, saying they were going to drug rehab, and kept giving excuses for dumping the child, police said Friday.

Officers received an anonymous tip Thursday that Gavin Aldridge and Courtney Followay had given away their daughter. The neighbor told police that he had cared for the girl for at least 10 days. Police say the girl was treated at a hospital for scrapes and an eye infection and was released to her grandmother. The couple was jailed overnight and released pending an investigation. The Chao Phraya river coursing through the capital swelled to record highs, briefly flooding riverside buildings.

High tides expected to peak on Saturday are pushing the Chao Phraya river to its brink, and the rising water is posing one of the biggest tests yet to anti-flood defenses. Overflows so far have lightly inundated riverside streets from Chinatown to the whitewalled royal Grand Palace and the neighboring Temple of the Emerald Buddha. Most of the water has receded at low tide. Still, some worried Bangkokians are buying up bright orange life-. The Brazilian city of Rio de Janeiro is implementing a public bike-rental program, following in the footsteps of Paris, Washington, D.

The system was inaugurated Friday with 11 bike rental stations in the beach-side neighborhood of Copacabana. The bikes can be returned at any station, giving riders freedom to hop on and off where needed. A man rides his motorcycle in a flooded street to deliver goods in Bangkok on Friday.

Monks and soldiers fought to keep the city dry. The water has crept from the central plains south toward the Gulf of Thailand for. The leader of the moderate Islamic party Ennahda, Rached Ghannouchi right and his secretary general, Hammadi Jebali, are pictured before a press conference Friday.

Now, Bangkok is in the way. The government is worried major barriers and dikes could break because they were never designed to hold back so much water for so long. And this weekend, higher than normal tides are obstructing the critical flow of runoff from the north, fueling. Elsewhere along the Chao Phraya, dozens of monks at the year-old Temple of the Dawn stacked hundreds more sandbags along a secondary barrier to protect against river overflows.

We have to protect it. But little by little, the city is slowing down. Hospital spokeswoman Biljana Jandric told The Associated Press the gunman had a minor wound to his leg and would spend the night at. State Prosecutor Dubravko Campara identified the shooter as Mevlid Jasarevic, from Novi Pazar, the administrative capital of the southern Serbian region of Sandzak, who was tried in Austria for robbery in Campara said Jasarevic had crossed the Serbian border into Bosnia on Friday morning.

He said Jasarevic had two hand grenades with him when he was arrested and is also currently under investigation by Serbian police but did not detail why. Serbian Interior Minister Ivica Dacic confirmed his identity and said he is 23 years old. Bosnian TV said Jasarevic is a Wahhabi follower. In Washington, State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland said several bullets struck the outside wall of the embassy, but that all embassy personnel were safe.

She said the wounded police officer had been assigned to protect the embassy. It was in Sidi Bouzid where a vegetable seller set himself ablaze in a protest that sparked nationwide protests and eventually led to uprisings across the Arab world. The assembly will be tasked with appointing a transitional government and writing the new constitution.

The local Ennahda bureau was among buildings burned in the unrest. Residents burned tires, pillaged stores and torched a National Guard post and a state training center, he said. Authorities on Friday imposed a nighttime curfew,.

Interior Ministry spokesman Hichem Meddeb said. Protests were linked to the party coming in fourth in the voting — the Areedha Chaabiya party. Its leader, Hachemi Hamdi, of Sidi Bouzid, announced on national television that he was withdrawing the 19 seats his party won after the electoral commission invalidated six of its seats. M-F sat sUn Renee-Nicole Douceur, who traveled to Johns Hopkins Hospital this week for treatment, had a minor to moderate stroke, but tests did not find any tumors, according to Dr.

She is regaining her vision, and her speech is improving. She sought out ways to challenge her vision and get input from physicians outside the continent. She did very well. Since carbon monoxide is heavier than air, it sinks, so a tall dog, or one that climbed to the top of a pile, would have a better chance of surviving, she said.

Daniel showed up in one of. As many as 30 animals a month are put down; Stevenson said Daniel was the third dog he could remember surviving in the last 12 years. At least 15 states have banned carbon monoxide for euthanizing shelter animals. Pavlik said Daniel is getting along famously with her two other dogs. Volunteers began looking for a new home for the dog known as Daniel after the animal walked out unscathed from the carbon monoxide administered by the Animal Control Department in Florence, Ala.

Phil Stevenson, a Florence city spokesman, said Friday that no one is sure why Daniel was the lone survivor. A new operator placed the dog into the chamber with other animals and started the machine, Stevenson said.

Variables that could allow a dog to survive such a gas-. The year-old nuclear engineer from Seabrook, N. I never expected adversity.

Once she heard she might have to wait months, she realized she would have to push if she wanted to get medical treatment elsewhere. She is at risk for another, as all stroke patients are, but she will be on medications to lower the risk. Douceur has always been adventurous, skydiving and working all over the world, but she said jumping out of a plane is not on the radar. She is hoping doctors will clear her to drive again. She would like to go back to the South Pole, but she may need to return to the nuclear industry instead, she said.

Douceur expects to be discharged Saturday. City spokeswoman Kim MacLeod said officials met Friday to discuss with the legal department the ramifications of what the council is looking to do. We are protecting the citizens of Tulsa.

Also, collection could go to once a week. Cohenour said the current service is unaffordable and cannot be continued through the rate subsidization that is going on now. Such an action would violate the requirement in the invitation for bid.

All of the bidders had to sign a noncollusion affidavit. Westcott and Councilor Bill Christiansen confirmed to the Tulsa World that they have met recently with TRI but said this possible action by the council next week was not discussed.

Other councilors have met with the consortium as well. TRI President Mary Hawthorn said the consortium stands by its bid and the right of freedom of speech. The trash board is considering buying the carts to get a better price.

Bidders were supposed to separate out their costs for the carts. Both Westcott and Christiansen said that while they have had discussions with TRI, no lobbying has taken place. The council previously voted to strip the board of its contracting power and turn it over to the mayor, but that was vetoed by the mayor. Councilors discussed overturning the veto Thursday but backed down when they discovered they could be personally sued.

They opted instead to pursue this new course of action. Brian Barber brian. Switch today and get any phone free. For a limited time get any phone free when you switch to U.

Just one more reason we have the happiest customers in wireless. Applicable Data Plan and new 2-yr. The official, who spoke on condition of anonymity because the investigation is ongoing, did not specify how many deaths police had connected to Lonnie Franklin Jr. The Los Angeles Times reported the number as six, bringing to 16 the total number of killings authorities have linked to Franklin.

Franklin has pleaded not guilty to 10 murders and one count of attempted murder. Franklin, a mechanic, was arrested in July The killings got their name because of an apparent lengthy period of time between some of the deaths, which began in the s. District attorney spokeswoman Sandi Gibbons declined to comment. Things we want you to know: Offer only available in select markets. Requires new account activation and a two-year agreement subject to early termination fee. Agreement terms apply for as long as you are a customer.

Credit approval may apply. Regulatory Cost Recovery Fee applies; this is not a tax or government-required charge. Additional fees, taxes and terms apply and vary by service and equipment.

See store or uscellular. Promotional Phone subject to change. Cardholders are subject to terms and conditions of the card as set forth by the issuing bank. Card does not have cash access and can be used at any merchants that accept MasterCard debit cards.

Card valid through expiration date shown on front of card. Allow weeks for processing. Application and data network usage charges may apply when accessing applications. Trademarks and trade names are the property of their respective owners. The Department of Defense announced Friday the deaths of two members of the military who were supporting Operation Enduring Freedom.

Lyons, 26, of Seaside Park, N. He was assigned to the 8th Engineer Battalion, 36th Engineer Bri-. Dunning, 31, of Milpitas, Calif. As of Friday, at least 4, members of the U.

No new deaths were reported. Donna Bodkins of Fisher, W. Two polar-opposite religious traditions will come together Sunday when a Bible-believing evangelical mega-church pastor will share the pulpit with the Rev.

Lavanhar and the Rev. Hoppe learned of her death because he had been monitoring the All Souls website to see what positions were being taken on the liberal side of the theological spectrum.

Hoppe was raised in the New York City area in a conservative Baptist denomination. Bert Johnson, a south Tulsa dentist, is collecting used eyeglasses and packaged toothbrushes for an upcoming Asbury United Methodist Church medical missions trip to Rio Bravo, Mexico.

Donations can be dropped at his office, E. The trip will be Wednesday through Nov. A film crew moves a camera to the infield at the old Drillers Stadium in Tulsa on Tuesday. They also went through the Celebrate Recovery program. Lee said they started out to tell an addiction recovery story. Fox, who completed her 10 days. I grew up playing basketball, volleyball and track, and I was a cheerleader, Newman, founder of Impact Productions in Tulsa, said his goal is to make films that resonate with the culture at large.

Jesus went around telling stories, and it changed the world. A lot of people are tired of being preached at. We try to not beat people over the head. There are people that are stuck everywhere. A lot of people will try to change or to mask the hurt, but this is about surrender.

Bill Sherman bill. But early into the program, Newman said, he discovered he needed healing for anger he felt toward God over the November death of one of his closest friends, Victory Christian Center pastor Billy Joe Daugherty. At first, Baker was cool to the movie idea. But after a five-hour meeting, which included times of prayer, he was on board, as long as Celebrate Recovery put no money into the film, made no money from it and he retained the right to approve the script.

Baker was in Tulsa this week to watch the filming. He said he thought publicity from the movie could double the size of Celebrate Recovery, now reaching more than 1 million people in 19, churches and 20 languages.

Lavanhar was raised Unitarian, traveled the world by bicycle for three years and graduated from Harvard Divinity School. Their friendship was cemented in when they met for dinner in Golden, Colo.

And both ministers have been offended by what they view as an often harsh, rude judgmental attitude in some evangelicals. Points of view What: Unitarian and evangelical ministers share pulpit When: All Souls Unitarian Church, S.

Good Shepherd Episcopal Church, E. The church began on All Saints Day, As part of the anniversary celebration, Episcopal Bishop Edward J. Konieczny will install the Rev. Joseph Farber as vicar at 11 a. Farber was ordained into the priesthood in July and has been priest-in-charge at the church since then. The services will be at 7 p. Saturday and 5 p. Praise teams from several local churches will sing.

Boston Place, with speakers the Revs. Thursday, Mabee Center, S. Sunday, Rhema Bible Church, W. Harvest Carnival for infants through fifth graders and their parents. Fall Carnival with games, inflatables, candy. Fall Festival, with food, candy, inflatables. Halloween on the Hill party for all ages, with costume contest, cake walk, food and games. Saturday, Hope Unitarian Church, S. This Week column offers groups an opportunity to publicize upcoming events that may be of interest to people outside their organization.

Items must be received in writing by 5 p. Tuesday for Saturday publication. Mail to Bill Sherman, religion writer, P. Box , Tulsa, OK ; email to bill. The former Massachusetts governor has been, for the most part, a polished campaigner, but when he strays from the script, his words sometimes have come back to haunt him. Includes table and 6 chairs.

KOED channel 11, White House adviser David Plouffe. Previous markdowns may have been taken. A half-century after their Army service, five Korean War veterans meet in Tulsa to rekindle old friendships. The former TU football player died following a boxing match at Guts Church.

Clinkscale, who was 24 and from Cedar Hill, Texas, reportedly began cramping during his match and later died at a hospital. The family of a former University of Tulsa football player who died following an unsanctioned boxing match at a local church filed a suit Friday in Tulsa County against the church for damages.

The suit alleges gross negligence by Guts Church for promoting and organizing a boxing match that was not licensed and in violation of state and federal regulations. A spokesperson for Guts Church could not be reached for comment Friday night. The suit further alleges the defendants used fighters somewhat known in the area such as University of Tulsa football players to promote the event.

Workers carry a wall through the mud as volunteers work to build Thunderbird Chapel at Camp Gruber, which has gone without a chapel since Fallin was at Camp Gruber Sept. Camp Gruber has not had a chapel since It can take months, even years, to work up to the Tulsa Run. He started running several. Beginners often start with a 3-mile run — even if they have to walk a lot of it —and gradually increase the distance. A 15K race roughly equals 9. Unemployed and qualify for benefits through Oklahoma Employment Security Commission Working adults with a disability who work for any size employer and have a Ticket-to-Work from the Social Security Commission Full time college students age who attend an accredited institution and are independent or have a qualifying parent.

Sign the guest book attached to each obituary, watch online memorials created by family members and search the obituary archive. For more information about paid obituaries with online guest books, please call the Tulsa World Obituary Desk at or email tributes tulsaworld. To submit a paid obituary online with or without a photo, please go to tulsaworld. Funeral homes may fax free death notices to or call from 4 p.

Funeral homes may submit free death notices by Internet, e-mail obits tulsaworld. He died Wednesday, October 26, , in Eufaula, Oklahoma, at the age of 32 years. He spent most of his working life as a sales representative. Gabe enjoyed a variety of pastimes, especially music and playing the guitar. He was very artistic and enjoyed sketching as well as writing poetry.

His greatest pride was his two beautiful daughters. Loving family members include: Memorial service 2 p. Floral Haven, Broken Arrow. Sunday and service 11 a. Monday, both at Keith D. Saturday and service 2 p.

Sunday, both at Mowery Funeral Home, Owasso. Hanson, Homer Gerald, 85, terminal manager, died Tuesday. Friday, Southminister Presbyterian Church. Harlow, Fannie Ada, 88, died Tuesday. Postal Service employee, died Wednesday. Saturday and service 10 a. King, Errol George, 53, died Oct. Mark Griffith-Riverside, Sand Springs. Saturday, Greenwood Christian Center. Monday and service 11 a. Tuesday, both at Dyer Memorial Funeral Home.

Memorial service 10 a. Letica Aguirre, 29; Jorge Lopez, Oralia Avila, 26; Saul Laguna, Amber Bailey, 26, of Owasso; Brandon Boyd, Kristen Bauchaus, 19; Blake Ballard, Ursula Hallford, 36; Daniel Kinzer, 41, of Owasso. Christina Hamilton, 29; Michael Summers, 31, both of Claremore. Brandie Holmes, 29; Anthony Johnson, 30, both of Jenks. Bryanna Huberty, 24; Benjamin Coleman, 23, of Bixby. Danita Isom, 29, of Kingfisher; Robert Davis Christen Richards, 29; Doyle Hubanks Jr, Elizabeth Romero, 21; Oscar Cortes, Oklahoma; sister and brother-inlaw, Brandy and Jesse Smith, of Kingfisher, Oklahoma; nephews, Trace Rader and Baylor GravesSmith, both of Kingfisher, Oklahoma; and numerous cousins, aunts, and uncles who loved him dearly.

He was preceded in death by his father, Wayne Graves, brother, Daniel Bostick, and his maternal and paternal grandparents. Visitation will be held from 3: Saturday, October 29, , and funeral service 2: Graveside services will be held Arrangements and services were entrusted to Mowery Funeral Service of Owasso.

Johnson Funeral Home, Sperry. Stokes, Raphael, 55, cab driver, died Wednesday. Upshaw, Merlin Wayne, 92, geophysical velocity engineer, died Thursday. Walker, Cleo, 85, died Friday. Wright, Wilma, , homemaker, died Friday. Sunday, First Assembly of God; graveside service 10 a. Monday, Mount Hope Cemetery, and celebration of life 11 a. First Assembly of God. Bartlesville — Billie Joe Forrest, 75, truck driver, died Wednesday. Beggs — Alvin Combs, 79, retired bus driver, died Thursday in Tulsa.

Blackwell — Veronica Carlson, 33, died Tuesday. Graveside service 2 p. Tuesday, Mount Olive Cemetery, Nardin. Bristow — Betty J. Hamby, 85, Avon representative, died Thursday. Broken Arrow — Carl M. Amelia Wade, 30; Jason Spotts, Brown, Kash from Terri.

Brown, Mary from Herbert Forrest Jr. Brubaker, Joseph from Paula. Dixon, Cynthia from Jack. Alred, 59, Alred Glass Co. Catoosa — Salvador Olivarez Jr. Monday, Catoosa Activity Center. Sunday, Potts Funeral Home, and celebration of life 11 a. Monday, First Southern Baptist Church. Claremore — Donna Darlene Files Miller, 70, federal government civil service employee, died Thursday.

Maxwell, 74, homemaker, died Thursday. Tuesday and service 11 a. Tuesday, both at Penwell-Gabel Funeral Home. Collinsville — John Thomas Vice, 74, millright, died Friday.

Depew — Lecrecia Lynn Huls, 56, bail bondsman, died Friday. Dewey — John Rex Dean, 72, carpenter, died Monday. Graveside memorial service 10 a. Saturday, Wann Cemetery, Wann. Eldon Valley — Roger Dale. Hink, Debra from Donald. Hopkins, Chelsea from Jimmy. Lewis, Stephanie from Charles Jr. Mikles, Michelle from David. Weaver, Janice from Jackie. Weese, Amanda from Luke. Rebecca and Justin Dodson, girl. Kelsi Gatliff and Jared Burridge, Bixby, boy.

Adela Hernandez and Alonzo Mora, girl. Shelby Holmes and Jared Harjo, Kellyville, boy. Kari Hutchcraft and Kory Lewis, girl. Sara Jo and Darrin Nance, Sapulpa, girl. Tobey and Brett Nightingale, Jenks, girl.

Robyn and Brian Osman, girl. Ana Reyes and Leovanny Plaza,. Girdner, 48, Briggs Public Schools custodial engineer, died Wednesday.

Tuesday, Briggs Public School Gymnasium. Enid — Ione Lorraine Combrink, 91, died Thursday. Sunday, Dugger Funeral Home, Garber, and service 2 p. Tuesday, Immanuel Lutheran Church, Garber. Gore — Jack Straut, 64, heavy equipment operator, died Thursday in Dallas. Francis Xavier Catholic Church, Sallisaw. Sunday, First Christian Church. Visitation Sunday, Nichols Funeral Home, and service 10 a. Monday, Bible Baptist Church. Hominy — Virginia Kenyon, 85, homemaker, died Thursday. Tuesday and celebration of life 11 a.

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